How to Get Soft Feet

If you're like me -- someone who loves to wear open-toed shoes, sandals and high heels -- you will want to keep your tootsies in prime condition, as few things have more blech factor than crusty feet, toes and nails. (Nearly gagged just writing that!)

So. What do you do? As it happens, it's very, very easy to make your feet soft and silky; and you don't even need to visit a spa to do it. Nor do you need to spend the equivalent. With the help of a pumice stone and some tootsie lotion, you can get your peds looking like they belong on a runway.

And yes, men should do this too! We don't want your crusty tootsies brushing up against us in bed. (Ugh, nearly gagged again!)


Soak your feet in a warm bath. And yes, the time you spend taking a bath is sufficient for this. But, if you're someone who takes 5 minute showers, you'll want to properly soak them at some point. Not that you should soak them for ages -- you don't want prune feet!

STEP TWO: (The most important step!)

Buff those tootsies! Once your skin is soft, grab a pumice stone and get to work. Use it on your toes, your heels, the soles; everywhere the skin gets tough or dry. Takes 5 minutes or less to do both feet.


Now that your feet are ultra soft and free of icky stuff, get the nailclippers and shape your toenails while they are soft. If you've got any rough edges, file them down. If you need to use the pumice stone around the nailbeds, go to it.


Moisturize! You can use any lotion for this, it needn't be expensive, but if you've really got dry skin you'll probably want a specialized product designed for the feet. Personally, I like Freeman's Bare Feet; not only does it work fabulously well, it smells amazing!

Some Tips:

  • Pumice Stones: Personally, I prefer the type that has a handle, as I find it much easier (and faster) to use. You can always buy the smaller type, if you prefer.

  • Foot massage: This isn't just for pleasure! Get your circulation going and be kind to your piggies -- God knows you put them through hell with those crazy shoes you wear!

  • Don't overdo it: Some people need to do this every day, some don't. I do it every few days. Do not go crazy with the pumice stone and break your skin down. Only use it when you need to.

  • Put the lotion on at night: Don't lotion your feet up before you go to work; do it in the evening when you have time to be barefoot and properly relaxed. You want to give it a chance to soak in, as opposed to having it get absorbed by your socks or sandals.

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Hally Z. profile image

Hally Z. 7 years ago from Madison, Wisconsin

Great ideas! Thanks for the article!

Teresa McGurk profile image

Teresa McGurk 7 years ago from The Other Bangor

Thank you. My feet thank you -- they are neglected and want me to soak them right now. . .

Andromeda10 profile image

Andromeda10 7 years ago from Chicago

Thanks for the tip, Isabella. Also, to thwart yellow toe nails (fungus) be sure to dry feet well after a shower. Most of us let our feet air dry (aka forget to dry them) and wind up with icky toenails.

Tim Welch 7 years ago

Is it okay for a dude to say this is a pretty cool hub? :-)

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