New Anti Aging Fighting Product For Sensitive Skin!

No matter what our skin type it still ages. The question is what about those with sensitive skin types and skin conditions? With all the new scientific anti aging products out there the products may be a bit too harsh for sensitive skin types, yet they still want to have that youthful looking skin. Well the secret is now reveled here and anyone can use this even if you do not have sensitive skin.

 The Secret is….

ALOE! Yes Aloe! The Aloe Vera plant has been known for centuries for it skin beneficial properties and healing benefits. Aloes been use to treat burns, can be use for a natural laxative (Tired that theory out and yeah it works!) It can be made into a beverage to help internally with conditions like ulcers, constipation, diabetes, cough, and headache. There are over 400 types of Aloe Vera plant, but it is the Aloe Barbadensis Miller plant that is known and used for its medicinal properties for ages, and for beauty. It’s been founded in an 1862 papyrus that Egyptian queens of 1555bc used Aloe for beauty purposes. Could it be they knew it make their not only soft, but kept it younger looking too?

 How Aloe Vera works

Here is how Aloe Vera works on the body. It acts as a rejuvenator. It absorbs into the skin moisturizing and hydrating. It stimulates the fibroblast cells causing them to regenerate and heal faster. These are the cells that make the collagen and elastin so the skin will get smoother and look younger. That is what most of your fancy anti aging products are supposed to do right? They are chemicals and fillers that are suppose to rejuvenate the skin for it to look younger, and all for a hefty price. Here we have aloe that does the same thing and made into a simple 99.cent case of lip balm. It is also natural so you have no worries of adverse effects if you have sensitive skin.

The Secret product

The secret product is a simple Aloe Vera lip balm called Care Deeply and it is made by Avon. It’s in a convenient lip balm tube and it’s not only for your lips. I use this product on my face too to moisturize it. Any other face moisturizer would make me break out. My mother discovered its multipurpose her self when she ran out of her normal face moisturizer and she was familiar with Aloe and its benefits. She was amazed at how it left her skin so soft and subtle and often got commented by people that said they would not have known she was as old as she was if not for her grey hair! I started using this product in my 20’s. I am proud to say I am 35 and I am told do not look it. When I say my age they always go noooo! Good genes maybe? I don’t know. Many people now are thinking my sister is my mom which is kind of funny.

 Where to get it?

Visit and type in care deeply.

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profile image

coffeesnob 6 years ago

Aloe huh? I have used it before for burns, but never as an anti aging agent. Interesting

Pamela99 profile image

Pamela99 6 years ago from United States

Janny, I have always liked Avon products but I have never used aloe for anything but burns either. I am always willing to try something new however. Interesting hub.

JannyC profile image

JannyC 6 years ago Author

Yes Pamaela and Coffee Aloe is not only for burns it has many other benifical factors as I discovered as well in my research. Who'd of though huh? Okay I so sounded like a commerical announcer there sorry about that.

profile image

"Quill" 6 years ago

I have spent my life working outside in the sun and was introduced to a moisturizer for men, great product...Thanks for the hub as always...


JannyC profile image

JannyC 6 years ago Author

Thank you Quill your comments are always joy.

loveofnight profile image

loveofnight 6 years ago from Baltimore, Maryland

i am an aloe lover as well,i may have to try this product and am glad that i know someone with whom i may make my future avon purchases.....

JannyC profile image

JannyC 6 years ago Author

Oh I no longer do Avon. I was too anti social I think. The product is still awesome though and I stock up on this stuff a lot. Thank you for reading.

magnoliazz profile image

magnoliazz 6 years ago from Wisconsin

Thank you! My skin is very sensitive and just about everything makes is red and I will give aloe a try.

Don't feel bad about not making it in Avon. I tried to sell Mary Kay, but in the end I just felt bad trying to sell overpriced stuff that most people did not want.

I like Avon, and if I want something I just go to

its a lot easier than trying to find someone around here who sells it.

JannyC profile image

JannyC 6 years ago Author

Aww Thanks Magnoliazz. I felt the same. Know one i knew had the money to buy it. Economy is sad. But yes try it out. I love the stuff. I notice too when I dont use it everyday my skin gets all weird and blotchy again. Aloe is known to sooth and this is straight up aloe.

Nell Rose profile image

Nell Rose 6 years ago from England

Hi, I am definetely going to give this a try, anything to keep me wrinkle free! lol thanks nell

JannyC profile image

JannyC 6 years ago Author

Hey Nell your found my hub about my aloe! I forgot I had this hub. Lol

drpastorcarlotta profile image

drpastorcarlotta 6 years ago from BREAKOUT MINISTRIES, INC. KC

I am a skin care junkie and it shows! Taking care of your shin will pay off in the long run especially when you get pass 40 yrs. This is some good advice, I know. GREAT HUB!!!!! Come visit when you get a chance. Blessings!!!

JannyC profile image

JannyC 6 years ago Author

Thank you drpastorcarlotta.

DjBryle profile image

DjBryle 6 years ago from Somewhere in the LINES of your MIND, and HOPEFULLY at the RIPPLES of your HEART. =)

I love this hub! Most of my friends find it weird whenever they discover that I use aloe vera (direct from our garden, lol!) before I go to bed as a moisturizer because my skin is dry and sensitive. I've been using it since I was in my early 20's, now that I am 34, I am so thankful for having it around for years. It keeps my skin hydrated. Thanks for sharing more info on it, I will try this product from Avon. Cheers! Voted up for a useful hub! =)

JannyC profile image

JannyC 6 years ago Author

Thanks DjBryle! Yes love Aloe! We used to have a plant growing up and my mom used it for all our wound treatments. I remember having to break off a piece and bring it over to my mom then my mom would apply it on my boo boo or burn. Thanks again for stopping by glad you enjoyed it.

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