Golf: Simple advice from a golf coach, suitable for any player. Lesson 5



Today’s advice is to help you with the coordination and timing of your full swing. If you’re feeling like you timing is out and at the moment of impact, the problem is occurring sooner in your swing. At the end of your backswing, when the shoulders stop moving, your hands should too, that keeps them coordinated and from there the coordination is far easier to maintain through the shot. If your hands keep moving after your shoulders have stopped, then they are out of sync, making it extremely difficult for them to ever be in sync at the moment of impact.

So if you’re extremely flexible and can make a massive shoulder turn, then a really long back swing might suit you. But if, for whatever reason you can’t turn your shoulders very far, trying to make up for it by making your backswing longer with your hands and arms is hindering you chances of hitting a good shot, not helping it.

You can always get a friend to check if you are doing this correctly or not.


Today’s lesson: In the backswing, when the shoulders stop turning, your hands should stop moving.

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