South Dakota Pheasant Hunting Trip

I have always had an interest in pheasant hunting. It seems only reasonable to me to head to the state that has the pheasant as its state bird...... South Dakota. I consider myself fairly knowledgable about both hunting and fishing but just haven’t had the opportunity to pursue this bird.

Pheasants have been hunted for centuries. They are found throughout the world as well. My experience in hunting ranges from dove, deer, turkeys, hogs, squirrels, and ducks. Not sure if any of this helps in my adventure at all. I have been studying up on basics of what I need for South Dakota pheasant hunting and hopefully I will be successful.

The main expense that I see so far is the actual hiring of an outfitter. I just may have went into the wrong business since the prices of these trips are into the thousands. This price is not including airfare either. With these types of prices it doesn’t make it easy to convince the wife that this is a smart decision. Actually I am not sure that I will ever be able to sell that thought!

The possibility of making this trip for this season seems to be dwindling. Holidays and such tax the finances so that extras aren’t exactly in the budget. If anyone has any legal ideas to make this a possibility would be great. No I don’t want 3 extra jobs or sell my kidney to go but I am open to ideas!


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