Dolphin Tattoos

Dolphin tattoos are one of the favorite tattoo designs for many reasons. Dolphins have always been popular animals, so they are a perfect choice for a tattoo. Dolphins and sailors, the original tattoo owners, both belong to the ocean. Plus, there are so many cool dolphin tattoo designs. Some of the best body art I have ever seen has featured dolphins.

Check out these pictures of dolphin tattoos. Maybe you will get an idea for a dolphin tat of your own!

Two Dolphin Tattoos Pictures - Click on Thumbnails for Larger Image

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Tribal Dolphin Tattoos

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Pretty Dolphin Tattoos

Realistic Dolphin Tattoos

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Dolphin Tattoos Comments 2 comments

Isabella Snow profile image

Isabella Snow 8 years ago

Wow, never saw a tribal dolphin before -- pretty cool!

C.S.Alexis profile image

C.S.Alexis 8 years ago from NW Indiana

That tribal dolphin caught my attention too, it works with the tribal style, very cool!

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