Benefit Fake-Up Review - Under Eye Concealer

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Benefit Fakeup packaging.
Benefit Fakeup packaging.
Benefit Fakeup packaging.

Benefit Fake Up

Recently, Benefit release a brand new under eye concealer called "Fake Up." This concealer is meant to be an all-in-one product used to mask dark circles and hydrate eyes, as well as fill in fine lines and wrinkles. The company claims it lasts for at least six hours and it does not crease.

The product comes in three colors: light, medium and dark.

Fake Up tube and outer packaging.
Fake Up tube and outer packaging.


Fake Up comes packaged in a cardboard tube. The product itself comes in a silver applicator, similar to a lipstick tube. To use the product, you simply twist it at the bottom and the product appears at the top. It works a lot like a lip stick or lip balm tube. You simply apply it to your under eyes and then twist the product back inside the tube. It has simple but highly effective packaging.

The three colors - light, medium and dark.
The three colors - light, medium and dark. | Source


To apply Fake Up, twist up the product. Glide is softly along your under eye area. Blend the cream in with the ring finger on your dominate hand. Repeat for the opposite eye.

You can apply it either over or under makeup. I actually like to use one light layer under makeup and another over my foundation. I feel like this provides a lot better coverage and completely conceals my under eye circles. If you only need light covered for the eye area, you can just do one or the other.

Review and Demo


If you want to see Fake Up in action, check out this video by beauty blogger Christina Rose. In her video, she demonstrates how to use the product. You also get to see the product packaging as well as a swatch. If you are unsure about this product, the video might help you make up your mind.

Who Should Buy It?

In my opinion, everyone can get a lot of use out of Benefit's Fake Up. However, I think there are a few people who would benefit most from the product. If you have really dark eye circles and need a good product to cover them, this may work. I have really light skin and horrible blue veins near my eyes, which are highly visible. With Fake Up, I can cover them up pretty well. I would say it removes 80% of the darkness and blue color around my eyes.

Another type of person who may benefit from this concealer is someone with a dry eye area or lots of wrinkles. This product has a hydrating function, so it helps to moisturize the eye area. It also does an excellent job at filling in fine lines.

The product does tend to be a bit heavy, so I would not recommend using it during the summer when you know you're going to be outside.

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