Archery Projects for Science Fairs

Bowyers in Pasedena

The study of archery

The more I hang out with my friends on Paleo Planet, the more I realize just how much science and testing is involved in archery.

There are so many aspects that would make a great science fair project.

Think of a bow like a giant spring. When you draw it back with an arrow on it and let go, all the energy stored in the bow goes into the arrow.

For your Science project, some of the things you can study for your report are trajectories, how much the arrow bends, the function of the feathers, whether 3 feathers works better than 4 feathers, and how the shape and weight of the arrowhead affects the flight.

You can focus on European bows, Mongolian bows, or Native American bows.

You can weigh the pros and cons of wood arrows versus bamboo, reed, or carbon arrows.

You could even make a bow and some arrows. That would really wow them.

You could study the speed of arrows, or how a bent arrow affects the flight.

You could even report on the anatomical problems of archers that shot English longbows in old England.

You could also focus on flintknapping and making stone tools. Just how did the cave dwellers do it?

Knapping stone is an art in itself. You can use knapping to make arrowheads, knives, jewelry, axes, and atlatl tips.

Internet research is a good place to start, but consider visiting your local historical museum for a close-up look at prehistoric tools or Native American bows and arrows and arrowheads.

Testing out bows

Knapped arrowhead

Bowyers and Knapper in S. California

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Science Project 9 years ago

Archery is an activity full of science. From the the design of the bow and arrow to the actual operation of it is basically base in physics. The weight, length, size, force and trajectory are the factors that influences the entire operation of archery.


archery tips 8 years ago

very informative and nice pics

Brandon Woodard 6 years ago

This will really help me for my science fair project!!! Thanks:)

lover 6 years ago

so cool!

Malkas 5 years ago

Thank you,i yoused some of your progect into mine and I got an a plus

Eigoro 5 years ago

thank you

Science Project 5 years ago

How would i effectively test how the shape and weight of the arrowhead affects the flight?

consuela france 4 years ago

Do you have any projects oncerning the broad heads of the bow and arrow?

Moonmaiden profile image

Moonmaiden 4 years ago from Lucerne Valley, CA Author

I've never personally used broad heads as most archery ranges don't allow them. Try a forum like and ask some of the hunters over there.

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