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Compass reading for Flying Stars Chart

One has to understand how to use the standard compass that comprises of the degree from 0 to 360. With this understanding of how you can take the actual reading from the compass, it will then be used to allow you plotting the Flying Stars Chart where your house main door is facing. Make 100% sure that you are taking the reading of your front door where the needle is pointing at the center of the door. Inaccurate readings will make your chart useless since it will not be correct which may result disaster for all the applications you make for the house. Therefore the compass reading cannot varies more than 15% for each reading comparison. Please view the video where it shows you how to take the correct readings off the compass itself. If you have your own personal Luopan, you can use it to take the readings.

Using Luopan or basic compass

How to take the readings?

First, you need to decide as whether you want to use the Feng Shui Luopan or a simple compass to take the readings. For all professional Feng Shui masters, they will definitely prefer to use the traditional Luopan where they actually personalize it themselves. It will consists of the markings of the heavenly stems and the earthly branches that denotes the 5 elements of each sector that are being read. It is more thorough for each readings made with the Luopan as most Feng Shui masters had customized it on them. They will be able to tell with the readings of the facing direction as whether or not it belongs to which element as compare with the owner's Bazi. With this reading, he will be able to tell if the house is suitable for the owner and if not then what sort of cures and preventive measures should be taken when the owner is staying in the house. Every crucial information are likely to be on the Luopan made personally for the Feng Shui Masters themselves. But then If you are not a master of Feng Shui, then you can simply use a normal compass that comes with the degrees will be sufficient to get you to plot the Flying Stars Chart.

For the video above as shown, it is mainly used by hikers and campers where it comes with a magnify glass to allow you to view accurately of the center of your front door. Simply looking through the magnify glass and aiming the center of your front door, you will be able to view the degree. This step is important when you are taking the readings as having the wrong readings may have bad effects on you and your family members. After the first reading, you still need to take another 2 sets of readings inside as well as outside your house for comparison. Once you have done that, you will need to compare these readings and making sure that you have the accurate reading that does not differ more than 15 degrees. Should there is too much variation, it means that you are likely to have electrical interference. It is important to take note that when you are taking those readings, you should never be wearing any jewelry, watch as they might affect the readings.

When you have compared all the 3 sets of readings from the compass and it does not vary more than 15% then you will likely average those readings to be the facing direction of your house for Flying Stars Chart. For example if the readings are 230, 240, 235 degrees then it will be 235 degree for your house facing direction when plotting out the Flying Stars Chart.

To summarize the use of Feng Shui compass with Luopan or normal compass to plot the Flying Stars Chart, here are the pointers you need to take note.

1. Readings are to be taken 3, 6 and 9 feet away from the front door

2. Readings should be at the center of the main door

3. Do not wear any jewelry, watch as it may be interference for accurate readings

4. If readings are more than 15% in the 3 sets then you may not use it for plotting the chart

Hope you can understand the simple method of taking compass reading. Do note that it is critical that the reading needs to be accurate otherwise your Feng Shui application for the house will not be correct.

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How interesting, I need to check back for the next article on this topic. I know very little about Feng Shui!

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Thank you. I had published a new topic about Flying Stars Chart. You may want to read about it and hope it helps you to understand further about Feng Shui.

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