Chi Flat Iron

Chi Flat Irons - All you need to know before you make a purchase.

What makes the CHI flat iron so special? Why are so many women (and a few men) so interested in styling their hair with a CHI hair straightener?

Is it the best ceramic flat iron on the market or are there other models that are better? Where is the cheapest place to buy a CHI flat iron online?

All these questions and more will be answered (hopefully) by this page.

History of the CHI

The CHI straightener is manufactured by a company named Farouk Systems Inc. The owner and chairman of this company is Farouk Shami. His company specializes in making high quality professional hair care products for professionals and consumers alike. They are headquartered in Houston TX.

The darling of the CHI brand is their ceramic hair straightener, but CHI also sells hair dryers, curling irons, brushes, and other hair care products. Many people think that CHI is short for 'ceramic hot iron' or 'ceramic heat iron' but that is not true. CHI actually stands for 'Catonic Hydration Interlink' which is a registered trademark.

All about CHI Flat Irons

There are 5 different types of the CHI ceramic flat iron available. They are:

1. The Original CHI (1") that operates at a fixed temperature (350 degrees F).

2. The new CHI Turbo (1/2", 1" and 2") has a variable temperature (between 175 and 350 degrees F)

3. The CHI Nano (1" and 1.25" models) that actually sterilizes itself and kills bacteria on the handle. The temperature can be set between 300 and 350 degrees F. Some CHI Nano models have a digital control to tell you precisely what the temperature of the iron is.

4. The mini CHI, aka, the wee CHI (1/2"). Same as the original CHI but in a 1/2" format.

5. The wet to dry CHI (1"). This iron allows you to style damp hair (must be at least 90% dry).

Of course, there are some limited edition models available too. Namely the pink CHI, the red CHI, the CHI with hearts, the blue CHI and the stars and stripes CHI.

Features common to all CHI flat irons:

  • the power cord is ten feet in length and swivels 360 degrees so you have lots of room to reach the back of your head
  • they only take at most 1 minute to heat up
  • the ceramic plates distribute heat evenly which means you get better results with only one pass
  • they only use a maximum of 25 watts of power

How do you select the right CHI for your hair?

The length and thickness of your hair normally dictates how wide a model you should buy. If you have short hair, then most likely a 1/2" to 1" model will suit you best. If you have longer hair or thick (ethnic) hair, then you will most likely need one from 1" to 2" in size. Lastly, remember that a thinner CHI flat iron is more easy to twist so if you are into doing funky hair styling tricks (flips, waves, etc) then a thinner flat iron may be what you need to buy.

Some models, like the Original CHI, have a fixed temperature. This can be an issue if you have fine or delicate hair. If that describes your hair, than you should look to using a newer model like the CHI Turbo or Nano which come with a variable temperature. That means you can lower or increase the temperature at which the iron operates. For fine hair, try a lower heat setting and for thick hair try a higher heat setting. If you have normal hair than the Original CHI will most likely be an excellent choice.

Where to get your CHI flat iron?

The best place that I have found to buy a CHI hair straightener online is They will give you free shipping with the purchase of a CHI flat iron and some models include a free $20 heat proof mat/travel pouch. I have one of these and they are really great. I place my flat iron on the mat while it heats up. When I am done, I let it cool down on the mat. When I put it away, I gently fold up the cord and place the flat iron inside the mat and put it in a drawer. also has a place where customers can comment on their purchases. If you visit, you can read all the comments for the original CHI. The last time I checked it out there were 1087 reviews and the average vote was 4.15 out of 5.

Some positive comments - you will be surprised to know that there are customers that had their CHI for over 3 years or 5 years and it is still working. Some people get super fast results (30 mins instead of 2 hours with the cheap drug store models). Many people are impressed at how hot it gets and how fast it heats up. They also talk about getting smooth and shiny hair with the CHI. That's just some of the hundreds of 5 star comments about the Original model. And remember, the Turbo and Nano models also have positive reviews too.

More Information

You can find out more information at these sites:

Need more info: CHI Flat Irons (more details about the CHI flat iron models)

Fake CHI Flat Iron bust

Ok, so I thought this counterfeiting of CHI flat irons was something that happened in Asia (mostly because of the inexpensive manufacturing). Well, this is bound to make you take notice ...

Apparently the Canadian federal police (RCMP) in Quebec broke up a flat iron counterfeit ring. They seized 3,500 units of the CHI and 1,000 GHD hair straighteners. Amazing.

So, please make sure you buy from an authorized dealer. I personally use Folica as I stated above. Remember, if the price seems too good to be true, perhaps it is not worth the risk.

Please note: The Yahoo News page that reported this story has been archived (ie, taked down) so I removed the link to it. 

A 6 min demo of how to use the CHI hair straightener - Hubpages is having troubles embedding videos ... I will add the video once it is fixed

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mareena jensen 9 years ago

I bought a Chi about a year ago, and was somewhat happy with it, but I used my friends this weekend, and it was way better! Mine doesn't get near as hot as her's. Mine never completely straightend my hair, like hers did. So that leads me to believe that there might be something wrong with mine. How do I go about sending mine back for either a new one, or it to be repaired?

Thank you. Mareena Jensen

robyn druwe 9 years ago

i also baught a chi iron about a year ago and yes it has worked good since then but about a month ago it pretty much stopped working...i think it is somehting with the cord because it still does work but you have to have the cord in a certain place and it is really had to straighten hair with you have to hold the cord in one place....i was too wondering how about getting this fixed because his was a farily expensive item and i really like straighting my hhair...

Chi Flat Iron profile image

Chi Flat Iron 9 years ago Author

If you are still in warranty (you will need your sales receipt to verify that) then the first step would be to call the place where you bought it and ask for assistance. They should give you the details for getting repairs.

If that does not help or if you know you are out of warranty, you can try this company:

They claim to be able to repair the Wee CHI and the CHI original. If you have a CHI Turbo, curling iron, hair dryer or 'thin' model, they recommend contacting Farouk Systems Inc at: or by calling 1.800.543.3387

I have not personally used them so please use good questions to make sure there are no hidden fees, etc.

Note: They will also do warranty repair jobs for a small fee.

Dixie Faries 9 years ago

I am wondering how many of the people who wrote they had problems with their CHI flatiron own the real thing. CHI is heavily counterfeited, and it can only be purchased in a very few places that are licensed to sell them. All other places are more than likely the Chinese counterfeit. If the price is too good to be true, you didn't get the real thing.

balh 9 years ago

omgg iwant a one!

JRock 9 years ago

I actually just learned today that there are hundreds of fake Chi's out there...My friend has one that the gold ceramic started to peel. It didn't straighten her hair as well as mine did because its not real ceramic. Your best bet is to buy a Chi from an actual Salon. My friend bought one at Trade Secrets and it was a fake one she later found out from the company and got a complete refund PLUS a new REAL one

Lisabee 9 years ago

I bought one from Trade Secrets too and it doesn't work as well as my daughter's, who has supposedly the "same" one. How did you find out it was fake? Was it Trade Secrets that gave you a new one?

Chi Flat Iron profile image

Chi Flat Iron 9 years ago Author


I did a quick search and I found a discussion on one of the eBay forums about fake flat irons. Here is the specific bit that relates to detecting if you have a fake chi flat iron:

"Yes, i just bought one and the seller has mysteriously disappeared. If you have used a Chi before, you can immedaitely tell. The weight is different. The fake ones don't have the 3 pronged cord. Also, by the switch, there is a silver sticker on the fake chi. The real chi has all of the electrical information imbedded in the handle. My advice, don't buy a Chi on ebay."

If that is the case for you, try and get a refund. If this does not help, consult the manual that came with the CHI and see if they have a support number that you can call and verify that you have an authentic model.

Denise 9 years ago

my boyfriend recently got me a CHi hair straightnrer for xmas. i thought it worked alright but i wasn't immeditley impressed because all the reviews i had read had been so great. He bought it at a JC Penney Salon. Could it be fake?

karen 9 years ago

i want one but there so expensive in salons..and i don't know if i can trust it to order it on the internet!

Chi Flat Iron profile image

Chi Flat Iron 9 years ago Author


I know what you mean. My 2 nieces bought one at a salon for about $50 more than you can get at Folica. And trust is also a big factor when it comes to shopping on the internet. I actually got a Sedu from Folica. It was a gift that my husband bought me last year for Christmas. I asked him about his experience. He said something like, they were the lowest price he could find and had so many positive customer reviews that he was willing to trust them.

It's up to you of course, but I would check them out and at least read the reviews. If there are so many happy campers, then Folica must be doing something rigth.

You can use this link to get started on your research:

Jessica 9 years ago

I love the Chi and it's probably the best straightener I've ever used. However, my mom & I (we both have our own) have gone through numerous different ones in the past 5 years because of bad fuses, faulty switches, etc. When it works fine, I love it, but when it doesn't it's very aggravating.

lyla 9 years ago

I find it strange that someone claims to have purchased a fake iron from Trade Secret. They are part of the biggest beauty corporation (regis), and have personal ties with their vendors, this means that all products and appliances are 100% real. I used to work for this company while in college, and while the pay was horrible, you can believe me that they are deeply commited to fighting diversion and fraudulent activity If you bought an iron that didn't work it most likely was damaged in shipment or was from a defective batch. You only need to be concerned about the authenticity of your chi iron if you purchased it from anywhere other then a professional salon or directly from Farouk. This includes internet websites (regardless of how reputable), Target, Marshalls/TJMaxx etc. Just remember salon products are only guarenteed when purchased from a professional salon. The chi iron that I own actually says the warranty is only valid when purchased at a salon, and yes I purchased mine at a Trade Secret.

Chinouette 9 years ago

I live in France, and I would like to know if the CHI turbo flat iron can be purchased here, and would the voltage work?

Chi Flat Iron profile image

Chi Flat Iron 9 years ago Author

Chinouette - actually no. The CHI models are sold for the North American market and do not support the 220/240 voltage. In addtion, the plugs are different and the manufacturer states not to use a voltage converter with them.

Sedu and GHD might be better alternatives since they have specific models for the European market. However, the plugs are most likely C or G type and so you would need a converter (I think that Frances uses an F type plug).

Here is a place where you can start looking for 220 volt flat irons:

libby 9 years ago

i just bought a CHI iron today, [the black ceramic version] and my dad told me he got it for 51.00, is this for real? i could'nt believe it, since i knew that a CHI straightener is very popular and range in price. im not sure if he got ripped off. how can i tell if its real or fake???

Chi Flat Iron profile image

Chi Flat Iron 9 years ago Author


One thing I would do is check the papers that came with the CHI. Does the manual look official? Do they have any phone numbers? CHI warranties their products for a year so perhaps you can give them a call and ask to register you flat iron. They would be able to give you a definitive answer.

Additionally, if you read some of the comments previous to this one, I gave a couple of instructions for detecting fake CHI straightners.

Hope that helps you.

Daisy Mae 8 years ago

I have owned my CHI for about 3 years and I too have ad the problem of my plug shorting in and out. My sister and I have very natural curly hair; very hard to tame. The CHI has been the greatest for our hair. It flattens without spending a lot of time and it leaves it very shiny and full of life. Though the CHI is pricey, it has been the greatest hair investment I have ever made!!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

lisa 8 years ago

hello i just wanted to know where can i buy a chi straightner i live in houston texas. please help me.

Chi Flat Iron profile image

Chi Flat Iron 8 years ago Author


Sorry, I have no ideas about places where you can get a CHI in Houston. Maybe someone else can make a comment for you. Like I mentioned above, I have bought my flat iron from Folica and I continue to trust them (because of their service and really decent prices). If you are set against ordering online then another alternative is to call some local hair salons and ask if they carry the CHI. I would expect the price to be a bunch higher though. I hope that helps.

veena 8 years ago

hey i'm from houston, i bought my chi at one of the salons in the galleria. i would check around all the salons, mine ws 130 but i think i could have gotten it for 115 if i shopped around a bit harder. anyway, i got it 5 years ago and my switch just broke today. so time for a new one! it wasn't working properly anymore anyway, just wasn't leaving my hair as lustrious as it used to :(

Eleana 8 years ago

I bought a 1" CHI nano with the temperature control dial from The electyrical cord only has the two prongs (not 3) and the temperature dial only reads celcuis degrees (not farenheit)--so the dial only goes up to 180 degrees celcuis. I called Farouk and they said all CHIs have the degree reading in both Celcuis and farenheit. Do I have a fake CHI??

maddie 8 years ago

if you buy the chi from folica, will you have the benefit of the warranty?

Alisha 8 years ago

I purchased my chi turbo flat iron and chi turbo hair dryer from an e-bay store. I know that it is authentic because I received the paperwork with mine that has numbers and all that good stuff. I called them, and they are legit numbers. They also have the special prongs. :) I am happy! I paid $80 each for them. I know that since I bought it on e-bay, it probably will not be covered under warranty. Fine by me! I'll just go back to the same ebay store and get another because I know the product is quality. They have 100% positive feedback and thousands of items they've sold.

K~ 8 years ago

Hi Alisha,

I was just looking on Ebay but was worried after seeing this site. DO you mind saying WHICH Ebay store/seller you bought from. Thanks & take care!

prynsys21 8 years ago

is their a such thing is a bright pink chi.. it actually has chi printed all over it my husband bought it for $150!!!

unknown 8 years ago

my mom and i also have the same problem... we love te chi straighteners but unfortunatly buying them from salons is SOO expensive. i ordered one and got it for a VERY good price and it lasted about 5 months then the light stoped coming on when you flicked it to "on" and it wouldn't heat up. My mom ordered one also for a very good price and hers lasted a day and quit working as well. she sent hers back to the person we bought it from on ebay and they sent us a new one with this one as well quitting after just 2 weeks. do you think these were fake or was it just the luck of the draw that we got 3 straighteners from ebay that all quit working? i noticed up further in the comments you gave us places to get repaired, my mo and i are very interested in getting ours repaired but if they are fake CHI's is there still a way to repair them or are they done for good?

Chi Flat Iron profile image

Chi Flat Iron 8 years ago Author

@Alisha - good find. It just goes to show that there are some honest ebayers out there.

@Maddie - yes, if you buy any flat iron from Folica it comes with the full manufacturers warranty

@prynsys21 - I seem to recall seeing the CHI flat iron that you are referring to in the past. I searched the top 30 results in Google and I can no longer find it. Maybe it was a limited edition model that the company who sold it to your husband had lots of.

@unknown - sorry to hear about your bad luck straighteners. I would contact Farouk first (if the units are still in warranty). Second to that I would contact the company and see if they can service your machines. It may be something simple to repair and they could do it for you. Never hurts to ask.

Eleana 8 years ago

See my question above...I believe I may have bought a fake CHI from Folica? It only has 2 prongs and only shows the degrees in celcius..(not farenheit). It seems lighter weight than my previous CHI, but I cant be sure...please help. I want to return it to Folica if it is likely to be a fake. It is a 1" Nano. THanks.

Chi Flat Iron profile image

Chi Flat Iron 8 years ago Author

@Eleana - I read some comments from the many people who have bought the 1" Nano at Folica. A couple of them mentioned that it was quite light. If you are still concerned, here is what I would do. Call Folica at 888-919-4247 and voice your concerns. If that does not help you, then contact Farouk at 1-800-237-9175 and ask for help validating that you have an authentic model.

chi lover. 8 years ago

uhh i was wondering would the chi straightner burn and ruin your hair?

NJgirl 8 years ago

I was reading the post regarding the fake Chi iron. A few years back I did puchase a Chi iron on Ebay with a silver label next to the on/off switch. It still works and straightens my hair amazingly though it is a fake. I recently received a Chi iron that looked different from my original and I was wondering if it was a fake. But it the gift CHI seems to be the real deal. It has all the specs embedded right into the handle.

Thanks for the post earlier!!

Ina 8 years ago

I've gone through several Chi flat irons over the years. They're awesome, but they only have a year warranty. You can take it back and pay only the shipping to get a new one. I've bought all of mine through my sister who is a hair stylist. She gets them from Armstrong McCall in San Antonio, Texas. I love the Chi, it works WONDERS on my hair, but the company really needs to do something about the cords. It's over a hundred dollars. For that price, it should have a longer life.

Victoria Kaufman 8 years ago

I bought my daughter a Chi for xmas thru Style Bell and it quit working four months later. Style Bell only gives a 90 day warranty. I have lost all of the paperwork that came with the iron. Is there an address or phone number that I can contact about this problem. I have been told the irons do not last but, come on four months. Not quite worth $130.00.

Chi Flat Iron profile image

Chi Flat Iron 8 years ago Author


There is something weird about Style Bell. According to Folica, the company who makes CHI hair straighteners (Farouk Systems Int) provides a one year warranty. I have no idea why Style Bell says it's only 90 days. You have 2 options.

1. I would contact Style Bell customer support at 1-888-322-9959 and explain your situation.

2. Failing that I would contact Farouk directly at 1-800-237-9175 and see if they can cover the repairs on your CHI.

As a last resort, there is a comment near the top that links to a repair center that may be able to fix the problem for you.

Hope that helps.

chi lover 8 years ago

when i bought my chi straightner it came with these 3 things, shampoo, treatment and silk smooth thing what does all 3 of these things do?

dianaa 8 years ago

i've been reading these comments saying that the chi works only for a few months, how long does it actually last for till it breaks?

i bought mine in the states ( pennysalvania ) and if i want to exchange it, can i do that in canada/toronto?

maria 8 years ago

Does anyone have experience with the chi wet 2 dry? I have very resistant hair and am afraid of spending the money on something that doesn't work (so far nothing works to keep my hair straight)

Miss Preet profile image

Miss Preet 8 years ago

The wet to dry chi isn't that great. I have long, thick, curly hair, so I thought the wet to dry would be convenient since it takes me about 30-40min to hair dry. However, it doesn't work as well, and I also found my hair was getting damaged. I love my regular chi though.

not so happy w/chi 8 years ago

I had a problem with my chi and I was told by Faurick Systems that the only chi that has any kind of warranty is a chi bought thru a salon or thru Faurick directly. I was told anything bougt on the internet is not guaranteed because the only authorized distributors of chi's are salons and Faurick systems. Why did someone not tell me that there is no warranty. I submitted a comment and you responded that the company I bought it from should have a one year warranty. No-one is authorized to sell chi's except salons. That is why there are no warranties. The public is definitely entitled to know this. Hope this helps someone.

irritated chi buyer :( 8 years ago

Ok so I bought a chi from ebay. i know smart move. But my roommate bought one and her's works great, so I wanted one too! Only of course, I had to do better and get the pink one. After looking at pictures online, I noticed that the light pink chi does look different from the original black chi, so how can I tell if the pink chi is a fake? I kind a think it may be because the pamphlet thing that came in the box had some random misspellings (ex: form instead of from and umber instead of number) But it did have all the correct Farouk numbers. And instead of CHI TM mine had CHI ® Is there anything else that might show it is a fake? I'm so sad I only paid $80. My roomie paid around $90 so I just thought I was a better shopper but maybe i'm just more trusting. :(

Chi Flat Iron profile image

Chi Flat Iron 8 years ago Author

Many of us are concerned about the warranty when buying a CHI online. I contacted Folica to find out what a person should do if they have a problem with a CHI flat iron purchased through them that has a malfunction. Here's the response:

"We offer a one year limited warranty from the original date of purchase for this product when purchased from our website. If you should experience any problems with your unit please contact us via phone or email for warranty instructions.

If you have additional questions please do not hesitate to contact the Customer Service Team via email or phone.


Folica Customer Service Team


So, they do have a service department and do they will take care of you if you are still under warranty. As to why Farouk only wants you to buy from a salon, well, I can only speculate. I have always thought that the hair care manufacturers only want to sell exclusively at a hair salon. In other words, they control the product and they don't want to have any competition with other products in the salons. This is called an 'exclusive sales agreement'. In other words, if a salon wants to carry a certain brand of hair care products, they have to make a choice and are kind of forced into a corner afterwards.

If anyone knows the inside business of a hair salon, please let me know if that is true or not. I always suspected it was but I don't really know any salon owners to ask them. But the fact remains that most salons do not carry more than one brand of hair straightener and they usually are something much less familiar than CHI.

Chi Flat Iron profile image

Chi Flat Iron 8 years ago Author

@still not happy ...

Did you ever try calling the Folica support number and find out how they handle their warranties? They have been selling CHI products for years. How could it be possible that they are selling a product not covered under warranty.

They have 1,174 reviews of the original CHI on their web site. The average rating is 4.18 out of 5. That means they sell a LOT of this model and their customers love it. I don't see how they could honestly be in business selling a product without a warranty. Farouk would get a court order preventing them from operating or something (I am not a lawyer nor do I play one on TV).

At any rate. I have a ceramic flat iron from Folica and it has been working great for over 2 years now. If you don't like Folica as a company, so be it. I do and I think that the thousands of people who give them positive comments on their site do too.

still not happy 8 years ago

I have no problem with Folica. My problem is that my chi is not under warranty. If Folica gives warranties that is great. But, this does not help me with my problem. Faurick is telling me one thing and you are telling me something else. There is law suits pending but, I was told it is going to take time. Anyone who is not a legal distributor will be sued in due time. I am sorry but, I was told by Faurick about all internet purchases not being covered and I am going with them. I would say that Folica is selling fake chi's or something is being covered up. Anyway I have told everyone I know of this issue and there are more people than you think not happy about this horrible situation. I hope that Folica is legal and has permission. If not their day is coming. OUCH!!!!!!!

Mandy 8 years ago

Hello, i have tried so many straigters and it just damages my hair even more. Is a CHI better, because im trying not to have my hair for frizzes. Can you help me?And do you know were i can find one? maybe at the alderwoodmall? i need help, please?

melissa 8 years ago

i do not recommend the chi. at first when i bought it, it was great. ive had it for about 8 months now and all of a sudden it just stopped working. wow what a waste of money

michelle 8 years ago

i to had bought a chi about a year ago and i paid 150 dollars for it and about a month ago every time the cord twist it would turn off and i dont what to do about it.

ashlie 8 years ago

What is everyone talking about that a chi has 3 prongs on the cord? I have bought 2 legitamite ones and neither have a 3rd prong. The one I have had for about a year still works great but the ceramic is starting to chip. Considering the abuse it has taken from me- this is normal. And I read that only real chi's come with a lifetime warranty- all of mine have offered only a year. Am I missing something?

T.R 8 years ago

I have read Many of your Concerns and must comment. I have worked in the Salon industry for many years and have come to work with the Chi Flat irons. I know for a fact that if you purchased from a reputable dealer or Salon that they will stand behind their products and work with you through your purchase. They value their name far too much not to help with your concerns. Penny's is one of them. Pricey? Somewhat yes. If you watch Penny's adds you will see that they have great sales on the Chi Flat irons. they normally retail for $149.00 for their reg. and $249.00 for the Wet. However you can during their sales which are all the time purchase the Reg.Chi flat iron for $99.00 to $109.00 and the wet for $149.00 and they do stand behind their products they sell. My advice for eBay is to watch out for the irons starting out at .99 cents. The Sellers with authentic irons will not take a chance at .99 cents. They will start their bids out for an aucthentic iron for at lease $30.00 to $50.00 and up.

Ginny 8 years ago

I'm confused do the fake Chi's have a TM or R next to the word CHI on the box?

DEE 8 years ago

I was using my friends wet/dry straightener the other day and it literally fell apart in my hand when I was using it. I geuss it got so hot it made the plastic break i don't know. I feel bad but can't afford to buy her a new one. I know Chi has warranties she said she ordered it through a Sallys hair store but she doesn't have the recipet it hasn't been over year she said, what can I do?

helpfulhints 8 years ago

They do have Chi flat irons for European voltage. Farouk systems has a warehouse in Europe. You can call them to get further information on who to buy from 281-876-2000. Also, you need to be aware that the irons warrenty is invalid if purchesed on line or at a unathorized distributor.

michelle 8 years ago

I was wondering if anyone would happen to know where I could purchase authentic chi flat irons at reasonable wholesale cost? Your replys are greatly appreciated!!

Thanks! Love the demos BTW!

Ren 8 years ago

I just bought a Chi Turbo flat iron from my work (Bed Bath and Beyond) today. I used it and i was definitely impressed! They went on clearance...not sure why. they went from 169.99 to 99.99 (for the 1"). With my discount I got it for 79.99. Bed Bath and Beyond is a great place to get it-we stand behind all of our products so if something happens to one you buy there you can always bring it back and swap it for a new one. We also have more that you can order...just ask someone working at the store.

Heidi 8 years ago

Today I had the WORST experience ever! I am a licensed hair stylist and I bought the Chi Turbo about 8 months ago. 2 weeks ago it stopped working. I noticed it wasn't getting as hot as it did at first and then it just would not turn on. I took it home before going on vacation and had planned on returning it when I got back from my trip. When I got back, I decided to plug it in one more time to make sure it wasn't just my outlet at the salon. And guess what? It turned on and worked. I took it back to the salon and guess what? It worked there too. I then used it on clients for several days and then, today, I used it on a client and noticed, when I was finished doing her hair , that some kind of glue or rubber underneath the ceramic plate was oozing out. It was melted. Then, as I was combing through my clients hair, I noticed her hair, which had been perfectly healthy prior to using the straightner was now brittle, especially on the ends. I wasn't sure what had happened until I noticed my Chi had turned off. I tried to turn it back on but it wouldn't. I always keep my Chi at the same temperature setting unless someone has very fine, fragile hair and I had used it on this client several times in the past. This Chi got so hot that what ever is underneath the ceramic plate was melting and oozing out AND it burned my clients hair! We had to cut it shorter than what she originally wanted. I was devistated. I won't be buying a Chi again. The two other stylists in my salon have also had problems with there Chi irons. I will be wrting to Farouk about this.

Kayla 8 years ago

for the person who just put this comment up, do u think that the ORIGNAL CHI would work better or do u suggest that all the CHI's work that way. cuz ive read other reviews and toked to ppl in person sayin they LOVED the CHI espically the ORIGNAL

Carrie-Anne 8 years ago

To Kayla - There was a site I came across the other day that had some info regarding which CHI you should pick. It is based on the type of hair and how long it is. Anyways, the address is and the one thing I like is that all the models are organized by hair type.

Stacy 8 years ago

I bought my CHI from a place called "Professional Beauty Supplies". Basically, they sell products to all the salons in my area at a cheaper rate.

I have had my CHI for about 2 years now, and have never had a problem. I got a limited edition Spring time one thats silver with pink on the tip. It really works wonders....and makes my hair feel SO much healthier than it really is haha The only thing I don't really like is that sometimes it snags my hair. However, it's probably my own fault. My hair has lots of breakage from before I ever got the CHI and I think it snags on those pieces. Other than that, no complaints!

Maybe I just have good luck with flat irons...I would recommend the CHI anyday....but I have heard good things about Paul Michell as well...

CHIII 8 years ago

Ive recently used my friends chi straightener ( which she bought off ebay) and it was amazing ! My straightener takes me about 40 minutes to get my hair fairly straight. Her chi took about 15 min to get my hair dead straight. It really surprised me becuase my hair is really hard to tame.

Going Abroad 8 years ago

I am going to the UK soon and I was wondering if it was possible to use the Chi farouk with a converter/adaptor.


Chi Flat Iron profile image

Chi Flat Iron 8 years ago Author

@Going Abroad,

Acutally, no, please do not use a converter/adaptor with your CHI flat iron as it will not work (and could possibly destroy the straightener).

Sedu, Solia and GHD all make modesl that are compatible with the power system in the UK. The Solia and GHD listed below work in both America and the UK (you still need an adaptor for the plugs though).

Sedu and Solia 220 Volt Straighteners:

GHD 220 Volt Straightener:

lauren 8 years ago

i bought a chi pink dazzle from eBay and it was total junk, the seller had many many many complains about them. i really think it was fake, is there any definite way to tell if it was fake? i then bought the darker pink breast cancer one from a salon and i love it, i did throw away the receipt but know the date i purchased it because of my credit card. my one concern is what if something happens, will i not be able to be under warranty because i do not have the receipt?

unknown 8 years ago

Both my sister and I bought CHI's off e-bay....I know bad idea on our part. They both stopped working after only 6 months of use. The light that indicates it is on keeps flashing off. I opened it up and tried to fix it but nothing has worked. I looked into my salon who is selling the CHI straightner for 200 dollars plus tax with a two year warranty. I am not sure if I should trust it because of all the bad experiences I have had. Clearly many people are having the exact same problem with the CHI straightener

Chi Flat Iron profile image

Chi Flat Iron 8 years ago Author


I am sorry for the troubles you had buying your CHI straightner off of eBay. I have heard of a lot of stories like that too (and not just with CHI's). The 'easy' money in this industry is to clone a successful product and get them made overseas. These knockoff's are then easily sold on places like eBay where we go to get a bargain.

Now, I have no idea if you got a fake version of the real thing or not. But I do know this. Folica has been in business since 1997. They have a very strong reputation. Their prices are much better than the local salons. There are thousands of positive comments from other shoppers to read. I have emailed them asking about their warranty on CHI products and I received a reply within 24 hours.

So, without driving to New Jersey and knocking on their door, the above has been good enough for me to trust them. The choice of course is still yours. You could decide to spend the $200 plus at a salon or you could spend as little as $85 at Folica.

Either way, I wish you well. To help you decide, here is a shortcut to the CHI page at Folica's website:

Alex 8 years ago

My parents JUST got me a brand new Chi pink dazzle straightener. I opened it, straightened my friend Amy's hair, and she went to go straighten mine but the heat was lessening, so we turned it off. It wouldn't turn back on even with the reset button; nothing was happening, and still nothing is happening. We bought it on ebay and it IS refundable, but what should I do? I'm really scared because I JUST got it and then it stopped working :(

Kori K. 8 years ago

i bought the chi about 6 months ago at trade secerts and it works fine only sometimes. cause most of the time im stuck in the bathroom over an hour straighting my hair. and after i do get it straight like not even an hour later my hair is starting to curl and frizz. i dont know why its doing it since i hear so much good things about chi's. and im positive its not a fake.

Chi Flat Iron profile image

Chi Flat Iron 8 years ago Author


I would try and get a replacement or get your money back from the eBay seller. Don't be scared. If you used Paypal, there is a $2,000 protection policy (like an insurance policy if the seller rips you off). But by all means, FIRST, send an email to the seller and ask for a refund.

@Kori, I would contact trade secrets and see what their warranty or replacement policy is.

The intimadator 8 years ago

my chi doesn't want to turn on anymore. What should i do?! Isn't there supposto be a 1-800 number on the inside if the chi? I REALLY NEED MY CHI FOR SCHOOL! please help me :(

ugly 8 years ago

my chi doesn't want to turn on anymore. what should i do?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!

Sam 8 years ago

I purchased my Chi iron about a year ago. It recently stopped working in the wrong period of time. I DO NOT RECOMMEND the Chi iron. i have been through many of them and i know tons of people who have purchased them and had difficulties. Although the Chi was helpful to straighten my curly hair. I think a better option is out there for me!

Allison 8 years ago

I don't know if any of you will check this after so much time has passed, but I have had my CHI for a year and a half. I recently started having the cord problem (power coming on and off depending upon how the cord was positoned). My mom found out that you can send it back and either get it fixed or replaced for a small shipping and handling fee. Hope this helps some of you! As for people not recommending the CHI, all I can say is wow. I used to fight with my hair (which is wavy in a not pretty way) on a daily basis, but since getting my CHI, most people think I have naturally straight hair! And I live in FL (extremely humid)!!!

Nikki 8 years ago


I'm having the cord issue too. I bought my Chi from a salon about fourteen months ago (and of course I didn't keep the sales slip). I would love to get it fixed instead of purchasing a new one. Since I don't have sales slip, who do I sent it to and will they fix it even if it's not under warranty?

Mia! 8 years ago

Do the silver plates work on black hair?

The colored ones have silver plates but I don't want a plain one, where's the fun in that?

And also, what are good ways to tell a real one from a faker?

I wanna buy one from Ebay so I can get a good deal. I have to pay on minimum wage.

maria  8 years ago

so before i found this website i was looking at the chi at but im not sure if its safe place i read your comment about that but somehow im having doubts what can you tell me about that

8 years ago

I think my CHI might be fake I read one of the comments about the fake ones not having a three pronged cord, mine has a regular cord. Is it fake?

Danielle 8 years ago

Does any one still have there CHI manuals. I am looking for the phone number to call the Chi company. I have recently gone through my third chi with the same problem. The cord has broken again! This is the Third time!!! Does anyone know where you can send the chi to be fixed or if they have a main website or phone number?

Thanks for the help.!

Lauren 8 years ago

I've had my CHI since 2004 and I love it. Just recently, in the past couple of months, have I started having problems with it, and I straighten my hair a lot. My hair is thick and naturally curly. It doesn't fry my hair and it's always smooth and silky. I would recommend it to anyone. I bought mine through JC Penney and my other one I use for travelling through a beauty supply store. I've had zero problems with it. I usually use the CHI styling products that go along with it, but even without it, it works great.

Ann 8 years ago

I bought my Nano on ebay and then the listing was removed and ebay was not able to tell me why. how can i check the authenticity? I called farouk but they said they do not give that info out to the public.

Monyca 8 years ago

Danielle...the Farouk phone number is 281-876-200....

carmen roberts 8 years ago

i called the sevice # for chi after recieveing mine that i bought on ebay ,they said mine was real though it has a silver sticker on the inside that says made in a sticker is no indication of a fake

tudi 8 years ago

to determine if you chi flat iron is real or not.

1) if it is not 20-25w then it is fake.

CHI is only using 20-25 Watts of Electricity .

2) when you straighten your hair and the red light on your straightener blink then it is fake. Chi promises that the temperature stay the same when you straighten your hair. If the red light blink it means you are losing heat.

3) if your chi straightener has a R next to the word CHI then it is fake. The real one has the "CHI tm" which mean trademark.

4) if it is more than 110 v than it might be fake too.

geena 8 years ago

i bought one off ebay a few weeks back and it works perfect i ca tell know difference from my salon bought chi and ebay bought chi.

Smiley_213 8 years ago

(((CHI 2 in 1 Ceramic Auto Digital Curling and Flat Iron))))).......ok how come for this tool there is 170 watts??? i thought most straightners had watts wayyyyyy less than that, can someone explain this???

Lindsey 8 years ago

I just bought a chi on ebay, I call Farouk, they told me it was a fake. It was sent in from china, with a silver sticker put by the on off switch. Under the stick it says made in Korea, they put these stickers on so that the irons can illegally pass through customs. I am working with pay pal now to get a refund, but beware you cannot sent these fake iron back because they have been illegally sent through customs as counterfit merchandise and if you send them back you are violating the same law. What a mess!

dilu 8 years ago

i have my chi for about 7 years and i love it but recetly it gives me hard time turning on. if i press little hard on one of my plate it would turn on but then after some time it will quit can someone hep me?where can i get it repair?

kcook1211 8 years ago

ok. I just purchased a SEDU from It had the warranty information in it that says to register with I logged onto the website and clicked on the warranty tab. Low and behold, the page says that if you purchased your product from you have to contact folica for warranty information. It is true that the 'high quality' flat irons are intended to only be purchased in salons and NOT OVER THE INTERNET!!! the website states this. The product I purchased is an authentic from folica, but I believe the website is owned by a hairdresser or someone that purchases from a hair dresser. either way, sounds pretty shady to me. So, bottom line, if you buy from the internet, you may not have an authentic, or, you may not get the actual warranty specified since it was purchased from an unauthorized source.

P.S. I just read an article about Farouk Shami and it turns out he used to be a hairdresser until he developed allergies to the chemicals. He went on to develop the CHI flat iron and other non-chemical products used in salons today. He will only sell to hair salons since he wants to 'give back' to his profession. So, there you have it, the CHI is only meant to be purchased at salons, all other avenues are suspect.

kcook1211 8 years ago

Oh, one more thing I forgot to mention. You can purchase these irons from Brick and mortar retail stores that are designated Beauty Supply stores as well.

allie 8 years ago

my boyfriend just bought me a chi iron for christmas, from a beauty supply store.. he said he got a 2 year warranty on it. Ive used friends chi's before and this one looks the same... i believe its real, but even the chi website only gives a 1 year warranty? is it possible the salon can have an extended one? or did we get ripped off? he paid upwards of $150 for it and the warranty

Love Chi 8 years ago

Tuti doesn't know what she is talking about. I have two Chi irons one purchased from Regis Salon and the other from Trade Secret both are listed as authorized dealers from the farouk website for Chi products. Neither one has TM next to Chi both have an R. The authorized dealers on the farouk website list: JcPenny Salon, Fantastic Sams, Regis Salons, Trade Secret, Pure Beauty, Beauty First, Ulta and Beauty Brands as authorized dealers for Chi products. If you didn't purchase from one on the list I would be skeptical. Sometimes what looks like a good deal is really a rip off.

Response to Allie 8 years ago

It could be possible he got an extended warranty from the store itself. Does the warranty card inside the box say 1 or 2 years? If he purchased from a retail location most likely it is real. I think the majority of fake irons are being sold on the internet. My first Chi was purchased 3 years ago and works perfectly so most likely you won't need to worry about the warranty.

Whatwhat 8 years ago

The R means registered trademark. It could be some of the irons would have TM before it was actually a registered trademark as you can not use the R even if your application is pending you have to use TM. Only once you are registered can you begin to use the R after a products name.

MaRiA 559 8 years ago i just bought a CHI from e-bay and im starting to get scared thinking it was a scam. i got it for only $36. i read the feedback people left and the seller seemed legit. i used paypal to pay and in an earlier comment they mentioned something about a $2000 something if its a scam. and i wanted to know how does this work?

ANDY 8 years ago

If you bought your Chi from Jc.Penney's Salon, then it is a real Chi.I called the number for the Forouk products, and they said the Jc.Penneys is one of their biggest distributors and most trusted companies. Then I had to ask about the i.Chi name thats on the flat iron I bought for my girl. They told me that it is the limited edition ones and that it is a real Chi. The i stands for "Ionic" so put it together its the limited edition Ionic Chi. I got her the top of the line one that is limited edition Diva collection. So hope this answers any doubt any one may have on the i.chi flat iron. Also not all Chi's have three prongs, mine has two. Ok...good luck on finding real Chi brand products. Yes, I too think Chi's are well worth the money, they make my girls hair look salon style and healthy shiny. Want to impress the man in your life, I would give the Chi 5 star rating out of 5.

Julia 8 years ago

I just bought my CHI today..its the original 1" barrel and the red light blinks when it heats up. Is it a fake? I bought it at Harmon, like a CVS place in Bed Bath and Beyond. It also doesn't have the words "CHI" on it, only gobal something or what ever. I paid 120 for it im hoping its not a fake. I haven't used it yet tho. Also in sliver lettering it has L.E.D. next to the light and on switch but it also has all of the saftey stuffs on it imprinted. Thanks for the help!

elaine myles 8 years ago

I have a authentic chi that I bought from a salon. It says it uses 35 watts of power. are u saying thats a fake if it don't use 20 to 25 watts.

ohmygoodness 8 years ago

I am in the same boat as Lindsey-exactly what she said about the sticker. I don't know what to do-it was for my sister....i have a CHI that I have had for a few years and have had no problems(though it says 40w).....great deal= big mess. any help or advice would be great!

awats 8 years ago

I have three Chi's and one that I most recently bought, from TRADE SECRET, in counterfeit. I just recently found out. So beware!

Lindsey 7 years ago

ohmygoodness- if you got the fake off of ebay and paid using paypal, it is possible to get a refund, but it takes a while. I just got my refund about two weeks ago. I would suggest you call Chi and ask for the legal department. This lawyer that works for them I think her name is Gaye) helped me get a refund by sending paypal a letter stating the chi was a fake and sent here illegally. I got a full refund and didn't have to send back the fake to china because it was counterfit. Lindsey

Hub Love profile image

Hub Love 7 years ago from United States

CHI flat irons are great hair straighteners!

Tiffany 7 years ago

I just got a CHI off ebay. I was a little worried at first, but it truly is a real CHI. However, my advice to anyone else is just BUYER BEWARE and ALWAYS use paypal.

Millie 7 years ago

I've never understood why people are all goo goo over this Chi. I went to a high end salon once and they used a Chi on my hair and it was not nearly as straight, flat or sleek as when I do it myself at home with my Jilbere flat iron. I would never by this Chi-Crap. Mine is just perfect and it heat to 400+ degrees! The price of a Chi is double what I paid for my Jilbere.

Maria SG 7 years ago

im worried that the CHI i bought at Jcpenney might be fake because it says i.CHI and its the diva collection it looks kinda weird to me but it cost me 150 so it might be real....anyone else bought this flat iron??

yoli76 7 years ago

Hello Im really confused, I recently bought an pink chi flat iron on Ebay and 2 days later I received an email from ebay stating the listing had been removed. I contacted the seller and they stated they didn't know what was going on and the product was shipped out. I check it has been shipped out. Is is a FAKE? I paid $53.00. HELP

MB 7 years ago


MB 7 years ago

My Chi power cord is my problem. My husband cut the bad part out and resoldered the contacts back in. The Chi works great right now. He would like to replace the cord with a new one. Does anyone know where we could buy a new cord

MB 7 years ago

My Chi power cord is my problem. My husband cut the bad part out and resoldered the contacts back in. The Chi works great right now. He would like to replace the cord with a new one. Does anyone know where we could buy a new cord

Monica 7 years ago

I had my CHI since 2004 and use it almost everyday or everyother day. I love it and I want to get a newer on but haven't yet. I have used other straghteners and the CHI has been the best I have ever used.

Monica 7 years ago

I had my CHI since 2004 and use it almost everyday or everyother day. I love it and I want to get a newer on but haven't yet. I have used other straghteners and the CHI has been the best I have ever used. The cord has messed up too where you have to hold it a certain way to work and then my dog ate part of it but my husband cut it and rewired it and it still works now with out holding it just to keep it on. My cord has been broken since the first year but it's been like five years and it still works. I need to buy a new one but haven't gotten a chance because this one still works.

zendog64 profile image

zendog64 7 years ago from Pennsylvania

I have been a hairstylist for 11 years, and I worked in a salon which was owned by a member of Farouk's National Artistic Team, and in that time I was able to learn alot about CHI irons. Our CHIs were sent to us directly from Farouk Systems rather than purchased from a distributor. Here is the definitive way to know if your first-generation original CHI is real or a fake:

Authentic CHI irons were manufactured in both the USA and China. If your CHI says made in Korea, it is probably a fake. The plastic of an authentic CHI should be matte black. If the black plastic on your original CHI is shiny, it is a fake. Original CHI irons have 2 prongs on the plug. There are no stickers on an authentic CHI, although there should be a silver-colored ink stamp by the power switch which says LED. Your CHI should also be stamped GLOBAL BEAUTY NETWORK, INC. in silver on the handle.

On authentic CHI irons, the ceramic should not chip or wear off. Cheap knockoffs are made with aluminum plates coated with ceramic. Also, the ceramic plates should "float". Press down on the plate and see if it moves. If the plate moves, or "floats", then you have the real deal.

On the original model, there is an R, not TM, after CHI. If you have the owner's manual, it should say GF-1001 on the cover, with contact info for Farouk Systems at the bottom. The manual should be printed in English and should contain a one-year warranty. On the inside of the handle it should say: Farouk Systems, Inc, and below that should be a certification number (for example, Certified to: CSA-C222). Although newer models are 20-25 watts, older CHIs were 35 watts.

The box your CHI came in should be printed in English, Spanish, and French. On the back of the box it should say: Manufactured for Farouk Systems, Inc. Houston TX 77090.

Unfortunately, many authentic CHI irons do have problems with their cords. Never wrap or wind your cord around the iron, as this can cause stress to the 360-degree swivel, which will lead to electrical problems.

Earlier this year, Farouk founder Farouk Shami issued a press release stating that he will be closing all overseas factories in an attempt to thwart counterfeiting. If you plan on buying a CHI in the future, make sure that it was made in the USA. Fake CHIs are common online, but have also been known to turn up in some salons and beauty supply stores. In order to prevent getting ripped off, take a knowledgeable stylist with you and have them take the CHI out of the box and examine it for you before you buy. A good stylist (hopefully) will be able to know the difference between a real CHI and a fake. Never buy a CHI online, no matter how reputable the seller is. Farouk, like most professional manufacturers, only sells to authorized dealers!

Sarah 7 years ago

Thanks Zendog for posting these tips! I'll be checking my CHI when it gets here this week.

C.C 7 years ago

Zendog my chi has everything that you mentioned to be the real thing EXCEPT that it says made in Korea. Do you think it is fake? I called Farouk and the woman I spoke to said that there was no way I could tell if it was fake unless one of the servicing techs at Farouk opened it up to check it. Maybe I was given the wrong info.!

Courtney 7 years ago

I've been reading some of the comments, and I purchased a CHI on ebay and mine has all the information embedded on the straightener and does not have a silver sticker. But it only has 2 prongs.. I have no idea whether this is a fake or not. The outlet is different than my hair dressers but works just the same.

I also just want everyone to know NOT to use the CHI overseas using a voltage converter. I did this recently while i was in Australia and i fried my hair!! It didn't smell like burnt hair or anything, but a day or two later my hair tripled in size with the frizz. When i came home my hair dresser nearly fell over.. and she had to chop off, color my hair dark and thin it. Not good. So please don't use a voltage converter with the CHI.

Ashley 7 years ago

I bought my Chi from a couple weeks ago for $72.99, now the Chi's are only $69.99 and you can use coupon code "amika10" to get 10% off (plus shipping is free) so the total will be only $62.99!! And I'm pretty darn sure its authentic. Everthing checks out (refer to "zendog64" -very useful info)

Hope this helps! Good luck!

InLoveWithTheWetToDry 7 years ago

I was just replying to some questions about the wet to dry. I have a wet to dry and I love it!!!! I have thick hair with wave/body and my best friend has curly and we both have used it with wet hair. It works fast and I use the Chi silk infusion prior to using the iron, and my hair has never been so soft and healthy. I didn't realize there were fakes out there until reading this. Get the real thing. Its the best thing I have ever used!

zendog64 profile image

zendog64 7 years ago from Pennsylvania

C.C>, there could be a chance that some original CHIs were made in Korea, I'm not 100% sure, but I do know that newer models are no longer made there.

Courtney: My CHI also has two prongs, so I don't think the prongs really matter when determining the iron's authenticity. Different models will have different prongs. There also may be a difference between the professional-only models used in salons and the models made for retail. Keep in mind that hairstylists have to have a product that can stand up to heavy-duty wear and tear. Most of us turn our irons on in the morning and leave them on all day, every day of the week so they're always ready to use.

Melissa 7 years ago

Zendog i bought my chi about a year ago, and it worked great so far until about a week ago when it started turning on and off, i just called farouk and they asked me to send it in to 250 Pennbright Dr. Huston texas 77090 along with a 35 dollar cheque. reading the comments above made me wonder if my chi was a real or fake one. I live in canada and bought it straight from a top quality hair salon (Salon Profolio), it cost me $200. i followed your guidelines to checking wether it was real or not, and so far my plates are in great condition, they float, mine is a 35W and it has the global beauty network inc printed on the handles, but it does say made in korea. Could it be fake?

pastorsuzie profile image

pastorsuzie 7 years ago

I purchaced a Chi on Amazon recently. It is made in Korea, 2 prongs, has the electrical (35w) embedded in the handle, the silver LED printed next to the light, and a manuel that has Farouk's address and number from Texas and the one year warrenty listed. This appears to be an older model of Chi from the previous readings. I am wondering though the Chi I purchaced the manuel says ceramic coated paddles- I thought Chi's claim to fame was 100% ceramic paddles. Does anyone have info on this???

pretty girl 7 years ago

hi girls, im very concern about the fact that i just bought in a webpage my chi but im wondering if it is fake, mine has the same characteristics of yours PASTORSUZIE and im also wondering if its normal that they are coated, mm i just want to know is it is real or fake, i wouldn't want to realize that it is fake but i want to know the truth, also it says GLOBAL BEAUTY NETWORK INC. notice it doesn't have a comma, is is made in korea and i dont know i was so exited about getting a chi that i just want to have the original u.u

can anyone tellme if it is fake or original or giveme your hotmail so that i can send you images and you tellme if it is real please, can anyone help me???

steffiefreeze 7 years ago

I have had my chi original for 6 years. I just staring having a problem with the power cord as many of you have reported this week. I have to hold it in a certain position for it to stay on. I purchased mine at JCP salon for 119. I still have my box believe it or not. Mine has a 2 prong plug. It has a white sticker on the underside of the upper handle that states 40w, made in Korea, LED and power on/off are printed/stamped on the inside of the bottom handle and it has a TM next to chi. It also has global beauty network on it. The box states that the company is in Texas. I know it is an original and it has some of the characteristics that others have claimed to be fake. I have just purchased a turbo 2" on ebay since I have longer hair now. I love my Chi. I have tried many flat irons and this is the only one that has tamed my naturally thick curly hair. I can't live without it.

steffiefreeze 7 years ago

I received my 2" Turbo Chi that I purchased on ebay and I do believe that it is a knockoff. At first glance it appears authentic. The plates are a brighter gold and look spray painted. It is very obvious that the plates are not CHI quality. I could scrape the coating off easily. The red felt was starting to come up and it wasn't lined up correctly. It is bigger than the original chi and felt much lighter. The words look spray painted on. This was confirmed the first time I used it. After I was finished straightening my hair I noticed that the wording had rubbed almost completely off (on/off, temp) just from holding it that short period of time. My hair also got stuck a little in the plates. I only paid 40.00. The seller was completely unaware as she was selling a couple of them for a friend and very apologetic and offered to take it back. It did heat up fast and straighten well, just don't know how long it will last since it is fake. There are lots of these on ebay so beware. I am just glad I didn't pay more. They use stock photos so you have no way of knowing until you get it. I will keep it since it can take up to 6 weeks to get mine repaired by the company. Is there anything anymore that isn't replicated????

tanya 7 years ago

it is really cool because i got my camo chi straightner for 75$ at liquidation world and i know people think it is just regect stuff there but it has been the most amazing straightner i have ever had. i looked at the origional price and it said $149.99 and it was origonally from JCPenney!!i luv it and i the plug doesn't get messed up!!

Contrails 7 years ago

I got a chi as a gift but I don't know if it's the "real" chi. It is called X-CHI (Xtreme Ceramic Hair Iron) but everything looks differently than what has been mentioned here. However, the iron has worked perfectly when I used it and is still working after 2 years. It goes up to 200 degrees and is heavy. Is this just a whole different brand that just tries to use chi as the name?

Melissa S. 7 years ago

I just wanted to mention that I have what I believe to be an authentic Chi. It was bought from Ulta Salons. All of the specs are embedded in the handle, and there is no fake silver sticker next to the switch. However, it's only 2 pronged. I've had it for a year, and it works fine. Does Chi make 2 pronged irons?


Lily 7 years ago

Would I be better off with the chi nano? I'm Asian, and my hair is pretty easily straightened. The original is cheaper, but would it damage my hair?

Jasmine Collier 7 years ago

I bought a Chi Iron in September of 07 and my cord has a shortage in it. I bought the Chi Iron from JC Penny, and I wanted to know if there was a warranty or replacement plan of any sort that I may have.

brenda 7 years ago

Seriousely, I've had my mini .07" CHI turbo for "7 YEARS ALREADY!" My hair length reaches my butt. I've had long hair since I was 12 years old & am 27 now. I streighten my hair w/ my CHI flat iron EVERY-SINGLE-DAY!! Still, people ask me how I manage to keep it this healthy. I always respond that it must be my CHI iron. I also apply a Supper Intensive Herbal Revitalising Hair Treatment on to my hair 2 times p/ week for only 10 min. each time. This treatment costs $100 +tax in most salons, I sell it for $60 -at my cosmetologist price ;@40% discount. It contains 1000 ml/ 33,8 fl oz... a little bit of it goes a long way and it lasts for many many months "IF" you use it correctly. As long as my hair is, I have to get a new bottle every 4 months only (meaning I pay for it only 3 times a year). Here is my e-mail: in case anyone desires miracles done to their hair. I dont mind hooking you up. I love helping women that care for the beauty of their hair because I know EXACTLY HOW-TO keep them and everyone else around them phenomenolly impressed!

endidy 7 years ago

I am discusted after finding out the chi i purchased seven years ago for 130 dollars is a fake! I purchased it from an upscale local salon. I am so upset! so really educate yourself before you purchase it anywhere.

brenda (again) 7 years ago

Hey you guys! This is the LAGET # 1-800-237-9175 for your questions. And this is where you send your used/defective chi flat iron:

Farouk Systems, Inc. (Att: Tool Department)

250 Pennbright Drive

Houston, TX. 77090

" If " it's been more than 1 year ago, THEN you send it to the address I provided for you; it is best to send it out with a copie of your receit and with the original box. However, you must provide them with your:

* Name

* Phone number

* Brief description of the problem

* Money order of $35 (made out to Farouk System)

You should receive your replacement within 7-14 working days. Yet, before doing so, make sure you call the 1-800 # first. They are available M-F 8a.m.-5p.m. central time.

ash 7 years ago

I've had my CHI for about a year. Paid $160 for it and first the on/off switch fell off after about 9mths of everyday use. I was able to use a bent boby pin to turn it on though I had to hold it a certain way or it would go out. Today it quit working. I really loved it for the time it worked; however, so not worth the price for it to start breaking at about 9 mths of use and die at 12mths. I'm so mad right now about it!

kayla 7 years ago

i bought a chi just over a year ago. After about 6 months it started to fall apart. I brought it back and got a new one and then about 8 months later it started to fall apart again..i think that the chi name is out there so they will still sell them but they are making them cheaper..i called the customer service place and they say i have to pay $35 american and have to pay to get it shipped to the states from Canada. I might as well buy a new one rather then spending $100 only to get a refurbished one...i will NEVER buy a chi again..

ronuika 7 years ago

I bought 3 CHI nano blue color from ebay seller id-"qualifiedflatirons-30556" for my daughters. One of them stopped working and I looked up information online about FAROUK SYSTEmS and send mine for repairs only for a SHOCKER...CHI I BOUGHT FROM THIS USER ID-"QUALIFIEDFLATIRONS-30556" ARE FAKE?????. My daughter was heartbroken when i told her that...I could contact seller but for what get one More fake..Why the hell soMeone not do to these sellers for selling counterfeit iteMs on ebay? buyers beware----he is still selling and his feedback is over 9000!!!! how Many More people he will rip before he is stopped???

Ghd Straighteners 7 years ago

Thank you! I really like this. If want buy? I recommend this site: They are a good seller.

Morgan1248 7 years ago

Hi. I have a Conair steam straightener. But I'm thinking about getting a Chi with the way everyone is talking about them. But the one I have right now, has a setup that controls the temperature that goes up to 365 degrees. It gets my hair fairly straight but my sylist can definitely get it straighter. And by the end of the day, it usually doesn't look so hot anymore. Can someone tell me the advantages a Chi has over my steam straightener? I have curly hair that frizzes at humidity. All my friends keep telling me that I need a Chi. Why?

Nat 7 years ago

Ive had my CHI for just over a year, and between my mom and i we wore out the chord. we have to have it bent a certain way to have the light turn on and to heat up. its almost broken. we bought it at the local hair cutters, but how do we get it repaired?

TIMWILLIAMS profile image

TIMWILLIAMS 7 years ago

I am a man that bought a CHI iron. I got a one inch. I have natural curly hair and the iron helps make my hair straighter.

S. Lomax 7 years ago

I agree that even the real CHI's have their flaws. I bought my first one on the internet. It was a fake but it worked for 2 and 1/2 yrs. I have bought 3 from salons since then that were the real thing and they all quit working from the wires in the cords going bad. The real Chi works great!

ayah 7 years ago

help my,

i wont to buy chi.which one better black or pink.

plz help

ayah 7 years ago

help me,

i wont to buy chi.which one better black or pink.

plz help

LOVEYDOVEY 7 years ago

WHY WHY WHY is she straightening STRAIGHT hair????????????? this how-to video is idiotic! It's poop!

ayah 7 years ago

help me,

i wont to buy chi.which one better black or pink.

plz help

seyaraa 7 years ago

thank you for sharing such details about chi flat irons. your article was very insightful. i just bought my very own chi at folica.come =D

cellyy 7 years ago

are there any other colors besides those???

Wet Dry 7 years ago

They come in pretty much every color imaginable, what color are you looking for?

confused ????? 7 years ago

i just ordered my chi from a diifferent bidding site and im scared that its fake, there was a sticker by the led light but the sticker just says made in china and 110-120 volts, when i took the sticker off it had all the right stuff ingraved on the inside

the instruction manuel has the warranty and the number and when i called the number ledme to farouck systems

do u think i have a fake chi or is it just an older model? im very confused

chiuser 7 years ago

This is a really good article! And for all you nay-sayers who keep trying to worry people into buying a fake straightener, if you want one that looks like a CHI and still really straightens your hair then why not buy a fake one? they work as good as the real ones, they are just lighter in weight. Plus about 60% cheaper.

7 years ago

real chi's are made in the USA, if its made in china its fake

Jackie 7 years ago

I want the damask limited edition chi from ulta. Would the ones from ulta be fake? and its 119$ and im scared if it breaks. how long do warranty last?

Kristen  7 years ago

Does anyone know a phone number to Chi manufactory, I have only had it 3 months and it just stopped working. Thanks!

Sirren 7 years ago

Does anyone know if JC Penney's sells the "real" chi?

Jovan 7 years ago

I have had my CHI nsince 2004 and it still works i also just got a GHD so if something happens 2 my CHI i sell CHI irons as well and never hadf a complaint I cant believe people out here are counterfiting them I KNOW OF IMITATION ONES AT SALLYS. i WOULD NEVER BUY AN IRON FROM EBAY. There are wholesellars who sell theres for 50 and they are real but i heard that te company who made CHI when they first came out got bought out or they r merged with GHD makers now but i have an original and it still works you also have to think about how much you use yours cause most hair stylist have been through a few cause the amount of hair they do but if its for home use it should still work

bob 7 years ago

ive had a chi turbo for three years now and i love it, i have long thick curly hair and when its straightened you would never know. the only down side is it gives lot of dead and split ends

7 years ago

I bought a chi off ebay and at FIRST thought it was great...until the plates fell out...and I think it started overheating and frying my hair too i think...and my stylist said it was probably fake. After reading this it has many trademarks of a fake- the"tm" next to the "chi" instead of the "r" the plates easy scrape off, the cord is different. It does however have floating plates. The logos are a little fuzzy. Overall it DID work great to start but beware of the long term effects. I just bought a real one from my stylist yahhhh better to pay the extra for quality and get a warranty and know your hair is well taken care of. The fake did not last near what the warranty would cover.

JOANNE 7 years ago


kris 7 years ago

I just got a new CHI (digital) for christmas. I used it once and it worked great, but now when I turn it on, it heats up and then it says ERR on the digital screen and gets cold. what's the deal?

MISSandra 7 years ago

Is it possible that I get the real Farouk flat iron with the european plug?!? Please help me...

amber 7 years ago

My chi has the silver sticker sticker and says 45W and made in China. Then engraved in the straightener it says 35W and made in Korea. Chi's seem to be nothing but problems. Even the real ones have electrical issues. I will definitely stay away from this product.

franny 6 years ago

my chi has worked very but now when my family plugs it in it wont turn on we tried the reset button but still nothing we bought it in the usa but we live in canada and we cant go back to return it what should we do?

Solia Flat Iron 6 years ago

Chi makes a great flat iron but I prefer the Solia flat iron.

ChiLover 6 years ago

I just bought a Chi turbo 1" from ebay. It works great and has all of the signs of being real: the cord is right, has a tm next to Chi, the plates float, etc. However, the safety information on this iron is not embedded in it but is in white lettering. Is this a fake?

ChiLover 6 years ago

Adding to the above's actually the Chi Turbo Digital/Microchip. It looks the same as the pictures on most websites, but I'm just concerned about the safety information.

sarah 6 years ago

my friend gave me her CHI about a year ago and the lining of the wires came apart from the plug and it stoppped working would i be able to get a new one and send that back?

tati 6 years ago

hey i need some help. after reading all the comments i dont know if my chi is fake or not. but it just stoppd working today after having absolutely 0 problems before, and it just shut off while i was straightening my hair. i have really thick curly hair and it takes awhile to get it straight, even after blow drying it. i got the chi from target :/ and it worked pretty good until just today and out of nowhere it shut off and it wont come back on. i dont have a lot of money right now, definitely not enough to buy a new one. i dont know what to do. help!

sandy 6 years ago

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kasey7368 6 years ago

i purchaced one last summer...and the first 7 mounths i loved it..but then it started to not get so hot.. i made sure the thing on the side was at the highest degree..and i even let it sit out for about 10 min..and i can put my fingure on the hot part..and its barely hot.....dose anyone know what might be wrong? and i bought the CHI turbo(red and black one)

Daphne 6 years ago

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Anna 6 years ago


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Dr. CHI 6 years ago

hi were profesionals in the health of your chi fix problems with your iron such as loose plates cord on/off problems and new cables switch issues and every of them let your iron in our hands were located in laredo texas you can fix it for only 20 dlls. top

Ashley 6 years ago

Wow I didn't know there were alot of fake Chi's... I just checked mine, but its real! Yay! ^_^

jack lai 6 years ago

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chi? 6 years ago

i got my chi 3 weeks ago and ive been using it , ive noticed where it says GLOBAL BEAUTY NETWORK INC on the top and bottom the silver ink is kind of rubbing off on both sides and the CHI on the bottom is fading as well is this normal? do i have a fake?

HELP! 6 years ago

I have used my chi once or twice and now it says ERR when i turn it on? What do i do?

minottgirl 6 years ago

this was not help i wanted to see it work on curly hair thanks for nothing

D.H. 6 years ago

I've had two and both cords broke in the same place. Mine were both authentic but poorly made. I'll be trying a different brand.

Anne 6 years ago

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Kelly 6 years ago


actually, zendog- get your facts straight. everything cheap is made in China. if the iron was made in China- then it is FAKE!

cheap imitations sold in China actually are disguised as 'Made in Korea' to pass customs and to appear more legit, but they ARE FAKE AND MADE IN CHINA.

if it really was made in Korea, it is authentic.

get this- China is Communist- Commy countries don't have laws or restrictions on the selling and distributing of fake products- which is why it happens SO OFTEN in China.

South Korea is Capitalist- it is ILLEGAL there to make and sell counterfeit products.

that's why China lies about their cheap shit being made elsewhere legit- like South Korea.


Kristen 6 years ago

I had bought a CHI flat iron and it gave me a year warrenty. I bought it about 4 or 5 months ago, but I had lost the coupon and it stopped working. Is there any way to get a new CHI without the warrenty?

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Christina 6 years ago

I just called the Farouk company & since 2009, they no longer service broken CHI's... they used to have it where you can send in a repair for a fee of $35. Now, guess the economical BS caused this service to no longer be in use. lovely...

chiflatiron 6 years ago

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not important 6 years ago

the problem with the chi iron is farouk shami himself. years ago the chi iron was a great product (durable, reliable, and effective). in an attempt to reduce costs mr.shami began sourcing companies (china and korea) to manufacture the chi iron at better prices for a larger bottom line. the first problems were with the switches, your iron works then just stops. next problem was the durability of the ceramic.

let me explain how asia manufacturing works. chi irons manufactured for farouk during the day followed by a night run (unknown to farouk) of irons which are then sold to third party vendors (target, winners, costco, etc.), these irons are not fake, just not authorized by farouk systems. this is what happens when a company sources manufacturing at rock bottom prices, they lose control of there brand!

farouk now realizes the integrity if there brand is on the line so they begin to liquidate their own stock (often done at farouk events for hairdressers). shauky gulamani (president of farouk systems at the time) was often guilty of this himself. shauky snags a buyer and sells the irons of the books and out the back door so to speak. this way if one of the irons is returned to farouk there is no history of it being sold by them therefor they can respond by saying the iron is fake. now farouk has moved there manufacturing back to the usa. the warranty has now been improved to two years and we should see the quality of the chi iron improve, only after farouk caused the entire problem himself.


mad! 6 years ago

I just bought a PINK DAZZLE CHI -- BOOTLEG! I peeled a sticker off, and it read MADE IN KOREA! IM SENDING IT BACK ASAP!

hey 6 years ago

If you have the receipt where you bought it usually the store will take it back. Chi's now have a 2 year warranty and you should be able to get it replaced at the store you bought it from, always with a receipt. You may have better luck with your chi flat irons if you don't wrap your cord around the flat iron when you store it/put it away. Wrap it in the S shape so your not putting tension where the cord connects to the flat iron you'll have a lot better luck keeping it hot.

Cece 6 years ago

I bought a CHI last December from JC Penney, and about a week ago, it just kind of died out, it wont turn on. I have tried countless times, pressing the reset button, and the on and off switch. I am wondering if anyone would know how or why this could have happened, and what i can do to somehow fix it. It still has its warrentee, and am planning in taking it back to the salon, however i do not have the recipt. So, im not sure if they will be able to replace it for me. Just wondering if there are some cheap options out there, in order to replace the lovely CHI!! I cant live without it.:)

Paula 6 years ago

buy the CHI 1' Flat Iron Black for $50.00 Including Shipping limited time offer. Email:

Tammy 6 years ago

i keep reading that an authentic CHI will have 3 prongs on the plug, but I purchased one from Target and it only has 2 prongs, but has the reset button. Is there anyway that Target is selling fake CHIs?? I highly doubt that would be possible. It works great and everything else about it follows authenticity guidelines.

Chelsea 6 years ago

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mnw 6 years ago

umm ya i was wondering where u can buy the CHI straighteners @ b/c i live in a small town... and i hav a conair wet to dry and it takes forever to straighten my hair and i hav thick and naturally curly hair too... i need help plz and thanx

trueinvestor 6 years ago

JC Penney is an authorized dealer for Chi irons. They carry a 3 month warranty in the store,otherwise it is warranted for 1 year with Farouk. All of the information is in the box.

Stephanie 6 years ago

The Beauty Supply Outlet also is selling fake CHI irons. I checked with Farouk where they claim to get their products, and Farouk confirmed they are not a registered seller. I have loged a federal complaint about them as THEY WILL NOT GIVE REFUNDS on their fake products.

pandora uk 6 years ago

I have not personally used them so please use good questions to make sure there are no hidden fees, etc.

Ralyn 6 years ago

I am a professional stylist and I have used CHI for 7 years and wouldn't use anything else. I have had the same iron for that amount of time. I leave it on all day while I'm working and shut it off at night. I have never had a problem with it. There are alot of fakes out there for sure. One of my clients was being cheap and bought one off e bay and it doesn't work well at all. I had her bring it in and there was a distinct difference. It looked the same compared to mine but the model number was not engraved and the plates were not 100% ceramic as it was chipping off. She got it for 70 bucks. An original CHI will usually cost about $100 or so. You get what you pay for!

sean 6 years ago

where can i buy a chi flat iron in Houston TX

Sean 6 years ago

You can buy it at the salon...I got mine at Regis. Make sure you save the receipt. Get it replaced before the warranty is over.

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Wholesale chi flat iron $16 6 years ago

Original Ceramic CHI Hairstyling Iron

These Farouk CHI Flat Iron products and CHI Hair Dryers are always guaranteed to be authentic and new. CHI began the ceramic hair straightener revolution with the iconic CHI Flat Iron, the best selling hair straightener in the past. The original CHI flat iron is available in different colors like pink as well as in many stylish dazzle finishes & styles. CHI Flat Iron that you select here may have salon technologies such as nano silver and tourmaline to cater to even the most delicate of hair textures. Misikko's collection of CHI flat irons are as extensive as our authenticity guarantee. The CHI hair straightener, CHI curling iron, and CHI hair dryer pioneered the use of ceramic for gentle hair styling.

j gothwould 6 years ago

FYI folica is not an authorized Chi dealer... call Chi and ask them. Authentic chi are not sold online...

Alexandra 6 years ago

Hi! I'm moving to Australia in late January and need help/reccommendations on what flat iron to get and one that is compatible with their voltage system since I think the CHI is least compatible abroad, even with a converter. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! xx

macc 6 years ago

i find that if you turn on a fake chi it takes longer to heat up, and its harder to straighten hair aka. takes longer. my chi that i have right now cost 150 dollars canadian, when i turn it on its already hot it doesn't even take a minute. i have long thin hair and with my other hair straightener it took me 30-45 minutes to straighten and it was a hassle, this morning i straightened my hair with my new chi straightener and it took me 10 minutes, no joke! :)

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Stephen 6 years ago

This is a silly video, they giggle like little school girls. It sounds as if she's making this crap up as she's talking.

madmom95 6 years ago

CAUTION!! PLEASE READ!!!....My daughter has had the hot pink chi for at least 3 yrs now with no problems at all. 2 days ago she plugged it in but did not turn it on yet. She wanted to dry her hair before turning power on. Well a few minutes into drying her hair she smelled something burning and turned to see the power cord was shorting out about 2-3 inches down from the handle and had caused her rug and a towel that was near by to catch fire. luckily she reacted quickly and only caused a small amount of fire damage to her room. Thank God she was home and in her room when this happened or the whole house would have burned down!!Please be careful and never leave them plugged in unattended.

Kaylee 6 years ago

I was searching Chi's online, it came up as a bunch of zebra Chi' and black zebra stripes, blue and black zebra stripes...etc. Are they fake Chi's? If so, how do I avoid buying A fake Chi online?

Foreverchi24  5 years ago

Hi, About two days ago I noticed while straightening my hair that my chi was going on and off, if i tapped it gently then the red light ( and the heat) would turn back on, but then a few second later shut off again. I've had my Chi for 3 or 4 years and never had a problem up 'till now. Is there any way I can fix it? PLEASE REPLY BACK! Ps: I have to Original Black standard Chi. I bought it from Ulta.

Roxanna 5 years ago

My chi was working perfectly fine the other day now all of a sudden it didn't turn on anymore! What should I do!?

dev 5 years ago

i bought mine @ It is yet arrive. I am worried after reading all these review. will post my comments after i received the package.

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Myztique 5 years ago

I am looking to purchase a CHI Curling iron. I'm a little nervous about purchasing one after looking up info about it on the Internet (Fakes vs. REAL). Has anyone has a good experience with purchasing a CHI curling iron? I am looking to purchase 1/2 inch or 3/4 inch barrel.

rdsac profile image

rdsac 5 years ago

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Dumb 5 years ago

@ madmom

So who trained their daughter to put an iron on the rug or towel? or even next to one. If it was on the counter or in its holder it would have never done that. Plus that means the wires were already exposed. So guess she didn't notice that either. i bet she wraps the cord around the iron to put it up also.

pandora australia 5 years ago

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AJ R 5 years ago

I work for a JCPenney and I would have to say that they are not selling fake CHI's. We(as well as Trade Secret) fight VERY hard to keep any sort of diversion out of our store. We are always on top of the latest items for diversion, which in the past may have included CHI. If you're really worried about whether it's a fake or not, look on the outside of the box it came in. They are now putting a tracking device on each box(or so they say). It's in the shiny silver tape on the left side of the box. It should say CHI Farouk Systems in the tape. If it doesn't....I wouldn't buy it! You can find plenty of CHI's under $90 at Penney's. Watch for great deals with added coupons! And good luck!

Christy 5 years ago

My husband recently bought me a pink iChi from JcPenny's for $109. Can anyone tell me if there is a difference between the 2 or if this is a fake? It has all the things that Zendog was saying EXCEPT my LED isn't silver it's black. AND the handles do not say Global Beauty Network. The inside by the LED light says Farouk Systems Inc w/ the certificate # there. Mine does say it's made in china. I am curious to know what the IChi is? My hairstylist had NEVER heard of the IChi.

Linda S 5 years ago

Question for Pennys employees:

I purchased my CHI 18 months ago. Will Pennys replace it since it stopped working?

freetress 5 years ago

its a realy good comment.....freetress

stylistlisa 5 years ago

Chi is a great brand that lasts well. We have Chi and other salon hair products for you in our webstore. Check us out today!

Lashonda33 5 years ago


Did you ever find out if the iChi are the same as Chi? I purchased one about 2 weeks ago from Jcpenny's I am wondering the same thing.

mia 4 years ago

So i received an original Chi straightener as a gift, and unfortunately the person who gave it to me did not think to keep the receipt. I plugged it in the first time and used it, and this first time the light came on, blinked after a few minutes, but stayed on till I was done. The next time I went to use it, the light came on for maybe 30 seconds, then turned off, and turns itself back on randomly. I thought maybe it was the light itself but the plates cool down too. I've tried to use it a third time, and now it doesn't turn on right away, and the light barely comes on. I'm fairly certain its a real chi. It has all the info embedded on the iron, the plates "float", there is a reset button on the plug-in, etc. Can anyone tell me what might be wrong with it? Because Farouk no longer fixes Chi's, I cannot do anything without the receipt.

Laura 4 years ago

Chi is much too expensive for the time it lasts for. As a stylist I have to use hair dryers on a daily basis and Chi dryers NEVER last more than a few months. I'd recommend getting the Karmin Salon Pro Professional hair dryer instead, it has a 3 year warranty, a 2000 watt motor and hasn't failed me once.

Snicker 4 years ago

I was wandering if i boucht a chi straightner from wold be the original and would be just as great as everbody else's?

questions 4 years ago

I am asking a question , if how you know if chi straightner can be fake ?how many plugs is their 2 or 3 ? And what products can i use before i use the Chi

LutAttido 3 years ago

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Jessica 2 years ago

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Petra 2 years ago

Hello I would like ask about CHI Auto Digital Iron GF1004USA i have purchased on ebay and ordered from America to Europe Greece. I cannot find any converter/adaptor which will work with iron. Iron si after few minutes switching off during using it with adaptor....Is there possibility that Iron was really designed only for american market and doesn't exist any adaptor which will help me to use it in Europe?

Thank you very much

InsasiaSic 14 months ago

Keep up the spectacular job !! Lovin' it!

gepeTooRs 11 months ago

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carolynpolster 10 months ago

I really like my Karmin ^_^

gepeTooRs 8 months ago

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