Companions - A Poem

Written 06/28/09 - Poem


Lord please forgive me my sin, each and every day.
Father this I ask of you, as I hope, plead and Pray.

Father I fall short, in so much of what I do.
Lord I all to often, feel I dishonor You.

Father God please cleanse me, be Your glory all I see.
Lord thank You for Your Son, now I have been set free.

Father how I seek, and long to do Your will.
Lord how I strive, for Your Commands to fill.

Lord I seek to do, all that You deem right.
Father I seek to do it, at both day and night.

Sometimes I lose my way, sometimes I go off path.
Lord please forgive me, spare me from Your wrath.

How I long to serve You, each and every day.
May I strive to please You, in every single way.

When I lose sight, of my Godly direction.
I just ask You Lord, for Your patient correction.

When I am up against, the proverbial wall.
I ask You Lord to please, catch my fall.

Lord please help me, to right my stand.
When I take Your message, all across the land.

In all the many ways, that I speak and act.
Be with me to keep, Your Holy Word intact.

Lord if I should ever, stray off track.
Please gently guide me, bring me safely back.

Then in the end, when I stand before You.
Forgive me for, the wrong I say and do.

Please know my heart, and it's good intent.
Then each day, please hear me repent.


In Christ

Jimm Bacon


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