Designer Snuggie

Designer Snuggie Blanket
Designer Snuggie Blanket

Designer Snuggie Blanket

The Designer Snuggie is a bit of a reach don't you think? I'm just getting used to the fact that the Snuggie Blanket With Sleeves is actually considered fashion but to make a designer snuggie is just adding insult to injury.

For those who've living on the moon for the last couple of years, a snuggie is a blanket with sleeves that people wear around to look foolish but keep warm.  The idea is actually quite brilliant. I too get cold around the house and tend to hide under a blanket to keep cozy.  And, I admit that reaching my hands out from under the blanket to grab a drink, turn the channel, or flip the pages of my book can be uncomfortable but I'm not willing to give up my dignity and dress like Friar Tuck just to stay warm.

The answer for me was to just get my fluffy bathrobe and put it on backwards and create an instant snuggie but I rarely do it.  I'm not against snuggies, I just wonder what people who wear them out in public are thinking.  However, I will admit that those who adorn themselves with collegiate snuggies are exempt from my scorn because College seems like an excuse for anything foolish and college football fans will wear anything with their team logo on it.  I actually applaud the snuggie people for that niche.  There's a billion schools out there and they will sell tons of college snuggies.

So before we continue this salute to the next ugly blanket with sleeves lets watch the designer snuggie commercial.

Designer Snuggie Commercial

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Designer SnuggieDesigner Snuggie - CamelDesigner Snuggie - ZebraDesigner Snuggie - LeopardDesigner Snuggie Blanket With Sleeves
Designer Snuggie
Designer Snuggie
Designer Snuggie - Camel
Designer Snuggie - Camel
Designer Snuggie - Zebra
Designer Snuggie - Zebra
Designer Snuggie - Leopard
Designer Snuggie - Leopard
Designer Snuggie Blanket With Sleeves
Designer Snuggie Blanket With Sleeves

Designer Snuggie Youtube Video

Yes the above was the actual designer snuggie commercial and not a parody youtube video. Those are a lot worse.  My favorite part of this commercial has got to be the line, "when are you going to make a more stylish one for me?"  To me that's hysterical and I'm already immune to the freakish styling of the snuggie itself.  Although naming the new Designer Snuggies after dead animal skins is very "Designer"

My issue with the Designer Snuggie is that I think they look a lot worse than the normal snuggies. These seem to really look awful.  But I will say that when they are pictured draping over the sofa they do look remarkably like the throw blankets I see around people houses so I may be really missing the point of these things.

You be the judge and enjoy the Designer Snuggie Slideshow in all its glory

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Buy Designer Snuggies

OK, so I haven't convinced you of anything. You are in love with the Designer Snuggie and want to take your fashion and style to the next level.  You are thinking "I want to buy Designer Snuggie but where can I buy them?"

I am starting to see snuggies in stores but I'm not sure you can get the Leopard, Zebra or Camel everywhere snuggies are sold so if you want to buy online the standard offer is below.  There are several sites offering reviews and deals but I believe I have listed the best offer here.

  • Buy a set of two Designer Snuggies for just $19.95 plus $15.95 processing and handling. (That's $18 per snuggie for all you math majors out there)


  • Save 25% when you purchase two Snuggies for only $14.95 plus $7.95 P&H. And you get a Book Light free with each set!
  • Upgrade to the Deluxe Designer Snuggie, 50% thicker, and it has pockets! Just $5 more.

As Seen On TV Items

It's been a while since the release of the Designer Snuggie and although it remains popular, you just don't hear too much about it these days. Perhaps it's because the whether is heating up or everyone has already got one. But don't think the magic of As Seen On TV has disappeared. Things are really heating this summer. For example, take a look at Bark Off or the Ab Circle Mini. It seems the As Seen On TV world just keeps getting bigger and better!

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