Secrets Behind Beyonce's New Perfume Heat

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Beyonce's first perfume Heat comes as a surprise to perfumistas. Beyonce previously endorsed Giorgio Armani Diamonds, and many expected she would continue along the same refrain. A sophisticated and classy perfume that would upturn the fragrance industry as an all-around market-dominating, crowd pleaser, that's what everyone expected. Using the same formula found in other popular perfumes—a touch of citrus, a fusion of fruit and flowers, a dash of pink peppercorn and amber-filled woods, Beyonce's first perfume would join the ranks the legendary, the great, the mass-market untouchables.

Beyonce's perfume debut, Heat
Beyonce's perfume debut, Heat

This time around Beyonce, who took complete 100 percent control over the creative process, used the opportunity to create a perfume that truly expresses herself as a woman. With the perfume details and ad campaign leaked, we find out that sophisticated and classy (read: safe) doesn't capture all that is Beyonce. Rather Beyonce-ness, is found in a more sensual, more personal perfume all dressed up as a sultry samba sensation.

Burnished red tones, husky singing. It all speaks of passion, abandon and the privacy of femininity. Beyonce's newest perfume Heat includes the following notes vanilla orchid, magnolia, neroli, peach, honeysuckle nectar, almond, macaroon, musk, milkwood, tonka bean and amber.

YSL Risky Ad Campaign
YSL Risky Ad Campaign
Giorgio Armani Diamonds campaign with Beyonce
Giorgio Armani Diamonds campaign with Beyonce

Beyonce's Heat sounds nothing like the common pink peppercorn infused fruity-floral perfume, rather it sounds like a soft perfume that unfurls with sweet white florals. Heat will slowly descend into a creamy, milky sweetness, and then it will finish with muted oriental tones of amber and wood with faint whispers of sweet musk. Heat sounds like it will resonate with hushed tones of cottonballs, warm cookies, and skin. Heat will probably not be a spicy, passionate oriental perfume, but it will probably be a quiet skin scent. Natural, sweet and milky, Heat may even offer a soft hint of smoldering sugared gourmand notes à la Thierry Mugler Angel. All in all, Heat sounds like a beautifully quiet perfume. And though it doesn't follow the same peppy makeup as other blockbuster fragrances, Heat is projected to earn $100 million in its first year of sales.

The ad campaign for Heat looks defiantly nothing like the Armani Diamonds campaign which is clean, powerful, sophisticated. Heat's commercial brandishes a dangerous sensuality that verges on the blazing taboo of the Yves Saint Laurent Opium campaign. Though calling on the same theme of a woman's personal space and sensuality, Beyonce's Heat doesn't exactly add up to the legendary riskiness that YSL has conjured for years with Opium. Heat lacks the major spice offensive that screams, "I am woman hear me roar." Heat's sensuality is soft, warm, and approachable… not at all dangerous. To be fair, Heat's visuals is actually more akin to the Latin heat projected in Beyonce's collaboration with Shakira for the video Beautiful Liar.

Overall, Beyonce's first perfume Heat sounds like a perfect transition scent. It will be warm and soft for the winter, but the optimistic sweetness of the milky florals will help Heat fluidly transition to the spring, only to be brought back again in the fall.


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Boricua 7 years ago

I love Beyounce but her comercial for her perfume sucks I don't like it at all. Too bad because I love perfumes this comercial makes me not want to buy it. Sorry!

perfumelover profile image

perfumelover 7 years ago Author

Awesome feedback. I agree that the ad was a bit weak. I wonder if they'll come up with some ads closer to the launch.

7 years ago

Trashy, not like the classics that have endured for generations. Just another famous person colonge and will fade in time. Looks more like a dog in heat.

perfumelover profile image

perfumelover 7 years ago Author

Hi J, Thanks for your input. Projections are that Beyonce Heat might just be the best-selling celebrity perfume of all time. Suppose time can only tell.

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