My Top 30 Returning Quarterbacks For 2012 College Football

QB Matt Barkley (USC)
QB Matt Barkley (USC)
QB Tyler Wilson  (Arkansas)
QB Tyler Wilson (Arkansas)
QB Landry Jones (Oklahoma)
QB Landry Jones (Oklahoma)
QB Denard Robinson (Michigan)
QB Denard Robinson (Michigan)
QB Keith Price (Washington)
QB Keith Price (Washington)
QB Seth Doege  (Texas Tech)
QB Seth Doege (Texas Tech)
QB Tyler Bray  (Tennesee)
QB Tyler Bray (Tennesee)

30 Returning Starting Quarterbacks

Since the year 2000 there has been 11 heisman trophy winners and 10 of those winners were quarterbacks. The only non quarterback came in 2009 when Alabama's running back Mark Ingram took home the heisman. The quarterback position has always been important but now with top notch passing games and players throwing for miles of yardage and touchdowns along with the emergence of the dual threat quarterback the position has just taken over college football. Last season Baylor's quarterback Robert Griffin III took home the heisman with a amazing season as he became Baylor's first heisman winner. Now that RG3 is gone there are to the NFL here are my top 30 returning starting quarterbacks of college football along with there stats from last season.

  1. Matt Barkley SR (USC) - '11 stats 308-446 3,528yds 39TD 7Int/28att 14yds 2TD
  2. Geno Smith SR (West Virginia) - '11 stats 346-526 4,385yds 31TD 7Int/2 rushing TD
  3. Keith Price JR (Washington) - '11 stats 242-362 3,063yds 33TD 11Int/56att 10yds 3TD
  4. Landry Jones SR (Oklahoma) - '11 stats 355-562 4,463yds 29TD 15Int/2 rushing TD
  5. Collin Klein SR (Kansas State) - '11 stats 161-281 1,918yds 13TD 6Int/317att 1,141yds 27TD
  6. AJ McCarron JR (Alabama) - '11 stats 219-328 2,634yds 16TD 5Int/2 rushing TD
  7. Tyler Wilson SR (Arkansas) - '11 stats 277-438 3,638yds 24TD 6Int/4 rushing TD
  8. Denard Robinson SR (Michigan) - '11 stats 142-258 2,173yds 20TD 15Int/221att 1,176yds 16TD
  9. Tajh Boyd JR (Clemson) - '11 stats 298-499 3,328yds 33TD 12Int/142att 218yds 5TD
  10. Seth Doege SR (Texas Tech) - '11 stats 398-581 4,004yds 28TD 10Int/54att 46yds 4TD
  11. Logan Thomas SR (Virginia Tech) - '11 stats 234-391 3,013yds 19TD 10Int/153att 469yds 11TD
  12. Mike Glennon SR (NC State) - '11 stats 283-453 3,054yds 31TD 12Int
  13. EJ Manuel SR (Florida State) - '11 stats 203-311 2,666yds 18TD 8Int/132att 151yds 4TD
  14. Aaron Murray JR (Georgia) - '11 stats 238-403 3,149yds 35TD 14Int/87att 111yds 2TD
  15. James Franklin JR (Missouri) - '11 stats 238-376 2,865yds 21TD 11Int/217att 981yds 15TD
  16. Taylor Martinez JR (Nebraska) - '11 stats 162-288 2,089yds 13TD 8Int/189att 874yds 9TD
  17. Zac Dysert SR (Miami,OH) - '11 stats 295-448 2,865yds 23TD 11Int/125att 115yds 4TD
  18. Tyler Bray JR (Tennessee) - '11 stats 147-247 1,983yds 17TD 6Int
  19. B.J. Daniels SR (South Florida) - '11 stats 215-365 2,604yds 13TD 7Int/132att 601yds 6TD
  20. Ray Aplin SR (Arkansas State) - '11 stats 304-476 3,588yds 19TD 6Int/161att 588yds 10TD
  21. Casey Pachall JR (TCU) - '11 stats 228-343 2,921yds 25TD 7Int/68att 51yds 2TD
  22. Alex Carder SR (Western Michigan) - '11 stats 330-502 3,873yds 31TD 14Int/128att 270yds 4TD
  23. Braxton Miller SO (Ohio State) - '11 stats 85-157 1,159yds 13TD 4Int/159att 715yds 7TD
  24. Tevin Washington SR (Georgia Tech) - '11 stats 74-150 1,652yds 11TD 8Int/243att 987yds 14TD
  25. Brett Smith SO (Wyoming) - '11 stats 253-415 2,622yds 20TD 11Int/139att 710yds 10TD
  26. Tyler Tettleton JR (Ohio) - '11 stats 265-413 3,286yds 28TD 10Int/165att 629yds 10TD
  27. Corey Robinson JR (Troy) - '11 stats 316-508 3,411yds 21TD 15Int
  28. Derek Carr JR (Fresno State) - '11 stats 279-446 3,544yds 26TD 9Int/57att 72yds 3TD
  29. Colby Cameron SR (Louisiana Tech) - '11 stats 118-215 1,667yds 13TD 3Int/43att 180yds
  30. Blaine Gautier SR (Louisiana-Lafayette) - '11 stats 216-344 2,958yds 23TD 6Int/118att 486yds 3TD

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James 4 years ago

Tyler Bray at 27? Are you freaking kidding me? Doege at 10? Murray at 17? Terrible list.

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