Bio Oil Review - Does Bio Oil work? - Bio Oil for Scars

Bio Oil Review - Does Bio Oil work? - Bio Oil for Scars

Bio Oil Review - Does Bio Oil work? - Bio Oil for Scars

Bio oil is a way of moisturising the skin with the added vitamins and other natural ingredients, preserving their potency. Oil is oxygen-free and provides a good environment for the storage of vitamins but is thick and greasy. Cream, on the other hand is non-greasy and is readily absorbed by the skin but contains oxygen. Formulating Bio-Oil has the best of both worlds where it is readily absorbed by the skin with plenty of oxygen trapped in the cream also the vitamins and natural ingredients from the oil.
Bio oil contains both vitamin A and E with both being essential to the body. One of Vitamin A’s functions in the body is for the retina of the eye. Vitamin A is absolutely necessary for both low-light and color vision a deficiency in Vitamin A can cause blindness which is seen in high occurrence in third world countries thus why ‘golden rice’ was invented. Vitamin E is important for the protection of cell membranes from free radicals which can cause damage to the cell membrane. Free radicals are a major factor in the development of cancers in humans. Your skin can be exposed to free radicals from things such as sunlight, radiation, sun beds etc. Not only is Bio-Oil a moisturiser but the vitamins that are added into the formula are of great importance and can help the body in more ways than thought by customers who buy the product.
The non-greasy oil in the Bio Oil comes from Purcellin Oil which is a laboratory recreation of the preen gland oil of ducks. During ‘preening’ a duck will secrete oil from it’s preen gland and distribute it over its entire body. This Oil creates a thin, non-greasy layer on the surface of the feathers without which water would not pearl off and the bird would struggle to swim. This Oil is seen used in the natural world and is successful, so why wouldn’t it be successful with our skin. The criticism of many people who buy the product is that it is to oily, although product recommends that you use less of the Oil then you would of a normal cream. If you put the same amount of Bio Oil that you would normally when using any other oils or creams then your skin may feel oily.
Bio Oil has a lovely smell which comes from the natural ingredients put into Bio Oil. Different flower’s oils are added such as calendula oil, lavender oil and rosemary oil. Not only is this a great smelling Oil but it will keep your skin Moisturised and supplied with plenty of natural ingredients and vitamins.
There are stories all over the internet stating ‘Does Bio Oil work’ ‘Bio Oil for Scar’ ‘Does Bio Oil help scars’ and the answer is YES! When clinical trials are done to prove that it works and significant results are shown, it’s is factual proof that it works. The point I’m trying to get across here is that there is factual proof that Bio Oil will help scars and not only is there clinical trials but there are people write reviews who have used the product and say it works! Below is a table of a 12-week clinical assessment to test the application of Bio-Oil on scars.

You can go to the doctors and pay a fortune to buy creams that supposedly work in removal of scars but they never work and cost too much money! Here you have Bio-Oil that has been proven it works not only by clinical trials but also from the people buying the product.

This Bio Oil will work on scars although on stretch marks it does not have the same significance and therefore if you have a few scars that you want to make lighter that will go away over time buy Bio Oil but for stretch marks this isn’t the right product. I wanted to write this article just to clear some air on the issue of Bio Oil as I think it is given too much criticism even though there is proof from both clinical trials and from the customers who buy Bio Oil.

Over 80% of the people surveyed said Bio Oil significantly healed their scars.

Bio Oil is available from a cheap price of £9.49 for a 200ml bottle if you are living in the Uk or for $8.63 in the USA.

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MissChristieLynn profile image

MissChristieLynn 4 years ago

Great article! I'd considered Bio Oil once before, because I have a couple of rather large scars on my legs but I had doubts so I didn't purchase it. I think I will buy some soon, especially with summer just around the corner.

Mrs Anna Donaldson 4 years ago

Interesting article, Ive just had surgery 5 wks ago on my nose for skin cancer, its healing well but a bit lumpy and seriously considering Bio Oil to reduce the scarring also for the scar left on my neck where the scin graft was taken so I'll try it on both as soon as my consultant gives me the all clear.

Lucy 4 years ago

Ive recently just purchased bio oil for some scars i have on my arm from self harming when i was a lot younger, i have only been using it for a week and have already seen a big difference!!! this stuff is amazing!

Anna Donaldson 4 years ago

Well ive still not seen my Plastic Surgeon but have started using Bio Oil a week ago on my neck which i think i notice a slight difference and little bits on my nose where there are no scabs, yeah i think its gonna do the job just fine :)

Anna Donaldson 4 years ago

Saw my Consultant today and he was very pleased with the way my skin graft has healed I have been using bio Oil faithfully since it was possible to use it, and will carry on using it, i'd say it has worked miracles, thank you.

Joanna 2 years ago

i've been using bio oil for 3 months now for my stretch marks that have been there for about a year or more and they have hardly faded. I'm really disappointed how ive heard so many good things about this product but it just not working for me.

Priyanka 2 years ago

I've chicken pox scar from 13 to 14 years. Is bio-oil remove the scar? Please tell me.

Edilia 24 months ago

Im 9mo. pregnant with my second child an I've Been Using this for my almost my hole pregnancy, I had old Stretch Marks From my First child n now i notice that my whole belly is a darker color not just r my scares looking lighter but the tone is looking great too now lets see after birth :/

All n all good product for me.

Haya 23 months ago

Is this work on pimple scars?

joy 23 months ago

I had a big scar at my tummy since I was 4 years old. Now I'm in my 40's I just want to ask if the bio oil can still lighten my scars and make it disappeared?

priya 19 months ago

i have some scars on my legs and i really dont know what kind of scars these are..and these are on my skij since i was 14 and now i m 19 years old..please somebody tell me if bio oil can help me...i can't wear my skirts..i m so worried about it..that i dont even go to parlours to get my legs waxed.. i have to do all that on my own..please help..,,,,,: (

DEICEL ARCENO 19 months ago

Where i can buy this product?? Im interested to buy this product coz i have many scar in my legs..message me plz 09479682448

Atiqa Ali 10 months ago

Yes, Bio Oil is such a great and good products for all skin type and give the clear solution of your problem now you can safely enjoy the goodness of this exceptional product on your face. Thanks to Oil, Bio-Oil sinks in deep within a split second to effectively moisturize without leaving an oily residue and I'm bought from online shopping store

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