Top 5 Fastest Soccer Players '09

Who's the fastest ?

My friend and I often argue to see who the fastest soccer player at the moment. Maybe some of you also like to wonder who is the fastest soccer player? From time to time there had never been a scientific study to determine who is fastest in the field. Everyone can only guess it.
However, some time ago conducted a study, sponsored by the German media. The study was conducted to find out who is the fastest soccer (football) player at 2009.
The results of this study was quite surprising. Several soccer players who have run fast like Lionel Messi, Samuel Eto'o and Thierry Henry are not included in the list of the fastest players in 2009.

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Based on the study, top 5 of the fastest soccer players at 2009 are :

5. Robin Van Persie (32,1 km/hour)

This Dutch player now playing as a striker at Arsenal. His Ability to dribbling ball is enough to make the enemy defense line confused when closing his movements. Van Persie could be said to parallel with the ex Arsenal ace striker Thierry Henry. This is not without reason, now Van Persie is a mainstay young Arsenal's striker who thirsty for scoring goals.

See How Fast is Him !!

4. Wayne Rooney (32,6 km/hour)

Bad boy the nickname of Wayne Rooney seems to have been envy of other players at his club Manchester United. His speed when dribbling the ball was shown in his first match and goal as a striker with English national soccer team. At that time, Rooney dribbling the ball quickly toward the opponent's goal and can't be pursued by any opponent defender.

3. Theo Walcott (32,7 km/hour)

In the 3rd place, achieved by another Arsenal player Theo Walcott. Theo is currently playing as attacking midfielder at Arsenal. His awesome skills does not seem to be no doubt. In one game, he could make a surprise by sprinting past the 7 opponent players.

Theo Walcott is Fast !!

2. Arjen Robben (32,9 km/hour)

Meandering dribbling the ball and quickly passed the opponent defenders, is the best ability possess by Arjen Robben. His good body balance was also the reason why he often scored many goals for his club . Unfortunately, with all the amazing ability that Robben has, he still couldn't bring Netherland soccer team won the world cup.

Speedy Robben

1. Cristiano Ronaldo 33,6 (km/hour)

Predicate of the fastest soccer player in 2009 was won by Cristiano Ronaldo. Former of the Manchester United soccer club also achieved the best soccer player in 2008. This Portuguese player has a speed of 33.6 km / hour. The speed of the player nicknamed CR9 was recognized by Sir Alex Ferguson. "Ronaldo has the same speed when carrying the ball as well as without the ball, maybe even faster," said Ferguson. There is a rumor that the Ronaldo able to catch that speed because he had been trained by the current fastest man 'Usain Bolt'.

Awesome Skills !!

Sorry i don't have time to update this list, since i'm still busy with my other website.

Enjoy your read !

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William "eL-NinO" profile image

William "eL-NinO" 7 years ago

Fernando Torres and Aaron Lennon. These lads are speed demons.. good hub ^^

football forum 7 years ago

i have to say that this is a comprehensive list, but needs updating!

premierkj profile image

premierkj 6 years ago from Republic of Ireland

I am not surprised by this list. I think players like Messi and Lennon have great acceleration but their maximum speed is not as fast as Ronaldo. Intersting hub.

poop 6 years ago

ronaldos the best

marlon 6 years ago

what happen to messi

James 6 years ago

Robben is very fast with the ball, but there are many other players that are way faster based on pure speed such as martins. messi and robben are equally fast i think

Info Bucket profile image

Info Bucket 6 years ago from Kerala, India


Enedio 6 years ago

Ronaldo is very very good

juan 6 years ago

how bout javier hernandes!!! from manchester he's 32.15 according to fifa dat makes him second

Peter 6 years ago

Are serious? Eljero Elia should be in that top 5, this kid is a beast. Top 3 fastest in my opinion is C.Ronaldo, E.Elia and A.Lennon.

dvvd 6 years ago

WTF!!! Walcott its fasten than ronaldo!!

penis in bu 6 years ago

Hernandez got up to 32.15kph at the world cup which was the fastest..

The Boy 6 years ago

Why Kaka is not included

al 6 years ago

1. J HERNANDEZ 2. C ronaldo 3. Their walcott

Geti from ferizaj 6 years ago

arjen robben and theo walcott are the best watch the videos to prove it

refugio 6 years ago

javier hernandez should be on the top 5

veon 6 years ago

C.Ronaldo is not that fast as he was. Undoubtably, he is one of the world's best player. His feet is still fast though.

There was a match man u vs arsenal, rosiscky can easily catch c.ronaldo, running side by side with him.

To me, all the soccer matches, i have seen, arjen robben is the fastest. Check him out running without ball...

Messi is quite slow for long run. but his acceleration is good.

Robben has both.

Will 6 years ago

Walcott, Henry., Roben are fastest respectively

profile image

avjordanfc 6 years ago

AGBONLAHOR!, villa fan ;)

Rishav 6 years ago

u guys forgt bout a guy cald leo messi... he is a bit betr in evry departmnt.... nd if ur tokin bout speed thn he cn walk past a runin ronaldo.......dats how gud he is...

sup 6 years ago

these r all just big name players the fastest player is wynne the american right back

arsenal 6 years ago

check out eden hazard who is similar to cris ron. i say the fastest is theo walcott

samuel 6 years ago

i dont think pple like vanpersie and wayne rooney should not be before pple like messi and lennon

muktari 6 years ago

walcott is d fastest dere comes lennon, agbonlahor. Ronaldo, bale, bellamy, clichy...

aman kumar 6 years ago

i hv found robben ,ronaldo nd messy as the fastest in my viewings..heard dat odonkor is also very fast..but robben accelerates superbly..

anuar 6 years ago

walcot is the speedy la

alex 6 years ago

ronaldo all the way

alex 6 years ago

anelka is the most sakers and waers player chelsi has ever had

Lucky 6 years ago

D fastest Ronaldo! GET DAT INTO UR GREASY HEAds

zeez kid 6 years ago

i thick ronaldo is the fastest.

AltDilit 6 years ago

milos krasic !

Juel 5 years ago

Whr s KAKA????????????




athul 5 years ago

None of these. Fernando torres is the fastest player in the world

Mandate.Ov 5 years ago

Good and great results. But for now i think Garic Bale is the best runner.

J.Hart 5 years ago

Sunday odogun 5 years ago

Messi is d fastest followed by walcot n ronaldo

The Avatar 5 years ago

Brazils' Ronaldo is the fastest ever

deady 5 years ago

last time someone actually checked it was in 2007-08 and djibril cisse was faststest.

VALENTINE 5 years ago


Jake 5 years ago

Chicarito in united Vm in south africas fastes player!

bob 5 years ago

rooney doesn't run he woddles

and he is slow and fat

dilshanth 5 years ago

walcott is the fastest football player ever 1-walcott 2-robben 3-chicharito 4-eto

sodje 5 years ago

ronaldo is the best of the best

odion leonard obaretin 5 years ago

ronaldo aka CR7 IS D BEST

Haider Ali 5 years ago

Cristiano Ronaldo is the fastest player ever. NO match!!!!!! If u compare him with Messi, Messi has got acceleration but Ronlado has got acceleration+sprint.. THIS LIST IS 100% CORRECT. NO OBJECTIONS.

plkshooter profile image

plkshooter 5 years ago

How about Podolski that dude is ridiculously fast

rushane 5 years ago

that is not the fastest player in the world

vlubbed 5 years ago

robben en walcott are faster than cristiano ronaldo. Van persie is not fast?

Hassan Osama 5 years ago

Cristiano Ronaldo is Faster Than Bajet Car I Saw A Video On Youtube

fresh guy 5 years ago

my list will be 1st wallcot 2nd ronaldo 3rd messi 4th frank ribery 5th martins that plays for nigeria

malayzy-inoch 5 years ago

c.ronaldo is the fastest player on the planet

Dutch 5 years ago

Eljero Elia is the fastest player on the planet. A regular watcher of him would notice that no defender can keep with him.

omar 5 years ago

Gareth Bale?

ross 5 years ago


ryan h 5 years ago

jimmy kebe hands down

Adam 5 years ago

Kebe faster than ronaldo and robben

Manny 5 years ago


The Kebster

FIFA 5 years ago

#1. Gareth BALE

#2. Jimmy Kebe

#3. Cristiano Ronaldo

#4. Theo Walcott

#5. Arjen Robben

#6. Angel Di Maria

#7. Aron Lennon

#8. Milos Kracic

#9. Javier Hernandez

#10. Pepe (Real Madrid)

francis 5 years ago

strange how all are pictured in the premier league...those are not the fastest in the the english league instead....poor study...depends on false tests

Arsenal360 5 years ago

Messi should be first followed by Ronaldo!!

1. Messi

2. Ronaldo

3. Walcott

4. Lennon

5. Ribery

Predictor 5 years ago him playing, you can see that nobody can catch up Walcott....donkeys!!

jack 5 years ago

what is with van persie you must have made that up.

god 5 years ago

All the real madrid players!

adil 5 years ago

messi roberto carlos are the fastest

Pratik streetboy 5 years ago

Messi is fastest on earth

Pratik 5 years ago






one and only one


fletchi 5 years ago

maybe we have 4gotten Marthins(nigeria)

Vaibhav 5 years ago

Only rohit hasurkar

soni317 5 years ago

acctualy i think that messi is very small height for fooball like the pitbull dog and talk about r.v.persie is not too skiller or nor the runner. And our fat man rooney is not a good runner. At last i have too say that CR7 CR9 C.RANALDO is the best ever dashing good looking and the fastest runner and the best skiller in the whole universe if C.RANALDO fans i am right so join me on facebook ( this is my id

FIFA12(Guest) 5 years ago

They should put like this:-

1.Theo Walcott

2.Lionel Messi

3.Jimmy Kebe



6.Gareth Bale





This list are true,for proof play FIFA Soccer and See there Attributes

WILD 5 years ago

Messi is fastest player in world

connor 5 years ago

robben and walcott are faster than cristino ronoldo

SALIH 5 years ago


bleddy 5 years ago

gareth bale is the most faster player

Andile masuku 4 years ago

Tlou segolela is the fastest in the universe finish

Ahmad 4 years ago

They should update the list

My list :-

1- gareth bale

2- cristiano ronaldo

3- milos krasic

4- gabriel agbonlahor

5- theo walcott

vivaz 4 years ago

what about roberto carlos guyss!!!!

Neymar 4 years ago

Cr7 is tha fastest and best soccer player in the world!!!...

Sienna nig 4 years ago

Surely C Ronaldo is the best followed by chicharito

Soccer Fan 4 years ago

Have I really read people basing their truth on a videogame?. I play FIFA Soccer too, but IT IS A GAME, NOT REAL LIFE!. My list would be:

1- C. Ronaldo (RMA-POR): He's the fastest player of the world, no doubt. People saying that Messi is the fastest are just fanboys, Messi is the best dribbling and accelerating, but doesn't have long distance speed, He's way too short for that.

2- Theo Wallcott (ARS-ENG): Fastest player in BPL, I think.

3- Gareth Bale (TOT-WAL): Very close to Wallcott.

4- Gabriel Agbonlahor (ATV-ENG): Very fast player, if he had a little more vision and wasn't so selfish with the ball, he would be one of the best strikers on the world-

4- Aaron Lennon (TOT-ENG): The spurs have pretty fast wingers.

Larry 4 years ago

Av sn bot fair n d unfair lists here, bt go 2 youtube 2 prov ds ryt. Watch dem on bal, n u c no 1 catches up wit dem on cnta-atach

1. Bale 2. Wlcot 3. C.rnldo 4. Lennon 5. Argen roben

Sampson buzu whyt 4 years ago

C ronaldo is a football genuis ever.make u sheda talk sey c. Ronaldo dey kèkè

football expert 4 years ago

Branko pauljevic fron serbia is the fastest. google him and u'll see

someone 4 years ago

where is messi and rooney should be up higher who ever made this site should change it now this is totally off like ronaldo should stay but walcott is so fast not number 4

joo 4 years ago

don't you get that messi is the fastest maybe not on sprint speed but on acceleration

joo 4 years ago

acceleration:lionel messi,c ronaldo,neymar,a pato,walcott,torres

sprint speed:a lennon,walcott,c ronaldo,robben,ribery,l messi,bale

prseus 4 years ago

The fastest are : 1. Walcott 2. C.ronaldo 3. J. Hernandez 4. G. Agbournahor 5. Robben 6. Bale 7. Ribery 8. Lennon 9. Pato 10.torresm

Davidimoh 4 years ago

C. ronaldo i s the best player so far on earth more better than messi

Luigi 4 years ago

I think cristain tello, alexis sanchez, dany alves those are players who will sprint CR7 to the ashes no doubt!

mothusi.moatshe 4 years ago

you are lieing number1 is 1.bale 2.walkoit 3.rolndo 4.meesi

Robel 4 years ago

Walcot+mess+j.hernandez+lennon is not equal to cr7

CCahill profile image

CCahill 4 years ago from England

Where are these speed km/ph stats from ?

Eimyxo 4 years ago






tazzmania89 profile image

tazzmania89 4 years ago from Toronto, Ontario

Same question as CCahill

Robin Van Persie is definitely not one of the fastest soccer players.

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