Half Past Human Ben Zoltak 2012: How To Self Apply The Prediction Power of the Internet

I Am Anishinaabeg Are You Annunaki?

I've been on a long rumspringa as the Amish would say, or a walkabout as the First People of Australia would say, or trying to reach higher ground as Stevie Wonder would say, for a long time, most of my life.

Tonight, on Brad Meltzer's Decoded, a History Channel program about decoding symbols and declassifying mysteries, I was dumbstruck by the connection of Hopi American Indian prophecies. These are observations and words I've heard of before, but for some reason tonight they really hit home. Granted, my mind has been swimming in a pool of anchovy, wodka and various vinos, but apparently, the apparitions have conspired to bring me to a strange place tonight.

As someone with Native American blood in his heritage, I've been searching for some connection to my past as my direct history has been lost. My research, of my family's orphaned ancestor, has guided me to the Anishanabee people, or the Chippewa, or the Ojibwa, or the Anishinaabeg. They are the most populated of the Natives in the Great Lakes region and I feel a connection in my heart which is a good place to trust. I feel that I have been hunting a bear, though not to kill or eat, just hunting to see this bear in my heritage. Today is my father's 61st birthday, and we had a great conversation about Laurel and Hardy, and my son Klaus, and my daughter Isabella chimed in a happy birthday to grandpa. It is also my son's half year birthday. He ate solid food for the first time today, the kind of food that grows on top of the water.

Yes, Ben Zoltak, this has been a great wondering pile of cloistered thoughts and apogees, but what are you driving at mon frere? Indeed, inthought, and inspirit, what? Kurt Cobain once screamed, "Just because you're paranoid, don't mean they're not after you."

Turns out Kurt, in his burning, lightening life, didn't point to a one after him. But mother nature and our big clay earth well, that's maybe something different. I may need to build an unsinkable boat, a big canoe, a really big canoe, and carry some seeds and such.

Ben Zoltak and his beautiful bride at the Cahokian stockade Indian mound site

Ben Zoltak and his gorgeous Welsch American bride enacting the Ojibwe wrestle moments after their Apache wedding blessing and Polish salt and bread blessing
Ben Zoltak and his gorgeous Welsch American bride enacting the Ojibwe wrestle moments after their Apache wedding blessing and Polish salt and bread blessing | Source

Free Power of Prediliction Via Your Browser, Bowser

To get down to nuts and bolts, I found this particular edition of Decoded to be especially personal and poignant. It's been a tumultuous week around here, here, in my country. Dark spirits quieting youthful smiles. I've been torn apart from some and brought closer to others I could never have predicted. I've explained to my beautiful wife Allison about the difference between the universe and the multiverse and she still prefers an analog pursuit of knowledge through a nonlinear tale told on good old fashioned paper bound by rags, I love books too who can blame her.

Back to nuts and bolts, having been called nuts once this week why not take a journey up there in the ether anyway? In this version of Decoded I found my self especially drawn not only towards the Hopi Indians predictions of the end of the world (defined in metaphor or direct fireball earthquake cleansing) but also to something called Half Past Human. Half Past Human, it turns out, is a collection of algorithms via website originally designed to predict trends in the stock market. So perhaps this is my draw towards art made millions? Maybe now art won't die, but in fact will flourish in the strangest, monetaristsless way.

This website, which uses web bots, or web crawlers as they are called, scours the internet in much the same way as google.com does, only it uses a cryptic, secretive collection of prediction keywords, to find out what is going to happen to the world. There is a huge "data gap" beginning, of course, on the winter solstice December 21, 2012 in the Half Past Human collection of predictions. You can purchase predictions from their website for ten bucks, not bad for a prediction of you know, everything going on in our nook of the universe.

This got me to thinking, being laid off from my day job, boy, this artist author sure could use a break. Been thinking about donating plasma again to make a couple bucks, maybe I could sequester a few of those dollars to gain a few million bucks through my purchase of the Half Past Human world prediction, right? Why not. If the Hopi are correct, and the world is to end in less than two years, why not finally gain enough dough to finally revisit my birth island of Oahu in Hawaii and finally try surfing right? Why not? But the problem was, well, ten bucks.

As again, an artist author I thought, isn't there a write around? Until I can secure the ten bucks, can't I find an inkling, you know, a taste of the future, for internet free like we like so much as the internet junkies many of us have grown into. Isn't there. Must be a way. Then I got to thinking about google, and how many times have I, okay maybe just a little self indulgently searched Ben Zoltak hoping to find some great review of my eBook or some great review of my art or something that would guide me onto a path of delicious sushi and dancing and travel with my dearest family, you know, maybe surf or ride an elephant or something. Chill in a yurt in Mongolia, good times, you know some such thing.

So now I pour another wine jar of Faldo Shiraz. My wife informed me earlier, is a wine made by a golfer, which should have been a complete juju crusher, in fact somehow, along with the Blue Ice American Organic Ice Vodka martinis I enjoyed, has culminated into a strange ephemeral totem for this predilictive path. I found my write around! Turned out to be pretty simple, something google taught me, not necessarily google adsense, though a major increase in revenue and traffic would be great you old sonofabitch! No. I'm talking again about, in a Jimmy Reed Big Boss Man sort of way, self examination search of one self, a Ben Zoltak google search.

In plain speak here's the crux of the thing, where modern existence meets Hopi ancient prediction. I searched my name, along with Half Past Human and took a peek. Here's what I found at the top of the google list:

Hike Or Bike Wisconsin's Glacial Drumlin Trail!

That's it!? That's the secret to the universe? Well no, not exactly. But it is fascinating to me.

I've written a bunch now, made many paintings, made many comments, I'm on the internets! All of em'!!! Dang internets, always trying to get my bojangles! Why did this particular article come up? Can't says for sure but believing as I do in the strange web that the Hopi predicted, I enjoy that somehow and way, it pointed to that particular hubpages article. I was married beside the Glacial Drumlin Trail, which is an ancient American Indian trail used by the Cahokia tribe and undoubtedly others, we were married on an ancient earthen mound/pyramid site where some Native American royalty was buried. A white European American scientist proclaimed the place Aztalan, a sort of nod to the "lost" or "hidden" village of the north, a reference to a Native American myth, or truth. A river trail, a canoe trail along the Crawfish river and prethat Mississippi. The whites thought it maybe Aztec and so gave it the name Aztalan, presupposing maybe, this was the lost northern city of the Aztec but in fact, has a more direct connection to the Cahokia tribe.

So where and why Ben Zoltak, why? I'm not exactly sure, but I report to you dear and kind reader, here and now, that we as the people of the earth are on a great journey into a new world. Be that of metaphor or great physical cataclysm, I can't see it from here exactly, but a new world and most likely from underneath a chilling transition. In the meantime, I hope to gain something in between to bring me to lobster, or Ikura, more love from my wife, daughter and son, some wealth of experience I can barely comprehend. But I found my write around for the Half Past Human, web bot manifold for Ben Zoltak. It leads along a very ancient path, I love that indeed I do.

Jimmy Reed : Your Head So BIG!!!

Aztalan or the Royal Mounds of the Cahokia Tribe

A blissful path of art success and writing miracle. Ten bucks = ten dollars!

So as I prepare to batten the hatches of my future, I direct you towards Half Past Human and also to a strange website they have directed me to, called How To Survive 2012.

Could be a big wave, or heat, or lots of lightening it seems, maybe a megaquake as the Decoded program might imply or perhaps maybe just an end to exorbitant greed and the punishment of victimless crimes, that would be good also. Coming to you live from outer and inner space, the Annishanabean Ben Zoltak.

Who what where when how do I fit in? That's where I will go back to Half Past Human Ben Zoltak and try and find out. Hopefully google and the web bots are conspiring to send me into a blissful path of art success and writing miracle and maybe some platinum and maybe a canoe, a great big Moses kind of canoe, with seeds of love and plants too.

The cover of Ben Zoltak's eBook is a rendering via oil of his proposal to his wife at the park now called Aztalan in Wisconsin, USA

Ben Zoltak favorite chucacabra Aztec wolves! Good morning Aztalan!!!

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Peggy W profile image

Peggy W 6 years ago from Houston, Texas

Your meandering and inquisitive mind certainly spun an interesting cloth this time! I liked that particular hub of yours regarding the Drumlin Trail.

Your bride is certainly a beautiful woman and my wishes for you and your family are to be able to enjoy life well past the year 2012! :)))

Peter Dickinson profile image

Peter Dickinson 6 years ago from South East Asia

You lost me a time or two here and I had to skip back. An interesting article though. You are an interesting mix. I searched my family tree back to the 1600's. Never found anyone who was not 100% English. I am not too sure about 2012. If its got my name on it, it will take me anytime. Thanks for writing. Happy 2011!

Green Lotus profile image

Green Lotus 6 years ago from Atlanta, GA

Ah to swim in a a pool of anchovy, wodka and vinos. It promotes great insight! What a cool read Ben. We think much alike. Very deeply. Here's to 2012, in my opinion the year truly great and talented people will rise to the top faster than baby food. Hey, you're already scoring 100 on HP!

Hello, hello, profile image

Hello, hello, 6 years ago from London, UK

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your hub. It had such a variety of ideas and subjects. Grea. Wish you and your family all the very best for the New Year.

Ben Zoltak profile image

Ben Zoltak 6 years ago from Lake Mills, Jefferson County, Wisconsin USA Author

Fascinating to me Peter, that you can search back over 400 years and only find British ancestry! I envy the indelible trail of your ancestry, well the British are known for their fastidiousness aren't they? Thank you kind Zoologist for your visit, indeed this was an ambiguous collection of ideas. I don't often try to channel the future in my life or writing but I was overcome by a sort of super-sentience with this one.


Ben Zoltak profile image

Ben Zoltak 6 years ago from Lake Mills, Jefferson County, Wisconsin USA Author

Thanks Peggy, my mind certainly is meandering and inquisitive, thank you for noticing and for the compliment about my lovely wife, she really is a dish isn't she?

I hope we all make it past 2012 too. I don't usually pay too much credence to superstitious things like predictions, but in this case, I fear it might be more of a warning from a past culture that was less sanctimonious and more in tune with the universe, then our own. More a matter of geology and astronomy than ghosts and goblins. I pray I am wrong. Here's to a prosperous life for both our families Peggy. May the Great Spirit walk beside you the rest of your days!


Ben Zoltak profile image

Ben Zoltak 6 years ago from Lake Mills, Jefferson County, Wisconsin USA Author

Thanks GL you are so kind. I gotta admit, me likey the 100!!! I agree with you, we think deeply in the same way. It's not always clean, but it is always penetrating in ways I'm not even sure of, here's to a wonderful New Year my friend!


Ben Zoltak profile image

Ben Zoltak 6 years ago from Lake Mills, Jefferson County, Wisconsin USA Author

Thank you kindly Hello, hello. My family and I will do our best to live up to your well wishes. I hope you will also have a wonderful year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Shalini Kagal profile image

Shalini Kagal 6 years ago from India

Fascinating! Love the walk-about writing - maybe 2012 will be a walk thru beyond half past human to full past human and a brave new world?

katiem2 profile image

katiem2 6 years ago from I'm outta here

How nice that your mind is so open to thoughts and realitys other than your own. You should make a very fine husband to your beautiful bride. The Indian ancestory is a fascinating one indeed. It's important to keep it alive. I come from Scotland and it amazes me that there are so few natives of the United States remaining. Therefore all the more vital the rememberances. NO doubt your creative nature may be in large part your Native American Blood. Very good read! :) Katie

dragnhaze profile image

dragnhaze 6 years ago

I only ask that you be careful while watching Brad Meltzer's Decoded, it's a show meant to hinder your thinking ability. You'd be wise to search into things such as the sha+dow+gov, ill+um+in+at+i, etc. It is for you, your wife's, and any children you care about's best interest to know. Peace and love be with you and may it be you.

Ben Zoltak profile image

Ben Zoltak 6 years ago from Lake Mills, Jefferson County, Wisconsin USA Author

Shalini, here's to our brave new world, may it include a better understanding and kindness towards one another!!!


Ben Zoltak profile image

Ben Zoltak 6 years ago from Lake Mills, Jefferson County, Wisconsin USA Author

I agree with you katiem2 American Indian heritage does need to be kept alive. Even today the last of their (dare I say, our?) lands are under attack, with land rights being stolen by way of mining and lumbering taking place without permission or profit share with the tribes. On the other hand, some tribes have enjoyed limited success for the first time in many years by way of some successful casinos as well as a fairly healthy market for art. I often wonder what role my native American blood has in my own creativity.

I love the Scotts by the way, can wait to one day try some haggis! Thanks for reading and adding to my 2012 read!


Ben Zoltak profile image

Ben Zoltak 6 years ago from Lake Mills, Jefferson County, Wisconsin USA Author

I hear ya dragnhaze. Lots of connections to be made. For a long time, certain powers that be know that the more incredible the lie, the easier it is to cover up, because anyone who questions it, are ridiculed. That's why I look to earlier cultures, where belief was more easily accepted. As far as the show Decoded goes, I find it entertaining and even funny sometimes, I think that's more of what the producers intend more than anything.

My main concern, as someone who gives ancient cultures more credit than many contemporaries, is that they may have been warning us of a type of predictable geologic or astrologic pattern, very possibly the reversing of the magnetic or geographic poles. I've heard some scientists write that off as nothing more than disturbing our compass readings while others agree that an instantaneous changing of the poles would cause massive earthquakes, thunderstorms and devastating floods.

We're pretty good swimmers at the Zoltak household, hope it never comes down to that, at least not in my family's life time.


Alladream74 profile image

Alladream74 5 years ago from Oakland, California

Another interesting read as always Ben

Ben Zoltak profile image

Ben Zoltak 5 years ago from Lake Mills, Jefferson County, Wisconsin USA Author

Thanks Alladream. There's a lot of hype out there about 2012 but for me, the Native American connection is palpable!

Cheers man!


Niteriter profile image

Niteriter 4 years ago from Canada

Hey, Ben,. Here I am slinking into your presence, head bowed in shame, ready to receive my punishment.

I knew I was supposed to do something for you but I couldn't remember what. Then I read this Hub and was reminded that I was supposed to review your book.

O woe is me, I am unworthy to be called your brother. Through my own technological ineptitude and sheer bone-headedness, my computer crashed and along with it went my half-completed review, your ebook, and all my verve for cavorting on HubPages. I now, several months later, have a new computer and a brand new set of wonderful intentions to reclaim the data from my crashed disk. Stay tuned to this station.

About this Hub, I appreciate everything you put into it and admire your honest reporting that you don't have proof for all your claims. But I do, Ben; I have absolute proof of everything. And I'm burning to tell you!

Except I reread that Hub you did on Atheists and Zealots, and now I'm afraid to say anything for fear of what people might think of me.

Anyway, back to my opening paragraph. I am here; do what you must.

Niteriter profile image

Niteriter 4 years ago from Canada

Hail, Ben Zoltak! Thou who suppeth with Socrates, Nostradamus, and MarkTwain, art thou receiving messages from lowly creatures that yet beat the breast in savage delight over opaque tales of little meaning? One such creature may be reached at niteriter@gmx.com.

Ben Zoltak profile image

Ben Zoltak 4 years ago from Lake Mills, Jefferson County, Wisconsin USA Author

Hey man, I'm guilty of similar ineptitudes for varying reasons, break from the internet, family things, good life though, enjoying good vibes in the parlance of our times. But Niteriter responds so I gotta take a minute and get scribblin' on this here keyboard. Hope you are well man, I haven't checked my book in awhile, but I will, you might be interested to know I'm about to start teaching my first self-designed art classes here in Lake Mills, Wisconsin and also that I have just finished my first public art sculpture in Stevens Point, Wisconsin so I've been one busy creator.

I was written up check it!!!


Be well my friend, I'll be back in words soon!!!


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