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CCW Hunting and Game Calls featuring quality American Heritage hunting gear and game calls
CCW Hunting and Game Calls featuring quality American Heritage hunting gear and game calls
American Heritage hand crafted hunting gear
American Heritage hand crafted hunting gear
CCW Custom Gun Accessories
CCW Custom Gun Accessories
Our Famous CCW Game Calls
Our Famous CCW Game Calls

Hunting Gear from the American Heritage

Hunting has been along part of our American Heritage. Over the centuries hunting gear has been developed and made by individuals and craftsmen. Before the invention of the web and other media sources hunting stories were mostly confined to a few outdoor magazines. For those who grew up in the early 60s hunting enthusiast pretty much relied on magazines and pictures to see the latest changes in hunting and outdoor gear.

Photographers often caught famous people and royalty in hunting scenes with some of the finest hunting gear. Some of the most famous artist also painted hunting scenes. In those pictures the different type hunting gear and guns used along with a fresh kill would always add character to the picture.

Magazines were also the main tool for gun manufactures to market their guns. They used high quality hunting gear to add in their pictures to entice people to select their model and brand of gun. This type of gear and hunting calls soon became part of our American Heritage. Today these products are highly sought after collector items.

CCW Hunting and Game Calls American Heritage Hunter Gear Series is what you would expect to see in an historical hunting scene painting describing the American hunting heritage. With an incredible attention to detail, the hand-made products utilize hand stitched fine oil-tanned leathers. Our custom and unique hunting gear is designed by an avid hunter and leather maker, who personally designs and handcrafts each heirloom quality piece. Our leather hunting gear will provide a lifetime of successful hunts in the field, and then will be ready for the next family generation to continue the tradition.

Custom hand carved gun stocks as featured in a long standing outdoor magazine. Wildlife and your favorite hunting scene can be hand carved in to your stock or fore end. Fancy scroll work can be also engraved onto the metal parts of your gun barrel or onto your favorite hunting knife.

CCW Hunting and Game Calls provide the finest collection of handcrafted calls that you will find anywhere. Calls are made using hand selected hardwoods. Engraved hunting scenes topped with a high quality finish. Calls are Hand tuned to provide the type of game talk that the most seasoned hunter seeks in order to bring in the trophy harvest.

CCW Hunting and Game Calls is a subsidiary of Cottage Craft Works, providing a full line of products and custom gear for those seeking a simpler self-sufficient lifestyle. These are the old fashioned type of products from the 1800s and early 1900s that defined the American Heritage. From home goods, farm & garden, kitchen & food processing to the hunting gear, Cottage Craft Works and CCW Hunting and Game Calls has the gear and products for today which will be destined to become cherished family heirlooms and tomorrow’s collector items.

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