Radical Islam is going to save Christianity

A childs fairytale
A childs fairytale | Source

Yes, Radical Islam is going to save Christianity.  Suppose for a while that you live in a time where most of your practices, beliefs and daily chores are a source of contentment.  Suppose a little longer that you know you and your neighbors are not without humanities typical faults, but, for the most part you all live in a mellow construct.  Your family is free to live in worship of your choosing, you are not forced to part with your values because you work under secular segregationists.  Let’s make believe that you can hold moral judgments and actually administer the values you cherish as the foundation of your household.  Wouldn’t it be nice to travel to the public market and bless one another for a remarkably beautiful day, to give thanks that the beauty of creation can foster respect for a power of majesty beyond self focus?  Let’s also imagine that your respect for differing lifestyles doesn’t encapsulate you and your family.  Let’s imagine that your neighbor doesn’t seek court authority to force you to recognize what it is they do in their bedroom.  Pushing your mind a little further, could you believe in a society that didn’t force its immorality on you for the sake of counter balancing your desires for modesty? This is obviously stuff of make believe.  America is now two nations, one striving to remain under God, another striving to eliminate God and any semblance of deity to achieve absolute self fulfillment.


The war against radical Islam will never end.  The search for moderate Islamic faith to censor radical acts against the West is as silly as believing Leftist Culture is a tolerant one.  As I age, I am departing from the beliefs of my soft Christian and secular friends.  Though I would never have been considered a moderate, our future holds that my transformation is incomplete and dependant on a society of common sense and structured belief; I cannot but think how ignorant we’ve grown in this past decade.  Technology has allowed a pivotal gap between what is real and what will be old news in a matter of minutes. 


The death of Osama Bin Laden is already out of the spot light; the few times that it will resurface will be in concert with President Obama’s reelection campaign.  What may be seen as a terrific victory in the war against Al Qaeda will only return in the form of the Greek Hydra monster.  It is equally ironic that it was Osama Bin Laden who theorized America as the head of the snake for which to cut off and end.  I feel a time is coming when Pearl Harbor and the TwinTowers are coming to a Christian center of worship near you.  Let me put it to you another way, America is eerily looking like 1930’s France.  We’re tired of fighting, were tired of wars, and were tired of astronomical government debt.  Were tired of inflation, high gas prices and were always tire of lying politicians.  Most of all were tired of fighting for moral values and ethical standards.  I still believe there are a number of Charles De Gaulle’s left in America to be sure, but right now they are being marginalized by their own.  The rest of America’s religious society is becoming equally yoked with its Leftist counterparts, absorbing media, Hollywood material, legislative right and due process by the 9th circuit court.


Our mistakes are ours. Our openness is to be both commended and self-defeating. The sanctimony of the church is being ravished by egalitarianism and is hiding from religious persecution. All of these things are the polar opposite in the Islamic world. To be accurate, yes, they are witnessing changes brought about by western cultures, they are fighting against tolerance of immorality and most of all they are fighting their own moral scruples of killing innocent bystander’s. In America, the religious are these bystanders. It is Christians who are caught in the cross fire of Muslim hatred for Liberal hedonism. It is Christians who are standing in the middle, looking stupefied while suicide bombers take out our friends, relatives, neighbors, our countrymen. It is middle America grown tone deaf from the left and right shouting each other down trying to earn another 2, 4 or 6 years of government fringe benefit. I am guilty of the slothful recognition in my complacency. I am guilty of waving the American flag in defense of all things American, including its immoral behaviors perpetrated by free loving, drug pushing, wife swapping, money laundering whores to my left and right. Conservatives are no longer distinguishable from Liberals. Middle American Christians are becoming much harder to spot as they adopt “anything goes” principals. I am guilty of wanting to nuke the Afghanistan mountains to destroy a small group of hyper fundamentalists. To be in the middle, means to be “lukewarm”, either you understand, or you stopped reading.

Something changed more dramatically with me this year. I took a job transfer from my nice and tidy little hamlet in the southwest to the backyard of Leftist ideology, Seattle Washington. I have experienced a very different sort of melting pot, some very good behaviors, and some very embarrassing and detestable behaviors. This coupled with reading more books on history, parsed in with modern breakdowns and theories; I have developed a growing theory of my own toward the future of America. Back to my title for a moment; I do not fully believe radical Islam is going to save Christianity, but I do have a glimmer of hope that this awkward approach may show some merit. I look at radical Islam differently in that I recognize another roll with the complex relationship we share as believers in God. The death and destruction radical Islamist want to fulfill on our shores are brought about by the war our Leftist doctrines are waging against the Muslim world. Christians unite with Secularist against stoning and public execution of homosexuals and adultery, but these are not wide spread occurrences amongst the Muslim faithful. Honor killings happen as often as eco-terrorist and animal rights groups attack their prey.

What if we were to find accountability from an unlikely source? What do you suppose the reaction from moderate Muslims would be if radical Islamists were bombing Christians and Jew’s at church? One could dissect this through precisely identifying what church and what practices were held, but for arguments sake let’s stick to a moderately fundamental practice. I would gather that a one time incident would be seen as a tragic mistake, but regular bombing of religious peoples would irk those who hold the tenements of God sacred. Now, we know by all common sense that the average Muslim is more faithful to their practice then the claim that 90% of American’s believe in God. We can also surmise by common sense that the Muslim “adahn” or call to prayer shows a stronger conviction in faith than the near total lack of thanks given with each meal by Christians in the public sphere.

I recently read Dinesh D’Souza’s book “The Enemy At Home” and I have to say that it didn’t hit me between the eyes; it more or less confirmed many of my own altering beliefs and positions. In it, Mr. D’Souza systematically dispenses with the belief that radical Islam has been out to kill all American’s since the 1900’s. He also demonstrates through meticulous research how the cultural Left has waged a secularist war against all religion. He argues that the cultural Left is fast at work to foist all of its secularist tenements against the will of all faithful and that they will use foreign policy, courts and “humanities” rhetoric to fulfill their own will. I agree completely. The overwhelming efforts of Leftist to remove all religious symbols from public display through judicial review are unprecedented. Christians are mocked, disregarded, marginalized and in some cases, treated as subhuman. American Christians and Jews have become complacent, pacifist like and in worst cases enablers. It is said that to see into the window of ones beliefs, look in their home, see what possessions are the center of attention. I am guilty of some material goods. What type of media dominates your living room?


There have been calls of solidarity in America and Europe from the Muslim community to come out and march against their radicals. We constantly ask where are the moderates at. We become frustrated and hostile towards the larger group, thus missing the point of where we stand. If we say we are against this act or that practice, why do we stand with those whom force it down our throat? We want peace for our children and a better future filled by good living, but we allow debauchery in our schools and our living rooms. This is where the Muslim world is holding us, the Christian Nation accountable. Who are we to drop bombs on their camps, demonizing their zealous factions while we institute secularist courts whose only aim is to destroy all religion and their way of life. I get it. I do not condone any terrorist acts, but I get it. I want to kill those who rejoice in the death of my countrymen, but I no longer blindly side with defending all of my countries interferences. We cannot agree on a definition of marriage and we're going to export our beliefs to a nation filled with traditional thinking? Can you see how preposterous this is? We are changing our religious doctrine to include homosexual behavior, to allow it in the congregation and allow to be celebrated. One cannot simply say that we are against unfair treatment of anyone or for equal acknowledgement as a human being for all. No we must accept that one behavior is applauded while another should be thrown upon the scrap heap of history. Not in my home, not ever, you can arrest me, you can persecute me, and you can lock me up, I will not accept secularist doctrine as a replacement to live my life over that of the Holy Scripture.

Lastly, the Muslim faith is showing American Christian’s a glimpse of what we’ve become. They are in a most unfortunate way, violently holding us accountable for turning our back on God and allowing the wholesale corruption of “American value” and the vocabulary that precedes it. To my Leftist cohabitators, Christianity didn’t try to take away your beliefs, or your rights to practice humanism in your home. It is you who are working to eliminate our language, our way of life and our family. As long as we accept everything you hold as “your truth” we can live in “peace, tolerance and co-exist.” If we do not assimilate to 100% of your doctrine, we will be ordered by the courts, “your courts” to follow your will and not that of the one we believed handed down to us by God. Certainly we are far more malleable and tolerant than Muslim societies, as it is, we are being killed all the same when they attack. You might want to start thinking about the future, since being your neighbor is going to get us killed; you are going to find a day when your corner is diminished, lost to self interest and without anyone to fight for your values. Its time Christians get a little more selfish about our values and stop saying everything is okay.

I expect 99% of secularist to vehemently disagree with my work; I also expect a full 70% of Christians to disagree with what I have said, including my family and friends. I still expect to be called out for my misdeeds; I still expect to be held accountable for my not doing everything to better my brothers and sisters throughout my lifetime. But I have in me a conviction that I can do better, I can be better, but none of this is attainable without the full authority of God and my will set aside for his.


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Wesman Todd Shaw profile image

Wesman Todd Shaw 5 years ago from Kaufman, Texas

"Our mistakes are ours." - no truer words could be said, and I do think that honesty is perhaps the greatest virtue that one can have.

Having said that - I also feel zero obligation to be honest with a government that invades people's privacy, and violates it's own Constitution repeatedly and continually. There is self protection in dishonesty towards enforcers of "laws" that violate the United States Constitution.

I do appreciate your ability to find things that are seemingly positive in our current national and global situation. . . .but when one goes Biblical, prophetic, and scholarly on the situation - one then sees that the story of Jacob and Esau is timeless, prophetic, and relevant to today. Jacob defrauds his older brothers constantly - and apostate Israel is no friend of the United States, or anyone else at all.

Jason R. Manning profile image

Jason R. Manning 5 years ago from Sacramento, California Author

Hello Mr. Shaw, how very quick of you my friend.

You make a very fair point about the current state of our government, one that will only continue to divide this country. As long as the Constitution is open for inconsistent application, we will see different administrations apply it to their liking. As long as we create a nation full of home grown enablers and an aloof society, we are going to pay dearly via our own hand.

In regards to you last statement, I understand why you say these things, Israel looks seemingly indefensible, yet no nation should allow them to stand alone against annihilation. Europeans fled to the west for a new home free of persecution; in turn we destroyed much indigenous life so that we may form America. I would suppose that Israel has fought hard to claim the same right of their little speck of dirt. Thank you for such a quick reply and I am glad to see you doing well in the community.

Wesman Todd Shaw profile image

Wesman Todd Shaw 5 years ago from Kaufman, Texas

That's really a perfect analogy that you made there - comparing modern Israel to "us" (American born citizens of European decent) and our devastation of Native American cultures.

Obviously, you and I had nothing to do with that - but we still benefit greatly from what was basically a genocide.

I complain about Israel constantly - but all the while I know that my ancestors (the biggest majority of them) were guilty of the exact same type of sins as are the usurpers of Palestine.

If you think that I must be always online - you're pretty close to being correct. I've been getting lucky, and when I see you come up on my home page here, I know that whether or not I agree with anything is irrelevant; as your thoughts are always very interesting.

Christine Bolton 5 years ago


Wow! All I can say is that your writing always makes me think twice about my beliefs as a Christian, and the example I set for others. Thank you! =-)

Jason R. Manning profile image

Jason R. Manning 5 years ago from Sacramento, California Author

Hello Christine,

I’m always delighted when old friends drop by to pay me a note. I really do appreciate the kind words you left. Our own houses are never quite as tidy as we would like them to be, yet if we waited for such a time to arrive, our lives may expire. It is good to hear from you, I hope the family is well and that you equally inspire those whom you touch.

Thank you and take good care friend. God Bless.

Idugit profile image

Idugit 5 years ago from England

I do so wish that Christians would start reading (and quoting) the New Testament, instead of the Old Testament.

Jesus was "soft" on outsiders like women, children and even Samaritans (the Jews of his day loved the Samaritans the same way Jews of today love the Palestinians), so why shouldn't today's Christians go easy on today's outsiders?

Druid Dude profile image

Druid Dude 5 years ago from West Coast

Great job, Jason. There are many false paths that have been laid. There is only one truth path. I try to follow just the teachings of Jesus, his words. Many feel that this is in error, but, I grew totally dissatisfied with Pauline doctrine and anything which was spawned from it. I trust in God to move me in my steps. Total surrender to his will, and, yet, he has never moved me to a church door. Keep up the great work. This was a good read! Peace

Jason R. Manning profile image

Jason R. Manning 5 years ago from Sacramento, California Author

Greetings Idugit,thank you for taking the time to read this, I always appreciate the extra time someone spends in order to send a note, regardless of its form.

As for your statement of wanting to see more “New Testament” material, by all means, please read my other hubs. I did not include any specific versus with this material on purpose. I really cannot tell if you are being snide or are seriously challenging me when you say “why shouldn’t Christians go easy on today’s outsiders?” I am sorry, have a look around you; we are a Nation that exports pornography like its going out of style. We are the Nation that has a 50% divorce rate; we are the Nation trying to catch China in number of babies aborted and are most likely beating them in terms of population percentages. How much softer should we get, should we allow graphic homosexual plays in our churches? Should we stop having family centered around God and instead have them centered around wonderful state representatives? What is your definition of soft? You see mine means to start acting like we are concerned about our children’s moral future and not if we are being inclusive enough. The Christian community needs to take inventory of where its investing its stock, in secular institutions or in faith based, ethically sound, local institutions. Investing in Chase, or BofA or some other global empire means we lose more jobs at home. When I say quit being soft, I mean we need to get tough with our wallets, our habits and our actions. We need to invest in where the home is at…I am sorry if you mean well, but you are barking up the wrong tree if you think were already too hard.

Druid Dude; thank you kindly for the lift up. I know what it is you are saying, I have very similar reservations regarding which threshold I cross. I have struggled with this for years. I make pointless and baseless excuses, but I still lack the will power to get excited by local purveyors of God. It falls on my shoulders to quit making up reasons why someone isn’t penetrating my conviction, but I know what my convictions are, I know where I stand and do not. Thanks for taking the time to let me know you are there to instruct or deconstruct my work. Challenges are as needed as affirmations. God Bless.

Idugit profile image

Idugit 5 years ago from England

Hi to Jason:

This is kind of a reply to your comment on my comment about this hub - stll with me?

I get your point about the US (and the UK as well) having very bad standards of morals and ethics, however, the point I often try to make is that many Christians (and a good few Muslims) focus on sexual behaviour, deviant behaviour, drinking, drug taking and unfeminine behaviour by women. These are moral issues, for sure, but how important they are depends on the culture of the percipient, not their religion.

For example, nowhere in the Gospels does Jesus say: "Blessed are they who are in a lifetime heterosexual relationship". What he did say, is: "Blessed are the peacemakers".

He also did not say: "Blessed are those who are tetotal" - in fact, he was around to turn water into wine, as I remember. He also said "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after justice.".

Get my drift?

I do agree that the times are very disheartening, but I also think that if both Christians and Muslims paid more attention to what is in their Holy Books - and a lot less to extremists who often have their own very twisted agendas - then this world would be a whole lot better place.

Sorry to preach, but after all, it IS Sunday !!!

Good luck with all your hubs.

Jason R. Manning profile image

Jason R. Manning 5 years ago from Sacramento, California Author

Hello Idugit,

Thank you for coming back. I understand where you are coming from; I understand why you say what it is you are saying. You have a purpose, I have a purpose. Your message will come across as reasonable for those willing and ready to listen, equally there is a different crowd who will know full and well what fire I am starting.

I suppose what I wish to see is us owning up to the fact that a deluded message still tastes like watered down grape juice and not wine. God’s got a tool box full of goodies, you and I serve differently. There is no argument from me in such a need. The greater story I am eluding to with this particular hub is just how far we’ve come. How many American Christians support organizations that would like to take away our symbols and spirituality? At least in the Muslim world they still care enough to threaten real consequence for deluding and denigrating their faith. It’s the other side of the coin. Thank you again for clarifying your thought.

profile image

Cromper 5 years ago

Hello Jason (again),

This is an excellent and very interesting hub. You make some good points that even I (as an atheist) agree with! I would just like to make one critisism though. Bearing in mind I'm British, and so perhaps don't fully understand the political situation in the States, I hope you will forgive any misconceptions I might have regarding secularism in your neck of the woods. But looking from this side of the pond, you seem to lack an understanding of what secularism actually stands for. Either that or you are suffering the onslaught of paranoia.

The United States of America is the world's most secular country. Secularism is hardwired into your constitution and for good reason; It prevents the Church of England becoming the ruling authority, likewise with Mormonism, Catholicism, Satanism, etc.

Secularism PROTECTS religions from other religions. Yes, it means that religious symbols might be banned or removed from public places, but that's out of respect for all other religions.


Jason R. Manning profile image

Jason R. Manning 5 years ago from Sacramento, California Author

Hi Cromper, I do welcome your challenges, I am not looking for an echo chamber. Arguments sharpen the finer points, would you agree? So, I do understand where you are coming from, I love English history, but I am far from well versed in modern parliament. Cromper, I know what it is you are saying, and I do not disagree, however, you are not privy to the day to day attacks we fight in court. Our court rooms are backlogged with us versus them type of cases where it is right to practice our values. Take for instance that abortions on demand, our courts protect the rights of minors to seek these destructive procedures without parental consent. The rational behind this is due to the less than one percent of cases in which pregnancy is caused by a despicable family member. Birth control and sexuality training mandated for seven year olds, really? This is the stuff we are fighting Cromper, not Sharia Law. We are not fighting over tax shelters, were fighting over who’s morality can and will be enforced. Thank you for your contribution to this discussion.

Jason R. Manning profile image

Jason R. Manning 5 years ago from Sacramento, California Author

Cromper, please look up the founder of Planned Parenthood. I have enclosed one link, it is crude, but you get the point. This isn't the secularism our founding fathers had in mind when they designed separation of church and state. Any thoughts?


profile image

Cromper 5 years ago

Jason, I empaphise with your concerns on abortion, but maybe that's a subject for another day. You're probably wondering why I'm still awake at after 5am here in the UK - I work late shifts at East Midlands Airport for UPS.

It's about bedtime so I will retire now with a view to continuing our heated debates next week (I am away for the weekend in the dismal north-east of England). Looking forward to it.

profile image

Cromper 5 years ago

Yes I will take a look at that link.

PlanksandNails profile image

PlanksandNails 5 years ago from among the called out of the ekklesia of Christ

Hello Jason,

An interesting read. What I see as "radical Islam" is the propaganda promoted by those who control the puppet stings of the US government. Most of America is deluded by fear and prejudice spun by the media giants to create an overblown illusion.

When one looks closely at September 11th and the suppression of the real evidence, it doesn't take long to realize that it was an inside job in order create hysteria, coercion, and delusion.

"Radical Islam" essentially is like dressing up someone as a person from a different country or culture, perform an atrocity, recording it, and then finally breeding an environment of hatred and fear by means of a scapegoat.

The citizens of the United States unfortunately do no realize that they are actually catalyzing the ant-Christ spirit and making way for the manifestation of a one world system or government by falling for the propaganda techniques within their own country.

As long as the masses are glued to their televisions and cell phones, the ingraining and delusion will continue to propagate converts of hate towards the illusion of "radical Islam".

You said:

("The death of Osama Bin Laden is already out of the spot light; the few times that it will resurface will be in concert with President Obama’s reelection campaign.")

Unfortunately, your president is the leader of a deluded lynch mob (masses) and hero of all the "glossy-eyed" believers by finally killing the "all powerful, evil scapegoat". "We bow to thee O Obama, our savior!"

My head was spinning with "weapons of mass destruction", but right now there is "radical Islam". Mmmm, I wonder what's next. We will have to wait and see. The real enemy is the the people behind the US government trying to brainwash it's people for its own agenda.

Although, I am not American, it is devastating to see this happening. The citizens of the US, at this point, parallel the people in the M. Night Shyamalan movie, The Village.

America needs to wake up an realize that they are imploding by letting the disease of fear and prejudice become their own worst enemy. Your "bail outs" and "radical Islam" only usurps more of your freedom and dumb downs the people to the real truth.

Jason R. Manning profile image

Jason R. Manning 5 years ago from Sacramento, California Author

Hello Planks, I believe you are a member of an ever growing club. “Words are the new weapon of mass destruction” as written by a fellow Hubber, I couldn’t agree more. Some of us choose each word for acute meaning and sharp response, others spew forth dialogue like gluttonous consumers of moral depravity. While I was nodding my head with much of what you say, I also believe you give our government too much credit for covert blame.

Anyone who studied the morons in charge of Abu Ghriab should know there are too many clowns to the left and right of us. I thank you for reading this and commenting at length. Unfortunately, these are the times in which we are going to witness one of the greatest countries self-destruct. Our avarice appetite for self-centered preoccupation is a cancer for which we refuse to treat. I look forward to seeing you around more often, you can give us the play by play implosion.

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