Animal Masks

Channel Your Inner Party Animal!

Animal Masks are a fabulous way to add some life to a party, animal life that is. The animal kingdom is massive and so are the options of animal masks available! Don't settle for a boring masquerade mask or a tasteless horror mask. Instead you should impress your fellow mammals with one of the many animal mask suggestions below!

Animal masks are made out of high quality material and are engineered for comfortable breathing.

Horse Animal Mask

What would be a better way to liven up the stable than a horse mask. Don't horse around and just get any horse mask. Choose a high quality mask crafted from the best materials available like the one to the right. This mask features a realistic faux fur mane and eyes with such detail that you are sure to "stirrup" the crowd. These masks are sure to fool anyone at the party into thinking you are a real talking horse like the famous Mr. Ed! There will be no "neigh"-sayers doubting your party credentials when you stampede into the room with a realistic horse mask!

Monkey Mask

A monkey mask is the perfect mask to get into the swing of things at a costume party. There is no monkey business when it come to the quality and detail of these masks. When you purchase a monkey mask you want it to be so realistic people think they are on the set of the Planet of the Apes. So what better way is there to accomplish this than to buy one of these monkey masks right now? You know the old saying "monkey see, monkey do", so when party guests see you having more fun than a barrel of monkeys it will make them go bananas! I guarantee these monkey masks will impress your peers or i'll be a monkeys uncle!

Dog Mask

It's a dog eat dog world out there so when you show up at a costume party you need to have a high quality dog mask to stay ahead of the pack. What better way to do this than to purchase a realistic latex dog mask? These masks come in many different breeds and look so real people with think you are an AKC registered purebred. When you wear a dog mask to a party it is important to get into character to make your costume more realistic. Try chasing your tail, eating some homework or if someone is dressed like a cat, chase them around the room. You'll have people laughing so hard they will come to tears like it's raining cats and dogs! Every dog has it's day so make this day yours by acquiring a dog mask. I guarantee you will be best in show!

Bird Mask

Want to make a grand entrance to a costume party? How about giving everyone the bird! No, not that type of bird silly! I am talking about wearing a bird mask! Everyone has heard the old adage "the early bird catches the worm" and this is no exception when it comes to purchasing a bird mask. Don't get your feather ruffled stressing out about finding the perfect bird mask because there are many options to choose from. Going to the mall to purchase masks is for the birds so why not just purchase one online? Just sit back in your recliner and get a bird's-eye view of these great deals!

There are many more animal masks to choose from! Below are some more examples!

Check out this video for more animal mask ideas!

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