Birth Character of an Aquarius

Aquarius Born January 21st - February 19th

A person born January 21st too February 19th is considered an Aquarius . An Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac. The sign of the Aquarius symbolizes Water Bearer. When people are born in a Zodiac sign it means the sun was at that sign at the birth.


In astrology, each zodiac sign represents a persons character. The zodiac is a 360 degree circle of each Zodiac sign being 30 degrees. Each sign also has a motto of the 12 Zodiac signs. Aquarius is "I know". A person who is born in February are not affectionate but feel very deeply. These people are usually high strung and usually do or say things they later regret. They are usually good thinkers and usually are good at debate and argument, but difficult in confidence. The person maybe good at business and finances when the person applies his/her mind but are usually more successful to others and make more money for others. An Aquarius would like to see that everyone is happy and would like to make sure everyone else is happy.

Aquarians are Sexual Beings

An Aquarius's natural curiosity will lead them to experiment between the sheets. Pushing the envelope is a natural response for Aquarius. They will continue to push the envelope for greater pleasures. A lover who can convince them of the pleasure will set this sexual being free. Women who are Aquarius's love all kinds of sexual experiments. The most effective way to turn an Aquarius on is to put handcuffs on them and chain them to the bed .

If you are a flexible person, you will never be bored if you are with an Aquarius. Your life will be a great adventure because we are always ready to try new adventures. Keep in mind to never try to control them because we don't like our freedom being taken away.

Aquarians Love Funny People

An Aquarius will love humor and like to be around funny people. If your trying to seduce one, try to be funny, it turns them on because it makes them feel wanted and they like to be around positive people.

Who is Compatible with An Aquarius

An Aquarius is an independent, intelligent and sociable person and tend to take there time when finding a new relationship but are very faithful. The best match for an Aquarius is Libra. Another good match is another Aquarius because they understand each other and even think alike.

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Zeal 2 years ago

Great stfuf, you helped me out so much!

Taiza 2 years ago

I agree. Being an Aquarian I've looked foarrwd to 2009 almost all year with hope of promise, potential, good health and yes good fortune. Puting my thoughts together this year and with any luck most or all of my endeavors will come to fruition.

Reena 2 years ago

Obviously a book intended for the less murtae of astrological "unbelievers". Perhaps, as you point out, humor has just evolved over the years. I certainly look back on some of those 50's and 60's British TV comedies that once had me rolling on the floor, and think, "Whatever did I see in them."

lady tanqueray 2 years ago

True but dont push us 2 16 81 Aquarius all Day

yukta 3 years ago

hey we all are aquarias and feeling great to hear all yur stories I am born on 14 th feb 1999 and I am happy with my life I wished we all aquarias had sit together an had a great fun

honey kar 3 years ago

hi m honey and my life is full of problems so whats the matter

ani 3 years ago


babablackshhep 3 years ago

wait... you only describe the good side and you forget to put aquarian also can be your worst enemy or nightmare!

kmackey32 profile image

kmackey32 3 years ago from Pittsburgh PA Author

Come to think of it Aleena, you are right.

aleena 3 years ago

i was born in february 18th. Many things you wrote here are correct. although i feel always a pain inside my soul. is it the born characterestic of an aquarious woman?

Dhanshri 4 years ago

I was Born on 14 feb 1988 sunday..many things written here are absolutely true,but cant say the whole. Iam a hardworker, and too much stubborn but each and every success for which iam desperatly trying happens too late.and I love to be around funny peoples more often than serious people.and love to make people happy by saying and doing funny things...:) Aquarians are not that talkative but when they start to talk they forgets when they should stop..

fhg 4 years ago


acay 4 years ago

i am a feb 14 th born aqu.... but i never came across true love for me, even though i loved till i lose my self and lived every second for the one :)

sunny 4 years ago

born on 1st feb, i am somewhat serious kind but love funny people...always take out funny meanings in talks....always want to speak truth when necessary....thinks about doing cool stuffs...kinda optimistic type!! 4 years ago

i like this aquarius and i proud aquarius....................................................................................

Mohammed 4 years ago

I was Born on 14 Feb 1988 and i say This without Hesistance, I never Loose in a competition and i have been competing ever since i was a Teen, i am too Artistic and Can do Alot That i dont even Know which career to Choose,Am a Dancer ever since i was 5 Years Old, i can Write, I can Rap, i can Do Poetry, am An Electrician without Learning any electric works, i can Run and Run And Run tiredless, i wonder Am Blessed to be Born in The Dragon Year 1988 With an Egocentric Aquarius.....Thank you God.

Aquavity 4 years ago

Am an aquarian, am a mixture of seriousness and playfulness... secretive and reserved... keeps people's secret...and a big rebel! Nice 2 c fellow aquas thre..btw b'day is 14th feb.

aqua 4 years ago

oh really ! i am a sexual person .

kmackey32 profile image

kmackey32 5 years ago from Pittsburgh PA Author

Oh thank you so much Valentina...

valentina 5 years ago

i was born feb. 14th 1988, i sometimes i wonder why things happened the way happen, but today all my worries are no longer there, because you have really educate me about my star. thanks and God Bless you.

hislittleprincess 5 years ago

OMGOSH!! What you have written so describes my personality!!! Thanks so much for the insight! I will make sure he sees this so he can get an idea of why I am the way I am... I think we are all ruled by our signs and have an underlying way about us that has to do with who we are intitially supposed to be instead of who we make ourselves to be... Thanks again!!

Maurintius 5 years ago

Hey, I'm born on the 17th 1983 and I must say it kinda does tell who I am but I'm still missing some parts. In my case and for most people born under Aquarius, we are good with numbers,very humanitarian, have an analytical brain, can be quite eccentric, see minor details which most people don't, try or at least see the world as a better place, we can be quite rebellious, we really do love our freedom and we are always looking for knowledge.

If you want to know more and specific details about your personality, you should have a look at your birth chart and if you want to know more about who you actually are, how people see you and what to learn in life you should have a look at your Numerology readings. It's quite fascinating and very educational.

Regards and wish you all the best :)!

Keziah 5 years ago

Tanz to u guz here, cos u make me to really know more abt myself and i see dat evrytin said here is true abt me. I'm born in Feb 17th, 1992. Wat suprisd me most is dat why must we be chain or handcuff 2 bed before we could be turn on sexually?

mydisasterousdream 5 years ago

i was born feb 3rd and your hub discribes myself :) thats kinda creepy :P ahha

kmackey32 profile image

kmackey32 5 years ago from Pittsburgh PA Author

How strange Christine and my name is Kristie....

christine gray 5 years ago

hello im christine and i also was born on february 1st ,my year is 1983 i dont meet or read about many people with that birthday

Anne 5 years ago

I born Feb.16 and my younger sister 15.

So true but I honestly don't like handcuffs and chain Lol..I'm a bit laid back and Iam really regretful for not showing my love to my opposite if we have intimate moment.I'm so aloof he need to be tender make a first move before I react were very passionate,sensual but I am a bit bossy and can be nasty.I am very emotional very friendly,generous.I can't stand to lie that is why there is no secret to me. I hate people lied to me I prepared to know the truth good or bad you need to let me know so I know where to stand other wised I will annoyed you un till you admit and said sorry.I'm good when it comes to money matters same with my sister we like shopping and mostly Aquarian is pretty,sexy, I hate make up,I hardly wear high hill very simple if I dress up I can caught people attention and hear compliments.I'm confident but sometimes get insecure too,I value myself respect I don't allow anyone to over stepping me other wise make sure you can back it up.I have a lot of patient forgiveness is not an issued .You can fooled me 2 to 3 times but I will make sure that your will shrink like a spring roll.Lol I have heaps of friends but I only choose a few people when it comes to person matters.I can easily attract my opposite and they can easily gone cos I have very strong personality and if that happen after I give my effort to show them that I care too late for me to realized.Mostly my relationship is totally shattered and when his gone it takes ages to recover.I am not a jealous person when it comes to family and friends but in a relationship I do but I can easily hide it and get moody .I am intellectual and I need someone who will listen to me cos I can easily confuse and want to hear suggestion that will support me in everything I do,You need to give me my time alone I do love to be alone so freedom is really big thing to me. Were opposite of Cancer,Scorpion,I have lots of regrets but they said never regret in every decision that you choose cos no matter what, things happen for good reason so far that is totally right.Loyalty is always with us.

Paula Assim 5 years ago

I am february 7th, a proud aquarian, i possess all u say about aquarians.

Suzanne  6 years ago

Maaa names Susan &nnd I aamm shy funny kickbaack hahaha imm a truue fuckn aqaurius:D

Dannishortie 6 years ago

I was born on feb 1

I'm the quiet kind of serious Aquarius..but if I meet the right people I can be somewhat very outgoing. I don't really talk much about myself or others. I stay to myself. When meeting new people, I am always the one to be approched. And with love..HMPH! I don't show much affection but I can feel very very deeply. When it comes to new relationships let's just say Ive mastered the poker face :)

B2R profile image

B2R 6 years ago from Earth

I am aquarius and I agree with your hub.

kmackey32 profile image

kmackey32 6 years ago from Pittsburgh PA Author

HAHAHA oh thats funny!!! lol

bogus 6 years ago

so let me get this straight.

I should handcuff my girlfriend during sex, laugh at her, then leave her so spend some alone time??????????????

marlon 6 years ago

i was born feb 14, 1989

most damn near everthing is true about us and we dont like to tell everything only to teach others that wants to know more about their self this is why we are reading this now and commenting

kmackey32 profile image

kmackey32 7 years ago from Pittsburgh PA Author

Thats Awesome Dill. Feb 1st is the best day to be born... lmao

dill 7 years ago

i was born feb 1st 1994 and i agree in everything you said bout me =)

kmackey32 profile image

kmackey32 7 years ago from Pittsburgh PA Author

Thats great Candice... I love this hub....It reminds me sooo much of myself, Born Feb. 1st....

candice  7 years ago

i was born february 15th and what you wrote is true

some aquarius people are shy and keep to themselves. my boyfriend is a virgo and on the outside, he is caring, cool, laidback but in the inside he has a "fire" for sexual sensuality. Me, on the other hand, I am very private and do not like to talk about my "true" feelings and everyone knowing details about my relationship. I am a good listener and I love people who make me laugh.

JonTutor profile image

JonTutor 7 years ago from USA

I'm scorpio...totally opposite to Aquarius.. I never reveal unless I have to... So you can trust me....I can't trust you...ROFL

emievil profile image

emievil 7 years ago from Philippines

Hey thanks for this hub. I'm a believer of the descriptions for each zodiac signs because more often than not, they turn out to be correct. You also gave me an idea for a hub! Thanks!

kmackey32 profile image

kmackey32 7 years ago from Pittsburgh PA Author

awesome thanks for the comment and yes let her read it.

frankiectlus profile image

frankiectlus 7 years ago from Chandler, AZ

I am an aquarian myself and should have my wife read this article. Everything that she complains that I do not do you just spelled out in this article. I am not an affectionate person, like to help other with financial advice without compensation, and I love to be around funny people more often than serious people.

profile image

logic,commonsense 7 years ago

So what you are saying k, is that you would like to be tied up, correct? :)

Philipo profile image

Philipo 7 years ago from Nigeria

Though I am not a believer of signs. I am an Aquarian too and most of the things you wrote are correct. Thanks.

kmackey32 profile image

kmackey32 7 years ago from Pittsburgh PA Author

Thats right. I have a hard time keeping a secret unless I am made to promise too.

anjalichugh profile image

anjalichugh 7 years ago from New York

You just revealed every important detail about yourself. So, it indicates that apart from all other qualities they have, Aquarians are not secretive at all; they seem to be 'tell all' kind of people. Am I right ?

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