2012 SEC Football Schedule Breakdown

For the past three seasons I have picked four games for each team that I think will make or break a team season and I label them (statement, impact, swing and trap games). For example last year Florida went 1-3 in the four games I chose thus the gators finished with a disappointing 7-6 record last season. They beat Tennessee 33-23 which I labeled as a swing game, lost to Alabama 38-10 in my statement game, then they lost to Auburn in my trap game 17-6 and lost to Georgia in my impact game 24-20. Now let's look at Arkansas last season they went 2-2 in my four games I picked for them and they finished with a 11-2 record. The games I chose for them were lost to Alabama 38-14 in my statement game, then a win over Texas A&M 42-38 in my swing game, even though they played Miss. State (trap game) at home it was a week before they had to play LSU (impact game). As you can see the Razorbacks two losses came to the two teams that played in the national title game last year. Let's look at another example of my method of my four games. The 2010 Auburn team that won the national title went undefeated and even though they got of to a 6-0 start people didn't start taking them serious untile they beat Arkansas (swing game), LSU (impact game), Ole Miss (trap game) and beating Alabama (statement game).

Last season SEC Champions LSU went 4-0 in my four games: Oregon (swing game), at Tennessee (trap game), at Alabama (statement game) and Arkansas (impact game) and we all know what happened in the national title game though.

So here is my 2012 SEC schedule breakdown for the upcoming college football season.


1. Alabama

(Impact) 9/1/12 vs Michigan (Cowboy Stadium)

(Swing) 9/15/12 at Arkansas

(Trap) 10/20/12 at Tennessee

(Statement) 11/3/12 at LSU

2. LSU

(Swing) 10/13/12 vs South Carolina

(Trap) 10/20/12 at Texas A&M

(Statement) vs Alabama

(Impact) 11/23/12 at Arkansas

3. Arkansas

(Statement) 9/15/12 vs Alabama

(Trap) 9/29/12 at Texas A&M

(Swing) 11/17/12 at Miss. State

(Impact) 11/23/12 vs LSU

4. Auburn

(Impact) 9/22/12 vs LSU

(Swing) 10/6/12 vs Arkansas

(Trap) 10/20/12 at Vanderbilt

(Statement) 11/24/12 at Alabama

5. Miss. State

(Impact) 9/8/12 vs Auburn

(Swing) 11/3/12 vs Texas A&M

(Statement) 11/17/12 at Arkansas

(Trap) 11/24/12 at Ole Miss

6. Texas A&M

(Statement) 9/8/12 vs Florida

(Impact) 9/29/12 vs Arkansas

(Trap) 11/3/12 at Miss. State

(Swing) 11/24/12 vs Missouri

7. Ole Miss

(Swing) 9/15/12 vs Texas

(Impact) 10/13/12 vs Auburn

(Trap) 11/10/12 vs Vanderbilt

(Statement) 11/24/12 vs Miss. State


1. Florida

(Trap) 9/15/12 at Tennessee

(Statement) 10/6/12 vs LSU

(Swing) 10/20/12 vs South Carolina

(Impact) 10/27/12 vs Georgia (Jacksonville)

2. South Carolina

(Trap) 8/30/12 at Vanderbilt

(Impact) 10/6/12 vs Georgia

(Statement) 10/13/12 at LSU

(Swing) 10/27/12 vs Tennessee

3. Georgia

(Trap) 9/8/12 at Missouri

(Swing) 9/25/12 vs Tennessee

(Statement) 10/6/12 at South Carolina

(Impact) 10/27/12 vs Florida (Jacksonville)

4. Tennessee

(Impact) 9/15/12 vs Florida

(Trap) 10/13/12 at Miss. State

(Statement) 10/20/12 vs Alabama

(Swing) 10/27/12 at South Carolina

5. Missouri

(Statement) 9/8/12 vs Georgia

(Trap) 9/29/12 at Central Florida

(Swing) 11/3/12 at Florida

(Impact) 11/10/12 at Tennessee

6. Vanderbilt

(Statement) 8/30/12 vs South Carolina

(Swing) 10/6/12 at Missouri

(Impact) 10/13/12 vs Florida

(Trap) 11/10/12 at Ole Miss

7. Kentucky

(Statement) 9/29/12 vs South Carolina

(Swing) 10/6/12 vs Miss. State

(Trap) 10/27/12 at Missouri

(Impact) 11/3/12 vs Vanderbilt

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