How to choose the correct surfboard

Choose the Best Surfboard

Choosing the best surfboard for your self can sometimes be a daunting task. Listening to your friends, choosing from a magazine or asking the local surf shop owners can sometimes spell disaster. The first thing I consider when buying a different board is my ability. Many times in my life I thought I was better or worse than I really was. So I feel its critical to take an objective look at yourself before spending hundreds of dollars on a surfboard. The next thing I consider is height and weight. From a basic over view of ability, height and weight and I get a general idea of the type of surfboard that might best suit my needs.

Consider the place you are going to surf. The type of wave , currents and a typical day at that spot. You will find the more you know about the places you will be surfing at the better chance you will have at catching waves and stayng out of trouble. Both with the ocean also with your fellow surfers and swimmers.

Now many would think that if you weight 200 lbs. and are 6 ft 6in. that you would buy a longboard. This isnt a good general rule from my experiance. Your surf break might not be suited for a longboard. If you are going to surf a hard breaking beach break many times a shorter board with good flotation and more lift so you can catch the wave sooner may be the answer,

Surfboards are made of many different substances, I prefer the fiberglass boards or epoxy. Even the company that makes Bic pens makes surfboards out of plastic. They are good boards but from my experiance I have always had good luck with conventional surfboards design.

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salt profile image

salt 6 years ago from australia

Interesting reading.

funride profile image

funride 8 years ago from Portugal

Hi Coolbreeze, so nice to see you around ;). You always bring such cool breeze to hubpages :D

Personally I always prefered longboards because they are slower and more stable ;)

Have fun!

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