What You Should Eat If Your a Footballer

The advice below is in reference to guidelines, that Footballers should follow in order to optimally prepare themselves for their matches. The information is based on numerous scientific studies and publications, however this guide stays very basic and does not go into the complex thought processes and science behind each suggestion. Each person is individual, therefore no one set diet plan fits all but this is what most nutritional experts will concur upon;

Adult Footballers may wish to supplement with Protein and Creatine, i would recommend both but once again, only if your over the age of 16.

Protein shakes will help your muscles to repair the damage incurred during the match and help them develop and for the muscle fibers to grow back better and stronger.

Creatine will enable quicker recovery and also enable greater energy during exercise, it has anabolic properties, so will help your muscles grow. If you look at players like Cristiano Ronaldo above, they have recognized the necessity to become strong and muscular to perform in Football, such supplements are legal and has undergone sufficient testing and there are hundreds and thousands of tests, studies and paper on the effects of both Protein and Creatine.

Other supplements may be of some benefit to a Footballer and i could also go into greater depth on how and why they are beneficial but lets keep things simple for now, ensure you eat the right kinds of things, as instructed above.

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Richard-Murray 4 years ago

that photo :) you just confessed your dreams out:)

CCahill profile image

CCahill 4 years ago from England Author

Haha well, what an amazing athlete, think any guy or athlete wants to have that body and any girl wants their man to have that body, have no bones about it, that is the product of a strict diet and training regime

mmsu profile image

mmsu 4 years ago from Pakistan

Well written hub.Lots of good info:)

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