How to make Medicated Dusting Powder


  1. What is Medicated Dusting Powder?
  2. Two Dusting Powder Formulas.
  3. How to make Medicated Dusting Powder?
  4. Evaluation Parameters for Medicated Dusting Powder

What Is Medicated Dusting Powder?

Body dusting powders have a wide appeal because of smooth feeling and cooling effect, which they impart while they temporarily, adsorb moisture. The cooling effect is due to extra heat loss due to large surface area of talc particles.

  Talc in a major ingredient in medicated dusting powder formulation, which should have good slip characteristics, covering power and body adhesion. The slip and adhesion properties of medicated dusting powder essentially depend on talc.

  It is essential then to use grid free, alkali free high quality cosmetics talc in preparation of medicated dusting powder. Talc should be free from bacteria and therefore sterilized grades should only be used.

  In order to improve adhesion properties, metallic stearates such as Zinc stearate or Magnesium stearates and kaolin are incorporated. To improve absorbency Magnesium carbonate[Mg(Co)3], starch, kaolin and precipitated chalk are used in combination. Zn oxide and Titanium dioxide (TiO2) at low levels along with earth colors can be incorporated and should be sufficiently powerful to cover the base odour. Other ingredients sometimes included are boric acid to act as skin buffering agent and fused silica to give powder a lower density; salicylic acid is added as antibacterial agent. Aluminum chloride (AlCl3) is used as an antiperspirant.

Medicated dusting powder Formula

Qantity as per Formula 1
Quantity as per Formula 2
51 gms
54 gms
15 gms
10 gms
Precipitated Chalk
21 gms
Zinc Streate
3 gms
5 gms
Boric Acid
5 gms
5 gms
Aluminium Chloride
2 gms
Salicylic Acid
5 gms
Sufficient Quantity
Sufficient Quantity

Steps To Make Medicated Dusting Powder

Here are the steps to make Medicated dusting powder:

Step 1: First all the powders sieved through mesh 60 to ensure uniformity and fineness of particle size.

Step 2:
Required quantity of each powder as per the given formula is weighed.

Step 3: Perfume is absorbed onto a part of weighed quantity of kaolin.

Step 4: All the powders are mixed in a geometric proportion and absorbed perfume is incorporated into powder mixture.

Step 5: Dusting powder is then transferred to a labelled container.

The label should display the following information

  1. Name of the product :- Medicated Dusting Powder
  2. Contents: Name and percentage of any active ingredient if added to preparation. In this case: Boric acid :5% w/w ,Aluminium chloride..2% w/w
  3. Net Weight:  As present in the final container.
  4. Manufacturing License Number as obtained by regulatory authority of your country.
  5. Manufacturing Batch Number: As applicable
  6. Manufacturing Date – Month and year of manufacturing.
  7. Expiry Date – Month and year of expected expiry.
  8. Maximum Retail Price- As applicable.
  9. Place Of Manufacturing- The plant where it is manufactured.

 Marketed Preparations: Dermicool Powder, Nicil Powder, Dettol Powder.

Evaluation of Dusting powders

Basically dusting powders are evaluated on four parameters, namely

  1. Flow Rate
  2. Bulk Density
  3. Angle of Repose, and
  4. Particle size analysis

Besides this assay of active ingredients may be evaluated.

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