Charming Pantaloons For Ladies and Gentlemen

Pantaloons, we don't wear enough of them. Men and women are both responsible for the shocking reduction in pantaloon sales over the last century, and I for one, have had enough. Bring back the pantaloon! Bring back its puffy charms!

Even Wikipedia has abandoned the pantaloon, just look at it's entirely pathetic attempt at an entry, merely a link to trousers, (for all those people who are constantly searching the Internet for information on the mysterious nature of trousers,) and a link to the Pantaloon Retail Group an Indian company.

We get all up in arms when we kill the last of a great species such as the man eating eagle (for real, these eagles could kill men, but apparently didn't do it well enough and died out in New Zealand hundreds of years ago,) but we have barely shed a tear for the pantaloon which could soon go the same way. 

Pantaloons are modest items of attire which can function as trousers, pajamas or even underwear at a pinch. But what is a pantaloon? How shameful that such a question even need to be asked. A pantaloon, my friends, is a trouser like garment, cut loosely and bunched together by elastic at the ankle or knee.

Pantaloons were the sweat pants of the Renaissance, a time where one could be active, but one chose to be so in lose, flowing style. Some pantaloons were skirted, for additional modesty. After all, one wouldn't like to think that onlookers were able to discern the vague outline of one's legs.

Why should one incorporate pantaloons into one's modern attire? Well, if one gives even the slightest damn about being fashionably comfortable, then one has a place in one's wardrobe for the pantaloon. Most pantaloons are made of cotton and are therefore incredibly comfortable and light. When matched with a pretty peasant top or camisole, pantaloons transform into the lower half of a very comfortable, flattering and indeed, feminine outfit perfect for Sundays at home.

These days, when it seems that all those around us are whipping clothes off at the slightest provocation and baring as much skin as they can muster up around their midriffs and thighs to the world, those of us committed to some level of decency can set an excellent example by wearing stylish and most importantly, demure pantaloons about the place.

Pantaloons may be obtained at a wide range of online fashion retailers, or they may be created rather simply at home using only a skein of fabric, a few feet of thread and one's sharpened wits.

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Nanciboy 7 years ago

Oooh, the white ones would make a nice jammie bottom. I'll have to look around for a pair.

Chris_S profile image

Chris_S 7 years ago from Texas

I'm not sure why but I just don't like pantaloons. Maybe it's the bunching and the elastic. I never liked sweat pants that had elastic at the ankles, made me nuts. For me, a great alternative are palazzo pants. Love the super-wide flowing legs and the beautiful drape. It's almost like wearing a skirt. I have 6 pairs!

chevy34_00 7 years ago

I would enjoy wearing thse white pantaloons.

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