Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO): Sightings in the Philippines, Testimonies and More!

They've made films out of it. It's not a result of science fiction that you read on books or e-books these days. It's been the talk of the town since the early 60s when science exploration started during the Cold War era, between the USA and Russia I'm talking about UFO or unidentified flying objects. People call it flying saucers because of its spherical shapes
Sightings are reported by ordinary people; the media will cover and broadcast it on radio, television and print it on papers.

Just recently, here in the Philippines, UFO sighting was recorded at barangay Jumaguicguic, San Jose, Capiz. The sighting happened at the vast rice field area of the place. Two members of local media got hinted of the time the object appeared. Around 10 in the evening, they recorded and enlarged the flying object. The object has spherical shape with a cut on one side ( as it it's the rear part of the UFO ).

Sightings in the Philippines were recorded as early as of the following years:

1. 1984 - where a group of flying objects were seen at Ormoc, Leyte.
2. 1996 - sightings were recorded at Tacloban, Leyte.
3. 2000 - in Tacloban, Leyte again
4. 2011 - the recent sightings at San Jose, Capiz

According to the UFO Society of the Philippines, it's a saturated light emanating from a particular object, unlike St. Elmo's fire which is not making a steady ascent or descent in a particular area. They've compared the old and recent photos taken during the series of sightings and the result is the same-shape a UFO.

It cannot be a tail-light of a flying airplane because an observer can easily recognize it.The UFO Society believes that UFOs are visiting the archipelago due ot its high electromagnetic fields.

UFO Feature on: Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho c/o tonyisrael

Mr. Tony Israel, the uploader of the UFO video in his YouTube channel relayed his experience on television network, GMA 7. It happened way back 2000 near his old house in Las Pinas, Metro Manila.

In the video, other witnesses also videoed and photographed what they've seen from another incident.

The public is highly interested with this kind of paranormal activities, or events that we cannot fully understand even were on the age of science and technology.

UFO sa Capiz, Philippines c/o PinoyNooK

The mysterious light from Capiz brought a huge interest to the public as the two local media men from the place documented it and uploaded at YouTube.

It was broadcasted by the national media that prompted the Philippine chapter of UFO Society to compare the shape, the flight routine and the significance of the place where it was sighted.

PinoyNooK uploaded a newscast video (June 5, 2011) that reverberated the sentiments of the locals at barangay Jumaguicguic, San Jose, Capiz, the primary witnesses of the incident.

As of now, the Department of Science and Technology sent their investigators at the place to do more research in the area and shed light to the mystery brought about by the said UFO sighting.

The young Travel Man who have witnessed  such phenomenon way back 1984 (Drawing by Travel Man)
The young Travel Man who have witnessed such phenomenon way back 1984 (Drawing by Travel Man)

Close Encounter with the UFOs

I was just a freshman student in high school when the sighting happened in 1984. It was already August. I can't forget that particular Friday because I was going home.I was excited to see my parents and my three younger siblings.

I went home riding at a cramped jeepney (public utility vehicle) full of fellow students who also went home. It's getting dark when I reached the barrio adjacent to our place. I had to walk a kilometer of muddy road while a drizzle of rain started to get me wet. I removed my shoes, folded my pants up to my knees then started walking.

Our house was located at the center of our rice fields. It's harvest time, so, I can still walk even not trailing on the slippery rice paddies.

It's already seven in the evening as I overheard the time check on the radio at the house of our relative near the road. I was alternately humming and whistling while tramping at the rice fields when suddenly I looked up.

There was a momentarily silent from the sounds of cicadas and croaking of frogs. As if a warmh feeling enveloped me as I gazed at the six oval-shaped, colored orange unidentified object near the mountain (an old volcano) just overlooking the vast rice fields.

I suddenly stopped overwhelmed by the undistinguished things up there. The spherical objects were ascending and descending at a slanting direction at the east. I didn't shut my eyes as I observed what was happening. I was awestruck; then I suddenly ran upon the realization that it can be UFOs from outer space.

Upon reaching home out of breath, I told the incident to my parents. Their faces were full of disbelief and urged me to eat my dinner because they felt I was just hungry.

I'll never forget that incident and I dig more information about it. I even bought magazines from the UFO paperbacks that I've seen at the local market.

Related Studies

YouTube users have different opinions regarding the UFO sightings and its relations with other mysteries that are the talk of town:

  • senjeki wrote: What scary is that the governments of US,UK and some of the elites(illuminati) know something that we don't. and trying to hide it from humankind. It can be catastrophic.YouTube these: 1.fema coffins 2.denver airport 3.svalbard, norway seedbank,4 USSR bunkers for sale (sold out) 5. haarp(weather modification) 6. blue beam project (2 moons in china, norway etc.)7. elenin asteroid/nibiru(planetx) ....lastly, not quite related but scary 8. peak oil (WWIII).
  • joshuangel also recommends: YouTube/Google these: 1. hopi indian prophecies, 2.I-ching prophecies(china) 3.maya prophecies 4. edgar cayce 5. pope malachy prophecies 6. fatima's 3rd secret prophecy 7.nostradamus quatrain re;2012 8. mother shipton (england) prophecy. These all coincide with what's in- store for us next year.
  • prophexii urges us to: Search for the following:UFOs this 2011;UFO dropping Light Plasma Balls.. ABOVE; JERUSALEM UFO 2011; Real UFO in Utah Feb 14, 2011; UFO AMAZING! IN MOSCOW RUSSIA; UFO mainstream news coverage MASS; the NEW UFO Hotspot! Kazakhstan; Massive UFO Fleet Over Chile (March)

These are three of interested people who are constantly on watch of what these UFO sightings will bring to mankind.

These are not just pigments of our imagination.

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cheerfulnuts profile image

cheerfulnuts 5 years ago from Manila, Philippines

Wow, you've actually seen these things? I've never encountered one in my whole life, and I have never really read or research about UFO's. I wonder how I would feel if I've seen one LOL.

travel_man1971 profile image

travel_man1971 5 years ago from Bicol, Philippines Author

@cheerfulnuts: It was a mixture of fear and amazement when I've seen it. As if the beating of my heart stopped. But when I composed my mind into reality, my adrenalin helped me to run as fast as I could to reach home safely.

travel_man1971 profile image

travel_man1971 5 years ago from Bicol, Philippines Author

@khareenize: Yes, most of us are skeptic about unknown things. Yet, I'll never forget that night when I encountered a group of it.

I've seen Santilmo, or St. Elmo's fire at sea. As a seafarer, I can easily distinguish one apart from those UFOs.

Some believe but others are still to be convinced about it.

Anyways, thanks for your hub-visit and comment. :D

myi4u profile image

myi4u 5 years ago from United Kingdom

I am always fascinated by stories about UFOs. I wonder why they always choose a more open area and not small places. Are they stealing our resources? Do they actually make attempt to contact us all this while but the files are hidden from the public?

I am sure when you told anyone about your encounter, people will just think you are making up the story. Did you regret for not staying a little bit longer just to see what it really was?

travel_man1971 profile image

travel_man1971 5 years ago from Bicol, Philippines Author

@myi4u: The UFO Society in the Philippines opined that because of the high electromagnetic energy present at the open field, those unidentified things appeared. Maybe, they're just refueling their ships to pass through.

I stared for just few seconds but I ran towards home to tell my parents what I've seen, although they thought otherwise (sighs).

It's just a group of yellow-orange spherical objects gliding near the mountain.

There's no moon, the darkness enveloped the rice field as the drizzle of rain prompted me to run.

travel_man1971 profile image

travel_man1971 5 years ago from Bicol, Philippines Author

@khareenize: Thanks. I hope you'll have a firsthand experience regarding this phenomenon. In due time...:D

DON BALDERAS profile image

DON BALDERAS 5 years ago

I've seen one already Ino, when I was assigned to teach in Balatan. It was like a flourescent light passing over in vertical position but of course flying horizontally. I saw it while going home from a school activity, midnight and with two other companions. But I did not tell them to avoid panic. I am still wondering up to this time I can still clearly see it in my mind.

travel_man1971 profile image

travel_man1971 5 years ago from Bicol, Philippines Author

Many times, I still dreamed about it, Sir Don. Like what others experienced who saw it with their own eyes.

I even included my illustration because it's still very clear to me.

I also heard that series of UFO sightings happened in the province, the other from Iriga City (Bicol, Philippines) and a local radio station (most of them) aired the said sightings.

thesailor profile image

thesailor 5 years ago from Seven Seas

A firsthand experience that we should share to other witnesses. You can't blame those who didn't see like what you've seen because it's hard to believe things like these.

Yet, many accounts happened in other parts of the world. With the use of modern gadgetry, we can record unknown things flying in our atmosphere.

We should always be observant about this phenomenon.

travel_man1971 profile image

travel_man1971 5 years ago from Bicol, Philippines Author

@thesailor: Observant is the word. Starry night can bring a lot of surprises, including UFOs.

Now that we have modern gadgets in hand, we can already make a firsthand documentation of weird things we got a glimpse on.

DON BALDERAS profile image

DON BALDERAS 5 years ago

If it happened recently, I could have grabbed a camera to record such occurrence. But it was more than ten years ago when it happened and digital cams are not yet within reach unlike now, hehehe, you could always muster a push on the keys to have a record of anything. But yes, I agree, when something is strange and is beyond imagination, the experience can be so vivid one can always make heads and tails of it. That's why even if it happened years back, the picture of such phenomenon clearly plays in the mind and description can be so apt we can talk about it even asleep.

Simone Smith profile image

Simone Smith 5 years ago from San Francisco

Oh, this is crazy! I love stories like these. Great Hub!

travel_man1971 profile image

travel_man1971 5 years ago from Bicol, Philippines Author

@DON BALDERAS: Yes, Sir Don. I agree with lots of nods. As if my mind continue to replay what happened since 1984. The answer to the BIG question still hangs out there. The what ifs and whys of its existence that humans still grapple to answer.

travel_man1971 profile image

travel_man1971 5 years ago from Bicol, Philippines Author

@Simone Smith! Whoaa! Thanks for dropping by. Crazy or not, at least you've visited! It's been a long time, though! :D

Knowing 5 years ago

I believe every word of it,soon everyone will.I do not believe they will contact us I firmly believe they are here and soon will be in many numbers.Also regardless how you feel of my next statement I'm sure of it "by the end of August,All will see two suns"

The Mayans did not say the world will end 12/21/12 that date is the "Beginning" of a new age, that being said means we will be gone before that date.

2011 is the year of our demise,laugh all you want.

The UFOs are here to watch our destruction.


travel_man1971 profile image

travel_man1971 5 years ago from Bicol, Philippines Author

@Knowing: Thanks for the new info you've fed on this hub. I firmly believe in God. God's time is different from man's fixated dealings with period on how this world will end.

We are the stewards of this world, so, we are given dominion among living and non-living things according to one of the books from the Holy Bible.

With regards to the Mayan's prophecy, I still don't think we will limit ourselves with such prejudice of man.

This is not a laughing matter, so, rest assured that I am seriously taking every word that you've written here.

Knowing 5 years ago


Thank you for your response. Things are happening fast and a lot of facts are being hidden from the public (WORLD).

I am not a nutcase,I do a lot of research,the link provided below,although lenthy,very informative,please check out the link then research what is mentioned,I hope you comment on it.



travel_man1971 profile image

travel_man1971 5 years ago from Bicol, Philippines Author

@Knowing: There's been a lot of speculations going on how this world will end.

Take for instance the so-called prophecy of a religious cult that predicted the end of the world last May 21st this year. It didn't happened. Only God knows.

Anyways, I'll still follow your link for vast information that I'll be receiving.

Peace to you, too.

Knowing 5 years ago

once you read it you will find this has nothing to do with "the so-called prophecy of a religious cult" this is happening now but kept from the public.

This is an event predicted by the Mayans and is far and away from all other doomsday predictions,this is Science.

travel_man1971 profile image

travel_man1971 5 years ago from Bicol, Philippines Author

@Knowing: Yes, I even saved the whole page about the Mayan prophecy.

I've been contemplating about those facts for three days; and then tropical storms visited us last week.

The similarities of the situations are unnerving. If only people will lend a helping hand to tackle problems in the environment, then we can still prolong the life on this planet.

But the big realities are different. Exploitation of earth's resources are uncontrollable.

Then, one day, we'll just realize that what was predicted is bigger than our problems these days.

Thanks again.

Tony Israel 5 years ago

Hi Travel Man,

Thanks for this UFO Article....

More power to you.

travel_man1971 profile image

travel_man1971 5 years ago from Bicol, Philippines Author

@Tony Israel: Thanks for your appreciation regarding this hub. I am elated to see your remarks.

UFODUDE 5 years ago

People tend to exaggerate their reports just to get their few minutes of fame and exposure. Cults are on the rise in the Philippines. Be careful.

travel_man1971 profile image

travel_man1971 5 years ago from Bicol, Philippines Author

@UFODUDE: Thanks for the warning. What does it have to do with UFOs?

ashly 5 years ago

wow is it true u people hav seen these flying objects it sounds quite unbelivable ive been praying 2 see such things and get into world records

travel_man1971 profile image

travel_man1971 5 years ago from Bicol, Philippines Author

@ashly: That's true. I was transfixed on my location as if the air stopped as I clearly hear my own breathing and thudding of my heart before I ran fast to home.

danah marie sta.ana 4 years ago

I'm just a 12-year-old earth dweller , but I'm really interested on UFOs .. not all our earthmates believe on these cool vehicles, aliens' thing, as they say. I dont know a lot about it this age. but i find it very awesome . whether it's true or not . I'm still a "dreamer" to see one of those UFOs :) yeah it is hard .. but it may not be IMPOSSIBLE .


travel_man1971 profile image

travel_man1971 4 years ago from Bicol, Philippines Author

@danah marie sta.ana: With all the sightings compiled and testimonies heard and read, you'll always awestruck once you research further on related accounts regarding this phenomena.

chamilj profile image

chamilj 4 years ago from Sri Lanka

Interesting. I still never seen a UFO. However I love to see one. Thanks for sharing.

travel_man1971 profile image

travel_man1971 4 years ago from Bicol, Philippines Author

@chamilj: Thanks for dropping by. You will surely see it in time.

Dave 4 years ago

back in 1993 in Pamplona Las pinas, we were in playing basketball, when all of a sudden my head just turn and look into the sky. Then i saw a silver like disc floating in the air as if it was watching over us. I immediately get the attention of my playmates and told them to look and they saw it also. Suddenly fear come to me and i went on to pray "our father" once i open my eyes the UFO were gone. as my friends also said it vanished in thin air. This was just one of the first encounter i experience in my life

travel_man1971 profile image

travel_man1971 4 years ago from Bicol, Philippines Author

@Dave: Back in 1984, that's what the most unforgettable sighting that occurred in our place.

I was not the only one that saw those discs (UFO). I still had vivid memories about it.

Since then, I am researching about the occurrence of such phenomenon.

BTW, thanks for your account. It helps to know that I was not the only one who saw it.

Nosrov 4 years ago

Ito lang masasabi ko.. in one Galaxy there are billions of planets and stars....and in one Universe (aside from other universes- called MULTIVERSE)there are billions of galaxies also.. We live in Milky Way Galaxy and our nearest galaxy with advance life is Andromeda Galaxy which is going to collides within 4 billion years from now… Sa palagay mo ang earth lang ba ang may life????? ang extraterrestrial alien ay maraming klase. May Reptilian, may Humanoid Alien, may Grey Alien, may katulad sa atin na tao rin (blue eyes and very tall), may draco alien, etc....lahat nito ay masasabi with Physical alien (some our ancestors too)..and other alien naman ay non Physical body. They are Light beings aliens. Ang Spirit or soul nag-incarnated lang sa Physical advance species body like human on earth.. Human are came from animals and with mixed genetic with alien dahil primitive pa ang tao noon.. Earh is still new...Both non and Physical aliens live in a very advanced technologies beyond earth eithers in thousands, millions or billions years..Their communication is thru telepathy and they create technology thru mind vibration…They live in a higher dimensions (4th to a higher dimensions). Ang earth ay nasa 3rd dimension pa lang and going to 4th and 5th dimension ngayon 2012 if prediction ay magkatotoo. Each universe ay gawa lang sa UNIVERSAL MATRIX our creator...

travel_man1971 profile image

travel_man1971 4 years ago from Bicol, Philippines Author

@Norsrov: Great explanation! If I am to base it from the Bible, it will be all fallacy.

earthlings 2 years ago

As I watch some videos about aliens, Aliens are visiting us. They lived in Earth for a long time and they saw some artifacts of what Aliens do when they here. So for me, I think they're just visiting earth to see what it looks like now. Maybe they wanted to see on what they create or did during their time living in our planet. And they're not here to killed us,people and experiment. I think they also want yo meet us people.

travel_man1971 profile image

travel_man1971 2 years ago from Bicol, Philippines Author

@earthlings: Aliens are still a paradigm to me albeit I wrote this hub as experienced an unexplainable phenomenon during my high school years.

Thank you for the sound analogy.

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