Is Zakir Naik a False Prophet of Islam?

 "If Osama Bin Laden is terrorizing the enemies of Islam, I am with him. If he is terrorizing America, the biggest terrorist, then I am with him. Every Muslim should be a terrorist."

I guess, in his own words, from one of his Islam sermons in English, surely indicates his true intent and political leanings. Zakir Naik is Indian, born in 1956, in Mumbai. Thus, he is a baby boomer. I suspect, he grew up liking almost anything Western and from the USA or UK. At some point, he attended medical school and became a doctor. At another point, he quit being a doctor in 1991, why? What is better that helping those in need, real need and treatment? Yet, he stopped and took up the banner of Islam and is now a preacher of the Quran, justifying many of its false practices. If you want to be converted, listen to him.

On polygamy, he claims it protects the modesty of women, while keeping men from going astray. He writes in his website that human males are polygamous by nature and that a man is less likely to cheat if he has more than one wife. This is as idiotic as saying, "let's make stealing legal, as it will put an end to robbery." 

Naik states the following as another reason for it is Islam: "A woman who has more than one husband will have several sexual partners at the same time and has a high chance of acquiring venereal or sexually transmitted diseases which can also be transmitted back to her husband even if all of them have no extra-marital sex. This is not the case in a man having more than one wife, and none of them having extra-marital sex."

STD does not appear by itself in polyandry, and there is nothing different in the case of polygamy either. In order for someone to contract an STD in this type of scenario, they MUST have sexual contact with someone who already has the STD. It does not magically appear.  It is obvious that if a man marries four wives and one of them has AIDS, he will eventually contact it from her and pass it on to the other three wives to result in all five of them suffering from AIDS. The case of a woman with multiple husbands is the same.

Also, "If a man has more than one wife, the parents of the children born of such marriages can easily be identified. The father as well as the mother can easily be identified. In case of a woman marrying more than one husband, only the mother of the children born of such marriages will be identified and not the father."

Both statements when made to intelligent humans will seem false and stupid. Naik, like many Islamic sermons or Mullahs, simply twist it in meaning and words. Hitler and Stalin did similar things when talking to those not wanting to know what is true.

Naik's rise to fame and fortune has occurred as he promotes Islam that is superior to all other religions and bashes them in his sermons to those who are misled. His Peace TV videos are all over Facebook and YouTube, so he should thank the Western countries and technology, namely the USA, for this, as it allows him to spread false statements regarding Islam.

The Shariah Board of America has also issued more than 20 fatwa’s against Naik on their website. They believe Naik has gone astray, as he is not a scholar and issues Islamic teachings without authority or any knowledge to do so, which is dangerous to Islam; "Naik is known for discussions on comparative religions. He is not a qualified Aalim of deen. His comments on fiqh have no merit. If it is true that he condemned the fiqh of the Imams, then that in itself is a clear indication of his lack of fiqh and understanding of Shairah.

Naik is being financed by the Wahabi sect that perpetrates violence in the name of Islam. This is how he is able to preach his version of Islam to the West, in English, using the Internet.

So, Naik, is just another Muslim turned radical even though much of his life was NOT the case. In fact until 1991, he was professional working in his profession, well educated, but a man harboring resentment, jealousy and other feelings against all other religions that began in the Western world. Like Osama bin Laden, who was an engineer by training, he promotes Islam in English speaking countries.

He is another wolf in sacred clothing.

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eranahubs@hotmail 6 years ago from pakistan


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perrya 6 years ago Author

According to Naik, every Muslim should be a fundamentalist i.e. he should follow the fundamentals of the Religion of Peace: Islam. He should be a terrorist only towards the antisocial elements in order to promote peace and justice in the society.

Thus, Naik, preaches to Muslims under Islam to be terrorists against those that do no believe that Islam is the best religion in the world. His preaching is twisted logic that works well with non-educated people. Islam is fine but don't advertise it as the only real religion that should be respected and don't tell followers to be jihadists.

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eranahubs@hotmail 6 years ago from pakistan

Is Zakir Naik a False Prophet of Islam?

ur tittle have SUPER BIG ERROR ???


Is Zakir Naik a False PREACHER of Islam?







5. HAJ



eranahubs@hotmail profile image

eranahubs@hotmail 6 years ago from pakistan

Here People asked question which contains words "zakir naik" and these fatawaas are not against Naik and we already now that scholar like Zakir Naik can not make Fiqh but they can tell what is in ISLAM? FIQH IS MADE WITH CONSENSUS OF Aalims/Mufti and Fiqh experts not by Scholars or Daa'wah experts

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perrya 6 years ago Author

Happy Easter everyone!

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Freya Cesare 6 years ago from Borneo Island, Indonesia

Perrya, can u be more respectful to other belief when you proposed something you don't understand? A gentlement above asked you to change the title but u really not considering him at all.

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perrya 6 years ago Author

I think it is semantics, why cannot a prophet be a preacher or vice versa? what is so holy about the word prophet? I do understand that Zakir is just spreading lies about Islam being the only real religion in a country that does not support its customs. I do understand his logic is simply misleading. Zakir seems to think Osama is doing the right thing for God, which is twisted. Most Americans would tend to agree. I am sure the NSA\FBI is watching his postings and contacts via the Internet. No question about that.

nareswari 6 years ago

where do you know he is a holly man?,can do you thing he is a demonds?,

Words...!,is can be a serious problem on next future.

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perrya 6 years ago Author

Disculpe, no entiendo mi amigo, ingles es malo.

Freya Cesare profile image

Freya Cesare 6 years ago from Borneo Island, Indonesia

Did you ever heard the book called English-English dictionary?

perrya profile image

perrya 6 years ago Author

Do you mean, Have I ever heard of the book...? "did you ever heard the book..." is bad English.

But, no.

Freya Cesare profile image

Freya Cesare 6 years ago from Borneo Island, Indonesia

I said what I mean, and pardon my English. I'm not too good at it. What I'm trying to said is, look for English-English dictionary and I'm sure you can find the words Prophet and preacher there, and check for yourself the different meaning of it.

perrya profile image

perrya 6 years ago Author

I see. Like many words, some place way more meaning to a word and they really become "fighting" words to some. Some Islamists are like this and chop off your head if you say negative things about their religion. Sorry, I have no tolerance for those or for those that defend it. Naik is a fraud in my opinion. if you want to think otherwise, so be it.

Freya Cesare profile image

Freya Cesare 6 years ago from Borneo Island, Indonesia

I don't care about what you think on Naik. I just hope you become more wise in using words. Islam never accepted any prophet after Muhammad, SAW died because he is the last prophet for Muslim. If you heard someone said Islam have new prophet, than it is not Islam at all because Al Qur'an said no Prophet will be born again after Muhammad, SAW.

Semantic have big meaning. Wrong words can caused different intrepretation. In my profession, if I said wrong words I can caused damaged on my client head.

I did read two of your Hubs, both have the same problem.

Islam is religion, Muslim is community, Islamic Country is country who based their law on Islamic law but sometimes mix it with their culture. If you talking about Muslim and Islamic Country you should not labelled them as Islam, because you will lead the readers to the different intrepretation.

in "Why Islam and Modern Societies Clash" I thought you will doing surgery on our Book of God, but turned out you just judging our community behavior and Islamic Country act of law which definitely not Islam but heritage of cultures. They based their foundation of law on Islam but mix it with their cultures, which made it no longer able to called as pure Islamic law, since Islam really strict and not allowed any bent in their way of performing the law. That is why I suggested you to read Al Qur'an so you can see the differences between real Islamic teaching with their act of law.

in this Hub your title suggested the readers to think that Islam embraced new prophet which is no way will be happen, because Al Qur'an already made clear of it, there will be no prophet will be born again after Muhammad, SAW, and if Muslim do that, acknowledge new prophet, this person no longer Muslim and no longer have Islam as his religion. That is why Zakir Naik will never accepted as new Prophet. He is only preacher.

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perrya 6 years ago Author

Interesting but it shows why there is much confusion about it. Still, that aside, many customs we consider horrific in the west are cited as stemming from Islam, so it just seems there is a lot of gray matter within the Islamic muslim communities within different countries.

Fredrick Schulz 6 years ago

Its interesting how muslims defend their new fraudster named Junk Naik after the demise of their seventh century false prophet of immorality, rape, injustice and violence. Muslims are so gullible that they only want to be guided by a cheat like him. Islam has ZERO respect for women, Zero respect for non-believers, Zero respect for humanity in general. infact islam is an insult to human dignity! This evil cult of violence needs sugarcoating to whitewash its vile teachings. It uses the very freedom of the West to launch verbal attack against the west. alas you can never think of preaching any other religion in their hellhole of Saudi Barbaria or any other barbaric arabic country. Double standard is the trademark of muslim behaviour.

perrya profile image

perrya 6 years ago Author

Certainly some truth to your statements, especially the last four sentences.

pintails7886 profile image

pintails7886 6 years ago from Memphis TN

the only truth in Mr. Shultz statement is that he sadly mistakes Arabic culture for Muslim and Islamic culture. As many people in christianity do people hide behind the guize of religion to do the work of the devil. This can be found with any religion. And sadly ignoriance prevails expecially in comments such as the one I mentioned in the first part of my comment. If you would learn the diffrence between Arab and Muslim your arguments would not only be more effective but sound a whole lot more inteligent. Thanks for your imput though. your comment includes all of 3% of muslims Mr.Schultz. let use only 3% of chirstians to define christianity shall we. Ok all christians force their followers to drink posion kool aid, and hide in fortress in Texas and start wars with the US government. And to note, after the investigation only about 2% of the people drank the koolaid the rest were either forced at gun point or injected in the back of the neck with posion. Since we are only Using 3% christianity isnt looking so hot either. Lucky for christianity, most Muslims are a whole lot more broad minded.

Oh yeah bout this guy this hub is about, the last prophet was Muhammad pbuh. SO no this guy isnt a propet. thanks for the question though.

perrya profile image

perrya 6 years ago Author

I think using the Texas incident, Jim jones to degrade non-Islamic religions is a poor argument at best. Those are extremes of sick people. The topic is this dude Naik and he is just a coyote in sheep's clothing to all those needing a religion to cling to for some sense of life. Naik's real feelings are anti-west, anti-christian, pro-radical islamists that some muslims follow. And he takes advantage of our free society to get followers.

pintails7886 profile image

pintails7886 6 years ago from Memphis TN

Perrya I never said it was a good argument, actually I wanted to look like a bad argument, I know the topic, I was just responding to Mr. Schultz. But you are right some Muslims do follow him 3% see Islam that way. Just the same that some Christians are extremists also as I proved. so we can agree that using 3% is a bad way to represent a whole is a bad way to argue? I mean this is what you just said right?If I am wrong please correct me, as I do not wish to misquote anyone, as I expect the same respect. If you look at the laws of Islam they have the same rules of free society as America, though it was Islamic law centuries before America was thought of. read my hub on human rights in Islam for exact quotes. and please note I said ISLAMIC LAW not Arabic, as they are two different things, much like when the Catholic church ruled and killed the Mayans and the witch burnings and crusades where they even killed Christians in the name of Christ. This was Vatican law not Christian law right? I know for a fact Eisa did not support these actions by the governing power of this time.

perrya profile image

perrya 6 years ago Author

Ok, I will concede the point that religions are mankinds creation and each spawns some horrifying things. Seems like the non-islamic religions have progressed into modern times well unlike that of Islam.

pintails7886 profile image

pintails7886 6 years ago from Memphis TN

I can agree to this to a certain extent. but just keep in mind that Arabic tradition, and Islamic tradition are often confused, and in the US and many countries Islam is "with the times" how ever in third world countries and tribal cultures the religion is in line whit their traditions and ways of life which like religions should meet the needs of the people who follow them. My point simply is that Islamic and Arab traditions are not the same thing but are often confused as such, beheading are not Islamic they are Arabic, and so on. but thanks for the debate, I look forward to it in the future. Not all Arabs are Muslim, not all Muslims are Arab, and as a former christian, I my self and many many I knew confused this.

perrya profile image

perrya 6 years ago Author

Right about is confusing and the terrorists do not make it easier when Obama is Arab and kills under the Islamic banner. i know that is the extreme, butextreme customs should be updated.

Fredrick Schulz 6 years ago

@ Pintails7886

Arabic culture is an inherent part of Islam. You cant deny that. There are hundreds of arabic cultural practices hardwired into Islam. let me mention a few of them.

1. A new convert to Islam has to change his name into an arabic one. I have never seen anyone keeping the original name after conversion.

2. Your daily five time noisy prayer has to be in arabic. I challenge you to show me a single mosque around the world where the prayer is in any other language.

3.Beheading is NOT just an arabic culture, its well documented in the hadith and a part of islamic justice system. you know that very well but i guess your just using your religiously sanctioned taqiyah here.

4. Pagan rituals that you perform during hajj are purely arabic.

5. every single country Islam invaded lost its native culture. Your prophet of doom outlawed any native cultural festivals and replaced them with Eid. this too is a fact supported by history. just look at Iran, Indonesia and Malysia.

6. Mohammad himself said his tribe is the best of humanity which is none other than an arabic tribe.

7. People from subcontinent sell their last penny to pay a visit to their masters land i.e. saudi. oh you have made it a pillar of islam NOT?

SO The conclusion is simple. Islam is a name for arabic imperialism. it has been establishing this goal specially in europe by not integrating and imposing the brute and dirty arabic custom of barbars called Shariah on their host country. Islam is as violent and as savage just as the Arabs are.

perrya profile image

perrya 6 years ago Author

One cannot argue with that. That is why westerners are isolated when living in Saudi Arabia and kept with "their" kind for most of the time. sure, they are free to move around, but they want us but don't want us also.

Fredrick Schulz 6 years ago

Even if we consider Islam separate from Arabic norms (which is not), we still see how intolerant islam has remained since its inception. During Mohammad's time, anyone who criticized him (when he took control of Mecca ) he mercilessly persecuted them. this events are attested by authentic hadiths. this trend is still going on. one can not say anything against mohammad or islam in a muslim majority country without facing death threats and in most cases physical assualt. In pakistan and almost all of the arabic countries speaking against mohammad is a crime punishable by death. I once had stayed in a muslim majority country in south east asia named Bangladesh for few years. when I was there an innocent cartoon joke was published in a national newspaper (which didnt even show mohammad's face). then everyone there went berserk. the editor of the newspaper had to publicly apologize. the cartoonist was arrested and jailed. people came down to street and protested to behead the cartoonist. Well one might argue that this was an act of provocation but then why we dont we see muslims coming to street protesting OBL, why don't we see Muslims declaring OBL nonmuslim as they do with Ahmedis or Sheites. Silly cartoons offend them but people burned in thousands of degrees tamp. in twin towers does not. anyone speaking against mohammad offends them but suicide bombers who supposedly defame their beautiful religion does not. What an irony!

Oh one thing I forgot there have been thousands of cartoons of Jesus drawn in the west so many movies made against christianity but we didnt see christians going crazy and killing Van Gaugh like muslims usually do

buraq profile image

buraq 6 years ago from Vaniyambadi

@Fredrick, Islam is not to be taken lightly. If you had known it correctly u wud've havent said such remarks. You say about persecution, then how would you justify the Holy Crusades by the Vaticans !! Well, its not about pointing fingers, its about the search of truth. Nobody has seen the prophet after his time and no images of him is to be known, so how can we Tolerate a cartoon on him ?? Yes, u dun respect your prophets, u take some actor imitate him as Jesus in one movie, and next movie he's some man with revenge or pleasure boozing and womanizing. We dont tolerate that !! You are free to make anything on Jesus eg: Dancing Jesus, Nude Jesus, Turn me on Imgaes (all found in Google Images) god forgive me to witness it !! You say we should tolerate that Fredrick. Just forget it pal, we muslims are very possessive about our religions, and 0% tolerance on any sort of comical or images depicting fun of Islam. And yeah try any dictionary of the world and find the meaning of ISALM and MUSLIM. You yourself will be astonished that what you all call us, and later criticize us. And about beheading and stoning to death, circumcision etc, wud just like to remind you that it was introduced in the reign of Prophet Moses, we follow it from then. Remember, one Message 3 religions. We are old, we practice it nothing changed. We born to die in the cause of Islam, so were the muslims before and so are the muslims today and so are the muslims in future. And about the twin towers i request you to go and search the truth, as u'd find many celtic calculations of that tragedy, where there shud've been above 50000 visitors that day, why were there only 3000 ? and most of them working in European, Asian and South East Asian firms. @ Perry, Zakir Naik is not a prophet, but only a preacher, and there are many work of his which authenticates that he is a crusader in himself. When there is something good taking place, so does the bad, so anyone criticizing Zakir Naik, is always expected, I’d request you to kindly meet him once personally, and prove that you are right. If you are strong with your belief I challenge that you will win over Zakir, or if you are walking in the realm of your thought, beware satan will make you astray. All the best.

perrya profile image

perrya 6 years ago Author

America did not invade Iraq or Afghanistan to destroy Islam,but to destroy terrorists who practice a jihad as an extreme religion.

Fredrick Schulz 6 years ago

@ Buraq

Violence is always violence, it hardly matters if Christians did it in the past. Though Crusade was an attempt to save the holy land from invaders i.e. muslims, yet it has to be recognized as violence. But can you figure the difference between Christians along with other non believers with muslims? Christians have long abandoned violence in the name of Jesus. They do not go by the laws mandated during dark ages nor do they go on killing anyone for applying the Fatwa of their Pope or church Fathers! How many times have you heard the Church fathers declared death Fatwa on any of the movie producers that defamed Jesus? I bet none. This is called social evolution. This is how religion has to get along with human civilization with the course of time. Christianity has learnt to do it but unfortunately this will never happen with Islam. No religion can keep itself on its foot if it refuses to change. The present events that we see from many muslims in the form of terrorism is just a knee jerk reaction of Islam before its final demise. Islam is indeed struggeling to survive with changing time. just google on Dalai Lama's quote on Buddhism and see what He says on change. Well let me give just a glimpse for you

""...If Science proves some aspects of Buddhism wrong then Buddhism has to change...""

Thats what a religion is, no social code can remain valid forever only because it was given by some imaginary God. Whats more your merciful allah wont even spare Mother Terressa from the blazing fire of hell despite all of her lifetime good works. She will burn in blazing fire FOREVER WHILE ironically a terrorist suicide bomber will ultimately have carnal pleasure with 72 virgins!


Fredrick Schulz 6 years ago


And what you do not realize is that speaking about any so called prophet is NOT insulting him. If that was so then your entire hadith is enough to demonize Mohammad without having to add anything additional! People who speak against Mohammad bring their evidence from YOUR OWN AUTHENTIC ISLAMIC SOURCE! Besides Nobody on todays society (apart from muslim ones) is free from criticism. This is, in case you never knew, called Freedom of Speech. We do not live in 7th century, nor do we live in Desert with camels. we have learnt to call a spade a spade. But anyways thanks for admitting that Muslims are ultra sensitive with Mohammad, no wonder thats why we see passive support for Osama from ordinary muslims every single day. As for beheading and stoning, nobody other than muslims,today approves such savage and brutal act of punishment. Your support for this barbaric law shows how islam crushed out the last bit of humanity from your soul. but thats not surprising because one cant expect much from a religious muslim.

Lastly As for studying Islam, I have done that for more than years. I have compared the teachings of Buddha and of Mohammad side by side and not surprisingly Mohammad could never attract me. Buddha has millions of followers almost near as muslims, but he never shed a drop of blood while your prophet of mercy(?) beheaded 800 prisoners of war in a single day (as evident from Bukhari). Thank God I have not yet become such insane to take such a bloodthirsty man as my role model!

julie 6 years ago

sex with multiple women causes urithritis and that is fm christian science.zakir naik is an angel and do not let your fear of islam prejudice you against naik

most white people are bigoted and only consider the missionary position

the maximum murders,rapes in the world are by christians

Fredrick Schulz 6 years ago

**Sex with multiple women causes urithrities**

And what your noble prophet who used to have sex with his eleven wives including a 9 yr old kid? did he suffer from that too? or did allah releved him? what about those muslims who marry four wives by the approval of your allah and your prophet?

**Zakir Naik is an angel**

LOL he shamelessly prescribes polygamy yet you call him an angel. have you lost your sense of dignity for being a woman?

**Most white people are bigoted and only consider the missionary position**

And now your racist too! Show me how quoting from your OWN hadith is an act of bigotry? how is a missionary stance to state pedophilia of Mohammad? how is it biased to tell the truth of Mohammad's immoral life of murder, loot and lust?

**the maximum murders, rape in the world are by christians**

If even I take that as the truth still I don't find any so called christian taking inspiration of rape from their holy book. I don't find a single christian holding a bible in one hand and an AK-47 on the other.nor do i find any Hindu, Buddhist, Jews doing the same thing. moreover, there are severe punishment for these kind of crimes. Our justice system ensures that these criminals don't escape in the name of bible. but what happens when it gets to muslim women.


Arjumand 6 years ago

No where does Dr zakir claim that he is a prophet.Secondly nowhere does he say STDs appear by itself without a sexual contact with a person having STD.Researchers have found out that one of the ways women contract AIDS is because their husbands choose prostitutes to satisfy their sexual desires rather than marrying chaste women, that is practicing polygamy.Islam forbids marriage to a prostitute and also forbids adultery. Polygamy refrains men from entering immorality and spreading diseases.This is how Islam gives a solution and helps prevent such diseases.As for the identification of the father of the child,Dr zakir is right,maybe nowadays by DNA testing one can find the father ,but I\slam is a universal religion for all times and all people this method of testing n identifying fathers is not practical in rural ares or could not have been done in the past so the best way to do so is to do away with polyandry.Polygamy is a solutin to the problems of excess women on this provides for them a secure family and protection as well as prevents men from satisfying their sexual desires in an immoral way which spread disease.

shibilyt profile image

shibilyt 6 years ago from calicut

I don't know much about zakir naik. but i surely know that the last prophet was prophet Muhammad(pbuh)so he must not be a prophet.

and i heard some bad news related to zakir naik

i heard that zakir naik is providing false informaion on islam. but as i don't know much i am not saying that much onthis topic

perrya profile image

perrya 6 years ago Author

Thanksm good to know.

a believer 6 years ago

perrya and fredick,,,,,

go and study Islam then come and discuss,your knowledge is very very poor.May Allah guide you and show you the right path.

Rob  6 years ago

I think you guys are making wrong comments about Islam, In every religion violence is the last resort. Don't judge any religion by how we act but how we shouid according to that religion.

becon 6 years ago

True zakir naik is a licensed thug to convert in public funded by saudi money.His debates are always of college levels where he tries to score brownie points.He tries to deride other faiths and show that the religion which came last is the best.He is infact a hate monger and a tries to show supremacy based on his gift of gab. Whole world know ISLAM is a political doctrine.

becon 6 years ago

True zakir naik is a licensed thug to convert in public funded by saudi money.His debates are always of college levels where he tries to score brownie points.He tries to deride other faiths and show that the religion which came last is the best.He is infact a hate monger and a tries to show supremacy based on his gift of gab. Whole world know ISLAM is a political doctrine.

perrya profile image

perrya 6 years ago Author

I just do not think islam is very tolerant of other religions in today's political climate. The terrorists give it a a very bad image, saudi arabia outlaws other religions in their country.

satotoshanto 6 years ago

Who is the self-declared terrorist?

Md Ariful Islam 6 years ago

Zakir naik is one of the star n practicing muslim at this era..He has a brave heart..Last 10/15 years i have found 3 person who nvr hesitate to expose the truth in front of public or anyone of the world ,if some people may not like them...but undoubtly they r brave hearted/actual muslim...1. Zakir naik 2. Osama Bin Laden 3. Mohammad Ahmed i nejad

Shahid Bukhari profile image

Shahid Bukhari 6 years ago from My Awareness in Being.

Dear perrya

Zakir Naik is not a Prophet ... Because, there is to be no Prophet, of Allah, after Prophet Muhammad, Peace and Blessings of Allah be Upon Muhammad.

Zakir Naik is just another Servant of Islam, a Muslim, trying to convey The Message, within The Ordained Obligation.

shadabi5 profile image

shadabi5 6 years ago

I am a Muslim and I think Zakir Naik is a debater not a Muslim scholar and I admit that he is trying to hide real face of Islam with his unethical logics.

I am trying to find and point out Muslims who really follow Islam. Many Muslims are following their customs and traditions on the name of Islam.

upal19 profile image

upal19 5 years ago from Dhaka

Dear perrya and frederick, zakir naik is not a prophet and he is not a scholar as he is focused on. i've heard some of his speeches. there is wrong in his explanations of islam. frederick, i must say that when the prophet conquered mecca there was no violence. it was almost peaceful. just check the early wars in islam, mohammed did not attack first, mohammed was attacked first by his critisizers to eliminate him. he had to defend him. of course mohammed had wives but all legal. he never marry a woman for the lust.

sead 5 years ago

Zakir Naik is just another Servant of Islam, a Muslim, trying to convey The Message

amazonrus profile image

amazonrus 5 years ago from Earth

I want this hub to be removed! Such ignoramus!

Ikram 5 years ago

Zakir naik is a famous scholar

thousands of people reverted to Islam after watching his lectures

and he is not prophet

last prophet Muhammad(saws)

Polygamy in Islam------>>>

preacher to you 5 years ago

You are a very sad man. Shame you cannot understand what fundamental means or the true meaning of Islam = Peace and submission to one god. Who created ALL MANKIND INCLUDING YOU. All Dr Zakir Naik is doing is opening yr eyes to what the creator of all wants from us and want to give us in return. Paradise eternal if what you get in return. Who you are and where you come from and what will be your end _ I know, but do you know you very sad man shame you don't know who created you and what will happen to people like you. What a wasteful life you have judging other but not understanding your own beginning and end. Dr Naik is trying to help you plz try to litenn to him he MAKES A LOT OF SENSE - it is yOU WHO HAS A PROBLEM AND IS MAKING YOURSELF A TERRORIST AGAINST DR NAIK AND ISLAM .. LOOK IN THE MIRROR FIRST BEFORE JUDGING OTHERS

Ghous Muhammad Butt 5 years ago

Mr. Hub,

Well, I am not arguing on Zakir Naik but I strongly believe that If Mr. Hub would like to read Qur'an in details for the sake of his knowledge and if he believes that Qur'an is the words of Allah then he'll surely find that “The only true faith in God's sight is Islam.

So, Please find this truth and leave Mr.Zakir Naik if you mislead by his preaching.


Ghous Muhammad Butt

G Miah profile image

G Miah 5 years ago from Muslim Nation

It's no point making this evil SATAN POSSESSED PERRYA understand about Islam. Allah gives guidance to whom He wills, and not to whom He wills.

Satan worshippers and Kafirs will burn in the Fire of Jahannam, so leave them to it, if they don't want to understand and respect other religions, AS THEIR RELIGION TEACHES THEM TO, but they don't because they are just EVIL people. It's so funny!!! HAHAHAHAHHAHA.... although i know some very GOOD Christian people who are respectful towards other people, no matter what their religion or colour is.

Doesn't your religion teach you any decency towards other people???

Dr. Zakir Naik answered non-Muslims questions with the comments you have highlighted above, and those are examples he used to make people understand in a simple way.

Khabith Perrya, you should look into your own religion and question your own religious teachings before you go and fabricate other religions. If you can't follow your religion properly, then you should not criticise others.

In your reply, can you please tell me how many different and updated (by man) Bibles you have got in Christianity? Does the original actually exist? Is the present Bible (written by man) exactly the same as the original one that was revealed to Jesus (peace be upon him)? If Jesus (pbuh) is God then why did he pray to someone much higher than himself?

La ilaha illallahu Muhammadur Rasul Ullah (pbuh). God is one, and Muhammad is His Messenger.


sister 5 years ago

dr zakir naik is a preacher not prophet for GOD sake donot miss guide the people

perrya profile image

perrya 5 years ago Author

People have their own opinions based on what they believe etc., culture influences this, so no one is right or wrong.

navjyot singh 5 years ago

anybody who listens to zakir naik with an objective mind cannot help but feel sick and at the same time laugh at his illogical,strange and pathetic attempts to prove his points.the thing is he invites opponents in the name of interfaith dialogue and tries to run down them in well prepared ,well disguised out and out debate.he tries to find faults with others religion and comes prepared for that while the other is too focussed in explaining the good things about his religion,naik gets down to point bad things about his opponents religion,as happened in dialogue with sri sri ravishabkar.whenever there is alevel playing field,whenever there is an unbiased audience and whenever the forum is for rational ,unbiased dialogue naik becomes like a rabbit caught in glaring lights,as happened in ndtv pgmme with barkha dutt where coguests were intelligent,unbiased muslims like shah rukh khan,soha ali khan.

dann 5 years ago

america fighting against terrorism. finding and killing terrorist one by one. spending lots of money, and zakir naik making thousends of terrorist at a time. US government have to do force govt of india to stop these radical muslim.

dann 5 years ago

america fighting against terrorism. finding and killing terrorist one by one. spending lots of money, and zakir naik making thousends of terrorist at a time. US government have to do force govt of india to stop these radical muslim.

profile image

iphoneappsfree 5 years ago

I have not read the full debate , nor I intend to but I can guess a lot already , what is going on .A muslim kills thousand ppl by bombing , so Islam`s teaching is wrong n muslim becomes terrorist ? hmm I guess you know how to twist your words as well.No where in Quran is said that you have to kill a person if he doesnt follow Islam .I dont know why you are spreading lies! Most misunderstood Religion is Islam and Some brain washed people in Arab n other counties kills people in the name of islam.One of his videos of Zakir says, if a man kills another innocent human being regardless of religion , as if he killed the whole humanity ,if he saves another person , its like saving humanity. why would he say this n get away? ""If Osama Bin Laden is terrorizing the enemies of Islam, I am with him. If he is terrorizing America, the biggest terrorist, then I am with him. Every Muslim should be a terrorist" right? find the video and post it here , you did not include in which context he said , this is how misunderstanding begins, if you think he is lying and by all means you can prove him wrong , why not go ahead and make a fool out of him in front of everyone ? Guess you don't have the balls to do that.This is hot topic on google and your topic comes first when i googled some question , the reason you do not want to change the topic word prophet because you want people to know about your article and visit this page , it will make you some cash right? Why not prove his lies n become the next big sensation ?I am sure you have your own ideas about religion right? whatever it is , you can talk about after defeating him :) Since you talk about Islam You must know Arabic and know Quran more then any of us? I dont even know how to read Quran but i can feel the twist in your article and i did not need to go throw every sentences if you dont have the full knowledge you would not be able to answer most questions people throw at you but twist it.but yea the only area where your expertise lies in hubpage , dominate the first page on google n earn some cash ?.If you know you are right , why not open youtube channel and websites n defeat him in front of media . Too much trouble? I am checking out his videos to find what kind of lies he is spreading to people , so far I have not found anything which would harm another person . Do comment or do you find my views too offensive ? Sorry for my bad english as I am not fluent in english. hope i did make some sense not that it would matter . I am also sorry for bending my words in many ways but I do not like people would use false info to misguide and anger others. You are idea is to confuse people not to provide them with solution.

Jackman 5 years ago

Perrya you can become a muslim if you read Quran. Please read it with open heart ... thanks ..

38: And the sun runs on its fixed course for a term (appointed). That is the Decree of the All-Mighty, the All-Knowing.

39: And the moon, We have measured for it mansions (to traverse) till it returns like the old dried curved date stalk.

40: It is not for the sun to overtake the moon, nor does the night outstrip the day. They all float, each in an orbit.

Jackman 5 years ago

Hi Perrya,

You can visit next lecture of Zakir Niak if you want.

And you can raise your questions straight away and enlighten yourself.


Taalib Pugh1 profile image

Taalib Pugh1 4 years ago from Wilkes Barre Pa

Wow! I hope you can come to know the truth of Islam. Please keep searching.

Slappy69 4 years ago

Zakhir naik is a crackpot, and his followers are crackpots. Mere stupidity.

Zalim 4 years ago

Zakir Naik shows are staged and performers are present. See how many people sit quietly.

Zakir Naik is always proven correct in every show and people easily admit that Zakir Naiks point of view is correct. Fake fake

ahmed 4 years ago

zakir naik waste fellow dont belive him .

sldlbux profile image

sldlbux 3 years ago from Knady

But i belive perrya ....because he said the true.....

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