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Short and gray 2012
Short and gray 2012 | Source

Who I Am

This is my hair in its natural state. I feel liberated and proud. It's wonderful to be able to shower and not have to grab a shower cap. I like being able to shower, put on make up and dress in 20 minutes. I am free to be who I am, not imitating anyone else. Thankful to be "who I am".

No more hiding, no more color. Time to face it, the gray is hear, embrace it.

The products I use are by Kinky Curly. The shampoo, leave-in conditioner, and pomade work well on my thickly coiled kinks. Wearing it extremely short allows me more time for me, and more freedom to be "who I am."

I also feel that when a woman decides to wear her hair this short, wearing a little more make-up than usual is okay. A little mascara and gloss by day. Maybe a little light color eye shadow to enhance the gray. For evening, go a little heavier on the eye shadow. You may also want to add a hint of color, This helps to keep your look fresh and feminine.

Overall, I believe whatever the woman feels comfortable with. I hope you like these tips and will share some of your own. I will be back with more talk on the natural look. Being "who I am".


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