How The Punk Hairstyles Can Be Used For Professionals

First becoming popular during the 1970s when punk rock first hit the shores of the US with a huge force. The punk hairstyles is becoming more popular again. Many celebrities have been wearing this style of hair, and normal men and women have also joined the ranks. Either because they love the style or they like the celebrity.

During the 70s you would see a lot of young kids and band members who would have that colored and spiked hair. Sure it would work well, unless you have a job that you need to look more professional at. However, there are many styles and looks that will still work great for those people too.

A Few Examples of Celebrities Who Are Wearing Punk Style

You can find many looks online that will be conservative enough for an office. Or if you don't need to conform to standards, go for something more outrageous. Any length of hair will work with these styles.

Deryck Whibley punk hairstyle
Deryck Whibley punk hairstyle

Look at Deryck Whibley of the band Sum 41, though it's colored without the color any man could have this look. Instead of spiking it like Deryck does you can leave it down during work hours. After hours spike it like he does all over, and you have a great punk hairstyle! Of course you have the ever popular Mohawk look too. For the hair that will not be spiked it's suggested you have it cut short. Perhaps ranging in length of three eights an inch up to half an inch.

While some people who wear a Mohawk will cut all their other hair off, and just have the Mohawk left. Coloring it if you want to stand out more, pick something that isn't a natural color. Suggestions could be purple, red, pink, green, and blue. Of course if you're in that professional setting you may have to use something that will wash out quickly.

Billy Joe Armstrong's hairstyle
Billy Joe Armstrong's hairstyle

Think of trying the look that Green Day's Billy Joe Armstrong has. No color, and you can again wear it down and spike it when you're off work. But you have a lot of people out there who don't like this look. But if you like it, check around for a style that you love and can get.

While another style that has been around a lot is the faux style Mohawk. If you want to die the hair on the top use a temporary color. This would work great for those guys who work in an office. After they get off work and plan on going out, they simply put something in their hair and spike it on top.

Look at those famous people who've worn these hairstyles and how they look. Or discuss with your stylist want will work with you shape of face. Most stylists will have many suggestions, after all it is there job.

Be daring and try a totally new look, if you can even use the colors that can be placed in your hair. Try something different and create a whole new look one that will impress people, but work in the office too.

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