Moon in Cancer Explained

The moon is actually what governs the sign of Cancer, so if you've got a Cancer moon placement, it's pretty much exalted in this scenario. This may work in your favor, because it's a very comfy place for the moon to be, but if you've got a strongly opposite sun sign, it might be a bit problematic for you in some cases. To learn more about the way a Cancer moon affects those born under its influence, please continue reading on!

Ruled By Emotions

People with their moon in cancer are pretty much ruled by their emotions, and this will feel totally natural to them. That's not to say it will always be comfortable, being ruled by emotions, but they are unlikely to wish for it to be any other way. Feelings are important at all times for these folks, and they will understand have a keen understanding of their own at any given moment.


They are also very perceptive and will have a special talent for knowing exactly how you're feeling, as well. Family is extremely important to them and they will go to the ends of the earth to help their loved ones. They are very tender people and very giving as far as emotions go, but they can also turn "crabby" when they feel they are being emotionally neglected. Actually, that is an understatement -- they can pitch a downright fit! And when they thing you've wronged them in this way, boy, do their memories last and last and last.


If you were born under a Cancer moon, you probably have an aversion to public "noise". In other words, you're probably not fond of big, loud events, or big groups of loud, chatty people, or anything that takes you out of your familiar comfort zone. If your sun sign is the opposite, this could be a real conflict for you -- I've got a similar sort in my on chart that makes me go from being outgoing to introverted at the drop of a hat! -- but anyone can be more outgoing if the try. Assuming you want to, that is! The good news is, once Cancer moon starts to get used to their surroundings, they will be more friendly and open with those around them.


I'm not saying Cancer moon doesn't like to experience new things, but they do enjoy being round the home and they love to be surrounded by family and close personal friends. They tend to love personalizing and maintaining their homes more than most, and can often be found sprucing up their flowerbox, cooking up a storm in their kitchens, or re-doing their home decor. They enjoy beautifying their surroundings for both themselves and their loved ones. On the other hand, they may also need a maid, because they are not necessarily fond of dirty work, including keeping things tidy!

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