Christian Unity - Re-membered by Remembering

Remembering Christ’s death

Levels us.

It smoothes out the peaks and valleys of ourselves.

Equally lost.

Equally forgiven.

Equal recipients of His grace,

Christ lives in each of His children.

Christ lives in me.

Christ lives in you.

We are equally valued.

As I ponder and remember Christ’s gift

To me.... To you

I marvel at this equality.

No need for pride or self-righteousness.

No need to feel miserably inadequate compared to others.

In Christ, all dis-membering due to pride or insecurity is repaired.

As we remember Christ,

We are re-membered.

We are drawn together.

Our differences diminish in the remembrance of what we have in common.

United in need.

United in provision.

United by Love.

Re-membering by remembering.


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