Best Celebrity Butts, Who Made The Cut?

What is usually the first thing most women do when trying on clothing at a department store or mall? You guessed it, check our butt. We do a complete 360 in the tiny dressing room falling over our purses and hitting our heads on the coat hooks while trying to see how our butt looks in every item we try on. Even if we’re trying on a shirt with the jeans we wore to the mall, it is important to see how that shirt makes our butt look.

But summer is here and nothing is more vital than checking your booty when going swimsuit shopping. This is the time when we must bring friends and family to comment and reiterate that our butt looks amazing. Not just okay, amazing.

But why are we so obsessed with our derrières? Why do we send Twitpics to our friends and followers showing them how amazing our butts look in our new bikinis (not speaking from personal experience of course)? Well, I’ll tell you why. Kim Kardasian, Beyonce, Rihanna, Jessica Biel, and Jennifer Aniston. That’s why. I blame these ladies for making the rest of us so obsessed with our rears because theirs are perfect.

Celebrities are the privileged few who have personal trainers, personal shoppers, and all that other stuff regular people don’t have, just so they can keep up their appearances. And for a good portion of them, their trainer is doing a fantastic job. These five ladies have some of the best rears out there today, so we thought we would celebrate their ass-ets.

Kim Kardashian

Let’s just get her out the way because she’s an obvious one. Kimmy is religiously at the gym and going for runs, and her body proves it. Here she is with sister Kourtney wearing a red bikini in Miami, FL showing off her 100% real booty (she even got an X-ray to prove it, take that haters). Her Brazilian cut bottom (or it could have meant to be moderate coverage, who knows?) sits perfectly back there showcasing her curves and great figure.

Kim Kardashian Bikini
Kim Kardashian Bikini


Ahhh the great Beyonce. Can she do anything wrong? Nope, not at all. The singer just released her newest album 4 and who knows what other tricks she has up her sleeve. Previously, she was seen vacationing in Croatia with hubby Jay-Z wearing a tiny striped bikini looking fabulous. She was also wearing a Brazilian cut bottom (maybe?) on the Yacht where she enjoyed a relaxing getaway.

Beyonce Bikini
Beyonce Bikini


The wild and adorable Rihanna has one of the best bodies in the industry. She looks amazing on her new Loud Tour sporting a jeweled and embroidered two-piece swimsuits with fishnet stockings. During the performance in Los Angeles, the singer grabbed her butt, I suppose she’s as excited as we are to see how amazing that thing looks.

Rihanna Bikini
Rihanna Bikini

Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel’s body is the bombdotcom. Point. Blank. Period. It looks as though she runs miles everyday, does squats, pushups and swims laps while the rest of us are watching the newest episode of Real Housewieves on our couch with Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia ice cream being scarfed down our throats. It’s sad and lonely but it’s true. However, seeing her in this two-piece bikini in Hawaii gives us motivation to do some lunges while watching Real Housewives (who are we kidding, we’re not missing an episode for the gym), and maybe we’ll eat an apple.

Jessica Biel Bikini
Jessica Biel Bikini

Jennifer Aniston

To wrap up our list we have the sunburned booty of the fabulous Jennifer Aniston. The papp’s got a great shot of Jenn bending over in a black two piece in Cab San Lucas, Mexico enjoying vacation at Joe Francis’s mansion/resort. Sunburn and all, the 42-year-old actress looks amazing in the swimsuit that moderately covers her rear.

Jennifer Aniston Bikini
Jennifer Aniston Bikini

These are just a few of our favorite celebrity booty’s. Maintaining a near perfect butt is very hard to do, especially with all the amazing fatty foods available with such easy access nowadays. But these ladies give us the drive to overcome the cravings and perfect our rears.

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