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Three weeks into the 2013 MLB season an we have a few surprises at the top of the power rankings. Who would have thought Colorado would have started out the season so hot. At 13-5 they are tied with the best record in baseball. Atlanta the other 13-5 club is not that big of a surprise as they were one of the clubs people were talking about when the season began. I am a little surprised by the start of the season Boston has had, at 12-6 they are surprising people already this season.

I am favoring the National League as the best league so far. It just seems like better all around ball has been played in that league so far. Long season to go so who knows what will happen through out the season.

Here is the 2013 MLB Power Rankings:

30. Miami 4-15

29. Houston 5-13

28. San Diego 5-13

27. Chicago Cubs. 5-12

26. Seattle. 7-13

25. Toronto 8-11

24. Cleveland 7-10

23. Chicago White Sox 7-11

22. Los Angeles Angels 7-10

21. Philadelphia. 8-11

20. Los Angeles Dodgers. 8-10

19. Tampa Bay. 8-10

18. Milwaukee 9-8

17. Minnesota 8-7

16. Detroit. 9-9

15. New York Mets. 9-8

14. Arizona. 10-8

13. Pittsburgh 10-8

12. Baltimore 10-8

11. New York Yankees 10-7

10. Washington 10-8

9. St. Louis 10-8

8. Kansas City 10-7

7. Cincinnati 11-8

6. Oakland 12-7

5. Boston 12-6

4. San Fransico 12-7

3. Texas 12-6

2. Atlanta 13-5

1. Colorado 13-5

Well there you go my Power rankings headed into the fourth week of play. Lots of things can happen over the course of the next seven days. A team can rise and fall very quickly with a bad week.

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