My List Of Panties: Least to Most Favored

I Like All Kinds Of Panties

This is my list of panties that I favor the least and the most. Not that I dislike any panty, I like all kinds of panties, but there are certain kinds I like more than others. Panties are what I am most into, as I'm sure a lot of guys like me are, though I like wearing bras as well. I know there are a lot of different variations of panties, but I've narrowed them down to the basics which to my knowledge is about 7 different basic kinds. That may not be accurate, it's only so far as I know. I might be wrong so if I am please correct me. Anyway here is my list.

These are very comfy. (Bali Lacy Skamp Briefs)
These are very comfy. (Bali Lacy Skamp Briefs)

7. Classic/Granny/Full Briefs

 The least on the list, for me, is classic briefs. Don't get me wrong, I do like classic briefs. I find them very comfy and, at a point, I do find them sexy in their own way. They sit at the waist as opposed to the hips and you should know by now what I prefer the most. I do have quite a few of these though. What's a panty drawer without classic briefs?

Knock yourself out with these. (Wolbar Neva French Shorty
Knock yourself out with these. (Wolbar Neva French Shorty

6. Boyshorts/Girlshorts/Boy Leg

Ahh Boyshorts. Boyshorts offer a little more coverage than hipsters, having even wider sides to them. Who's crazy idea was it that adding a little more coverage than hipsters could even be sexy? ...Cause it definitely works.

If only they were red. If only.(Maidenform Satin and Lace Thong)
If only they were red. If only.(Maidenform Satin and Lace Thong)

5. Thong/G-String/V-String/T-Back

The oh-so-sexy little thong. These can be fun to wear, given they aren't too small, as in, smaller than they already are. A guy has to be careful if he's gonna get any variation of thong panties. I've been lucky with most of my thongs. They do tend to get irritating after a while. Sexy as they may be, I'm a guy who likes coverage more than a string up my crack.

Ooo la la. (Maidenform Flirty Panties Lace Trimmed Tanga)
Ooo la la. (Maidenform Flirty Panties Lace Trimmed Tanga)

4. Tangas/Cheekys

Tangas are sexy little things. I was cunfused as to what makes tangas different from other panties til I asked Hope and I at least thought her answer made sense. Then I bought a pair and I must say...I do like them very much.

What can I say? I love these. (Olga Secret Hug Nylon Scoop Hipster)
What can I say? I love these. (Olga Secret Hug Nylon Scoop Hipster)

3. Hipsters/Hiphuggers

I love Hipsters. Like I said before, I like panties that sit at the hips. They're basically briefs that are cut in half, the top half being omitted of course, which means the sides have more to them. They have a little more coverage in the back than bikinis or hi-cut briefs which I like.

These look nice. (Wacoal Supima Cotton Hi-Cut Brief)
These look nice. (Wacoal Supima Cotton Hi-Cut Brief)

2. Hi-Cut/French Cut Briefs

The Hi-Cut Brief is pretty much a bikini that sits above the hips, closer to the waist. The sides are just as narrow as bikinis and sit higher. They certainly have a certain sexy feel to them. I love them for the same reasons I love bikinis, though I prefer panties that sit at the hips a little more than panties that sit above the hips.

Check these out. (Elle Macpherson Sheer Ribbons Bikini)
Check these out. (Elle Macpherson Sheer Ribbons Bikini)

1. Bikini/String Bikini

My most favored kind of panty and the very first I ever wore. I love the look of bikinis. To me, they're even sexier than thongs, especially string bikinis. They have nice coverage in the back and sit at the hips rather than at the waist, so they don't cover too much like briefs do. I like the narrow sides as well as it gives bikinis that sexy appeal.

There You Have It

There you have it. Other guys like me will differ from me, some slightly, some highly. It comes down to what each person prefers. Some prefer classic briefs more than anything and some prefer boyshorts more. If you come across the men in lingerie hubs that are on here and read the comments, you will definitely see what I mean. Please feel free to leave comments on this or any one of my hubs. I'd love to see more. Thanks for reading.

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hunadi 3 years ago

how cute I just never thought there a men out there who likes wearing panties and thinking we women have the most beautiful underwears ever.I have learned a lot thanks I even enjoyed reading some of your comments

Tony 4 years ago

I am a man and wear panties all the time. My favorite arr

brief (regual) I like the way they cover me, I also like granny

brief and bikini. I don't reall care for things, they don't cover

well and ot's can be unconfortable having a string up your


Eric 4 years ago

My order of favorite to least favorite:

1- Thongs,

2- Thangas/ Cheekys

3- Bikini/ String bikini

4- Boyshorts/ Girlshorts/ Boy leg

5- Hipsters/ Hiphuggers

6- Hi-Cut/ French Cut Briefs

7- Granny

Roger 4 years ago

The classic full briefs are the sexiest and the most practical. More is really less, because it leaves more to the imagination and conveys a sense of innocence. The use of the term "granny panties" to denote the full brief shows a total lack of historical perspective. That's the style babes of yesterday wore and they weren't gannies when they wore them. Have you ever seen Marilyn Monroe in "The Seven Year Itch?" The butt floss of today is totally unsexy. because it gives away too much and tries too hard, leaving little to the imagination. Check out the Secrets in Lace web site for some beautiful lace trimmed briefs worn by beautiful women. I also prefer the classic tap pant, like those that Jean Harlow, Carole Lombard and Ginger Rogers wore. Very sexy! I find the vintage styles fabulous. I would much rather see a woman in a beautiful lace camisole and tap pants outfit, or lace adorned teddy, than butt floss any day. They're much more fun to remove.

mjennings123 5 years ago

im panties man too for 30yrs vanity fair hi cut 13137 best panties man wear 24x7 sale them too even at store walken in woman wear! i get my all time one lady laugh! i said you like to share your panties with me see what we make together! she shy away! guys im not sham! im glade i feel sexy great feeling!well support!! for men to wash in cold dry low heat! wear with jeans color black & navey blue!! gym too! guys don't be sham stand out express your feeling ! smile how you feel! happy& sexy!!!on your body!!

hubbyinathong 6 years ago

Personally, I really enjoy wearing thongs and g-strings/v-strings. High cut are nice too. Great article though, thank you for posting.

hubbyinathong 6 years ago

I personally enjoy wearing thongs and v-strings. I enjoy high cut too. Great job on the list though, I enjoyed it.

Lady Undies 6 years ago

My list is completely different from yours and quite possibly everbody else's.

Here is my list.

7. Tangas/Cheekys

6. Boyshorts/Girlshorts/Boy Leg

5. Thongs/G-String/T-Back

4. Bikini/String Bikini

3. Hipsters/Hiphuggers

2. Hi-Cut/French Cut Briefs

1. Classic/Granny/Full Briefs

In my opinion, nothing beats the Classics.

sissychuck44 6 years ago

Great hub!! I appreciate you taking time to present such a wonderful and interesting topic as this. I have worn panties most of my life and find it intriguing the number of styles available on the women's side of the aisle.

GetRhythm profile image

GetRhythm 7 years ago Author

Youre definitely not alone Laurence. There a a ton of hubs written by Hope Alexander that you might enjoy if you haven't come across them yet.

Laurence 7 years ago

Great posts! I recently admitted to enjoying wearing women's underwear to my girlfriend a month or so ago and she has been very supportive and wants to take me shopping with her for my "Christmas gift." For a while I thought that I was one of the few and am glad to see I am not alone!

Im also not alone on the bikini cut being number one too!

skinluvr 7 years ago

I like them all and wear them all. It is not fair. Girls get all the cute panties. Boys are just blah. I used to think that I was alone and weird. Lately, I have found that there are many othes like me

ILoveLingerie 7 years ago

No problem, I like reading withing the topic of lingerie.

GetRhythm profile image

GetRhythm 7 years ago Author

Dude you rock. Thanks for commenting on my hubs.

ILoveLingerie 7 years ago

My order of favorites (least to most favored like you did it):

7. Classic/ Granny/ Full Brief

6. Hipsters/ Hiphuggers

5. Boyshorts/ Girlshorts/ Boy Leg

4. Hi-Cut/ French Cut Briefs

3. Tangas/ Cheekys

2. Bikini/ String Bikini

1. Thongs/ G-String/ V-String/ T-Back

Without going into too much detail, I like thongs the most because I think they are the most sexy. I also started out with a thong when I realized I was into women's lingerie.

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