A Place In The SON

Years ago I loved this song by Stevie Wonder, It was a hard time in my life before I came to know the Lord. I would listen to this song and be lifted up with hope. Just recently I found out that Stevie Wonder is a strong Christian, and after listening to the song again, I'm seeing that he surely was inspired by the truth of his Lord Jesus Christ. I hear a message that explains “A Place in The Son” as the love of the son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ. There's a place there for everyone!

isn't the thought of the warmth of the sun enjoyable? Especially when life seems cold and dreary. I'm pretty sure it's true that we all have times like that. Being Christian, my thoughts go to the love of the Father for all who love His Son. We can find a warm and comforting love connection which brings the blessing of heaven down to earth daily. It's a beautiful place we can all seek, and the individual who sets out on his journey of seeking this place will quickly begin to see and feel the healing love and power of a changed life. Even before the full knowledge of the greatness of the love we will begin to realize that we are loved by Him. From the small beginning of trust and desire to seek him, we begin to be renewed and invigorated by the discovery of a love we've never imagined existed. As we progress and follow on to know the Lord, our hearts are captured. We have our spiritual eyes opened and begin to realize that the pursuit of this place is worth the casting off of all restraints which would try to hold us back. We then realize how truly lost we've always been and find that a total heart surrender is the only acceptable way to apprehend this wonderful, blissful place. Faithful and consistent time spent in this secret place will then cause an overflow of this love into the lives of others around us. The secret place is a place which keeps us reaching ever forward and upward, in scripture this is called the secret place of the stairs.

May you be blessed and strengthened as you set out to seek your destined place in the son and prosper in discovering the plan of God for your life!

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Hammerj profile image

Hammerj 6 years ago from Cebu City

very nice...

panguerita profile image

panguerita 6 years ago from Little Elm, Texas Author

Hello, Mr Hammer,

I'm glad you were pleased and touched by the word of faith! God bless!

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