Top Ten Best Wrestlers Of All Time

Top ten best wrestlers of all time

The top ten seems to be a growing trend on the net, so I might as well do my own top ten. Below I have listed the top ten best wrestlers of all time in my opinion.

#10 Owen Hart

#10 Owen Hart
#10 Owen Hart

Owen Hart

Wrestling in the shadow of his brother Bret Hart made it difficult to stand out from the crowd, afterall its hard to make a name for yourself being the little brother of one of the all time greats. Owen did somehow find his way to stand out as one of the best technical wrestlers of all time. Sadly Owen Hart died before we got to see him reach his full potential

Owen has been and forever wll be missed by us die hard fans!



#9 Triple H

Top ten wrestlers
Top ten wrestlers

Triple H

Ok so I may catch a little heat for this one, because many people feel that Triple H wouldn't be where he is if wasn't married to the boss's daughter. What many fail to realize is that Triple H is all business, and his success is due more to the degeneration x days which was before he married into the family. There is no denying the ability of Triple H

Triple H has the ability to make you absoultly despise him when working as a heel, and he can turn that around overnight and make fans love him as a face. This is called talent.

#8 Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle with TNA heavy weight championship
Kurt Angle with TNA heavy weight championship

Kurt Angle

Kurt angle is not only an awesome in-ring performer, but he is the perfect example of what a heel should be. There is no telling how many tickets and pay-per-views that have been purchased just from fans who want te see Kurt Angle get a beating. That's his job and he does it well.

Kurt and the "main event mafia" has recently started to focus on helping out the young wrestlers within tna. Expect to see him and the rest of mem starting to put over these younger guys, and bring them up to the main event level.

#7 The Undertaker

The Undertaker still a main event wrestler after 17 years with wwe
The Undertaker still a main event wrestler after 17 years with wwe

The Undertaker

The Undertaker started his career as"mean Mark" in WCW, and he was getting no where. The undertaker left WCW almost 16 years ago and has had one of the most outstanding careers of any wrestler past or present.

The gimmick of The Undertaker was one of Vince McMahon's few good ideas for gimmicks, but only the undertaker could have filled that role.

Expect Taker to lose his winning streak at this years wrestlemania. The idea at this time is to have him lose to a up and comer to help bring them into the main event level.

#6 Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan as leader of NWO
Hulk Hogan as leader of NWO

Hulk Hogan

Yes I know most people would be quick to put the hulkster at number one. As much as I respect Hogan, I just don't feel like he is the best wrestler. Hogan received push after push and seemed to always have the championship, even though he had limited wrestling skills at best.

I put hogan at #6 because of the publicity he gave wrestling and so many fans were pulled in by hogan. He did OK as a heel for NWO but even then, he need a mouth piece. In my opinion Hulk along with a few others was the demise of wcw. Instead of putting the younger guys over he had to be pampered by wcw and stay in the top spot.

#5 Stone Cold Steve Austin

wwe Stone Cold
wwe Stone Cold

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Now here is the man that put wrestling on the map in my opinion. Though his wrestling skills were limited he was one of the best mouth pieces to ever be on televised wrestling.

Stonecold is still working towards a actor career, and is scheduled to be at wrestlemaina 25 which is just around the corner. The though is that he will be doing a final match as a way of saying goodbye to the fans. I have even heard rumors of StoneCold vs. The Rock we can only hope!

The Rock

The best mouth peice in wrestling history, wether he was a heel or a face he always got the crowd going. The rock was very athletic in the ring as well.

Together with Steve Austin he helped make wrestling as popular as it is today.

#3 Bret Hart

Bret Hart as wcw world champion
Bret Hart as wcw world champion

Bret Hart

The best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be. From what I have read about Bret Hart that just wasn't a wrestling gimmick, he really believes that.

Well this is my opion bret and your third!

#2 Ric Flair

Ric flair as wcw heavyweight champion
Ric flair as wcw heavyweight champion

Ric Flair

Whhhoooo! There is no denying what this one man has done for the sports entertainment world. This is a man so passionate about the wrestling business that he was still wrestling in his sixties.

Ric has held more world titles than any other wrestler to date, and has made more wrestlers household names just because they were in the ring together.

Thank you ric!

#1 HBK Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels with the wwe championship
Shawn Michaels with the wwe championship

HBK Shawn Michaels

Even Ric Flair said so, Shawn Michaels is the best! Shawn has done it all, winning ever major championshp in the wwe before being forced to retire early due to a severe back injury. Shawn made his comeback 5 years later, and yet again captured another title. The world heavyweight championship brought over with WCW.

Shawn has made many wrestlers careers, and has headlined wrestlemania more times than hulk hogan.

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Dan 8 years ago


knslms profile image

knslms 8 years ago from North Carolina Author

This is a list of the best wrestlers, I wouldn't even put John Cena or Shamrock in the top 50.

sabrebIade profile image

sabrebIade 8 years ago from Pennsylvania

I agree with the list mostly, but I'd have to include Mil Mascaras. I got to see him wrestle live once and he was amazing.

Luis 8 years ago

How is Sting not on this list. He was one of the most well rounded wrestlers ever. He had submissions, power moves diffeent ways to finish opponents off.

knslms profile image

knslms 8 years ago from North Carolina Author

lmao a backwards ddt and a Bret Hart rip off! Oh and there was the stinger splash. Sting wasn't ever that bad but not that good either. Everything he has done and still doing is for his on benifet, and not the benifet of the wrestling business.

What really bothered me about Sting was that he is/was so un-orginal every single thing he has done is a direct rip-off of something be it bret hart, ultimate warrior, The crow, the eeeew instead of the ric flair whhhoooo.

In my opinion Sting is very overated, and he would make #2 on that list right behind john cena.

Adam B 8 years ago

The Rock should be number one and where is Mick Foley?

knslms profile image

knslms 8 years ago from North Carolina Author

The Rock was awesome and if he had stuck around longer I might have to agree with you. Mick Foley would be my number eleven. 8 years ago


knslms profile image

knslms 8 years ago from North Carolina Author

Thanks for the comment. I think Brett Hart was more about himself than the wrestling business, but one of the all time greats none the less.

Xian 8 years ago

what about goldberg

knslms profile image

knslms 8 years ago from North Carolina Author

Goldberg? You have got to be kidding! You mean the man that ended Bret Hart's career because he didn't know what he was doing, the man that because of that Vince wouldn't let wrestle in WWE untill he went to wrestling school, the man that got boed out of the arena during his last match?? That man?

Bill Goldberg was an embarrassment to the entire business in my opinion.

indermohan 8 years ago

my list 1.bret hart, 2. andre the giant, 3. shawn michael, 4. kevin nash, 5- hulk hogan, 6- nature boy, 7- undertker, 8- kurtangle, 9- king kong bundy, 10- rock and stone cold tied

TheRealTruth profile image

TheRealTruth 8 years ago from Virginia

great list dude. although i dunno about HBK at one......we all got our opinions though. i have chris jericho and randy orton on my list. what is your opinion of regal and hennig?

as an add on here....Goldberg was indeed one of the worst things to happen to wrestling. cant believe anyone would even consider him anywhere near the top 100....let alone top 10.

knslms profile image

knslms 8 years ago from North Carolina Author

Kurt Henning was for sure one of the all time best and would be in my top 15. Regal is hit and miss he is a damn good wrestler and wwe has never really gave him the push he deserved.

rowley 8 years ago

guys go buy the wwe history of the ladder match dvd and look at what edge has done over the years he will be one of the greatest of all time when its said and done hes already a top 10 guy now hes put his body throu hell for the wwe and hes one of the best heels ever not to mention hes got alot of years ahead of him

TheRealTruth profile image

TheRealTruth 7 years ago from Virginia

Edge= Legend in the making.

knslms profile image

knslms 7 years ago from North Carolina Author

Edge is awesome and has done great things for the business. Altough I didn't put him on the list he is one of the all time best.

muse 7 years ago

i dont respect this list. austin is and always should be no. 1

The GodFather 7 years ago

THEEE Best ARE ( Triple H ) (Bret Hart ) (Owen Hart ) (Kurt Henning (mr. perfect) ) (Chris Benwite ) (Ric Flair ) (Hulk Hogan) ( STING (Steve Borden) ) (D.H.Smith) (Rayzer RAMON (Scott Hall) ) (kurt Angle) (Keven Nash) (Bill Goldberg) (Eddy & Chavo Gerrerro ) (Steve austin) (Randy Orten) (shawn Michals) (Undertaker) (Jericho) PLEASE FORGIVE ME IF I HAVE FORGOTIN ANY SUPERSTAR

The GodFather 7 years ago

The GodFather demands to see The living Legend STING on your list ,this Icon has been wrestling like Forever(since Ric Flair) ,STING is Over 50(fifty) years old and holds the TNA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP ,a Multiple time WORLD Champ and the man who Ric Flair won the World Title From More than twice (I CAN GO ON FOREVER & EVER ABOUT THIS LIVING LEGEND ICON)

fact 7 years ago

undertaker is the best wrestler!!

THE GAME 7 years ago

HHH is the best ever!!!

THE GAME  7 years ago

Dwayne Johnson ''the rock"!? is the worst wrestler ever ,If it weren't for his Father he wouldn't be in the WWE. In fact ,when it comes down to pure wrestling dwayne SUCKS!!!

Dwayne Johnson ''the rock"!? Shouldn't be NEAR the Top 10 lists of LEGENDS.

knslms profile image

knslms 7 years ago from North Carolina Author

lmao @ godfather's ignorant view of sting. I'm not calling you stupid but just pointing out that this list is my educated opinion . Im not saying sting is a bad wrestler but sting was never once up untill the mem been a heel. He is quicly being taken out of that roll that he sucked at. How then can you call him great when he can only do half of the job?

Sting recieved push after push as a babyface against opponets that made him look good in the ring such as flair and hogan. Do you ever hear anyone talking about a great match sting was in with anyone other than these two?

Sting has never carried a show, nor has he ever even been the top guy on a show. its always been either flair or hogan, Even now on tna Angle is top guy?

knslms profile image

knslms 7 years ago from North Carolina Author

muse you have the most narrow minded comment up here stone cold steve austin did allot for the business and put on a great show. but it was with his attitude and his mouth hes actuall wrestling skills were average at best.

bruce  7 years ago

i agree with the list 100% HBK has done it all, when wwe was loosing on rattings HBK sold out every show house...he deserves his spot.

dave 7 years ago

I appreciate the fact that you took the time to put together a top 10 wrestling list. But this list greatly favors the modern era wrestler. I mean, do you really think Bruno Sammartino, Verne Gagne, Bob Backlund, Nick Bockwinkel, Dusty Rhodes, Mil Mascarus, Lou Thesz, Rick Steamboat, Greg Valentine, Randy Savage, Don Muraco, Jimmy Snuka, Sgt. Slaughter, Tito Santana, Andre the Giant, Roddy Piper to name a few, don't belong on this list? Or is it that you have never heard of these guys, because that's the impression I'm getting. As Gorilla Monsoon used to say (guess you haven't heard of him either) Hulk Hogan is a great entertainer, but he doesn't know a wrist lock from a wrist watch. I'm 47 and have seen all of these guys wrestle, including your top 10 and with the exception of Ric Flair and Brett Hart, the few names I mentioned are better than the top guys on your list. And I just named a few, I can go on for days! Give me a break!

knslms profile image

knslms 7 years ago from North Carolina Author

Actually yes I have heard of all of them. There is a reason why wrestling wasn't popular at that time, because 90% of them would make you fall asleep. There was very little entertainment back then. I appreciate the fact that you feel the need to call someone out to make yourself look wise, but as I said before this is not the official top ten, it's my top ten and personally I don't care for the older wrestling. The ratings say that there are millions of people who agree with me!

Flykidsmith 7 years ago

Yea Old Timers was not holdin it down like the new skewl... If the old timers werE TO BEE IN THEIR PRIME AND FIGHT THE NEW SKEWL.. THE NEW SKEWL WILL WIN... THE OLD SKEWL USED BULLDOGS AND SKOOL BOYS TO WIN MATCHES... COME ON OKAY LIKE Imagine this: Lou Thesz, Ric Flair, King Kong Bundy, Randy Savage, and Sgt. Slaughter vs Vladimir Kozlov, Randy Orton, Triple H aka my fav westler, John Cena (Personally i hate him but gotta respect his In-Ring Sucess), and maybe Samoa Joe (Could not do all WWE)... But anyways who do you think would win

vj 7 years ago

My list goes like this....

1.Bret Heart

2.Hulk Hogan

3.Ultimate Warrior & Ovenheart


5.Stone Clod & Rock



8.Ric Flair

9.Benoit & eddie guererro & rey mysterio


Dotz 7 years ago

Sting is #1. HBK vs Undertaker at Wrestlemania 25 was boring, yet the fanboys say it's so great. HHH's main event match absolutely SUCKED. The money in the bank and hardy bros matches were the best.

Wrestling Guy 7 years ago

I Have a slightly different opinion.

1. Bruno Sammarino

2. Shawn Michaels

3. Bret Hart

4. Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat

5. Chris Jericho "Undisputed champion Chris Jericho, not the bitch he is now"

6. Ric Flair

7. Triple H

8. Owen Hart

9. Eddie Guerrero R.i.p

10. Chris Benoit

Now the list of the 10 best entertainers

1. The Rock

2. Stone Cold

3. Triple H

4. Shawn Michaels

5. Ric Flair

6. Bret Hart

7. Mick Foley

8. Hulk Hogan

9. Randy Savage

10. John Cena. I know, but hes entertaining

cerebral 7 years ago

chris benoit should be number one because no one wrestled as hard as he do all the time and he has many moves than hbk hhh hulk hpgan and the rock

ballfan4141 7 years ago

is this list the greatest wrestlers of the 90's or the greatest wwf superstars of the 1990's? someone must of just started watching wrestling in 1990.

where is sting, curt henning, ricky steamboat, arn anderson.

macca 7 years ago

The rock should be 1st or 2nd shawn michaels was amazing, but now hes washed up, ither that or he hasnt been given enough good matches. my list:1)The Rock2) Stone Cold


4) Undertaker

5)Hogan6) Ric Flair7) Ricky Steamboat8) Randy savage


10) Bret Hart

eaasi3574 7 years ago

thanx alot for the useful info

keep hubbing :)

shahid 7 years ago


ryan 7 years ago

for me the top 10 best wrestler


2.jeff hardy

3.john cena

4.triple h


6.stone cold

7.the rock


9.bret hart,i,myself hehehehe LOL

TheRealTruth profile image

TheRealTruth 7 years ago from Virginia

BATISTA?!?!?!? Nah nah nah. I'd prefer someone say Dolph Zigglar before Batista. Batista is not much more than a rehash of Goldberg, who was one of the worst the business has seen.

Pure 7 years ago

Undertaker is at the top of WWE.

I'd put HBK, HHH, Stone Cold, Batista, Rock...... just after him.

leslie 7 years ago

omg wrestln

derp 7 years ago

Guy who wrote this is an idiot

bigunit 7 years ago

1) HBK/Rick Flair

2) Stone Cold

3) Kurt Angle


5) The Rock

6)Hulk Hogan









15) Razor Ramone

16) own hart

17) Goldberg

18) Yokozuna

19) Diesel

20) Mick Foley

WOOOOO! 7 years ago

Here's my list:


9.kurt angle

8.shawn michaels

7.the undertaker

6.john cena

5.the rock

4.ric flair

3.stone cold

2.bret hart

1.hulk hogan

i also like rvd, but he's not one of the top 10...

and that's the bottom line cause i said so

hbk54 7 years ago

Shawn michaels is realy the gratest wrestler of all time, do no mistake about this.

The thruth is 7 years ago

HBK is the best wrestler of all time:

In my view no Superstar even comes close to The Heartbreak Kid. Shawn Michaels has done everything that there is to do in the wrestling business. Not only has Shawn done everything that there is to do in this business but HBK has also revolutionized this business. In a company that at one time was dominated by big men Shawn was able to climb the ladder (literally) to the top. Shawn introduced us to things like the Ladder Match, Iron Man Match, Hell In A Cell Match, and even the Elimination Chamber Match. Also on his list of firsts Shawn Michaels was the first man to enter the royal rumble at number one and win. Shawn also was the first ever grand slam champion in WWE History. Shawn's performances at Wrestlemania have been so great that the man has even earned himself the nickname of Mr. Wrestlemania. Who else in the WWE has accomplished all of those things? Who else in WWE History has had the career HBK has had?

If you were to strip Shawn Michaels of all of his championship wins, his nicknames, his wrestling firsts, and so on Shawn was/still is an amazing competitor. The man in a wrestling ring works magic. In his 40s Shawn Michaels still puts on better matches than I dare say anyone in the entire company. Watching a Shawn Michaels match is like watching a beautiful picture being painted. Regardless of your position in this debate you cannot deny that. Below is a list I have hand picked of Shawn Michaels matches that have blown me away. After watching these matches one could not deny the point Im trying to make.

1: Shawn Michaels vs. Razor Ramon (Wrestlemania 10)Jim Ross once said "what are they going to do with a ladder?" Well in this much there isnt much Shawn/Razor did not do with a ladder. In this new match Shawn Michaels paved the way for future ladder matches like the Money In The Bank Ladder Match which they have at Wrestlemania every year. They stole the show with all the things they did. Back and forth these men tortured their bodies to give the fans exactly what they wanted. A wrestling classic!

2: Shawn Michaels vs. Jeff Jarrett (In Your House)In this match Shawn Michaels won his third and final Intercontinental Title. It was a back and forth match between two of the most talented men in the company at the time. This match has no historical signifigance but it was two pure wrestlers going at it in one hell of an entertaining match. Jarrett tried every trick in the book to win but in the end Shawn Michaels came out victorious.

3: Shawn Michaels vs. Owen Hart (In Your House)Just like the match above it was just two very talented wrestlers going at it with the winner main eventing Wrestlemania 12 the next month. The start of the match was simply hilarious with Shawn Michaels sliding out of the ring to high five fans. Owen Hart tried the same thing but he didnt receive any high fives which was hilarious. Michaels also walked on Owen Harts back as well as illegally pulling his hair while the referee was distracted several times to the cheers of the fans. After the match was over Shawn celebrated in the ring with a little girl from the crowd. He did his signature pose with the girls on his shoulder. To this day I still watch that match and cannot help but think about how truly awesome it was.

3: Shawn Michaels vs. Bret Hart (Wrestlemania 12)This was the first official Iron Man Match. These two greats thrilled the fans for the entire 60 minutes but neither man was able to score a fall. How often do you see that in the wrestling business today? In overtime Michaels nailed Bret Hart and superkicked his way into history winning his first WWE Title.

4: Shawn Michaels vs. Diesel (No Holds Barred)Not only could Michaels have great matches with other great wrestlers but HBK could also take someone like Diesel and put on a classic. They had already had the match of the year together at Wrestlemania 11 the year before but they did it again here in a no dq match. They threw everything they had at one another. Diesel powerbombed Michaels through the announcers table. Diesel unwrapped his wrist tape putting it around Michaels neck as well as throwing him over the top rope which looked like it nearly choked him to death. Steel chairs were involved. Michaels even grabbed the shoe off of the spanish announcer to use as a weapon. This match left fans on the edge of their seats until the finish.

5: Shawn Michaels vs. Mankind (Mind Games)Michaels again proves that he can have a great match regardless of his opponents own individual style. Mankind was not known as a great in ring performer but his match with Michaels he admits to being his best ever. In his book Have A Nice Day Mick Foley said that this match was better than he ever expected it to be. Who was the other guy across the ring? The one and only Shawn Michaels.

6: Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker (Badd Blood 1997 & Wrestlemania 25)Michaels has said that wrestling big men was always very easy. Well his actions in these matches definently speak louder than his words. Not only did Shawn Michaels tear the house down with The Undertaker in Hell In A Cell but Shawn gave The Undertaker his best Wrestlemania match ever. Undertaker is 17-0 at Wrestlemania but only one man ever made him look that amazing. (HBK)

7: Shawn Michaels vs. Kurt Angle (Any Match They Had)Wether it was stealing the show at Wrestlemania 21 or just wrestling each other on Raw these two men always met the fans expectations. After Shawn lost at Wrestlemania 21 the fans all stood up and clapped after seeing such a great match. How often does that happen? Not very often. In their other matches at Vengeance and their two matches on Raw the fans were always on the edge of their seats waiting for a Sweet Chin Music or The Ankle Lock to come out of nowhere. Truly two amazing athletes giving the fans everything they had.

8: Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Jericho (Any Match They Had)These two men had their first match at Wrestlemania 19 in 2003. However 5 years later in 2008 these two are still impressing fans everytime they face one another. They stole the show at Wrestlemania 19 and in 2008 the two men had the fued of the year in a rivalry which lasted almost the entire year. Most fueds only last a couple of months at the most. Michaels/Jericho delievered in every match they have had. Vince McMahon was quoted saying that the Michaels/Jericho ladder match was the greatest ladder match that he has ever seen. That is saying something after all this time the ladder match has been around.

9: Shawn Michaels vs. Ric Flair (Wrestlemania 24)In his emotional last match Ric Flair faced HBK. Shawn Michaels won the match but along the way they told an amazing story. Michaels even hesitated hitting Sweet Chin Music allowing Flair to get the upper hand at one point. With tears in his eyes flair took Sweet Chin Music from a very emotional Michaels ending Flairs career. Michaels gave Ric Flair the send off match that only he could supply.

10: Shawn Michaels vs. Vince McMahon (Wrestlemania 22)Vince McMahon isnt even a wrestler but this match was still named match of the year by pro wrestling illustrated. HBK took a guy who was limited at best and put on a wrestling classic with him. The elbow drop off of the tallest ladder I have ever seen was really something to see as well lol.

You see it didnt matter who Michaels faced. It didn't matter what type of match it was that he had. Michaels delievers every single time he steps into the ring. Wether it's against a 300 pound man or another 225 pounder HBK was able to bring out the best in all of his opponents. Even made a guy like Vince McMahon look entertaining in the ring. There are many others greats from Bret Hart to The Undertaker.

But however in my view like millions people's of all the world only one man is the greatest ever. And he is HBK Shawn Michaels.

WWF Attitude era  7 years ago

Thank You for not having John Cena in your top 10.

I 100% agree with your top 10, but maybe Triple H can be a little higher tho.

harry 7 years ago

Where is the Scorpion death lock master or the master of scorpion death drop yes i am talking about STING mr. WCW whom this Ric flair , Hogan couldnt beat ever , for whom WWC beat WWF more than 230 continue in rank, Sting is larger than life and Kurt and Bret hart are admire Sting always...

Shawn Michaels is the BEST 7 years ago

God bless you man (The thruth is), god bless you! I 100% agree with you! Am happy that there are such fans of HBK! Thanks a lot man!

Also agree with the site's Top Ten.

Crab People 7 years ago

How could Hulk not be #1?

joshua 7 years ago

batista is the no. 1

woodyspartan 7 years ago









woodyspartan 7 years ago









RATED R 7 years ago













Sam De Villiers 7 years ago

Stone cold is the best wrestler ever he revolutionalized da business. Even guys like vince,flair n heyman say SCSA is da greatest wrestler eva

my list











CENA SUX.......

ANON 7 years ago


JKNYC 7 years ago















dryrot202 7 years ago

where is jeff hardy on this list? he might not always win the match but he always has the highlight of the match. with the exception of mick foley he's the only one willing enough to put their body on the line like that. who else has ever done a 35ft swanton bomb through a table? nobody, that's who

The Dude 7 years ago

My List would be

1. Ric Flair

The Dude 7 years ago

My List would be

1. Ric Flair

DX 7 years ago


DX 7 years ago


HBK no 1 7 years ago

i totally agree that shawn michaels is the most exciting innovative entertaining wrestler ever. hes had all the titles, started dx and carried wwf on his back when wcw was dominating. hes won PWI match of the year 9 times! nobody else comes close to that. most recently...2004,2005,2006,2007,2008. 5 straight years! and his match with undertaker at wrestlemania may be this years best. damn

Karthik 7 years ago

HA! Have any of you heard of The Dynamite Kid (the man who revolutionalised wrestling) he was a horrible person but if you ask most wrestlers he would be top 3 if not number one. Also the British Bulldog????

My List:

1. Bret Hart

2. Shawn Michaels (don't like him but he is good)

3. The Dynamite Kid Tom Billington

4. Ricky Steamboat Dragon

5. Owen Hart/Bulldog

6. Rick Flair (don't like him either but top ten)

7. Original Tiger Mask

8. The Rock/Stone Cold

9. Chris Benoit/Chris Jericho

10 Kurt Angle/Tazz (I know he is an odd choice but he was genuinely a scary suplex machine in ECW)

My Top Ten (Favourite Wrestlers)

1. The Bulldogs

2. Bret/Owen Hart

3. Tazz

4. Raven (brilliant gimmick and mic man)

5. Mankind (when he was scary)

6. The Rock

7. Lance Storm

8. AJ Styles

9. RVD

10. Perry Saturn (i know but he was good in ECW/WCW)

StonyCva 7 years ago

the best wrestler of all time

1.stone cold (Cse he is the era of wwf and he bring wwf or wwe to the history of enterteiment)

2.hulk hogan

3.bret hart





8.the rock

9.ric flair

10.ken sham rock

Saahil 7 years ago

Dude i almost agree to u when it comes to rating of the 10 best wrestlers.......however it shouldn't be just about someonez popularity it should also relate to the in ring talent i dun agree to ur ratings when it comes to Undertaker and bret heart.........also i read a comment of another person who feels the rock should be on the top well.....the top 5 who saved wwe from coming under wcw in the mid nineties....were undertaker, rock, Austin, HBK & bret to some extend(as they both were a part of wwe till 1998. Hulk hogan can be in top 20 but he doesn't deserve a spot in top 10

So my list is as follows:

Rick Flair-16 time world champion(unique parameter of his career)

2.The Undertaker (17-0 at wrestle-mania....a six time world champion himself)this man can beat any1z ass can take tremendous amount of punishment and should have been given the number 1 spot if Ric wouldn't have wrestled over 30 yrs.....because outta 17-0 record....11 have been former world champions...and there defeats can actually be counted as winning a world title itself..

3. Shawn Michaels....solely cuz he has a never say die attitude....however i personally dun like him since the day when Montreal screw job episode took place.

4The Rock.....hmmm arguably the best entertainer the wretling universe will ever see....

5. Steve Austin.....this manz of tough SOB whose personally my favorite cuz he reacts like an ordinary abusive man and is still famous....a tenacious competitor.....

6 Kurt Angle....this spot is for him because of his....expertise in the free style wrestling

7. Hunter (hhh).....because...he

does whatever it takes to win.

8. Brock lesner....though not popular amongst the masses..this 3 time all American was a lethal combination of speed strength endurance and power....he could have been the greatest career in wwe....if he wouldn't have quit.

9. Bill Goldberg......personally i dun like him at all...he looks very eeeewwwww types....i dun even have the word....however cann't deny this fact that this man in any one on one fight has put a period to many huge egos in the old wcw...may it be nash, sid, hulk, scott hall, sting, lex lugar, show....haven't seen him fighting for more than say 10 minutes including commercials...

10. can be give to hall, nash, sid, kane, mic foley, batista, randy, cena, i know in this 10th spot i have put in wrestlers of different era however itz jus that any1 can fit into this spot....My perconel opinion would favor diesel or kevin nash or whatever u call him...

Clubinsky 7 years ago

No Sting??? No Goldberg??? NO MACHO MAN OHHHH YEAAAAAAHHH??? NO Andre the Giant??? and you have Owen Hart in the top 10 over those guys??? Come on, ur missin some guys. Like your list for the most part but man how can some of the all time greats not be in there???

J5K 7 years ago

I agree with your list more or less. Just to comment on the ppl posting their own lists, your opinion is your opinion, but seriously if you're not even putting Kurt Angle in your Top 10, you clearly don't know what a best wrestler is. Olympic gold medalist

Leon 7 years ago

This list needs to be longer, and have international Wreslters, because America is not the only country to have wrestling.

Alistair 7 years ago

Why is Rey Mesterio over looked. I know he is small, but he has achieved alot by becoming world champ for his size and speed. He is gr8

jodel 7 years ago

for me... the greatest wrestler is the ff:

1. batista


3.triple h

4.jeff hardy

5.shawn michaels

6.john cena

7.santino marella

8.the rock

9.big show

10.rey mysterio

nolly 7 years ago

for me... the greatest wrestler only is

batista..... the animal .,jessssss fessssss

rose 7 years ago

for me... the ff. name of diva wrestlers is the best and greatest wrestlers:

1. melina

2. maria

3. michelle mccool

4. candice michelle

5. kelly kelly

6. brie bella

7. beth phoenix

8. victoria

9. maryse

10. natalya

thanujan 7 years ago

hulk hogan rocks

great list 7 years ago

seriously great list, altho i might switch bret with ric personally because i wasnt that much of a ric flair fan, but i got to agree with u with puttin HBK at top, he was the reason i even got into wrestling, after his back injury and retired so did i from watching, he puts in his all when he performs, hes the best

JIM 7 years ago

cena is the best.Had all this guys ever wathed WWE

Shivam Mishra 7 years ago

I agree with u jim but in my opinion 'Brock lesner ' should be higher than Cena .

My list goes like this-

1 Brock lesner

2 John cena

3 Shawn michaels

4 undertaker

5 The Rock

aaron polly  7 years ago

from the past to today there was just tons of great n talented wrestlers.

here top 25 who i think is the greatest wrestlers of all time in the history of wrestling:

1.) the heartbreak kid shawn michaels

2.) the undertaker

3.) the hitman bret hart

4.) hulk hogan

5.) the nature boy ric flair

6.) the icon sting

7.) stone cold steve austin

8.) the rock

9.) the game triple h

10.) the macho man randy savage

11.) the ultimate warrior

12.) the hardcore legend mick foley

13.) trish stratus

14.) the bad guy razor roman

15.) big baddy cool diesel

16.) andre the giant

17.) roddy rowdy piper

18.) brock lesnar

19.) owen hart

20.) the british bulldog

21.) yokozuna

22.) lita

23.) rey mysterio

24.) john cena

25.) mickie james

heres the top 10 who i think is the greatest tagteams of all time in the history of wrestling:

1.) d generation x

2.) the four horsemen

3.) legion of doom

4.) nwo

5.) the rockers

6.) the hart foundnation

7.) team 3d

8.) the brothers of destruction

9.) the hardy boys

10.) edge n christian

heres the top 10 who i think is the greatest managers of all time in the of wrestling:

1.) paul ellering

2.) paul bearer

3.) bobby the brain heenan

4.) miss elizabeth

5.) sensational sherrie martel

6.) jimmy hart

7.) jim cornette

8.) mr. fuji

9.) paul hayman

10.) harvey whippleman

fgggg 7 years ago

1 undertaker 2 batista 3 rey mysterio 4 john cena 5 hhh 6 shawn micheals 7 kane 8 big show 9 randy orton 10 chis jericho

modad 7 years ago

Even though I personally don't like him, if I were to be unbiased, I'd have to say that Brock Lesnar deserves a spot (even if his time was relatively short and his departure was inconsiderate). When he showed up he drastically changed things, and after he left, things weren't the same. The positives and negatives can be debated, but his impact can't be denied.

soul 7 years ago

Why doesn't anyone include Goldberg in the list ,wasn't he of the standard ??

Goldberg rocks

Rickrideshorses profile image

Rickrideshorses 7 years ago from England

Great list. I'd put Hulk Hogan nearer the top though!

thebest 7 years ago


tred 7 years ago

there a slight problem with ur list ur only including ppl from wwe and not from ufc(those who can really fight and put on a good show). Yeh brock lesner included hes the world champ now

aaron polly 7 years ago

i think jeff hardy n christian should be top 100 or top 10 ppl`s list bc what they done for the wwe business. them n th their partners helped to put the tlc on the map.

alkmini 7 years ago

JOHN CENAAAAAA....................... THE ONE AND ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ANONYMOUS 7 years ago

IF the wwe makes the undertaker to lose at wrestlemania then 20 years of hardwork of the chairman and the undertaker and all the storywriters and each and everyone associated with world wrestling entertainment would go to an abosolute waste. I don't think wwe would create such a mess specially when tna is up and competing with them.anyways undertaker has been the best and the most loyal wrestler to wwe and i don't think the wwe would repay him for his loyalty in such a manner

declan  7 years ago

1 undertaker 2 batista 3 rey mysterio 4 john cena 5 hhh 6 shawn micheals 7 randy orton 8 chis jericho 9 big show 10 john morisson

JOHN CENA  7 years ago


zaafir 7 years ago

i wud like to pass the message that cena is much better than HBK and why not included him

maha 7 years ago

hey where is johncena man i think that cena would be on 1 n rock yakh i hate rock

yo ma 7 years ago

for me the following list is the best:

1 brock lesnar

2 the rock

3 stone cold steve austin

4 bill goldberg

5 jeff hardy

aaron polly 7 years ago

rey mysterio n kurt angle should be on peoples top of their list to

aaron polly 7 years ago

chyna n lita is also

morgan the great 7 years ago

jericho is one of the rubbishest wresterlers

aaron polly 7 years ago

edge should should be on peoples list list also

matt 7 years ago

how could u not put andre the giant/yokosuna

10hart 7 years ago


Joey 7 years ago

Your way off bro! the rock only wrestled 6 full years! to put him over austin and Hogan is Laughable! Owen Hart(RIP)being on this list is a bigger JOke! amd Hogan being 6 is almost as big of a joke as Michaels being one!

hbk 7 years ago

my top ten:1 shawn michaels(best overall westler in the history out of discusion),2 bret hart(exelence of execution)-3jushin thunder liger(reaaally awesome wrestler),4-jeff jarret (90-96 this man was a wrestling god)5-eddie guerrero(amazing wrestler and very good overall moves and technique)6-the great muta (more freak than the boogeyman and goldust,mysterious like the udertaker,amazing moves,very good entertainer etc)7-kenta kobashy(veryyy good entertainer this man have very good moves he can sold very well a story in the ring)8jhonn morrison (this man is so atlethic and have soo badass and amazin moves that scare me,yes is too young and does'nt have too much experience but i think in a future he would be a legend-9-rick flair (exellent technique but very limited moves,no aerials moves,etc) 10-mm i dont know ... i tired haha mm a list:chris jericho,kurt angle,mr perfect,terry funk and mick foley are the best hardcore wrestlers in the history,hayabusa etc.stone cold,the rock,and the undertaker are in my top ten favourites but are more marketing and gimmick than ability maybe the stone cold matches in japan are a exeption

declan 7 years ago


DECLAN  7 years ago

the undertaker is the best because hes won most hell in a cell match hes played and hes won the world heavywheight 8 times and the 2007 royal rumble hes undeafted in wrestlmania hes defeated batista rey mysterio and john cena thats why hes the best theres ever bean and hes won every coffin match hes played he beat batista cm punk and rey mysterio for the world heavyweight championship at braging rights and at survivior series he bet chris jerichio and the big show for the world heavwheight champion he def batista at tlc for world heavywheight champion

declan  7 years ago


DECLAN  7 years ago


declan 7 years ago

i do not agree with any of them if u go up 4 u will see my top 10 and if u go up 3 u will see my reasons why undertaker is the

declan 7 years ago


wwjd 7 years ago




Declan  7 years ago

shut up hbk is not the best of all time and why would i ask god ya poof

declan  7 years ago

your a retard

declan  7 years ago

match of the week batista vs rey mysterio steel cage match i have no clue why taker vs hbk was match of the year it should have bean dx vs legacy submission match

declan  7 years ago

and if your not done with that we got 2 words for ya SUCK IT

DECLAN  7 years ago


DECLAN 7 years ago


Chief Slap-Some-Hoes 7 years ago

all of you dumbasses shut the fuck up The Top 25 of all time in any order would be

Hulk Hogan, HBK, The Undertaker, Bret Hart, HHH, Sabu, Tazz, Chris Benoit, Stone cold Steve Austin, Kane, Jimmy "Superfly" Sunuka, Andre the Giant, Mick foley, Jesse "The body" Ventura, Eddie Guererro, Jeff Jarret, The Rock, Jeff Hardy, "Macho Man" Randy Savage,Scott Hall, Bruno Sammartino, Ultimate Warrior, Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat, Rey Mysterio Jr, Owen Hart, "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan

wwjd 7 years ago




declan  7 years ago

hbk never is he the best why dont u ya fat bastard

declan  7 years ago

i would like to see at wrestlmania 26 john cena vs undertaker vs batista vs edge vs randy orton vs triple h vs shawn micheals vs big show in a money in the bank match what do you think or at wrestlmania 26 an iron man match for the wwe championship orton vs sheamus or at wrestlmania cena vs orton vs sheamus for the wwe championship or at wrestlmania DX vs chris show for the unified tag team championship and WHERES EDGE hes being gon for a long time now and he is good did he leave why does everyone like dx is it because there good or because they always say and if your not done with that we got two words for ya i really want to no and i want to see john cena put chris jericho through two tables because i hate chris jericho saying im the best in the world at what i do he got beat of a kofi kingston and jack swagger got beat by santino marella and the miz i hate him he is not awesome hes crap and cm punk he got beat by r truth and matt hardy got beat by luke gallows matt hardy is rubbish so is mark henry and primo and carlito

declan  7 years ago

please coment on that

declan  7 years ago

why is everyone saying that cena should be in the top 10 batista is better than cena and mysterio i am REY MYSTERIOS NUMBER 1 FAN and i love john cena why are rated rko not a tag team why are the miz and morrison not a tag team why are carlito and primo not a tag team and they have all been tag team champions

declan  7 years ago

john cena is the best raw player and the undertaker is the best smackdown player and christian is the best ecw player smackdown has better players like mickie james and taker and batista and rey and kane and cm punk and the great khali and chris and john morrison

declan  7 years ago

i wonder who will win the royal rummble

wwjd 6 years ago

hbk kane cm punk randy orton christian the miz big show edge it is just so hard i cant pick

wwjd 6 years ago

hbk kane cm punk randy orton christian the miz big show edge it is just so hard i cant pick

declan  6 years ago

are u DRUNK

declan 6 years ago

why does eyery1 like cena and taker and rey and kofi and

DECLAN  6 years ago


declan  6 years ago

1 undertaker 2 batista 3 rey mysterio 4 john cena 5 hhh 6 shawn micheals 7 edge 8 randy orton 9 big show 10 kane 11 cm punk 12 chris jericho 13 christian 14 sheamus 15 drew mcintyre 16 john morrison

declan  6 years ago

i cant belive that edge returned and won the ROYAL RUMBLE and OMG cody rhodes i really wanted randy orton to win and the undertaker no one can beat him and that really annoys me because rey mysterio is the 3 best in the world and hes only a 1 timed world heavy weight champion he should be like a 5 timed world heavy weight champion not a 1 john cena has won more world titles than rey chris jericho is crap and hes won the title 5 times the same as batista the best finishers tobstone chokeslam sweet chin music RKO pedigre fu codebreaker go to sleep spere last ride master lock batista bomb powerbomb ddt and there all good finishers and there not in an order

declan  6 years ago

match of the year i cant pick cena vs orton iron man macth or shawn vs taker wrestlmanai 25 or dx vs legacy subbmisions match i quit match cena vs orton event of the year survivior series bragging rights summerslam breaking point moment of the year taker puts long in a coffin and long said that cm punk will face punk in hell in a cell. legacy lock hhh out of the cell and make it legacy vs hbk cena puts him self through a table and loses his wwe title to sheamus for his 1 title dx win gold for the 1 time extreme moment of the year big show chokeslams cena on to a light at backlash shelton benjamin jumps of a 30 foot ladder at wrestlmania 25 hbk does sweet chin music to hhh 3 times at series superstar of the year cm punk john cena orton undertaker

JOSE MOHR 6 years ago

What about Macho Man Randy Savage?????

Sonu 6 years ago

Goldberg is the best than other wrestlers..................

declan 6 years ago

that doesnt make sence.Dx might break up cas hbk did sweeet chin music to hhh 3 times at survivior series and hhh did spinebuster to hbk on to the announcing table at survivior series and hbk did sweet chin music to hhh at royal rumble 2010.And i wonder if they are going to make a new show to replace ecw.When is the draft cas christian should move to raw or smackdown

declan 6 years ago

next time on smackdown it should be chris jericho vs edge and mickie james vs beth phoenix vs micheal mc cool for the womens championship and if edge goes to raw it should be sheamus vs edge and if batista goes to raw it should be john cena vs batista

Steve Austin 6 years ago

John Cena better take owen harts place and that is the bottom line cause stonecold said so!

declan 6 years ago

i can not belive that the big show and the miz are the new unified tag team champions.and they have hardly bean a tag team

Jake 6 years ago

1. Undertaker

2. Ric Flair

3. Bret Hart

4. Shawn Michaels

5. Stone Cold Steve Austin

6. The Rock

7. Hulk Hogan

8. Triple H

9. Scott Hall

10. Kurt Angle

john cena  6 years ago

undertaker is the best of all time 1 UNDERTAKER 2 john cena 3 yokozuna 4 ken shamrock 5 jeff hardy

anush 6 years ago

actually the list is okay , but here is my personnel list












declan 6 years ago

yokozuna 600 haystacks 601 big show 485 they are FAT and i dont no how much these ones way kan mark henry andre the giant batista undertaker

lt 6 years ago

dude sting is the best i mean his name is the icon and hes known as a legend among legands also he won bound for glory (TNAs bigest ppv) three times in a row one of which was against kurt angle aslo at that match kevin nash attacked sting but sting kicked both thier asses and won the title lastly he has the wins over hogan with no losses to him also scared the shit out of hogan in each of those fights

jason  6 years ago

i agree mostley evsepyt i would include aj styles for 3ed

john cena  6 years ago

1 undertaker 2 hulk hogan 3 scott hall 4 hbk 5 bret hart

Flopper 6 years ago

1. Ric Flair: His combination of athletic ability, wrestling skills, charisma, mic skills, the length of time he has maintained the spotlight, nearly four decades, and the countless up and coming wrestlers that he has been instrumental in "putting over", puts Ric Flair at the top of the list. There is simply no one else, in the "modern era" at least, who can even compare.

2. Hulk Hogan: Not the best moves in the ring, from a mat wrestling point of view, but the Hulkster's charisma and talking ability put more asses in more arena seats, and did more to make wrestling the huge business it is today, than any other.

3. Kurt Angle: The best mat wrestler, probably in the history of "pro wrestling". If that were his only qualification, he wouldn't even be on this list because great mat wrestling doesn't sell tickets. If it did, college wrestling would be just as big an industry, and selling out just as many huge arenas as "pro wrestling". What does make Kurt number three, is the fact that he also has charisma and mic skills to go along with his amazing athletic ability.

4. Stone Cold Steve Austin

5. The Rock

6. Terry Funk

7. Goldberg: You can make the point that his in-ring skills were not the best, but the fact of the matter is that for a brief period of time in the late 90's, he was the biggest drawing card in the business. It wasn't just the NWO that got people tuning into WCW instead of WWE on Monday nights. It was also Goldberg.

8. John Cena: I do not like John Cena's in-ring work. It really sucks, bad. I don't like the character he's playing. That also sucks. But, you can't deny that the kids like John Cena. Because of that, he sells merchandise, and he puts asses in seats. I might not like it, but he is very much responsible for keeping wrestling popular with the next generation today.

9.Bret Hart: Maybe Bret wouldn't be a popular of a figure if it weren't for the whole "Screwjob/Wrestling with Shadows" thing. Perhaps he has simply become a larger than life character because of those series of events happening at the right time, and the right place. Perhaps. But, he was still one of the greats, and thus, makes my list.

10. Chris Jericho: I almost forgot Jericho, but when you get right down to it, he's been doing this a long time, and he is one of the best ever. Mic skills, charisma, in-ring work. He is great at making the crowd hate him as a heel.

Honorable Mention, in no particular order: Dusty Rhodes, Edge, CM Punk, Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Randy Savage, Ricky Steamboat, Andre the Giant, Randy Orton, Ultimate Warrior, Sting, A.J. Styles, James Storm, Eddie Guerrero, Christian, Big Show, etc.....

Yes, I know I'm leaving out all those guys back in the early 20th century, who sold out huge arenas and colosseums. They probably deserve to be on my list, but that was before my time, and I don't really know enough about them. So let's just call this my own list of the wrestlers I'm at least somewhat familiar with, of my lifetime.

the undertaker 6 years ago

ok shawn micheals sucks

Repo Man 6 years ago

What about the 123 Kid?

He was awesome.

Skinner was also a legend.

B. Brian Blair from the Killer Bees should be top 3.

declan 6 years ago

OMG chris jericho world heavywhieght champion and batista wwe champion and on raw gail kim should be divas champion but she lost on raw

Cparsons 6 years ago

I gotta agree with the list for the most part. I just went through and read all the dumbass comments from people who don't understand the real sport of wrestling. It's easy to tell who actually know what they are talking about when it comes to this kind of stuff and you know your stuff. For the most part, you put people who actually knew how to wrestle and didn't just do what they were told to do in the ring, but understood what they were doing. HBK is definitely the best wrestler in the business. But i would make a few changes to my order. I'm not going to put it in any order, but my list would contain HBK, The Rock, Stone Cold, Chris Jericho, Rey Mysterio, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit, Hogan, AJ Styles, and Kurt Angle.....all these guys know how to actually wrestle and do more than just that. They entertain us while doing it. Honorable Mention: As much as I don't like the guy I have to put Brock Lesnar on my honorable mention list. He was a NCAA champ and he just plain knew what he was doing. Too bad his character reflected who he is as a person. he could have been a bigger star. Also on my honorable mentions list is Triple H and Macho Man.

rory 6 years ago

shawn michaels is the best

rory cooper 6 years ago

this is my top 10 best wrestlers 1.shawn michaels.he rules.he the only best wrestler ever. 2.john cena.he rocks you cant see me my time is now. 3.undertaker.he soooooooooooooo good.

B-MO 6 years ago

hulk hogan is the worst wrestler i thinkshelton benjamin should replace hogan and that kurt angle should be moved to #2 and have flair #3 and replace the rock and stone cold with john morrisonn and randy orton

declan  6 years ago

money in the bank should be cm punk hes won 2 and only being in 2 christian hes won alot of tlc matches and alot of ladder matches mvp in wrestlmania 24 he was about to win the match but matt hardy who wasnt in the match did twist of fate to mvp offf the ladder

manutdfan 6 years ago

batista is the bes wrestler of all time too

hahaha 6 years ago

Shawn Michaels sucks undertaker is the best because he is 17-0 at wrestlemainia

(next would be Hulk Hogan)

comicbookfan19 6 years ago

my list


2.ric flair

3.shawn micheals

4.randy savage

5.the undertaker

6.ricky steamboat

7.bret hart

8.andre the giant

9.arn anderson

10.stone cold

majdi 6 years ago

what about mike mizanan(otherwise known as the miz) he is the best wrestler now B/C he has been winning championship after championship. anyone agree with me

Flash Funk 6 years ago

The missing link should be no 1....A small man with little penis but good wrestler

junaid 6 years ago

shawn michaels is the best wrestler there is,there was and there ever will be...undertaker sucksssssssss like helll...i love hbk..i watch wwe only for this years wrestlemania he will kick takers asssss,but if he lost his career will end:(..if hbk leaves,i swear i will stop watching wwe..hbk is my reason to watch wwe..hhh is also good

batista 6 years ago

batista should be in the top 10

sadayo 6 years ago

batista is a better wrestler than triple h so he should be in the top 10 6 years ago


yousuf khan 6 years ago

only and only number one wrestler in the hole univere and he is the king of wrestler "BILL GOLDBERG" no one can be

sandesh 6 years ago

the undertaker is the best wrestler forever than john cena.

the most hatest person in the world is john cena

declan 6 years ago

u r the most hatest person in the world

Sting sucks 6 years ago

I'm tired of seeing all those stupid fanboys who says sting should be on the list. He's nowhere near austin, hogan or rock for that matter. He's never even been to wwe. sad.

WCW 6 years ago


First to bring the Indestructable character,great explosiveness,jackhammered the giant, not so good in ring

11.Macho Man: great image, entertaining, good wrestler but AMAZING promo's that although i didnt always understand made me smile every time ahaha

10. Mic Foley: no talent but this man put his all into this business, image wasnt great but he MADE it work and he was loved, love Mic Foley

9.Kurt Hennig:

Greaat Technical Wrestler, dedicated, great heel and made laot of wrestlers look good

8.Scott Hall:

GREAT persona and funny promos, great matches, mastermind behind his and stings characters, just so fucking cool

7.The Rock:

ok in ring, great explosiveness,amazing mic skills, one of the faces of the attitude era

6.Shawn Michaels:

annoying persona (cocky), plays both heel and baby very well, great for wwf and made a great comeback with amazing matches, in ring is okish

5.The Undertaker:

mostly an image here, ok wrestler,too gimmicky and honestly doesnt appeal to me but little kids jizz in their pants when they see him, he got old for me, but he is the underdog who got hsit on in wcw that made his way up and tha tearns him this spot

4.Bret Hart:

GREAT WRESTLER, amazing look, great in working heel and babyface and even as heel was loved but still played it well, only thing is his persona and mic skills could of been a bit better

3.Hulk Hogan:

HORRIBLE in ring wrestling HORRIBLE, but this man put wrestling on the map and this man did some amazing things in his early era that made him one of if not the most loved wrestlers of all time, this man started the largest wrestling revolution in wrestling history when he moved to WCW and made the biggest baby to heel turns ive ever seen, also brought alot of publicity to wrestling ,till this day put TNA on the map, although he is an egotistical cry baby....

2.Stone Cold:

Good wrestler, put on some great matches, loved by fans, took a blahh hillbilly character and turned him into a starrr, AMAZING PROMOS AND MIC ABILITY, THE face of the attitude era and the person who i feel raised the age demographic in the WWF overnight, the face of FUCK YOU ORDER


People will say im crazy for this but Sting for me is the NUMBER 1 GREATEST WRESTLER OF ALL TIME, This man has gone through every stage of wrestling and climbed from being hungry alongside the ultimate warrior to THE FACE of WCW.In ring ability was and even at 51 is still great, this man has it all, power moves,a loved finisher in the deathlock,speed and explosiveness,and people that dont hthink hes that great just look at his surfer days and thent ell me if you htink hes good or not, years of dedication and never jumped ship.....Sting was THE MAN responsible for the about 300 day ass whuping of the WWF, probably has the BEST image in wrestling history, great promos,storyline,attitude,gimmicks and mic skills.......Everyone says he did half the job and could never turn heel but i honestly dont see this as a negative because so many have tried to turn him heel and the man is just so loved that he gets cheered no matter what he does, STING IS A LEGEND, period!

Aleks 6 years ago

As if someone said what about Cena. More like, you need the Ultimate Warrior, and the Icon Sting.

sal24 6 years ago

1. CM Punk

2. who cares...

straight edge means im better dan u

fiaz 6 years ago

for me the tenth best wrestler would definitely be randy orton followed by edge at nine by bret hart at eight undertaker at seventh hulk hogan at sixth triple h at five followed by steve austin at forth followed by the rock at three followed by shawn micheals at secong and the greatest wrestler in the world kurt angle

declan 6 years ago


rory cooper 6 years ago

hey the real truth dolph ziggler is rubbish.he cant beat hornswoggle dx rule.and ive got two words for you.he sux

rory cooper 6 years ago

edge sux declan and your nickname is ducklan

rory cooper 6 years ago

these are the wrestlemania matches.undertaker vs shawn michaels.bret hart vs mr mcmahon.batista vs john cena.chris jericho vs in the bank match.big show and the miz vs john morrison and r-truth.triple h vs punk vs rey mysterio and a ten diva tag team match.after wrestlemania post your favourite match torrowow

edge  6 years ago

edge rocks declans write edge will win so will bret hart and hbk will win so declans write

rory cooper 6 years ago

edge sux and im nine years old.

declan 6 years ago

im 9 years old to edge rocks

darkness 6 years ago

apparently most of top legends have been mentioned here.....

but surprising most devastating and unstoppable power KANE is missing everywhere.........

rory cooper 6 years ago

what date declan

declan 6 years ago

17 th febuary 2001 wats yours

declan 6 years ago

OMG shawn micheals is not a wrestler eny more and john cena new wwe champion and jack swagger won money in the bank

declan  6 years ago

1 undertaker 18-0 AT WRESTLEMAnia 7 timed world heavyweight champion 2 batista 2 timed wwe champ 5 world champ 3 rey mysterio 3 timed intercontinental champ 1 timed

world champ 4 timed world tag team champ 4 john cena 2 timed world champ 9 timed wwe champ 2 timed tag team champ 5 triple h 13 timed wwe champ and dont know how many timed world champ 1 timed unified tag team champ 6 edge 9 timed world champ and 5 or 6 timed wwe champ 1 timed unified tag team champ 7 randy orton 8 big show 9 chris jericho 10 sheamus i would have put shawn miicheals 6th but he is not a wrestler eny more

rosebud 6 years ago

wheres Ernie the Cat Ladd

Prince Sean 6 years ago

shawn michales is the best!! whoa!!!

the only rocker.. nd for people who dont know, if it wasnt shawn michaels then stone cold and rock wud have neva been in d picture..

declan 6 years ago

jack swagger new world heavyweight champion and next week edge vs chris jericho and the winner of that will face jack swagger for the world championship that was the best smackdown ever and the great khali is going back to india for a while and shad attacked jtg

declan  6 years ago

my 2010 draft mraw get 6 picks matt hardy r truth john morrison beth pheniox cm punk rey mysterio have all been drafted to raw smackdown get 5 picks kofi kingston jack swagger carlito gail kim triple h

jack swagger new world champio 6 years ago

1 undertaker 3 john cena 2 batista 4 rey mysterio 5 triple h 6 edge 7 randy orton 8 chris jericho 9 big show 10 sheamus 11 kane 12 drew mcintyre 13 christian 14 cm punk it should be jack swagger vs edge vs chris jerich for the world heavyweight championship and john cena vs batista vs randy orton they matches should be at extreme rules

wwjd 6 years ago

declan ur a dumbfuck lol !

wwjd 6 years ago

just shut ur ass n look back in time!

HBK is.. well was (sadly) the best

so just put my 8-----D in ur mouth n shut the hell up !

youll do us all a favor !


wwjd 6 years ago

just shut ur ass n look back in time!

HBK is.. well was (sadly) the best

so just put my 8-----D in ur mouth n shut the hell up !

youll do us all a favor !


Omar Adel 6 years ago

1.goldberg 170 wins streak

2.stone cold

3.brock lesnar


5.john cena

you could argue with the rest and even you may argue with the 2nd till fifth places


declan 6 years ago

see shawn micheals is not the best of all time undertaker is

Khalel 6 years ago

Seriouly this list and every other list to come is definately wrong if its not like this:

The greatest wrestlers os all time are:

1. Goldberg

2. Stone Cold

3. The Undertaker

4. Bret Hart

5. Shawn Michaels

6. Rick Flair

7. Batista

8. Triple H

9. Kurt Angle

10. The Rock

Sanket 6 years ago

john cena is the best and should be ther in top5

Sanket  6 years ago

SORRY I MENT to say undertaker is the best john cena is 2nd

jack 6 years ago

the undertaker bret hart the rock stone cold steve austin hulk hogan triple h john cena shawn micheals batista edge undertaker is the best

rory cooper  6 years ago

2nd october 2000.older.edge rocks.

rory cooper 6 years ago

and omg is swereing.dx rule

rory cooper 6 years ago

but shawn michaels is old and he is a legend and he is my favourite wrestler.have you ever seen real wrestlers declan?

steven 6 years ago

your wrong john cena has got to be in thwe top 3

declan 6 years ago

yes i have cooper and taker is the best

Alina 6 years ago

I absolutely agree with number 1. Perfect choice. Austin and the Rock fit in perfectly too

rory cooper 6 years ago

have you seen bret hart?i have.

declan 6 years ago

so have i

joe/x 6 years ago

hbk is a bitch hes a wank an arswhole an shitebag just like you roy cooper this is it 1 taker 2 bret 3 hogan 4 rock 5 goldberg 6 austin 7 edge 8 hhh 9 hbk 10 batista

jez 6 years ago

joe/x keep quiet

Harsha 6 years ago

Stone cold steve austin is the best of all... Great man ever seen in the wwe... No one can replace him... Even the undertaker cant... Stone cold rocks and rule forever...

bigpoppashango 6 years ago

my favourites in the day were:

1. steve austin

2. undertaker

3. shamrock

4. benoit

5. mankind

6. bradshaw

7. the rock

8. steve blackman

9. mark henry (for his novilty name 'sexual chocolate' and relationship with may young!)

10. and of corse the blue meanie!!!

RetiredInTheBay 6 years ago

This List is a farce. OK its not too bad since you are limiting it to the last two decades. But where the heck is Don Leo Johnathon. Gorgeous George, Sweet Daddy Siki, Eduard Carpentier and Argintina Rocca to name a few. If you say "all time" then you have to go back to the 1950s at least. Remeber also That in the old days Title matches were 2 out of 3 falls with a 60 min time limit. Today very few boubts go more than 10 minutes. The majority of the guys I see on other lists posted here could not handle those conditions

My List

01. Eduard Carpentier

02. Lou Thez

03. Whipper Billy Rogers

04. Gorgeous George

05. Mad Dog Vachon

06. The Sheik

07. Rick Flair

08. Fritz Von Erich

09. Sweet Daddy Siki

10. Brett hart

nobpdy 6 years ago

are you serious ? Owen Hart , Triple H , Kurt Angle ? they were god but not the best wrestlers of all time look my list

1. ........JBL :)) hahahahahahahahaha just kidding the real #1 is Lou Testz

2. Hulk Hogan

3. Ric Flair

4. Shawn Michaels

5. Brunno Sannmartino (i put him here just because he holded the world title about 8 years)

6. The Fabolous Mollah (i know she's a women but it was the best women wrestler of all time)

7. The Rock

8. Stone Cold Steve Austin

9. The Undertaker

10.Bret Hart

And top 5 best entertainers :

1. Definetly The Rock

2. Stone Cold Steve Austin

3. Chris Jericho (Y2J not the actual)

4. Shawn Micaels

5. Triple H

And Yoshi Tatsu will be World Champion one day and will have a PPV winning streak hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!

weiricbp 6 years ago

As a long time fan this is how i see the top 10 wrestlers of all time

10 John Cena

09 Harley Race

08 Steve Austin

07 Shawn Michaels

06 Bob Backland

05 Bret Hart

04 Undertaker

03 Triple H

02 Ric Flair

01 Hulk Hogan

blazenX 6 years ago

Ho come you hate john cena? He is the best!!!! he is the best! i even got his autograph at the mall JOHN CENA ROCKS

blazenX 6 years ago

this is my list ( it is only 5)

1.John Cena

2.The Miz


4.Randy Orton

5.The Rock

declan 6 years ago

the miz is crap

THE END 6 years ago


hbk 6 years ago

hbk is best wrestler ok

Sofia 6 years ago

I was surprised to see hulk hogan as #6 actually. A lot of wrestlers say that Hulk Hogan was their inspiration, therefore I would consider Hulk Hogan the best. How old is he again? He may be a little too old for wrestling, but he can still beat those great wrestlers! :))))) but i like Shawn Michaels, too. :D

BlazenX 6 years ago

the miz isnt crap.he is just okay he is the united state champion but john cena is alot better

declan 6 years ago

well the miz is all wright and taker is the best john cena is good and randy orton you where so close to winning the world heavyweight championship but u did your best unlucky

knslms profile image

knslms 6 years ago from North Carolina Author

I agree however all of those but taker are up and comers plus I wrote this a couple of years ago

Abdullah 6 years ago

HBK is really the Best there is ,there was and there ever will be. I think ric flair is overrated. Undertaker should be in top 5

Abdullah 6 years ago

i collect slamm attax evolutoin and i have 10 raws and 14 smackdowns and 12 ecws and and nine pay per views and 4 belts and 3 champions and 7 finishing moves and 2 weapons and 1 limated edions

declan 6 years ago

i have 10 finishing moves and 8 champions and 9 belts and 23 raws and 25 smackdowns and 17 ecws and 4 tag teams and 13 ledgends and 7 weapons and 3 match types and all the pay per vies and 1 limited edition and all together thats 131 out of 191

DX HBK HHH  6 years ago

my list will be:

1.Triple H


3.The Rock

4.John Cena

5.The Animal (Batista)

6.Rey Mistirouis

7.The Under Taker

8.CM Punk

9.Kurt Angle

10.Big Show

John cena 1 6 years ago

John Cena is the best.all of you who says john cena is bad fucks.he can defeat a giant like big show as well as technically skilled wrestlers like kurt angle,HBK etc. he is always the underdog and he still wins. he can FU giants like big show.he also has one of the best submissions STFU.

he is very strong man for his size.

wasim 6 years ago

hi,i think we suppose to go through list by there service and talent,as per my view bret hart deserve more value than shawn & hogan.he did alot for wwf.i am not his fan but when u talk about something outstanding than one should think before numberize anyone.hogan can be on no 2,

wasim 6 years ago

hi,i think we suppose to go through list by there service and talent,as per my view bret hart deserve more value than shawn & hogan.he did alot for wwf.i am not his fan but when u talk about something outstanding than one should think before numberize anyone.hogan can be on no 2,

declan 6 years ago

wwe smackdown vs raw 2011 i quit match coffin match stretcher match buried alive match ambulance match 3 stages of hell 4 on 4 5 on 5 6 on 6 8 man money in the bank match punjabi prison match lumberjack match speical guest referee match they should have they matches on wwe smackdown vs raw 2011

Billy Jensen 6 years ago

This is supposed to be the ten top wrestlers of all time. It seems you have only picked wrestlers of late. Sad you are so blind-sided.

kyle 6 years ago

i like r truth triple h batista john morrison the sting undertaker randy orton and shawn michals mark henrys pretty cool too

John cena 1 6 years ago

my other favorite wrestler is Undertaker because he is undefeated at wrestlemania

GCH 6 years ago

Too many greats to only list 10. Here is my top 20

1. Ric Flair

2. Shawn Michaels

3. Bret Hart

4. Stone Cold Steve Austin

5. Triple H

6. The Rock

7. Sting

8. The Undertaker

9. AJ Styles

10. Kurt Angle

11. Chris Jericho

12. Chris Benoit

13. Randy Orton

14. Samoa Joe

15. Edge

16. Eddy Guerrero

17. Rey Mysterio

18. Mick Foley

19. John Cena

20. Batista

Goldberg,Booker T,RVD,Savage,Hall,Nash,Kane,Jeff Hardy,DDP,Sabu,CM Punk,Daniels,JBL,Jeff Farret should also come pretty close. Hogan's a BITCH!!!!

ITZME 6 years ago

FInally a list I agree with almost perfectly. 10 instead of Owen would be Sting or Goldberg for me

declan  6 years ago

my over the limit predictions are john cena vs batista my winner new wwe champion batista jack swagger vs the big show my winner new world heavywieght champion the big show rey mysterio vs cm punk my winner rey mysterio drew mcintyre vs kofi kingston my winner and still intercontinental champion drew mcintyre the hart dynasty vs the miz and chris jericho my winner and still unified tag team champions the hart dynasty edge vs randy orton my winner randy orton

1 taker

2 batista

3 rey mysterio

4 john cena

5 triple h

6 randy orton

7 edge

8 chris jericho

9 the big show

10 sheamus

declan 6 years ago

match of the year batista vs john cena extreme rules

match of the year undertaker vs shawn micheals wm 26

match of the year smackdown elimanation chamber

match of the year 2010 royal rumble

whitch one do you fink is the match of the year so far

weez 6 years ago

All i have to say is Cael Sanderson; and i hope none of you that commented on this are older that 13

declan  6 years ago

shocker of the year edge returns and win the royal rumble

shocker of the year jack cashes in money in the bank and

wins world heavyweight title

shocker of the year shawn michaels is forced to retire

shocker of the year bret hart fake his injury

whitch one do you fink is the shocker of the year

ggadsf 6 years ago

john cena is the champ!

ggadsf 6 years ago

john cena is the champ!

Abdullah 6 years ago

My top ten-

1-Hulk Hogan

2-Ric Flair

3-Shawn Michaels

4-Dusty Rhodes

5-Jonh Cena

6-Harley Race

7-Stone Cold Steve Austin

8-Andre The Gaint

9-The Rock

10-Buruo Sammartino

urbeman 6 years ago

for me

1 cena

2 hbk

3 hhh


5 randy ortan

6 rey mysterio

7 edge

8 big show

9 chritian

10 r truth

Jamie 6 years ago

1 Shawn Micheals

2 Triple HHH

3 Edge

4 Big Show

5 Hulk Hogan

6 Steve Austin

7 John Cena

8 Randy Orton

9 John Morrison

10 Undertaker

GARDIG 6 years ago

personality and charisma are important but some of the PUREST tallent is absent from this list these guys should be considered... crhis beniot, eddie gurrero, curt henning, RVD, randy savage to name a few. like the owen hart selection.

declan 6 years ago

over the limit winners

big show


drew mcintyre

eve torres

r truth

the hart dynasty


rey mysterio

declan 6 years ago

over the limit winners

big show


drew mcintyre

eve torres

r truth

the hart dynasty


rey mysterio

abcrap 6 years ago

for me you cant really say who is the best when there done with their carrear 6 years ago

Top 10...#1Kurt Angle,#2Bret"Hitman"Hart,#3Sting,#4Stonecold,#5Rob Van Dam,#6 Brock Lesnar,#7Chris Benoit,#8Shawn Michaels,#9The Rock,#10Goldberg.Sorry Goldberg haters i Love his intensity!!!Now this is top 10 "WRESTLERS" NOT ENTERTAINERS !!! 6 years ago

OOPS ! I forgot to put UNDERTAKER in my top 10.I'll put him at #9 instead of The Crock !

declan  6 years ago

omg batista u should have beat cena

declan 6 years ago

batista quits

declan 6 years ago


rahul 6 years ago

hey...this is shit. what about the undertaker's undefeated streak.its the best in sports entertainment...he should realy be no.1

declan  6 years ago

undertaker is number 1 he is 18-0 at wrestlamania he is 7-foot and weights 299 pounds has won 15 titles 9 timed world champ and has been a tag team champion on seven occasoins with four diffrent partners - the rock/kane/stone cold steve austin/ big show/

declan  6 years ago

undertaker has played in 10 hell in a cell matches and his record is won 6-4 lost and has played many matches and has won most of them he has been a wrestler for an amazing 26 years and a legend ever since

i am sorry i said he is a nine timed world heavyweight champion he is a 7 timed world champion

saad98 6 years ago

1 goldberg

2 brett hart

3 undertaker

4 johncena

5 chrisbenoit

6 reymysterio

7 jeffhardy

8 hulkhogan

9 hbk

10 brooklesnar

ceco 6 years ago

where is kane nobody say kane i think he deserve to be in top 10

Kishu 6 years ago

According to me here is the list for 2009-10..

1. The Undertaker

2. Triple H

3. Shawn Michaels

4. Stone Cold Steve Austin

5. The Rock And Hulk Hogan

6. Ric Flair And Bret Hart

7. Gold Berg

8. Kurt Angle And Chris Benoit

9. Brock Leasner

10. John Cena And Chris Jerico

aswad 6 years ago


declan  6 years ago

2. shawn micheals

Abbas 6 years ago

Undertaker is the greatest wrestler alive or dead..

3:16 6 years ago

Stone Cold no.1

See wrestling is all scripted, so its just entertainment and 3:16 brought wwe into lives of people...

yo mama 6 years ago

MY list

1. eddie r.i.p

2. the rock

3. the undertaker

4. shwan micheals

5. triple h

6. hulk hogan

7. rey mysterio

8. goldberg

9. steve austin

10. kurt angle

Raj 6 years ago

DUde Ur ratings are super cool i agree with u bro :) All the peopl who support john cena and new wrestlers are jsut mere beginer fans of wwe and dont know about the history and attitude era ..wich was the best time in WWE(wwf) ... so I 100% agree with ur ratings bravo

DR PINKDRAGON  6 years ago


Mr. X 6 years ago

where is bill goldberg ???

Vintage 6 years ago


declan 6 years ago

i took a brake from this websise because all of u people talking a load of shite now im back and undertaker is #1 and how is the person that made this website cos i wanna talk to him

adel 6 years ago

how the hell is shawn n1 ???

i mean just look to the carrer of hul hogan !!

he is he best !!

and why is owen even of the list ??

where is sting ??

my list goeas like this :

10 - shwan michaels

9 - the undertaker

8 - bret hart

7 - kurt angle

6 - triple h

5 - sting

4 - steve austin

3 - kevin nash !!!!

2 - ric flair

1 - the hulkster !!


rory 6 years ago

have any of you ever touched a real wrestler live?

rory cooper 6 years ago

hi declan

#1 HBK FAN 6 years ago





rory cooper 6 years ago

it was hbk birthday on the 22nd of july

rory cooper 6 years ago

and triple h birthday is on the 27th of july. look on wikipedia

declan 6 years ago

hi rory i wish triple h a happy birthday

declan  6 years ago

its dolf ziglers birthday on 27th of july

the man  6 years ago

who is the best hbk or undertaker......THATS A NO BRAINER....HBK the undertaker has only won 2 matches against HBK (wrestlemania 25&26) HBK however has beaten him in casket matches/hell in the cell matches.....HELL he even defended his wwe title against him (1 or 2 times!!)

undertaker 6 years ago

undertaker the best wrestler 4 ever

declan  6 years ago

will and give me a name for a pay per view

declan 6 years ago

sorry about that will some1 give me a name for a ppv

taker is best 6 years ago

1.undertaker 2.ric flair 3.andre the gaint 4.hulk hogan 5.chris jericho 6.rock 7.hbk 8.stone cold 9.triple h 10.john cena 11.randy orton 12.edge

danny 6 years ago

After just getting through his autobiography mate, I'm now convinced shawn is number 1. He was always in my top 3 choices- hbk was everything mcmahon could have asked for n he delivered. clearly some prats who have commented on yor list are clueless [cena,big show n BATISTA?!! surley having a laugh!] when it comes to all time knowledge. though i respect you opinion on owen, and most would put him up there top 20 at least, but curt hennig was just as much the athlete if not better and great on the mic too.....anyroad here's mine

danny 6 years ago

top 20. 20- dynamite kid- such a sad rags to ritches n back tale of one of the sport's true masters, such an influnce to many

19- owen hart- shadowed by his bro mostly throughout, his belief and passion shone RIP

18- chris beniot- another wasted talent! phenomenal technichtion in the ring, modern day dynamite kid with advanced submission skills. RIP

17- sting- yes let's not forget wcw n when in its glory days, sting was at the top of the card for obvious reason..he had charisma,physique n could actually wrestle

16- ricky staemboat- im now old enough to appreciate the dragon and his match with savage at WMIII is regarded as the finest today n really propelled him [but why aint macho in hall of fame yet?!]

15- curt hennig- really was the 'perfect' wrestler and for me the gratest ic champion [when it meant something] there has been

14- ted dibiase- one of wrestligs greatest heels n mouths, he was loyal to vince and sold moves like no one before him, full of great ideas also for the buisness. so underated hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

13- randy savage- it seems we have all forgot the impact savage had in wwe, but never got over into the modern era well [the same would happen to warrior, but thats for a number of reasons]

12- the rock- i never enjoyed watching his matches, he was fantastic for the entertainment value, and pushed the attitude era to another level wit it- but if were speaking on wrestling itself like hogan, he was lackluster in the ring..

11- triple h- presents himself well in all respects, legend good counter for hbk in the original dx, can't believe that smug,skinny little blonde blueblood! nothing else to prove

10- kurt angle- even in tna he's given his body to the company, better heel than face mind, creates classics and fun to watch the old school style today oh n he's a gold medalist of course!

9- undertaker- where do ya start with taker, he is just as good now as he was when brother love brought him in. to me he's done an incredible amount of good for vince but always seen him as just undertaker, he's always been there! his personality changes and fueds are stuff o legend

8- bruno sammartino- an innovator of the wwe the first wwe champion and still holds the record for that title's reign. before the bright lights n glitz of raw,nitro etc

7- harley race- forget his late 80's 'king' stint in wwe, he should be always be remembered for his proggrames with flair in the nwa, some damn good bouts when them two locked horns!

6- lou thesz- planted the wrestling seed

5- stone cold steve austin- saved vince's dream, by putting them back in the frame, the face of wwe in the attitude era,again not the best talent between the ropes but god he made up for that with a mic in 1 n a beer in other, certain ol jr would stack him at the top...'STONE COLD' 'STONE COLD!' made himself n the gimmick a household name

4- hulk hogan- speaking of which, im onto the babe ruth star of pro wrestling. hulk is loved the world over, a perfect image for a young un to be inspired by n look up to. i always think he's so predictible though [pre n post nwo] and bores me to watch him now, and he's a shit wrestler . its just not the same as it was back in day with andre,dibiase,earthquake,piper etc. when i think about it it was just as much them selling the promo's n matches for him, but he's hulk hogan and he paved the way n thats a credit to him.

3- bret hart- where as the 'hitman' earned his stripes, from slaving in the dungeon, going up the tag team ranks with neidhart ic then would tear it up on the top card with shawn, bret had only one thing missing..personality, but what he did in the ring made us not care

2- ric flair- whoooooooooo well what can you say that hasn't already been about the 16 time world champion..enough said

1- shawn michaels- ric flair quoted him the greatest ever...justified

2- ric flair

akalank prakash 6 years ago

randy is the best

PIECAA 6 years ago












rashawn 6 years ago

naw homie. the rock is the best











9. HHH


sandman 6 years ago

personally i dont think most of these so called wrestlers would have lasted very long against real old time wrestlers like the great gama,george hackensmidst or gotch.

ngse 6 years ago

sting- hulk hogan - ricky steamboat randy savage- undertaker- austin- hbk- benoit-bret heart

suck that u kids who know nothing of wrestling

ngse 6 years ago

sting- hulk hogan - ricky steamboat randy savage- undertaker- austin- hbk- benoit-bret heart

suck that u kids who know nothing of wrestling

chris 6 years ago

YES YES YES, finaly someone agrees, that without a shadow of a dought SHAWN MICHEALS is the greatest wrestler to ever live

hb 6 years ago

dude whoever does agree with no. 1 on this list has no idea what the wwf was like. This new wwe bullshit took a lot of bullshit when they conjoined wcw and raw is war and warzone was the real bad ass wrestling show while Monday night nitro wcw was the kiddie shit. Shawn dominated wther he was with mart jannety in the rockers, dx with hhh and chyna or all on his lonesome slinging down the zipline to the middle of the ring this guy was the showstopper the icon the main event mr wrestlemania himself tell me who brought the ladder match to life? Who dominated royal rumble who was the first to attack the wcw coporate buildings. You'd have to write a book the size of harry potters book just to list the accomplishments of hbk. Losing at wm means nothing if he wanted to stay he would have won and you all know that. Thank you sir for telling the truth the wwe would be nothing if the name shawn the heart break kid michaels the icon the main event the show stopper mr fucking wrestlemania never existed point period blank.

bill 6 years ago

1)andre the giant

2)the rock

3)steve austin

4)hulk hogan

5)the great khali


7)randy orton

8)the undertaker

9)john cena


D-Mart85 6 years ago

Goldberg is the best ever in my opinion. To not have him in the top 10 is rediculous. He beat daym near all of these legends. His power, speed, agility, athleticism, explosiveness cant be matched. I mean theres a reason he went 100 something and O my god. Goldberg was one of the beastlyiest human beings I have ever seen in my entire life. GOLDBERG = GOAT

bloody hel 6 years ago

f off

danny 6 years ago

....tag team?? would have to go the road warriors, but the top ten should also list the steiners,dudleys,and demolition.

taker2 6 years ago


shivam 6 years ago

I Think triple is best wrestler of all time

my (top10)

1 triple h

2 hbk

3 stone cold

4 undertaker

5 randy orton

6 the rock

7 john cena

8 bret hart

9 edge/jericho

10 sheamus

amit 6 years ago











Zeno 6 years ago

HBK is not my top 1 but i respect your alot alot. No other modern wrestler in history have a better combination of mat and mic skills like HBK ('except of course for my #1, of which Michaels is the closest thing).

10. Sting

9. Kurt Angle

8. Andre The Giant

7. The Undertaker

6. Bret Hart

5. Shawn Michaels

4. The Rock

3. Stone Cold Steve Austin

2. Hulk Hogan

1. Ric Flair

RichK 6 years ago

I think your comments about sting are wrong sting carried wcw from 97 to 99 i remember the matches against ddp sting carried what was (supposed)to be wcws biggest pay per view starrcade 97 if it wasnt for sting who would the nwo compete against your not forgetting the ratings that sting drew for wcw! I think if sting joined the wwe a few years he would of been a great heel imagine the possibility of a taker sting match its a shame sting is too loyal from the wwes point of view he would certainly be in my top 10!

1.Ric flair

2.The undertaker

3.Bret hart

4.Hulk hogan



7.Shawn michaels

8.Kurt angle

9.Chris benoit

10.Curt hennig

6 years ago


kaizer 6 years ago

i don agree if goldberg is not here

joey5151 6 years ago

1.randy orton

2.triple h

3.shawn michaels

4.stone cold


6.bret heart

7.ric flair

8.rob van dam

8.the rock

9.rey mysterio

10.kurt angle

liban randy orton  6 years ago

for me the best wrestler is the


bret hart

hulk hogan


ston cold stev austin

the rock

triple h

shawn michael

randy orton

jeef hardy

sheamus and john cena

JIK 6 years ago


danchester 6 years ago

mine is

1) Bret Hart

2) HBK

3) Owen Hart

4) British Bulldog

5) Kurt Angle

6) Mr Perfect

7) Undertaker

8) Hulk Hogan

9) Dynamite Kid

10) HHH

SooperAl 6 years ago

John Cena is one of the worst wrestlers I have ever seen in the ring and so is Batista. Shawn Michaels is the best wrestler to ever set foot in a ring anyone with eyes that ever watched wrestling would know that. Stone Cold and the rock where entertaining but neither were good wrestlers Hogan was popular but not a good wrestler. If I made a list it would look like this 1)HBK 2)Chris Jericho 3)Bret Hart 4)Ric Flair 5)Edge 6)HHH 7)Rey Mysterio 8)Chris Benoit 9) Sting 10)Undertaker If you noticed NO Rock,Steve Austin,John Cena,Hulk Hogan, Batista cause if your talking about great wrestling then these guys are not a part of a great wrestling list. I honestly dont think the Undertaker is a great wrestler but he has had some great matches, to me a great wrestler is someone who can be in a match with anyone and make it entertaining,there are not many wrestlers like that, but Shawn Michaels is one of those guys and so is Chris Jericho so naturally when they were in the ring together it was amazing. If your goin to make a great wrestler list you should use wrestlers that are really good at wrestling and not pick some just based on popularity in conclution Goldberg sucks too.

Wesley Wood  6 years ago

i dont really agree with this list triple H to me kinda sucks lol i do agree with owen heart but bret is kinda a sale out i liked him at one time but now hes sucking vinces dick its kinda pathetic Kurt i agree hogan meh hes ok stone cold definate what about eddie guererro and chris benoit O.o

haneesh 6 years ago

bret "hit man" hart is the greatest wrestler the world had ever seen...

declan 6 years ago

cena is good he is better than nexus and orton has improved over the past weeks he deserves to be champ

TheGameHHH 6 years ago

1. Shawn Michaels

2. Triple H

3. The Rock

4. Stone Cold Steve Austin

5. The Undertaker

6. Hulk Hogan

7. Ric Flair

8. Bret Hart

9. John Cena

10.Macho Man Randy Savage

danny 6 years ago

how the fuck is bret sucking vince?? check mate it was hbk that begged vince to bring bret back and being not quite the entertainer and having the charisma of shawn, he sure as hell was a better mat technition inside the ring.His father also trained benoit and jericho,so based on the wrestling... y2j,edge and kurt will all concurr with whom the greatest is,was,and ever will be.......was!

Wesley Wood  6 years ago

ok first of all i dont even think john cena is a wrestler hes just some failure that wrestling made up for money and all his matches were scammed i mean cmon the dude sucks lol watch the vid of ecw fans screaming all these names at him throwing his shirt back the only fans he has are kids.Also christian for champ if christian would ge t the push i would go back to WWE prob not though they need to make it tv 14 and stop worrying about the kids

Wesley Wood  6 years ago

Oh and about bret he made such a big thing about owen granted he should have they failed at what happen to owen.but bret said all this shit about oh i hate wwe now ill never return vince lied blah blah blah and what happens he returns for the money lol to me he kinda sold out

Gourav Dey 6 years ago

Gold berg is the best

danny 6 years ago

i personally have read the autobiography and watched 'wrestling with shadows'and i honestly believe hbk begged him to come back in order for him to retire with peice of mind, as for questioning his loyalty? bret stuck with vince for him and for the fans, other than opting for the big brass like hogan and savage and working against vince. admitidly he swallowed up to come back,but with a career and fanbase that size, isn't it only right for all that he has returned given what himself and the entire hart family (stu,owen,davey boy,anvil and the other siblings who wrestled for and ran 'stampede wrestling') have contributed to the buissness....oh and yes john cena and batista both suck

yousufkhan 6 years ago

realy all of you are very stupid because without any doubt world greatest super star and number one all all time ever is only BILL GOLDBERG no doubt about it thats why great bill goldberg beaten all of your super stars badly.

timmy 6 years ago

5 names come to my head

1.bret hart





bret hart what can u say best known wrestler


sting every time you hear his name you know he is good never wrestled for wwe wwf but still has left a leagacy proves his class


m.jordan of wrestling

shit holds but

is the biggest draw in history


what more can u sayy

bischoff not a wrestler but the best promoter in histor

hbkman 6 years ago

My list would be

1. shawn micheals (Never forgotten in WWE)

2. Ric flair

3. Stonce cold

4. DX (Bff;s i now its a tag team but wat the hell?)

5. bret hart

cant think of anymore

dx/are/gay 6 years ago

kofi kingston TEAM SMACKDOWN

all berto dio

tyler reks

rey mysterio

jack swagger


big show captian


santino marella TEAM RAW

john morrison

r truth


still to be decided

the miz captian

declan 6 years ago

no u missed cm punk on team raw

wip my ass 6 years ago

enyone got an xbox 360 because my gamertag is

celtic keane07 add me please

wwe fan 6 years ago

1 undertaker

2 ric flair

3 shawn micheals

4 stone cold steve austin

5 hulk hogan

thats the top 5

Sreejith 6 years ago

Hey one thing you all agree is HBK aka Shawn Michaels is one of the best..and those who have been fans of wrestling does know he is the best..ric flair and hogan went to wcw yeah wcw had the mone still wwf never went out of business and shawn was the reason. they bought in nwo wwf bought would not hv happened without shawn and HHH..the laid the foundation for the attitde era

Burn™ 6 years ago

I don't know what standards you have followed in this list, but they are surely not tangible. Perhaps you have based them on personal favoritism, but that doesn't entitle you to label the list as the Top 10 Best Wrestlers of all time.

Now, at Sreejith, what do you mean by saying that Shawn was the reason that WWF never went out of business? He was the reason they nearly went out of business, and had it not been for Steve Austin, there would be no big wrestling company today.

DX was not responsible for the Attitude Era. It was Stone Cold. His character gained steam in late 1996-97, and he was already selling more merchandize as a mid card heel, than both Bret and Shawn were as the top faces of the company. That was when Vince was finally convinced to change the direction of his product. DX was nothing more than a rip off on the nWo, and remained that up until the McMahon-Helmsley faction was formed.

And please, Shawn is nowhere even close to being the best. He was never a draw. He took several years to get accepted as a main event threat. He was nothing more than average on the mic. His in-ring skill is half style and half substance: the amount of time he spends flashing about is incredible, and I don't get why he is regarded as one of the greatest, when people like Angle, Benoit and Steamboat have also graced the same ring. And don't get me started on his work ethic. There is nothing good to say about that.

akash 6 years ago

1.jeff hardy




5.randy orton

danny 6 years ago

have to agree with burn there it all began with the pillman's (forgot about flyin' brian!) in late 96'but as for wrestling itself, just want to note that charisma and matt skills is not the be all n end all in sports entertainment! lucha libre??for the young know enthusiasts who enjoy the ringwork- try these old gem's... ric flair vs ricky 'dragon' staemboat (any from 1989) bret hart vs davey boy smith (summerslam 92- exeptionally good match) chris benoit vs kurt angle (wrestlemania 17) shawn michaels vs marty jannty (raw july 93) start with

maha 6 years ago

johncena is best of all the time and better than rock stone cold hulk hogan n others in every respect

6 years ago

I'll say that REY MYSTERIO should be included in the top ten because he had done the impossible .NOT ONCE...

shivam 6 years ago

1 rfrrf

chainedprince 6 years ago

in my opinion,shawn deserve his spot

LoL11 6 years ago

Burn™ F*ck you,hbk is the best there ever was,next to taker

go suck cena's dick you f*cking kid

wrestlingexpert 6 years ago

The most idiotic list ever. U go by who has won the most world title matches,longevity,promo skills.Duh! That would put Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan on Tier 1 looking down at every one else. Start with the 2 men who made wrestling big in both major organizations up until 2000. Macho Man cannot be left off any Top 5. He helped make Hulkster and ric flair and had great success in both WCW and WWF.It's a friggin TRAVESTY he isnt a first ballot hall of

jason 6 years ago

the rock and stone cold made the wwe great

JOE BLOGS 6 years ago


Brendan 6 years ago


shashi 6 years ago

ilike it

aditya 6 years ago

listen frds. .hbk z d number 1 n dats a fact. . . .wrestling z dam fake. . .the moves r real bt matches r fixed...cena d most overrated fuckng wrestler ever. .he win matches bec mcmahon wants money through hz mechandise...u all may make ur top 10. . Bt hbk deserves hz spot. . He takes awsme bumps. .great as a face. .great as a heel. .tremendous in-ring ability. . Knws how to make others luk gud. .mr wrestlemania. .always steals d show. . Hhh is the previous version of cena,remember b4 he usd to take place of cena . .winng titals,matches,etc. . .my top 10-

1-hbk shawn michaels


3-ric flair



6-bret hart

7-bruno samartino

8-lou thesz

9-kurt angle,its true

10-sting. The miz z wwe z future star bec i tnk he can sel gud merchandize.hez morrisn z hugely underrated.n hulk z equal to cena,4gt hm.rko n edge,dn lot in wwe,bt still r nt all tym greats.i hope u all r satisfied.

danny 6 years ago

were not all ignorant cunts who can't overlook the choregraphy and ploy's in pro wrestling and appreaciate the athletisism and craft involved.......

Dutchwr 6 years ago

Where is the Total package ? who ? LEX LUGER !

Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, Sting, Luger > best wrestlers ever.

sonia 6 years ago

rock is not a good wrestler. because he only behave like he is the best but he is a rubbish

Pure Excitement 10 6 years ago

OK This is the best 10 purely for mass appeal in TV not good actual wrestler, not best safe performer, not best mouth piece but best marketable and exciting and believable(inducing suspension of dis belief) strong man wrestler.

10,Kevin Nash

9,Chris Benoit



6,The Rock






Xx Ryan Xx 6 years ago

how can maxine and horrnswogle kiss

knslms profile image

knslms 6 years ago from North Carolina Author

I never get tired of reading these comments. I just want to reply to some of these ingorant comments:

One person said my list is idiotic - I clearly stated that this was my opinion only, however I made this list based on the wrestling business as a whole and not a t.v. show.

To Burn - I love how you use a little knowledge of wrestling history to make your self sound knowledgeable about wrestling. You will not have to research very long to find out your incorrect on a few things. One big thing is that Bret and shawn were certainly not top faces during that time period. They were almost always in feud with one another and one of them was almost always a heel. if your not clear on something that simple you really shouldn't be trying to tell me that what I write isn't tangible. Yes stone cold out sold the others. He did it with a cheap and easy gimmick, and thats the only thing he was good at. He was in wrestling years before this as a mid carder, the only reason people even remember his name is because of that gimmick. His gimmick quickly ran out of steam and he was not able to keep it going. Shawn Michaels on the other hand had a gimmick that was nearly impossible to get over with the crowd with. Not only did he make it work but he reinvinted it time and time again and made it work his entire career.

People want to argue that shawn struggled to get in to the main event level. Really? Thats one of the things that makes him so great he didnt struggle because of a lack of talent, he struggled because he was a small guy in a time that there was no small main eventers. The stage writers felt that it would not be believable for a guy like shawn to defeat a guy like taker or sid. Shawn and bret both broke this barrier and made it very believable, unlike today when we see rey mystereo wrestle cane.

Burn you spoke of his work ethic which really showed your ignorance in this matter. I'm sure your confused obout his attitude and drug problems, but work ethic was one of the many things that set him aside. I understand that people only know what they see and hear, and most only want to watch the show and thats it. Thats fine but don't come up hear telling me that my list isn't tangible when you really don't know what your talking about.

I really love the people who just name a wrestler from earlier years and say they should be the best, and that I'm not really knowledable because I left them out. The fact is that most of these people are just callin out the first old name they can remember so they can sound like they know something. Most of the older wrestlers just wasn't that great. Of course I named a lot of wrestlers from the height of wrestlings popularity, I honestly would think that it would go with out saying that It was at its peak because these guys were so good!

To the guy that said that taker should be no. 1 because of his wrestlemania streak - I hate to break it to you buddy but wrestling is a t.v. show ITS SCRIPTED!

Someone also mentioned macho man randy savage - You said that Flair and Hogans success had a bit to do with him. I think you have that backwards.

There is comment after comment of people expressing thier opinions as facts and then go on to say that what I have put here is wrong or idiotic. Well The first thing I put on this article was that this is my opinion, however since everyone wants to be this way about it... This list is based on facts about the wrestling business as a whole. The majority of the wrestlers on this list are not my favorites some of them I really dont even like but I had to be fair.

C'Mon Man! 6 years ago

Scott Hall is so disgustingly underrated it's sick. By far the most entertaining wrestler ever. Add to that he was a sensational technical wrestler. Lastly he never had an ego that would stop him from putting guys over heck who put more guys over the Hall?

Huge as the Bad Guy Razor Ramon

Shifted balance of power from WWF to WCW when he left WWF and created the NWO in WCW

Created Sting's Crow image, as well was for Goldberg's undefeated streak

Hey Yo!, It's Survey Time, 1 More for the Bad Guys (sometime's good guys lol) Don't sing it Bring it, The Workin Man's Champion the People's Choice, You can go down there.... ya you know where, 6 foot 6 and more handsome then 10 movie stars and many more

Guy was a genius in the wrestling business

knslms profile image

knslms 6 years ago from North Carolina Author

Yeah I can agree with that he was good and actually had a big role in making the nwo what it was. Its to bad that he let himself get caught up so much in the drugs that it kept him from ever reaching his potential

ring9 6 years ago

well i really love ur list.totally agree with you,but a litttle disappointed cause i think Eddie Gurrero really deserved that no.10 spot.

DM 6 years ago






Batista fan 6 years ago

U r really a selffucker man really

Vince Mcmahon 6 years ago

1 - Shawn Michaels.

2 - Undertaker.

3 - Bret Hart.

4 - Razor Ramon.

5 - Stone Cold Steve Austin.

6 - Rock.

7 - Hulk Hogan.

8 - Triple H.

9 - Ric Flair.

10- Andre the Giant.

Sebo 6 years ago

What about the man called Sting? Where would you place him?

Sebo 6 years ago

The more I read teh comments on this page, the more interested I get. Could you tell me your criteria for selecting wrestlers for this top 10 position and maybe we can have a discussion.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

knslms profile image

knslms 6 years ago from North Carolina Author

What exactly is a selffucker man? Really?

Y3J 6 years ago


KP 6 years ago


Blake 6 years ago

I use to be a huge fan of Austin but Im starting to like Rock more than anybody.

I think when you look at it , Rock's in-ring ability was underated and he actually in my mind is a better wrestler than Triple H.

Rock wrestled in WWE for 9 years total and all together about 11 years in pro wrestling from 1995 - 2004.

He had not the best WWE Championship run but he held it as good as any other champion and plus he's a 9 time world champion , first man to hold WWE Title 7 yimes and too me had the most title defenses out of any WWE superstar past or present when you watch all his matches including Raw , smackdown , Heat , House shows and the PPV'S.

Rock is now my favorite wrestler ever and is the best entertainer in professional wrestling history but also a good solid underated in-ring guy. His fueds were the best , he fueded with great wrestler's and his title matches were the best too me in WWE history.

Anthony P. 6 years ago

The Rock is just as good as anybody and he should defeintly think about maybe coming back as a part time wrestler but I ain't mad for Rock leaving. The Rock is not known for his in ring skills but his skills payed off and too me he was better than alot of guys inside the ring and he is number 1 on the mic and forever will be no doubt about it but he wrestled for a good amount of time not like it was 15 too 20 years but he didn't have too because he was bigger than that.

The Rock is indeed the total package!

1. Mic Skills Check

2. Charisma Check

3. Fans / Popularity Check

4. In Ring Skills Check but also underated but good.

5. Stage Presence Check

6. Ability to draw viewers Check

7. Classic Legendary Wrestling figure Check

8. Icon Check

9. Hall Of Fame Material Check and should of been in there in 2008.

10. Worthy Champion why not Check (He didn't have the longiest reign but the way he defended it almost through a whole week , a true champion also puts his title on the line anywhere at anytime so he deserves it.)

11. Face of the company well he was at one point Check

Rock certainly was the most un appreciated guy in wrestling so for that if he were to read this cooment , please Rock , you don't need to act , you also don't really need to wrestle anymore but I know what people say about you ain't true , I know you wanna get away from it because wrestling is what you grew up in and sometimes travling took away from your childhood but please considering on coming back to wrestle for 2 more years and now is a good time , if not I understand!

Armando 6 years ago

I like Cena and all and im a fan of his but The Rock was my ace , my 1st favorite and he is the reason I loved to watch wrestling and that Rock's passion for WWE was way beyond any wrestler in history.

Rock was a great in-ring guy and had the best promo's ever and too be fair , he is the best of the WWE and that HHH , HBK , Austin them guys are overated and that Rock is the absolute best because when I think of WWE/F , I think of The Rock and that haters can kiss Rock's ass if they don't think he was just as good as anybody else. Rock was the best in the world at what he did and that was too wrestle!!!!!

Go on , where's your hate comments ppl?

Bossman 100 6 years ago

I don't what the heck I was thinking whem I liked Triple H all these years????????????

Rock is a better wrestler than Triple H and too me I say I use to never aknowledge The Rock but when I actually took the time to watch Rock and his classic performances , he is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than almost anybody and I don't care what you people think but Rock was the real deal and for that hats off to The Great One.

HBK was a cool guy and I liked him but again I use to HHH so much that I now realize that HHH is just full of himself and that he took credit for everything DX did but HBK deserves some of that honor.

Austin was a good wrestler , Owen Hart was too , Beniot defeintly was but he messed up , Bret Hart was good and for anybody that think Rock wasn't good in the ring that is B.S. , I use to think the same thing but he's better than you think so The Rock is alright and is my 2nd favorite wrestler next to HBK.

Jose X 6 years ago

For those who think that The Rock wasn't that great in the ring then go watch some of his matches when he was Flex Kavana in 1995 and Rocky Miavia in 96 , He like Austin had too cut back on some of his skills , Austin too was capable to do things in the ring but playing the role he had which was Stone Cold , both men had too cut and man when I saw Rock laying down a Dropkick it was beautiful so F yall Rock Haters!!!!!!!!!!

The Rock is the greatest entertainer ever in wwe history , he had good in ring ability and was capable of showing more and he was a great showsman and performer and is a top 5 guy.

Jeff Hardy 6 years ago

Hey every body this is wwe and tna wrestler jeff hardy and this is the real me and if you want to know the top ten it must be 1. A.J styles 2. Jeff Hardy 3. Ric Flair 4. Kurt Angle 5. triple h 6. Shawn Michaels 7. Bret Hart 8. Edge 9. Undertaker 10. Batista

MOSQUITO 6 years ago


Chefboy 100 6 years ago

Triple H is okay but he is overated in my view , HBK is okay too but is not number 1 , The Rock and Stone Cold Steve austin too me are The (key word The) best superstars too ever st foot in a WWE ring no matter how long and especially Rock has been away from the ring.

Alot of people said well The Rock left early , are you kidding me?

Rock wrestled from 1995 to 2004 and if you don't believe me look it up so all together he wrestled for about 11 years which really ain't bad at all , it's not 15 or 20 years but he stayed for over a decade and did very well , he is the greatest during his prime when it was WWF and not even HBK at that time was during the discussion and I think the only reason people favor him so much because of how long he stayed which is fine but doesn't determine how great a superstar is , a real superstar is great because of the things he contribute not because of championships and how long he stayed. Rock had a decent moveset and tended to add moves on different nights and he's won lots and lots of matches and also was willing to put over and help others unlike some wrestlers today.

Yen  6 years ago

The Rock was a beast , John Cena is okay but doesn't even crack top 20 for me , I like Rock's place on this list but all honesty , Rock is better than some of you people think , people say "oh he's just an entertainer" , Really?

Rock had better in ring ability than most wrestler's and including todays wrestlers like Cena , Orton , Miz , Shaemus and many more.

No rock wasn't technical but his counters were great and too me was a better performer then HBK okay and HBK was the better technical wrestler and im a HBK fan. My favorite wrestlers are HBK , Rock , Jericho , Eddie Guererro , Kurt Angle and Cena but Rock does not suck.

Too me , Rock's place will always be at the top 5 in my eyes whether you people agree with me or not , Rock was WWF!!!!!

danny 6 years ago


danny 6 years ago


Midnightrider 6 years ago

1.Ric Flair

2.Shawn Michaels

3.Hulk Hogan

4.Stone Cold

5.The Undertaker

6.Dusty Rhodes

7.Randy Savage

8.Rey Mysterio

9.Arn Anderson


knslms profile image

knslms 6 years ago from North Carolina Author

I can't beleive it took this long before someone claimed to be a wrestler. So "Jeff" could you explain to me how your opinion is more "real" than mine? Are you high again?

danny 6 years ago

would lv to see austin defeat hogan at next years WM or witness bret v angle in their prime wow

Tyler McLaurin 6 years ago

That list is perfect! GOD BLESS TEXAS!... AND HBK!!!!!!

Tyler McLaurin 6 years ago

Mabe EDGE and Jeff Hardy? But since they haven't retired.

vineeth 6 years ago

what about kane,chris benoit and eddie guerrero

knslms profile image

knslms 6 years ago from North Carolina Author

I can understand edge, jeff, chris, and eddie but Kane??? Really????

Tyler McLaurin A.K.A. Dr. T 6 years ago

Yeah, not Kane. But I want to say that Stone Cold Steve Austin is better than the Rock. Actually funny story I know HBK AND have met Stone cold.

knslms profile image

knslms 6 years ago from North Carolina Author

I really think that the rock was far better than stonecold. He was a better in ring performer, harder worker, and was even more over with the crowd. In my opinion stonecolds gimmick was kinda of a cheap way to get over. He was always average at best with his pre stonecold gimmicks. The rock made his very first role work and work better than anyone before him. Heel or face they still loved to see the Rock.

I also really think that stonecold got out of the business because he didn't want to have to put over the younger or any of the other guys.

Dr. T 6 years ago

That is a great point, but that's just me. They're both great!

John 6 years ago

Dudes, are you serious? This guys don't even fight for real. Today's wrestling isn't like in the end of the 18th and the begining of the 20th century. And that's too bad.

There were legends back then.

John 6 years ago

The 19th and the beginning of the 20th century.

Sorry , my mistake.


HBKfan 6 years ago

1.shawn michaels

2.hulk hogan

3.triple H

4.The rock

5.bret hart

6.stone cold steve austin

7.ric flair


9.owen hart

10.kurt angle


knslms profile image

knslms 6 years ago from North Carolina Author

Wow its not real? What a shocker, I had no idea! Yet its popular today and not then???? hmmmmm I wonder why

John 6 years ago

That's what exactly what i'm wondering. It's becouse now they invest big money in it , and turned it from a sport like boxing to a major entertainment and money machine. Just like almost every other sport today. I'm realy surprised by you reaction , all the sarcasm and stuff, if you are enjoying today's wrestling, that's fine with me. Didn't mean to insult you, or something like that, i just whant to see what you think about this.

knslms profile image

knslms 6 years ago from North Carolina Author

I appoligize I just can't get over people that want to criticize wrestling by saying that its fake. It is a tv show just like every other tv show, its scripted, even the so called reality shows are not real. We have known this for a long time, and they havn't even tried to make it look real in a long time. Monday night raw is one of the most popular shows on cable so obviously there is a large amount of people who like it, so I don't understand how anyone could criticize something that is obviously working.

Byron 6 years ago

Rock was and is the best all around wrestler ever. He can wrestle as much as he can entertain. He should remain number 4 or 5 on every professional wrestling list.

SHANE 6 years ago


Georgio Moon 6 years ago

Rock is underated in the ring , he sells moves , he added and mixed up his moves on different nights and he can tell a story and get the crowd hyped in his matches.

2 words that describes The Rock (ABOSOLUTE BEST!)

He is the best damn entertainer in the history of all of pro wrestling. The Rock is Mr. Rating's!

He has the best fueds in the industry , he defined fueding and has come out on top most of the time.

He's been in thousands of matches and has won and won plenty of times and he was willing to also put over and it nevered hurt his status and a WWE Legend.

Rock led the WWE/F in 99 , 00 , 01 and partially 2002. He is the type of guy you wan't as the face of your wrestling company and because HE IS THE GREAT ONE AND THAT HE IS THAT DAMN BETTER!!!!!

Muhammad Lao 6 years ago

Ranks(My Opinions Only):

1)Undertaker 6)Stone Cold

2)John Cena 7)Bret Hart

3)Shawn Michaels 8)Batista

4)The Rock 9)Rey Mysterio

5)Triple H 10)Edge

Andrew Kapz 6 years ago

this is about the top 10 best wrestlers of all time,

why is Owen Hart in there, he was shit never accomplished nothing big, and u cant actually rank em 1. 2. 3. 4.

there all good in different type of classes,

these are my top 10 Wrestlers of all time.

(not in Order)

Triple H: the titles the rivals, King of kings, DX, and what more do you want. he truly is the best and is a 13 time world champion.

The Rock: 7 time WWE Champion. the best entertainer ever in wwe history. 3rd generation superstar, and the most popular superstar of all time.

Undertaker: Wrestlemania Streak. 18-0 that is legendary.

World championships, and Epic.

John Cena: The champ is here, wrestlemania main eventer, 9 time world champion, royal rumble winner, the face of the wwe since 2006.

Shawn Michaels: 2 time Royalrumble winner, the showstopper Mr. Wrestlemania. Founder of DX, and his comeback in 2002, as he won the first ever elimination chamber.

Hulk Hogan: the immortal one. with no doubt the best wrestler in the 80s with championships and great feuds with taker to rock and who could forget Wrestlemania III andre the giant.

Chris Jericho: the first ever undisputed champion, Beating The Rock and Stone Cold in the same night.

his fueds, with many greats, like HHH n HBK and other great memories, for surely he has to be in my top 10.

Stone Cold Steve Austin:

3 time Royal Rumble Winnner, world champion countless of times, and fueds with the rock and DX, and the face of WWE in the "attitude" Era.

Ric Flair: Wooooo!

16 time world champion, enough said.

Kurt Angle, top wrestler with no doubt the best technician in the sport, wwe tna world championships.

and more aswell as a gold medalist, in wrestling in 1996.

those are the top 10, and again not in order, and other greats,

Randy Orton



Bret Hart



Chris benoit

Jeff Hardy and there are more.

see all u fuckheads dont know about wrestling i do.

knslms profile image

knslms 6 years ago from North Carolina Author

I'm pretty sure that I can rank them 1 2 3 seeing as how thats what the article is. Yes they are all good in different ways, thats why I ranked them on the overall job. Owen Hart was one of the most technically sound wrestlers ever. Your saying that because he never had a title run, yet you say that you know what your talking about??? I also noticed that every single name was either on my list or is a current wrestler except for chris benoit and batista who just recently left and would hardly qualify as a great.

I guess if knowing the current roster makes you knowledgable than you are still ignorant.

One more thing.. How does a win/loss record qualify someone as legendary??? You are aware that the shows are scripted?

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knslms 6 years ago from North Carolina Author

Does anyone have any useful comments??? Or are we going to just keep trying to appear smarter than me? Why? whats the point? If someone does pop up more knowledgable than me what does it really matter?

just annonmyous  6 years ago

stone cold was the best there was and there will be in the whole world and rey mysterio is a boo boo not a booyaka bookaya 619 wish austin stuns him

QUETZAL 6 years ago

You clearly said: "Top Ten Best Wrestlers OF ALL THE TIME" not "from wwe" WHERE IS: STING, JUMBO TSURUTA, MICK FOLEY, MIL MASCARAS, ULTIMO DRAGON, SABU,ETC?...if everything you know about wrestling is from that shity company stop trying to make stupid "of all time(that means:UNIVERSALLY and not only from 1 company)" puky lists.

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knslms 6 years ago from North Carolina Author

Really Quetzal? First off its not even all wwe at all, you clearly have no idea what your talking about or you would know that. Secondly why in the hell would anybody include ANY of those names as top ten wrestlers??? I can see how people would include sting looking at it from a fan's point of view, but I am judging this from many aspects not just what you see on t.v.

sheldon 6 years ago


sheldon 6 years ago


danny 6 years ago

andre should also be recognised for his overwhelming contributions,rick rude also, nash and hall were good but for me if your a lifelong wwe fan (not much a wcw one at time) the whole razor and deisel gimmick's spring to mind before the nwo.

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knslms 6 years ago from North Carolina Author

I really think the nwo/outsiders was far better than the razor and diesel gimmicks of the wwf. The nwo was in my opinion one of the best creative ideas of all time. I just hate how they have tried to copy the idea so many times.

foice 6 years ago

shawn michaels is a jabroni

danny 6 years ago

very true,they would never have pulled those charechters off today, espeacialy razor ramon and yes i share that opinion on nwo too, got way too bloated. i grew up watching shawn michaels, he is the most gifted star the company has produced and i haven't watched raw since his retirement speech. the wwe died that night for me (actually about 2006 when i think on!)

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knslms 6 years ago from North Carolina Author

It was never the same after Shawn retired the first time for me, even after he came back. I think most people watching now only saw him after he came back.

tayyab hbk 6 years ago

only hbk is the best of all time and he is the one,,,,,,,,,,,,,,he is 18-1 in wm 27........any doubt than wait upto royal ruble 2011

Dave 6 years ago

It makes me angry that many people put the rock in top 3.I also was rocky fan,he was athletic and had a lot of talent,and i put him in top 5,but the reoson why people thinks that the rock was the greatest cause he was good on mic skills,he also was very entertainmer,and a lot of charisma,and he made people laught and liked him,,,,so their favourite wrestler is also the best

Shubham 6 years ago

I think that goldberg was the best. He had ainning streak of 173-0. Hulk hogan, triple H were nothing against him , even triple H feared of him.You can see goldberg beating HHH, HBK ,randy ortan and chris jerico in summerslam 2004

simran grewal 6 years ago

hey man ''''''''' sorry to say that u r totally wrong about bill goldberg...he is awesome...he las largest winning streak(183-0) in wcw ;;;;no body in ur list can beat goldberg.......goldberg beats rock.triple h .brock lesnar,,kane,,,(if u wnt vedios thn add me at facebook(GREWAL2297SIMRAN@GMAIL.COM),,and ur best hbk;;i think he can beat any body in wwe with single spear ,,,,, i dont KNW WHY U SKIP GOLDBERG i hve lot of things to be explained add me ..i proved u that goldberg is best........PLEASE ADD ME BY ABOVE MAIL ....

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knslms 6 years ago from North Carolina Author

Actually Mike the explaination is very simple WRESTLING IS NOT REAL!!!

The Goldberg that you are speaking of is a fictional charactor. This is not a top ten list of wrestling charactors, its about the real people and how good they are at the overall job, not who they beat. Part of the overall job is losing to put over younger talent because the older guys retire, get injured ect. The show has to go on and how could it do so if the top guys never lost??

Now your "best" refuses to do this, he only wants to win. Therefore Goldberg is one of the worst of all time. Add to that He can't wrestle at all he injured half of the wcw locker room, and ended Bret Hart's career. This is the reason you didn't see him for a while after wcw was purchased by wwf, because Vince made him go to wrestling school!

mike 6 years ago

ok man'u r right........but add goldberg too....add me if u hve facebook account('''

mike 6 years ago

''u r right wrestling is not real;;;;i think people wnt to see fast fights as by goldberg but no long bored fights as by under taker ;;;;;;and others....people wants to be fully entertained;;;;i m agree with u that undertaker.....hart makes wrestling special

danny 6 years ago

and andrew, don't speak ill of owen hart he's the only wrestler i'v not heard a bad word said about from his peers, his athleticism was undeniable. had great matches with bret and shawn. do some homework...

revata 6 years ago

my top super stars of 2010

1 randy orton

2 john ceana

3 Rey mistirio

4 edge

5 santino marela

6 undertaker

7 big show

9 john morrison

10 Ezekiel jackson

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knslms 6 years ago from North Carolina Author

WOW!!!!!!!!!! So your saying that Santino Marela is the fifth best wrestler of all time? Not only that but he beat out Taker, and Show. Are you sure thats not a list of ten wrestlers names that you know?

gtjhtdj 6 years ago

1.triple h

2.shawn michaels

3.john cena

4.randy orton


6.rey mysterio


8.john morrison

9.big show

10.kofi kingston

danny 6 years ago

and that ones almost as embarrasing! it does state before the home page OFF ALL TIME!

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knslms 6 years ago from North Carolina Author

There's a couple that I wouldn't put in top ten of this week.

tayyab hbk 6 years ago

yes its true,,,,,,shawn is the 1.......he won every challang............and more dont wory he is coming at 2011 royal ruble.........

aazmir 6 years ago

now there are no numbers....these all are best:

randy orton,edge,kane,big show,undertaker,rey mysterio,kofi kingston,john morisson and DX RULES!!!!!!but john cena sux

danny 6 years ago

hall H of B fame K

parlu 6 years ago

hbk is best & better than every wrestler in wwe history

AJAY RATHORE 6 years ago













danny 6 years ago

and hopefully randy,hawk and animal and jake will join him this year!

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knslms 6 years ago from North Carolina Author

I'm suprised at how many people have already forgoten about Owen. If it wasn't for the Hart's there would be no stonecold.

HBK4EVZ 6 years ago

HBK iz tha best

danny 6 years ago

just watched the life and times of mr.perfect- what a talent that man had and nice family guy. RIP curt sorley missed as is owen also god bless.

6 years ago

1 Shown Mihaels

Ivan Morales 5 years ago

This list is shit. knslms what you say is all wrong. Stone cold is a great wrestler. Ken Shamrock kicks ass. Have you ever even watched Japan, Puroesu, or the independent recruit? you dont know shit about wrestling. Scripted doesnt mean its fake that mat isnt a pillowcase. Get a life.

Ivan Morales. 5 years ago


1- AJ Styles

2- Kurt Angle

3- Super Dragon

4- Teddy Hart

5- PAC

6- Chris Hero

7- Jack Evans


9- Naomichi Marufuji

10- Goldberg

mericanbdazz 5 years ago

Stone Cold should be moved up to #1. His wrestling skills where more then average when they needed to be, but for the most part he just needed to get by on a few moves to put forward his "brawler" persona. Watch him and Brett Hart in Wrestlemania 13. Great match were Austin showed he's just not punch and kick followed by a Stunner.

Also, his mic skills made Hulk Hogan and The Rock look like Keanu Reeve's in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. I would say the only other wrestler to top Austin is Brett Hart because he's the only wrestler I've ever seen who could wrestle and talk. He even did better then Austin in that he was a top heel and a top face.

All the people who want to leave Austin off of this list period should remember that him, Mick Foley and The Undertaker (before he went geriatric) saved the WWF from bankruptcy.

Akshay Shetty 5 years ago

Where is daivari and papa shango???????????????

UDAYA 5 years ago






Ken 5 years ago

1- Goldberg


ashish3162609 5 years ago


I think there is diffrence between pure wrestler and pure entertainer and brawler in wrestling ring.

till now i watched most of the wrestling of attitute era but presently i start watching old time and i find out in term of pure wrestling old time wrestler are far better than of recent time

Best pure wrestler are

1 Breat hart

2 Kurt angle

3 Rick flair

4 Ricky steamboat dragon

5 Shawn michale

6 chris benoit

7 undertaker

8 stone cold steve austin

9 Rock

10 HHH

There are many other which are vary good pure wrestler like Mr pefect, bob auckland, charle hass and may be they should be in this list but truth is i have not yet seen many of there match till date so may be next time they and can be many other is top 10 list of mine i think last 3 or 4 of my list are purely because i love to see there matches taker austin rock hhh

Now this is the list of top 10 ring performer or entertainer

1 Stone cold steve austin

2 shawn michale

3 undertaker

4 rock

5 hogan

6 breat hart

7 Rick flair

8 kurt angle

9 chris benoit

10 Mankind/hhh

again there are many other wrestler like randy savage, ricky steamboat, ultimate warrior, owen hart mr perfect chris jhericho british bull dog and there are many more so surely there are lot of people who are not agreed with my list personally speaking i dont like hogan at all

Top ten brawler

1 undetaker

2 golberg

3 stone cold steve austin

4 brock lesner

5 kane

6 sid

7 ultimate warrior

8 Breat hart

9 Mankind

10 Vader

i am not quite sure that i got exactly write list of best brawler yet but sure in few days i will get better

any one suggestion is welcome

businessman 5 years ago

its amazing how many people claim to be diehard fans yet 1. can not spell most of the names.

and 2. are to ignorant to look at the facts, wrestling is about the whole package the earlier wrestles were not that entertaining. This list seems fine for wrestles who contributed the most to this industry, although in 5-10 years time i would expect to see Jeff hardy, Chris jericho, edge to start making these lists. Also some of the up and coming wrestlers like Randy orton, AJ styles, mr anderson .... anderson might creep near the top 10's.

vince 5 years ago

Ivan Morales is extremly closed minded

vince 5 years ago

Ivan Morales is extremly closed minded

Jonboy 5 years ago

Edge could retire tomorrow and be a top 10 please. 10 heavyweight titles and 10+ tag? Pff. He has to be top 10. Injuries are the only thing that held him back. Hardware peeps. Hardware. Held every mens belt.

ahmad hambal 5 years ago

they all are like wolf dog

knslms profile image

knslms 5 years ago from North Carolina Author

Actually Vince Ivan just wants to sound smart by naming a bunch of people that most fans have never heard of. He just made himself look like an idiot, obviously if they have never been at the top they couldn't even be considered. I understand that they are awesome in the ring but again thats only one of the factors that I used to make this list. Ivan's list did give me a good laugh.

Supaflyyyy 5 years ago


dave 45 5 years ago

HHH #9?!?!?!? Undertaker # 7?!?!? wth, how many times has kurt angle been champion. its not a diss, but cmon, hhh, got 13+ and undertaker is unbeatable at wrestlemania. its a decent list i guess. no edge by the way. smh. take that back, bad list, bad list

jackypwnsall 5 years ago

where is mr . perfect ???? and ricky steamboat , nature boy's rivall . where's eddie ?? super dragon ?? and big show

Declan s 2001 5 years ago

if any1 has SvR2011 on xbox360 well my gamertag is Declan s 2001

Vito 5 years ago

I like your list sir and I can live with it but here is my top 10.

1. Shawn Michaels

2. Bret Hart

3. The Rock

4. The Undertaker

5. Hulk Hogan

6. Ric Flair

7. Stone Cold Steve Austin

8. Jimmy Superfly Snuka

9. Sting

10. Chris Jericho

Saptarshi Kundu 5 years ago

Cena's the champ.

He must be at the top.

The list wwe published this year, Cena's in the top of it.

I couldn't agree more.

He never backs down, he never quits.

Second position, it's 'The Phenom'.

In third position, there's HBK...

WWRTW 5 years ago


2.Bruno Sammartino

3.Ric Flair\Randy Savage\Bret Hart

4.Stone Cold\TheRock

5.HHH\Hulk Hogan\Sting

6.AJ styles\Chris Jericho\Chris Benoit

7.Edge\Jeff Hardy\Mankind\Sandman

8.RVD\Eddie Guerrero

9.Owen Hart

10.Batita\Rey Mysterio


k.s.fz 5 years ago

In my positions 1 The rock 2 Stone cold steve austin 3 Bret hart 4 Chris benowat 5 HBK 6 HHH 7 Jhon cena 8 Randy ortan 9Kofi kingston 10 Edge. edge is on no 10 bcz he is improving now .do u thnk tht y i cant put Hulk hogan in my list so let me tell u about it he is not in no 1 bcz he already no 1.

gold 5 years ago

thers onli one is GOLDBERGGGGGG

dinesh 5 years ago

my list










10)CeNa :D

mizo969 5 years ago

goldberg is the top who beat all of this

phenom forever 5 years ago

top 15 wrestlers of all time:

1. The undertaker

2. HBK

3. bret hart

4. stone cold

5. kurt angle

6. hulk hogan

7. the rock

8. ric flair

9. brock lesnar

10. goldberg

11. Sting

12. randy savage

13. owen hart

14. chris benoit

15. hhh

blakey 5 years ago

you gotta remember Undertaker beat Shawn Michaels Twice and undertaker has got an 18-0 record but this has got shawn michaels apart from 6 people although Shawn Michaels has a great history, Undertaker should be one place behind or infront of Shawn Michaels. And...RIC FLAIR SERIOUSLY...Stone cold,Hulk Hogan,Bret Hart,The Rock,Undertaker are way better...hes just an old dude who was lucky that the wwe made him look good.

mustafizr 5 years ago

stone cold is the bestest wrestler

RONY 5 years ago

My Pick Would be:-

1. Goldberg.

2. Stone Cold Steve Astin.

3. The Undertaker.

4. Bred.

5. HBK.

6. Rock.

7. Brock.

8. John Cena.

9. HHH.

10. Hogan.

Sparrow 5 years ago


2. john cena

3. undertaker


5.Stone Cold



8.owen hart

9.hulk hogan

10. goldberg

anonymoushbk lover 5 years ago

I so agree on your list especially MICHAEL SHAWN HICKENBOTTOM being no. 1. I know undertaker may have ended his career but he still ha s more SKILLs and frenzy that he bring in the ring until his very last match. curses the undertaker... He was even sooooooooooooo hot and sexy especially in his prime that's why sunny and sherri are lucky to be his girlfriends but no 1 is luckier than Rebecca. imagine being able to keep him in his house and maybe have s** with him every night. dude imagine how lucky she is to have him. Shawn actually broke my heart but still love him. I miss you shawn... pls. come back

danny 5 years ago

the heartbreak kid and the LOD to be inducted tomorrow, the greatest wrestler and most dominant tag team in wrestling history in one night!! oh an sunny aswell mmmmm....bonus!

reymysterio6-1-9 profile image

reymysterio6-1-9 5 years ago

1.Rey mysterio

2.kofi kingston


4.john cena



7.jeff hardy


9.stone cold steve austin


V TECK 5 years ago

1: Dr. D David Shultz

2: Ric Flair

3: Bret Hart

4: Chris benoit

5: Randy Savage

6: Greg valantine

7: Dean Malenko

8: Adrian Adonis

9: Tully Blanchard

10: Fabulous Mullah

V TECK 5 years ago

1: Dr. D David Shultz

2: Ric Flair

3: Bret Hart

4: Chris benoit

5: Randy Savage

6: Greg valantine

7: Dean Malenko

8: Adrian Adonis

9: Tully Blanchard

10: Fabulous Mullah

venkiwatson 5 years ago

the deadman undertaker is best ever wrestler

venkiwatson 5 years ago

the deadman undertaker is best ever wrestler

Degenerates 5 years ago

My top 10 has wrestlers from other federations not just wwf/e

honorable mentions :Sabu, Rvd, aj styles,terry funk ,

10.Mick foley

9.Chris Jericho

8.The Great Muta

7.Low ki/ kaval

6.Bryan danielson

5. Bret Hart

4.Owen Hart

3.Shawn Micheals

2. Mike Awesome


Donkor Emmanuel 5 years ago

Undertaker is the best of all time.

sahil Shaikh 5 years ago

no one can deafet undertaker he should be first cause he defeted hbk

HBK 5 years ago

Even if undertaker has his crappy streak. shawn michaels was the one to do all the work soo i believe he was the glue that hold the buisness together cause shawn connected to the crowd and put on the best show in my life. thus he should be number 1

the number 1 fan 5 years ago

this is my top ten list but it's not makin order :

1.undertaker (never lose at wrestlemania)

2.shawn michael (mr wrestlemania)

3.ric flair ( dedicate his life for wwe and ever be world champion)

4.hulkhogan (hulkamaniac never die)

5.triple h (can you beat the game..??)

6.the rock (short career but many achievment including the best speaker of all time,really intimidate his opponent).

7.steve austin(because he was fuckin breakin the rule really a cold stone...)

8.ultimate warrior (he's the guy who defeated hulk hogan right..??)

9.john cena (really strong indeed can lift big show hahaha).

10.goldberg ( too wild too handle)

NEO 5 years ago

Goldberg is the best of all time

Praveer 5 years ago

I only know the best 2 wretlers...othrs r good but really far from them...i've never seen any of those man,without spirit to win on a ring.....



one ton 5 years ago

bret is the best.... No. 1

nikos giamias 5 years ago

1.austin is the best 2.undertaker 3.rock i don't believe at fans who put their favourites top like this

dame 5 years ago

Who Eva put john cena top 10 all time have to b kids ..he mite be one of da best out now but not even top 50,all time so if ur under da age of 18 stay off dis page obviously u know nothin about wrestling

mischa 5 years ago

rock and owen hart definitely don`t belong to the top of all time. there´re so many others... guys like stan hansen and bruiser brody were some of the scariest wrestlers of all time. they made the crowd going mad.

virus 5 years ago

somebody plz put cena on the list

Jimmy Gonzelez 5 years ago

I think undertaker is the best of all. No 1 position is suitable for him...

wwe fan 5 years ago

at last we conclude HBK is the best wrestler of all time.

PANDEY 5 years ago


2. H.B.K.










gold berg 5 years ago

goldberg is the father of all the wrestlers, whatever lists you made,they are all gays and

Shahul Hameed 5 years ago

My Ratings:

10.Brock Lesner

9. Shawn Michaels(HBK)

8. Bret Heart Hit Man

7. Triple H

6. Stone Cold Steve Austin

5. Rey Mysterio

4. John Cena

3. The Rock

2. Hulk Hogan

1. The Undertaker

hector 5 years ago

john cena is the bet in wrestler in the world

iliass 5 years ago

i sad to everyone hat he was the best and i have to say it is hbk and if you not down with that we got to words for ya

vinit 5 years ago

What about Kane he is the strongest wrestler.And he is also a good wrestler.

faiz  5 years ago

then where's john cena. first shud goes 2 cena then shown 2.

Undertaker4ever 5 years ago

Gotta agree, although Undertaker is my all time favourite, Shawn Micheals is the greatest ever. However i would then put Taker second, as i believe he is truly a unique superstar. Even without the 18-0 record, without the world titles, there's never been a superstar like the Undertaker (In my OPINION). Anyways, after taker i would say Austin, the Rock, Triple H, Bret Hart, Chris Jericho, Hogan (for putting asses in seats, not in-ring performance) and Ric Flair (no specific order). People can condemn this list as much as they want, i don't really care as it's my own opinion. Btw good list whoever started it.

sriman 5 years ago

the best wrestler is brock lesnar but my favourite is john cena

1 brock

2 gold berg

3 stone cold

4 john cena

5 randy orton

Dead man! 5 years ago

Dead Man

rocK 5 years ago

1. The Rock

2. It doesn't matter !

osman 5 years ago

this is my list

10.the undertaker



7.rey mysterio

6.stone cold

5.randy orton


3.shawn micheals

2.john cena

1.the game TRIPLE HHH

Vinu 5 years ago

If ma gr8st ikon iz Shawn Michels(HBK) ever....n ofcouse aftr HBK my fav. Iz undertaker...he iz a gr8st wrestlr, n he iz a legend in wrestlemania 20-0, n nxt The Rock, he iz a gr8 entertainer, n my 1st ikon iz a rock bt aftr he iz loss vs brock lesner, n mis in wwe, bt aftr 6yrs he iz back in his style n challenge vth Nwdyz champion John Cena in Wrestlemania..Rock iz gng on ROCKZ..n hw i cn 4gt Triple-H the game, 13 tym wwe champion, truly he iz a gr8 wresler...he iz a beat al gr8st wrestlers...he iz a legend in elimination chamber match, n ofcourse nwdyz my best wresler iz randy orton...gr8 technical player, n he iz a legend...n nwdyz, he iz a world heavyweight champion, bt i most lyk Shawn michel...wt a gr8 stemina, wt a performances at al matches in his careers..n wt a tough competition vth undertaker in wrestlemania 25th n 26th...n hw cn v 4gt, if undertaker cuming n celute him n said, "shawn michel u r a best wrestler, n u r a tough oponents my last matches in wrestlemania n my careers 4ever" n dt tym tears cuming in hbk eyes...n i luv it undertaker at dt tym, n a gr8 movememt dt tym hbk i realy upset n i dn't stop tears in my eyes at dt tym, bcz my ikon iz gon..!!

CeNaIsBeSt 5 years ago

my views











viru 5 years ago

goldberg can defeat anyone one on one

Undertaker fan 5 years ago

The Undertaker

biplopkc 5 years ago

in my opinion from 2008to2011:-

jhon cena 1

randy orton

triple h




rey myestirio




Qais Hussain 5 years ago

Dear All GOLDBERG is my facourate wrestler and he is alwais best wrestler

achyuth 5 years ago

hey !all the above are fake lists.this is the real list acoording to strength,stamina,skill,endurance.not on number of matches.

1)goldberg.sure this is correct.he can beat every wrestler.


3)stone cold steve austin

4)the rock





9)john cena


rated r superstar 5 years ago

my list is 1st Edge 2th Jeff hardy 3th The rock 4th Stone cold 5th Undertaker 100000st john cena

rated r superstar 5 years ago

my list is 1st Edge 2th Jeff hardy 3th The rock 4th Stone cold 5th Undertaker 100000st john cena

Sandeep 5 years ago

Pretty good list, knowing the time you put that up there. i believe many of the people who are not in the list too deserves an applaud. they put their bodies on line, whether its a jobber or heal or face. respect many of them. thanks for the list again

nizum 5 years ago

hhh is the best .no compare with him.

aa 5 years ago

whrs rvd?????????????????????????????????

nahin 5 years ago

hhh,you rock

jatt 5 years ago

here the list of top 10:-

1) no doubt its 'The Rock'

2)Stone cold steve austin

3)Hulk hogan



6)Brock lesner



9)jeff hardy


DIPAYAN 5 years ago


hbk 5 years ago

he is the best wrestler in wresting fedraticen

hbk 5 years ago

he is the best wrestler in wresting fedraticen

hbkfan 5 years ago

the best and only HBK

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