The Birth of A Child

Dearest Maggie:

Precious friends of ours are expecting their first child. Everybody is sooo excited and thrilled for them. We have been asked to share from our hearts regarding the birth of a child. We were wondering what would you say from your heart to theirs?

Kelly & Jeremy

Dear Kelly & Jeremy,

I hope that you don't mind but I am going to write this as if I were writing it to you.

The birth of a child is a tremendous blessing in so many different ways. Too often people will say to you over and over again that it will change your life … and it will.

You will experience the fulfillment of one of God’s Promises, which states, “And the two shall become One Flesh.” for a child born of two very different people is the physical representation of two people becoming one. Nothing is more beautiful!

You shall see the fruition of another one of His many Promises, which states, “And the Fruit of the Womb shall be Blessed!” The joy of having a child is such a wonderful blessing and gift.

You will have the pleasure, joy, honor and … yes …responsibility of raising and directing an Arrow for God’s Army. Train your child up in the way that he shall go and they will not depart from it. Plant seeds in the heart of your child that will bear much fruit as they grow.

The Promise of Psalm 139 is fulfilled in your child for your baby is fearfully and wonderfully made. God has called forth your baby for such a time as this for He knew your child before the beginning of time.

Truly the birth of a child is a tremendous blessing and it is the natural representation of a “One Flesh” marriage. Just as Song of Solomon represents the passion and beauty of the physical, loving relationship between a man and woman so the birth of a child represents the culmination of God’s wonderful plan for us as parents. How awesome is our God that he can take the best parts of two very different people and form a beautiful baby in the womb. It is one of God’s greatest rewards and one of His most marvelous miracles!

Finally, as you look at your newborn child remember the magnitude of the Father’s Love for us knowing that He sacrificed His Only Child for us … knowing all that we were and all that we would become. When we have children of our own … true revelation comes … Would we have made the same sacrifice? Thank you, Lord that you love us so much!

May God Bless You In The Many Wonderful Years Ahead With Your Beautiful Gift From Above!

With His Love!

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James A Watkins profile image

James A Watkins 7 years ago from Chicago

What beautiful thoughts you express! I could not have given better words to an expectant couple than these. God Bless You and Keep You!

Precious Pearl profile image

Precious Pearl 7 years ago Author

James, thank you for your lovely words of encouragement. I really appreciate your feedback. Blessings to you!

createmorelove profile image

createmorelove 7 years ago from Bay Area

I wholeheartly agree as I am holding my blessing right now and yes it is a pleasure, honor, and joyful responsiblity.

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