Plotting Flying Stars Chart Part 1

Flying Stars Chart


Feng Shui Home Chart

Feng Shui for homes is to guide the Qi energy flowing into the house where its resting place will be the wealth corner sector. You will need to construct the chart of Nine Flying Star or Fei Xing Feng Shui. The construction of this chart is divided into 9 grid sector of your house.

Before you start plotting your chart, you will need to know when your house was built. It is referring to the year when your house was built in order to know which Period it belongs to. Period in Feng Shui is defined under 20 years cycle. Example of Period 8 that started in 22 January 2004 and ends in 3rd February 2024. Here is an example of the chart showing Period 7 where the center number is indicated as 7.

Blank Chart

You can plot manually for the 9 Grid Flying Stars Chart or using the Flying Stars Calculator.

Divide your house into nine sectors equally as shown in the chart. Each square representing the palace of the sector. Every palace in each sector has a different effect of the house representing it. Each star is represented by the I Ching trigram and will be written in the palace. The concept of Flying Stars is the application of compass direction where the chart is shown as South on the top of the grid. You need to take note that the chart is always having the South as the top of the grid unlike the world map showing North at the top.

Feng Shui Direction

Direction Flying Stars Chart

Here is how the trigrams being represented in the compass directions of your house.

South - Li trigram
Southwest - Kun trigram
West - Tui trigram
Northwest - Chien trigram
North - Kan trigram
Northeast - Gen trigram
East - Zhen trigram
Southeast - Xun trigram

What is the Period of your house?

After discovering about the directions in Flying Stars Chart, you will need to know actual year when your house was built to know its Period which is critical when constructing your chart. Wrong detail of year's built can be dire consequences. Here is a list of Period for the 20 years cycle.

From 1904 - 1923 it is Period 3
From 1924 - 1943 it is Period 4
From 1944 - 1963 it is Period 5
From 1964 - 1983 it is Period 6
From 1984 - 2003 it is Period 7
From 2004 - 2023 it is Period 8

As for which months where it falls on each Period will be dependent on the date of the new Lunar New Year. It is usually between January & February where Lunar New Year starts.

Completed Flying Stars Chart - Period 7


Completed Flying Stars Chart

In Figure 1, you will see the completion of plotting the Flying Stars Chart for the period 7. Depending on which Period your house was built then you can use the formula as how you can start plotting the chart with those numbers that you are seeing in Figure 1.

To begin plotting the chart, you will need a blank chart as shown above. It is constructed as 3 x 3 grid chart. You will start filling up those square that are known as Palace. With this chart, you will need to superimpose over your house plan to plot the direction of your facing and sitting. You will enter each palace with North, South, East, West, etc as shown in the Feng Shui Direction Chart above. The trigrams represented as:

South - Li
Southwest - Kun
West - Tui
Northwest - Chien
North - Kan
Northeast - Gen
East - Zhen
Southeast - Xun

As shown in Figure 1, you will notice 3 sets of numbers in each square. These sets of numbers have its representations. This means the center number in Big Character is the Main Star. The Chor Sin Star is represented by letter C which is on the left side while the Siang Sin Star is represented by S on the right hand side.

Using the formula based on Period 7, you will get the final chart plotted out as shown in Figure 1.

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