Gaspari Myofusion Protein Powder Review

Body building proteins
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It is a well known fact that body builders and athletes require specific nutritional needs to support active recovery. Proteins, in particular, are the building blocks of the body and are required in athletes to repair and rebuild muscle that is broken down during exercise. Because protein is not easily stored by the body, an adequate protein intake is essential to build muscle, improve athletic performance, and increase overall energy.

Gaspari Nutrition Myofusion is a protein powder manufactured by Gaspari Nutrition. It comes in 5 pound bottles and a variety of flavors. Chocolate mint is an ideal choice for those who want to cater to their taste buds while meeting their nutritional needs. There are however several other yummy flavors such as vanilla, strawberries and cream, chocolate peanut butter and banana perfection. Best of all, Myofusion Protein Powder is free of sugar and aspartame. And unlike other supplements, it is not filled with fats.

Nutrition-wise the Gaspari Myofusion Protein Powder stands out because it has a very high protein per scoop ratios. It supplies an optimal ration of micro-filtered whey protein concentrate & isolate, egg albumen and milk protein isolate. Its powerful proteolytic GaspariZyme™ Athlete's Edge Complete Protein Complex is provided for maximum aminoacid levels in the bloodstream.

Dosages for Gaspari's Nutrition Myofusion Protein Powder vary by individual protein needs. The flavorful mint chocolate powder can be mixed in cold water or milk using a shaker or blender, but the solution can also be stirred with a spoon. Myofusion's special protein blend allows the product to be used any time of the day.

Male or female athletes are advised to consult with a healthcare professional before using any supplements. Users are also encouraged to read the product's entire label including full directions and any important precautions or warnings before use. Allergy suffers must acknowledge product contains milk and egg and is manufactured in a plant that also processes egg, soy, peanut, tree nut, fish, crustaceans, shellfish, and wheat products.

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