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You can buy this lovely flap-over belt in the UK from Next.

As I said a week or so ago (or whenever I said it, my sense of time is irreparably skewed), military fashion is so in right now. Of course, for ladies wear, this means that military styles are vaguely introduced into existing styles, often in the form of making them a military green color or by making them kind of brown, and sometimes by padding the shoulders a bit so they look square-ish. But that wasn't enough for fashion designers, they've gone further. One could say that they've gone too far. Now there's a new kind of military-esque fashion that revolves around making ordinary clothing items look vaguely sort of like things military people might wear when they're out militarying.

The flap-over belt at first looks like an utterly pointless fashion iteration of a normal belt, in which the end of it has been allowed to continue on far after it is seemly to do so. Essentially, a flap over belt is a belt that went too far. But it did not go too far in vain, for although it looks like a clunky and unwieldy thing to do, tying the belt over itself in a lazy knot that makes the end 'flap over', makes it look mildly reminiscent of a military g** belt, without the stigma of walking around the office with an actual g** belt on. (I'm censoring out all references to gr***ic vi*l**ce because that makes the subject more appropriate for dinner conversation, which is what we're having here, in a very informal and not at all sort of way.)

You can make your own flap over belt by buying a belt several sizes too large for you and wearing it in the same fashion as a proper flap over belt. Alternatively, you can use other materials, like men's ties, or twine, or vintage scarves plucked out from under old ladies' noses at opportunity shops. (Fashion waits for no woman. When it comes to opportunity shopping, fortune favors the bold.)

Another way to get a great deal of military chic is to actually join the military. However this can lead to some substantial lifestyle changes, and quite possibly the inability to ever really get the mud out from under your manicure. No, it's best to simply dress in a manner that reminds people of the military in a patriotic, 'ooo where did you get that, that's so lovely, it reminds me of the time we were pinned down under enemy fire', sort of way.

Because Fashion is not about politics, or about sensitivity. It's about ruthlessly looking good at all costs. Go forth, shoppers of fortune, and make yourselves proud.

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