Unique Fish Tattoos Including Betta Fish

Animal tattoos are a fun tattoo to get, but can have a significantmeaning. Various people like to get a tattoo of a pet or just an animal they really like. Fish tattoos are very pretty and can be extremely unique because of the massive variety that is available.

You can get any size, shape, or colors put into a fish tattoo. A lot of people like to add whole aquatic scenes that surround their fish tattoo. It's also fun to add something a little more suttle like waves or just some plants.

You can put tattoos anywhere, but for a fish tattoo it's fun to get them in a place where other will be able to see them because they are a really neat tattoo.

Pretty Betta Fish Tattoo

Different Fish Tattoo

Cool Fish Tattoo

Fish Tattoos

Unique Fish Tattoo

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AccessoriesLove profile image

AccessoriesLove 5 years ago from NYC

I'm a Pisces and I have been considering getting a tattoo with two fish. I just can't figure out where I want to put it. But I agree, fish tattoo's are very unique.

jyo lee 5 years ago


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