"Stone Cold" Steve Austin hints at a 2013 WWE return: What is next for "The Texas Rattlesnake"?

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"Stone Cold" Steve Austin is one of the most historic professional wrestlers of all time

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin is one of the most famous professional wrestlers of all time. Austin, who came to the WWE in the mid 1990's, became an instant success when his crazy, over-the-top persona defied rules and regulations and kick-started what is now known as "The Attitude Era". "Stone Cold" remained the most famous professional wrestler of that era following amazing feuds and rivalries which made mainstream newspapers and became stand-points in history. Such names Austin faced include The Rock, The Undertaker, Triple H and perhaps most important of all from a business point-of-view, the owner of the WWE, Vince McMahon.

"Stone Cold" is the epitome of rebellion and excitement in the WWE and on the odd occasions he makes special guest appearances, he raises the roof and tears the house down. Austin's career however sadly came to an end eleven years ago after he injured his neck once more in a historic match against The Rock at WrestleMania 17. "The Texas Rattlesnake" has not been seen in the ring since – but could he be on his way to a WWE return in 2012?

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin hints at his future: A potential WWE return!

Austin has been vocal in the past, mainly on Twitter, about potential matches for his return. Banter between him and CM Punk was perhaps the most obvious he has been in regards to his itch to get back in the ring. The two have even jokingly spoke about facing each other at WrestleMania 29 in 2013. Now however, in light of a recent interview, it seems that there may actually be more substance between the Austin-Punk banter than meets the eye.

When Austin was asked what it would take for him to return the ring, he stated that the time would have to be right, the opponent would have to be right and if it was a win-win situation for everyone involved, basically meaning he is given enough money, his opponent prospers and the WWE can make a big deal out of it, he would most definitely return to the ring. He stated that he has another match or two in him and that he is in brilliant shape and could easily get back into the ring if need be; he also stated that for the record, his neck is also healed and there is nothing stopping him returning from the ring except the specifics.

Potential feuds for "Stone Cold" Steve Austin following a WWE return: WrestleMania 29 match?

Despite the current youth dominated WWE roster, there is actually quite a bit left for "Stone Cold" Steve Austin in the WWE. "Stone Cold" has proved time and time again that his wrestling style is timeless. A return for "The Texas Rattlesnake" would be much like The Rock's recent return to the WWE. The Rock had a year-long programme with John Cena, a feud which culminated in a classic match at WrestleMania 28. Since then, The Rock has stated that he wants to challenge for the WWE Championship in the near future. If The Rock can do it, then Austin can too, because these two icons have always been on the same level in regards to their ring prowess, their microphone charisma, star power and general overness with the crowd.

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin Vs. CM Punk

Austin could begin a programme with a younger WWE Superstar such as CM Punk, thus capitalizing on their Twitter banter. Punk is regarded by many as "The Next Austin", so bringing back Austin to the WWE and letting him and Punk have an uncensored microphone war with each other, followed by an obviously classic match at a big pay per view such as WrestleMania 29 would not only steal the show, but it would also greatly help the career of the young Punk, and it would make Austin and the WWE a hell of a lot of cash in the process; perhaps the win-win situation that Austin referenced in his interview?

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin Vs. The Undertaker

Let us also not forget that there are a few veteran superstars on the WWE roster today. One icon that comes to mind is the legendary Undertaker. Austin and Undertaker have had some bloody, brutal and historic matches in the past, but none would be as meaningful as one that would take place today. Undertaker is always looking for viable opponents to challenge his WrestleMania streak, and there are perhaps none more viable than Steve Austin. These two would have a classic, attitude fueled rivalry that results in this obvious instant classic WrestleMania 29 main event. If nothing else, Steve Austin Vs. The Undertaker would be a flawless and truly masterful way for both "The Texas Rattlesnake" and "The Deadman" to make their highly anticipated WWE returns in either 2012 or 2013.

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin Vs. Triple H

Arguably two of the greatest rivals in WWE history; "The Game" Triple H and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. These two have had iconic matches and feuds over the WWE Championship over the years. They are also the subject of an ongoing love-hate relationship as there was one time in history where they formed a super-group by the name of The Power Trip, where they went on to achieve success in the WWE. The two have not met in the squared circle for quite some time, but both men have clearly gotten better with age. One feud that would prove to be a classic in 2012 or leading into WrestleMania 29 in 2013 would be that of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin Vs. "The Game" Triple H. They have done it before and it was flawless and they could indeed tear the house down attitude style one more time in 2012, 2013 or beyond.

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin Vs. The Rock

Arguably the greatest opponent for "Stone Cold" Steve Austin if he was to return to the WWE is "The People's Champion" himself, The Rock. They are each other's greatest rivals, greatest enemies, greatest friends and they changed each other's careers, timer and time again. It would only be fitting that if Austin was to return to the WWE that he would engage in a feud with the last man he ever wrestled. Austin and The Rock had several timeless matches which always stemmed from timeless feuds and rivalries. These two are perfect in the ring and perfect on the microphone to the point where they gel so amazingly well, probably better than any two other rivals int he history of professional wrestling and the WWE Universe combined. One more time; one more historic match between The Rock and Steve Austin would probably go down in history as their decisive match, but also as their greatest match. This would certainly be a match that would be remembered for an age or more.

The new Austin Era may soon begin in the WWE...

The return of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin to the WWE would be the biggest return in the history of the WWE Universe. It would rival and probably surpass such legendary returns as that of Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair and even The Rock himself. Austin really is probably the greatest superstar to ever lace up a pair of boots, and that should always be remembered when it comes to a potential WWE return. He is in phenomenal shape, he has a firm grasp on the concept of “attitude” and the current youth movement and he is very vocal in the world of social media. It should also be noted that Austin isn't even 50. All of that combined makes Austin a viable candidate for a WWE return in 2012 or leading into WrestleMania 29 in 2013; it would be a huge deal, and a flawless move to make for the WWE.

With that being said; could we be on the verge of a new “Austin Era” of the WWE? When it concerns “The Texas Rattlesnake”, you never really know when he is going tot urn up, raise hell and leave. Let’s see what Austin’s bottom line really is should he show his face in the WWE in 2012 and beyond; because there really could be a host of WWE superstars out for his blood including CM Punk, The Rock, Brock Lesnar and maybe even The Undertaker…

Who do you want to see "Stone Cold" Steve Austin face following a WWE return?

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poet83 profile image

poet83 4 years ago from Windsor, Va.

I think CM Punk vs. Austin would be stellar. It would, in my opinion, be the equivalent of The Rock vs. John Cena and would certainly make for a classic match for next year's Wrestlemania. No matter who he would face, though, The Texas Rattlesnake needs to come back and raise the hell standards of the WWE once again. Awesome hub, my friend! Voted up and shared!

TToombs08 profile image

TToombs08 4 years ago from Somewhere between Heaven and Hell without a road map.

I've always like Stone Cold, ok, not in his wrestling role, but I enjoyed his movies. :) Hubby would like to see him return to the WWE. And I'd love to see CM Punk get his butt handed to him. :)

KSHITIJ MISHRA 4 years ago

john cena

The Phenom Saif 4 years ago

First thing is that "Stone Cold" Steve Austin can't wrestle due to his backbone problem due to which he was retired.

Second thing is that if "Stone Cold" Steve Austin returns to WWE for a match.It should be John Cena vs. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin at WrestleMania 29 in 2013.It would be "The PG Era" vs. "The Attitude Era".

poet83 profile image

poet83 4 years ago from Windsor, Va.

Austin needs to come back and and raise hell with John Laurinaitis!

Wayne K. WIlkins profile image

Wayne K. WIlkins 4 years ago from Birmingham, England. Author

Actually, Saif, it was in an interview with Austin himself where he claimed that he was in the best shape of his life and has another match or two in him, stating that he is 100% healthy and that the only thing stopping him coming back right now is money and storyline. So basically, WWE need to get their heads in check and spend the money on the man that will make them millions again! :D

The Phenom Saif 4 years ago

Thankyou. :-)

Liamryanburtmania 4 years ago

Austin will make his in-ring return! He appears so Many times, and he will probably face punk at mania29!

Mysteryman!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 years ago

Punk vs Austin at wm 29, if punk lose's, he has to drink beer, and if Austin lose's, he must go straight edge!

Austin 4 years ago


Punkbryan71 4 years ago

Austin will return at raw 1000 in a couple of hours!

Faces Daniel bryan at summerslam 2012,

Faces the rock at survivor series 2012,

Faces brock Lesnar at the royal rumble in 2013,

Fights for the wwe championship at elimination chamber 2013

And retires after beating punk at wm29 forcing punk to drink beer!

My top dream fued for Austin would be Daniel bryan:









Y.… Stone cold stunner!

SxECreator profile image

SxECreator 4 years ago

He's gonna shut Punk up once and for all

JT 4 years ago

Best Return in my opinon... The shield foes out of control, as they think they are (THE LAW), they go on a Banter saying while they are around noone can break the law.....'glass shatter' In walks Stone Cold "THE SHERIFF" Austin, as your NEW RAW GM :D

Duc 4 years ago

Why stone cold away back wwe

Duc 4 years ago

Deos the rock come back wwe to

Duc 4 years ago

Why the rock come back wwe 2013

Duc 4 years ago

I thinking about the rock come back he said he want wwe champion cm on royal rumble is that true

Sunshine 3 years ago

i hope stone cold will return and fight the cm punk,if that happen i gurranty that stone cold will win. if he come back, i will give this to stone cold


Timothy 3 years ago

Austin Vs Cena will be better Because they are biggest superstars in wwe history it would make a lot better match. like the rock vs john cena but Austin 316 vs John Cena U Can't C Me

EJ Lambert profile image

EJ Lambert 3 years ago from Chicago, IL

Stone Cold has nothing left to prove to anybody. He took that company to heights it has only dreamed about since he left. The Rock gets so much love and notoriety, which he does deserve, but none of his amazing success comes without Austin paving the way. To me that Austin vs. McMahon feud was just the greatest in wrestling history, it was perhaps one of the best in all of sport or entertainment. The WWE isn't the same without a stunner once in awhile.

lynn richardson 2 years ago


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