How to get a glowing soft skin using natural oils

Natural oils can do wonders to the skin due to their emollient and humectant properties. Many natural oils also contain vitamin E that helps keep your skin healthy. Natural oils like olive oil, coconut oil, groundnut oil and sweet almond oil are known to moisturize the skin from deep inside.

However there is a particular method of use associated with these oils that gives best results when it comes to giving a natural glow to skin. I am enumerating the same below:

  1. Source the right quality: First get the right quality of oil from the retail store, if it is olive oil, insist on extra virgin olive oil. Refrain from using the pantry stock as it might be contaminated with common kitchen ingredients like spices, salt and other oils. Once you buy the right quality keep it at a suitable place in your bathroom.
  2. Method of use: Transfer small quantity of oil into a wide mouth container or cup to be used before bath. Apply oil to the entire body including face, hand and legs, ensure the oil does not goes into the eye. After applying the oil to the body massage it gently for 5 to 10 minutes. Wait for half an hour and then take shower using mild soap or body shampoo. This process will ensure that your skin is nourished; it will not dry or itch even in dry weather.
  3. For Better Result: Practice this daily, if daily is difficult then on alternate days.
  4. Caution: Apply natural oils to clean skin only, if you have applied any cosmetic or any other cream, lotion or medication to your skin then wash it first before applying natural oil. It is not advisable to apply oil over any other agent.

So now you know the little secret of ever glowing, ever fresh, supple natural skin. Say thanks to me!

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