How to Ollie

The footing

I teach you the first trick you should learn

The Ollie is one of the easiest and core tricks you can learn in skateboarding. It is the task of jumping with your board over an object or onto it. I’ll do my best to teach you how, and give you something to show off to the ladies. So let’s get started first with footing.

Footing is key to the Ollie. Footing is different with each person and also your footing can change on how high or low you want to Ollie. Your back foot should be on the tail with your toe getting ready to pop it down. Your front foot should be a little bit behind the front bolts taking up about the full length of the deck. Try to get the feel for that and roll around like that trying to get the feel for it, once you feel comfortable with that, we can move on to actually doing the Ollie.

Now that you have your feet ready, lets talk about doing the actual Ollie. First I always recommend visualizing it first. Think about what you’re going to do and how its going to look. This helps really understand the art of it and gives you a better feel for it. So just take your time. So, now that you have your back foot on the tail with your toes ready to pop and your front foot in the middle ready to slide and glide, lets get the Ollie on. You first want to Pop the tail by pushing your back foot down really hard on the tail, at the same time you do this you want to jump up and slide your front foot up towards the front of the board. What you’re doing is popping the board strait up by hitting the tail, but then your front foot slides forward and levels out the board thus pulling the tail up bringing you up off the ground. So that is the art of the Ollie. It’s a simple Pop, slide, glide, land. The land is just well….landing on your feet, make sure your front foot lands on the front bolts and your back foot on the back bolts or the tail. If you Ollie to high and come down with too much pressure and you land on the tail or the middle of the board, you can actually snap your deck. So you want to land on the trucks so that they absorb the weight of you landing. When you land you should also bend your knees a little to help even out the weight and make it more comfortable. Then just ride into the sunset and kiss the ladies as you roll on by.

The Ollie in action

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g-man 9 years ago

u rock! i definetely learned how to ollie. im on my way...

blah 9 years ago

ive tried but still cant put more stuff on

steven 9 years ago

M8 that rules that def helped me rock on o yer

hudas 9 years ago

ei...i wanna know wats the best combination for my skate board...wat trucks,wat berings and deck...coz i got i wanted to buy a new a begginer

...and a lil cheap shoe for skating besides vans...i wannaa shoes thats better than vans...

mario 9 years ago

i have tryed really hard do you slide your foot afrter the pop or kind of the same time? please answer my Q email me at

mario 9 years ago

do you slide your foot after the pop or sametime/ e-mail me at

YoJDawg profile image

YoJDawg 9 years ago from Arroyo Grande Author

Hudas, if you want to go cheap, i recommend just a blank deck at your local shop. For trucks i always recommended Independent because of their durability and overall quality, they are a little heavy but in the end you'll be able to do better flip tricks because you wont worry about the extra weight.

Mario, slide your foot as the nose of your board goes up. What you will do is bring up the back by leveling out the nose.

MadDog 8 years ago

do you slide the front foot at an angle?

YoJDawg profile image

YoJDawg 8 years ago from Arroyo Grande Author

you can slide it at and angle but that might make you also ollie at an agle. Keep in the habit of controling the way your feet move

newbie 5 years ago

its hard as hell

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