The Journey We Travel


Hope begins the Journey

strength will guide each step.

God’s vision so alluring,

His promise guides us, eternal.


Along this road we travel

meeting others along the way.

being careful where they guide us

Seek the Father in what they say.


Teach them as you walk with them,

share knowledge of life to come.

Teach them the way of His love,

show them the strength to draw from.


Journey with them in harmony.

Journey with them in peace.

Journey with them in His presence.

Journey with them as their brother.


The road is strewn with wonder,

the air sprinkled in stardust.

Our lives guided by His love,

our realities shaped by our journey.


Our Journey will carry us home,

surrounding us with His warmth.

Our journey fills us to overflowing,

taking us to heavens shores.

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RetailPrincess profile image

RetailPrincess 6 years ago

That was beautiful and very inspiring.

akuigla profile image

akuigla 6 years ago


It has been a while since Ive read nice poetry!

Your words "seek the Father in what they say" touched me profoundly!

Thank you!

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