How to Cook Microwavable Foods While Camping

While on a long camping trip in the Adirondack mountains of New York, the kids sometimes found themselves dreaming of having pizza for lunch, a Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwich or a burrito for lunch. This year their dreams came true. We figure out an easy and effective way to cook microwavable food in the wood without a microwave.

You’ll need a few items.

  • A Large cooking pot
  • Frozen Microwavable food
  • Aluminum Paper
  • Metal camping plate
  • Non Stick Spray or cooking oil

1. Place the pot over the fire, either on a grill or hanging from a tripod.

2. Place the metal dinner plate upside down inside the pot.

3. Add a about half an inch of water to the pot, making sure the plate is still higher than the water.

4. Remove the plastic from the microwavable food; Jimmy Dean Breakfast Sandwich or personal size pizza or frozen burrito.

5. After praying non stick spray on the aluminum foil, (if you don't, half of your meal will get stuck), wrap the food items in the foil and place it in the pot, on top of the metal plate. Make sure that the items do not come in contact with the water. You don’t want it wet, you want it well cooked. Cover the pot tightly with a lid or use aluminum paper to fashion a tight cover.

As the water evaporates, the steam taws the frozen foods, then thoroughly cooks it within minutes. The aluminum foil keeps the sandwiches and pizza crispy and well cooked.

6. Check regularly to keep from burning.

If you don’t have a metal plate use small rocks at the bottom of the pot to keep the food from getting wet while cooking.

Jimmy Dean breakfast sausage sandwiches have become a must on our camping list since we discovered this little cooking trick. It’s an easy effective way to cook microwavable food, which make the kids and grown-ups alike, very happy campers.

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