Whispers In The Night

When do I feel safe again?

When do I feel pure again?

When will all my worries fade?

Will I ever feel the hands that should bring me joy?

Will I stay or will I run again?

I close my eyes and for that one moment, my head is empty, thoughts fade.


Pure enchantment.

Shadows dance around my head, and for once I am not afraid

I take a deep breath and exhale, hoping my impurities has left me

I am clean, new.


I no longer feel insecure, scared, unsure

I am now confident, happy,

Joy fills my body, electrifies my senses like a brief current

I smile

Words can’t describe how I feel

This warm feeling boils my insides

It is the best I’ve felt in months

Misery has been erased from my sweaty forehead

I am reborn

I am strong

I am beautiful

I am a woman

But how long until this too fades?

Happiness doesn’t last

In a mere second, a frown forms on my forehead

Questions horde in my head

My eyes open and the heavy weight falls back on my chest

I suffocate

My breathing is once again heavy

Short breaths escape from my mouth

I am fragile

I am insecure

I am beautiful

I am a mess.

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Giyom 5 years ago

- U write so well Barbara, I like your word choice -

" Happiness doesn’t last " I would do everything !!

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