Bowling, It's Great Any Time of Year!!

Bowling for Fun!!

Bowl Your Hearts Out!!
Bowl Your Hearts Out!! | Source

An Awesome Night for Family Fun!!

Ever since the first time I went bowling as a kid, I have always like this sport! It is indeed a challenge to have consistence and accuracy when trying to get a strike or two or the Perfect Game (Three Hundred Points). I will admit this, I don't bowl has much as I would like to and when I do it is usually during the Winter Season. Even so, this is still one of my favorite past times; especially if I am able to catch an unlimited bowling for $10!!! I mean who could really complain about this special! This I your shoes and as many bowling sessions as you want for up to four hours! That's a lot of bowling and awesome fun for two five dollar bills!!

I know and have many friends which like to bowl, some of them are also on bowling leagues. I myself have thought about joining a league, but I don't have the time necessary to put into that kind of dedication. So I admire my friends and family which do participate in those such events. I took a bowling class when I was in high school and I enjoyed it; I became more interested in the sport at that point, then when I was a kid.

Since then Bowling has become a great way to distress or unwind after a long stressful week! I am sure I am not alone with this point, not only is it a descent workout but also great for your mind. At least for me, I have to concentrate and stay focused to get those consecutive strikes! Anyway, no matter how you or I explain it, Bowling is just plain Go Ol' Family Fun!!

Plus there is nothing like hearing the crashing of the ball into the pins, like I said bowling is a great way to distress!!!

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Not Difficult to Learn!

Bowling is not a hard sport to learn, not even a lot of skill to get start either. Like anything in this world, it takes some practice and even some patience to get good at. Whether just for fun or a contest, going bowling is exciting! At the bowling alley, you get to meet people, most of with either like to bowl or just likes the fun. The atmosphere of the place is unique, no one is really trying to be top dog or a showboat. The feeling at the Bowling Alley is one of "play." In this world, sometimes its just nice to just "play," or have some good ole fun every now and again. Bowling just happens to be one of those moments.

In fact, even children like to bowl! Of course they are given an advantage unlike their adult counterparts, the bowling alley's provide children with Gutter Buddies!! These are tools for children are like big airbags, which are inflated and are put into the gutters. In more sophisticated Bowling alley's they might be metal gutter rails. In either case, they simply will not allow children to gutter a bowling ball and allows them to hit the pins! See, even kids can have fun at the bowling alley!! Children no longer have to feel like they can't succeed or at least have fun like their parents or other adult family member or friends. Even kids like the sounds of hitting their own bowling pins!

So find your nearest Bowling Alley and just "play," while you bowl!!

Bowling, the only sport where participants actually want a "Strike!" Go figure?

In Baseball, Strikes are bad! On the Job, Strikes could be good or bad, depending on the point of view and the situation? In Bowling, Strikes are good and worth the most points! In the case of the Strike "X" marks the spot! If you can get ten in a row, that is the "Perfect" Game, a Three Hundred Score!! I have never been able to achieve this feat, if I keep practicing, someday I might!

So come on down to your nearest Bowling Alley, where "Strikes" are Good and really worth something!!

How to Bowl Training Video!

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The Goal is a Perfect Game!!! 300!! 4 comments

katiem2 profile image

katiem2 6 years ago from I'm outta here

Great topic I enjoyed your highlight on Bowling, A night of bowling sounds like a fun time. Peace :)

TeamSTM profile image

TeamSTM 6 years ago Author

Life is short, so why not enjoy as Many Moments as you can whether its Bowling or a Movie. Just have Fun!

attemptedhumour profile image

attemptedhumour 6 years ago from Australia

I've bowled, many times over the years and although it's difficult it is fun.

My eldest brother Tony is a real fruit cake and he used to bowl in a league with a 176 average. He's tall and skinny and he used to use the lightest ladies ball that his fingers allowed. I have 'never' seen anyone bowl that fast, it was very effective too the pins went in all directions. Oh well i forgot i'm off to Rio. See you

TeamSTM profile image

TeamSTM 6 years ago Author

Sounds like Tony and I have simular bowling technique, I love to throw the ball hard and fast down the lane. The only thing is my arm ends up sore for the next few days from doing so. But I still like to bowl, I average about 150 to 180.

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