Headshave or Long Hair

I love long hair on men and I love men who like to look feminine and long hair is a great asset for that. Whenever I see a man with beautiful long hair, I imagine brushing his hair and running my fingers through it. I also like to imagine styling it into various ponytails and pigtails or even an updo. I just can’t help myself. Long hair just asks to be played with. More on that in my article about men with long hair.

But recently I’ve been getting into the whole headshaving thing. Baldness has a great appeal too. Although it can look more masculine, I also find that it can make someone look vulnerable too. Vulnerability is another thing that I find appealing in men in certain situations. I’d like to stroke a bald head and brush over it with my long hair. Contrasts rule!

And I don’t just mean the hairstyle (not that I’d call it a hairstyle) but also the actual process of shaving a man’s head. The thought of taking a pair of clippers and buzzing off all his long hair is very exciting. I suppose it’s the shock value of it and the control element. I know I’d also regret it because of my love for long hair but that’s just one of those contradictions.

I searched around a little about head shaving and it turns out I’m not the only one by a long shot. There’s a ton of websites, videos and communities dedicated to people who are obsessed with haircutting and headshaving. Many of them are even into female headshaving!!! Some just love bald heads and others love the haircutting action. It seems that many people see headshaving as an act of submission. That makes sense if you think that slaves were often shorn. With men it also seems to stem from childhood when they were often not allowed to grow their hair long and given forced haircuts. That sort of thing can turn into a fixation later in life. But I had no idea that so many people had this thing for haircutting!

My boyfriend doesn’t share my interest in headshaving (yet). I can’t say I blame him. We both love his long hair and it is a major part of his beauty. One day I want to see him without it though. I think he’s just reluctant now but might like it once his hair is gone.

I remember talking to a psychologist once and she said that hair is nearly always a big deal and unlike clothes, it is a part of your body so changing it or even cutting it off can be a very powerful act. Maybe that explains why there are so many haircutting websites out there.

What do you all think about this and have you ever taken a pair of electric clippers and run them through a full head of hair? If so, what was it like? Sounds like loads of fun to me.

Really want to hear your thoughts on this.

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Jayne Lancer profile image

Jayne Lancer 6 years ago from West London, UK

My husband wears that stubbly look on his head. It makes him look strong and brutal. I just can't keep my hands off it!

schnaubler 6 years ago

Well I shaved off all of my hair some years ago, plain bald...and I felt very sexy...And (as a very feminine man) very vulnerable too. I think now it's time that women do it. If a man (like me) wears short skirts, high heels and seamed stockings (which I love to wear) the revolution for girls is to shave their heads!

There are so many pretty ladies around who just did it. I am really into that thing...that my girl just gotta have the courage to do it! Think about it Lucy...I'm gonna tell you you won't regret it!

As a man I prefer to go into a hairdressers saloon and telling them to cut it the most feminine way...but as a woman...I would shave it all off...that's the way to go now!



Lucy83 profile image

Lucy83 6 years ago Author

Love your attitude Schnaubler. I doubt I'll be shaving my head!!! It so wouldn't suit me - not even short hair.

Though I do sometimes wonder what it feels like - especially in the hot season. If only we could regrow it quicker ^^

schnaubler 6 years ago

Yeah I see...maybe it's something for future times...but why not having some sci-fi fantasies?! In fact it takes a lot of courage for a woman to do this.

Don't get me wrong,I do also love looong hair on women, your Rita Hayworth hairdo looks great!!

It also turns me on to get closer to my girlfriend's hair-and dressing style...to become one in a way. It feels so sweet, no matter what the people say (and many of 'em seem to like it!).

I agree with you, shaving all hair off doesn't suit everyone. I wouldn't do that again myself I guess.



Lucy83 profile image

Lucy83 6 years ago Author

Well remember Persis Khambatta in Star Trek (the first one I think) who shaved her head for the role? It certainly looked stunning on her.

schnaubler 6 years ago

Yeah she's cute. Maybe just one more thought about that thing...if you don't wanna shave it all off then you got the opportunity to wear a very tight and high ponytail that also shows the shape of the head perfectly well. I particularly like that on women with long hair!

Lucy83 profile image

Lucy83 6 years ago Author

Ah, love those tight ponytails. That's one reason I don't want short hair. I'd miss the sensation of having it tied back which I really like. Though I often hear that the feeling of super short hair is amazing when someone brushes over it.

Guess you can't have everything.

stifan 5 years ago

i like gays with long hair and bald ladies

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