Fall Fashion Capes | Victorian Propriety Is Back!

The cape is a much maligned fashion accessory that only seems to get a look in when the zombie monsters trot it down the runway. Personally, I see absolutely no reason why the cape should ever have gone out of fashion. It is just as stylish now as it was in Victorian London, and it marries form with admirable function. That is to say, one looks dramatic whilst wearing a cape, and one's shoulders and back are also protected from lazy maids hurling the contents of chamber pots out of upstairs windows. Win, win, win.

Capes come in a variety of styles and the usual variations like color, but what's really in right now are medium length black capes (capes that just barely hint at covering your backside.) Lovers of Nosferatu will have to wait for the trend bus to do its rounds again if they want to wear a long cape that extends to the ankles or such without being labeled 'strange' by people with short fashion memories.

So, the short cape it is, a perfect accessory for any outfit, which can be made instantly trendy by the addition of this simple garment. Capes really will keep your shoulders warm and your back covered, though your mother will still worry about you when you leave the house without a jersey.

Capes range in price from $50 to whatever insane price people will pay for garments with high end labels on them. You could probably buy a cape for more than $500 if you wanted it personally embroidered by the sister of an Arab Sheik or something like that, or if it was inlaid with the finest silk and bejeweled with Swarovski crystals dug out of the earth by real gnomes.

Of course, if you do buy a cape, you may have to face the fact that this could be a short lived trend. You may not be alive when it comes back around again, though if you keep it for when you are old and gray, you'll look imposing and refined, which is all any old person can really aspire to.

(That is not to say that old people can't do things, rather it is to say that the later years of one's life are the only times people will accept you wandering about the place looking off-kilter and dumping cats in wheelie bins. Which isn't to say that you should dump cats into wheelie bins, because that's just plain nasty. But again, I have digressed wildly.)

Capes are in. You should buy one.

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